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#DeepStateArkansas framed her friend.

ClintonBodyCount continues…O'Donnell is next.

They can frame ANYONE w/ impunity.

Linda was murdered after investigating child-trafficking ring in AR, rumors she saw child porn on Ex-husband/Judge's laptop.…
#LindaCollinsSmith was investigating CPS child-trafficking ring in Arkansas before her murder.

Easy target — blame friend last seen w/her. O'Donnell likely saw Ex-husband/Judge's CP files too.

SILENCE is golden

Murder is local matter, DOJ will ignore.…
If Linda Collins-Smith was digging into #CPS #childtraffucking ring in Arkansas, her good friend was probably helping her.

Becky O'Donnell knew WAY too much.
Murder/imprison. Many ways to silence witnesses.

Why did Judge seal all case files?
Why did they put Becky in solitary?
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#CPS #ChildTrafficking… Grand jury indicts three Cherokee County DSS officials for illegal CVA's:
Credit: Aimee Wilkes
Huge story she is sharing.

The WIFE OF MY LOCAL SHERIFF aka former DSS Director, has been indicted along with DSS Agency Attorney and the CPS Unit Supervisor😮More than 100 families were told to give up custody of their children or lose them to the State.
THIS IS MASSIVE! 💥These indictment have ALL the markings of Pizzagate. ILLEGAL CUSTODY AGREEMENTS, Felony obstruction of justice, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, willful failure to discharge duties and perjury.
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Governors, Judges, Child Protective Services & ChildrenOrgs run largest child-trafficking ring in country.

Shadow coordination similar to Nick Sandmann MSM smear campaign.

State corruption flourished under Obama. Weaponized.
#childtraffucking #CPS #OBAMAGATE #ClintonFoundation
h/t @FederalistNo78

Would they like to call my children as witnesses? Our legal record documents our entire nightmare. Still hostages; still hunted.

Note: my children were taken as punishment/favor to MormunMafia players, partners with Deep State.

Same system which traps sex-trafficked foster children.
All connected.

Research when mood permits.
#childtraffucking #wellhellzbellz #humantrafficking

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Of course you’d jump on this Mittens. You, Ducey and the AS Mafia are guilty as sin. Why do all AZ Gov sit on board of #TGEN? Odd how they get state funding too and are making test kits and developing a vaccine too. Conflict of interest? And then there’s #CPS issues too..cont.
Like Why does Phoenix Children’s Hosp have a lot of medical kidnapping cases also with kids being treated for rare diseases at #TGEN? Parents complying with Drs orders suddenly accused of abuse. Kids taken by AZ DCS madenwards of state and TGEN gets paid my AZ DCS $$$?
And now you’re pushing for vaccines when we have a known cheap solution for #COVID19 ? #HCQWorks #FireFauci #InvestigateRomney #FollowTheMoney
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#Thread 1/ While #Lightfoot was on a brief spring break trip, #Pritzker was pressuring the mayor *behind* the scenes to call off the city’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which the mayor did *after* cutting her vacation short. 🥴 #Covid19 #Vacation…
2/ There was a debate about canceling a PARADE when we knew that #Covid19 was killing ppl? An actual debate abt: “Do we allow for mass death or...not?” WOW. Just wow. #COVID19
3/ #KeepSchoolsOpenMyA$$ When Pritzker closed schools across the state the first time around, he did it hours after Lightfoot vowed to keep Chicago Public Schools open. #MayoralControl #ERSBNOW
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FTR: IMO, Mike Smith’s narration of #OutOfShadows documentary is what made the film successful. It’s his film.

I became aware of these #CrimesAgainstChildren through the #TraffickStop project started by @GirlInterptd early 2018 & learned verification of facts..

& research is what brought credibility to the project. There were stories & information brought to our attention that turned out to be false. Because we were true to our motto: “We would rather be right with the facts than first with the story” many people became aware of...
these tragic & harmful actions perpetrated on children (even infants & toddlers) & trusted our reporting of them.

There can be no doubt that anyone familiar with current state of affairs in #ChildTrafficking #CPS #FamilyCourt #FosterCare system would have similar information.
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Hundreds of Thousands of Toddlers Are Being Medicated With Powerful Psychiatric Drugs▫️

#AmericanMedicalAssociation #Medicaid

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @HHSGov @US_FDA…
“2013: 274,000 babies 1 yr old & younger were given psychiatric drugs. Of these 249,699 were on anti-anxiety meds like xanax; 26,406 were on antidepressants such as prozac or paxil. 1,422 were on on ADHD drugs such as ritalin & adderall. 654 were on antipsychotics such as...
“risperdal & zyprexa.”

“In toddler category (2-3 yr olds): 318,997 were on anti-anxiety drugs. 46,102 were on antidepressants, 10,000 were prescribed ADHD drugs, 3,760 were on antipsychotics.”
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1/ Enduring Promise Project?
Are these Hospital Ships being used to rescuse, provide medical care and Return our missing Children Back to their Parents?
#FEMA #RedCross #COVID19 #SaveTheChildren #RigForRed #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
2/ Refurbished = Medically Treated?Original Manufacturers = Parents?
Will this be a publicized event? Returning Children & Indictments Unsealed = MASS POPULATION AWAKENING? #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
3/ Was the #RedCross trafficking our innocent children? What was really packed up in those boxes?😭

Is this why @realDonaldTrump took control of the Red Cross? #QAnon
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#Thread What type of bottom feeding media attacks educators during a pandemic? The same one that wished a #HurricaneKatrina on #CPS. I’m guessing their goal is to remain on brand? #Trash #Covid19…
#NewFlash : Educators are real ppl. We’re experiencing #Covid19 like the rest of the world. Some of our immune systems are compromised. Some hv contracted it. Some are awaiting results. Many are taking care of family who’ve contracted it. Some have died. #InRealLife #Covid_19
3/ We are watching the body count increase daily. Some of us are making masks for 1st responders. Others hv cleared out their teacher cabinets & given sanitizer & soap to 1st responders. #Service #Covid_19 #InRealLife
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Information About Possible Child Database: Screenshots From Anonymous Source 3/22/2019

“CHAI..IBM holds the information..Diane Olsen was gatekeeper...Epic a huge gate... ....

@POTUS @DonaldJTrumpJr (Photo from “Silent Children’)
“or ...They take kids thru medical systems to sell for profit. This is why all these #CPS cases...” Anonymous #Whistleblower 3/22/2019

#MedicalKidnap #FamilyCourt @MichaelBarden8 @AllyHud7 @rachelbruno @MeganFoxWriter @NWLibertyNews
Screenshot From Anonymous 3/22/2019
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Part 1: Documenting Cases of #Corruption In #CPS
#FamilyCourt #FosterCare & #CrimesAgainstChildren

Dedicated To The Children, Nancy Schaeffer & Linda Collins-Smith

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @flynn_neill
Judge Lyris Younge, charged with 10 counts of judicial misconduct including blocking the rights of parents in family court cases, admitted wrongdoing to avoid going to trial▫️

“Prevented parents from speaking in court proceedings about removal...
Class Action Lawsuit Filed by Amy Farmer & Tiffany Long Against Owner of Drug & Paternity Screening Lab Contracted With AL DHS #CPS - Owner, Brandy Murray, 36, Arrested & Charged With 2 Counts of Forgery▫️ Many Child Custody Cases Now Being Questioned▫️
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Judge Lyris Younge, charged with 10 counts of judicial misconduct including blocking the rights of parents in family court cases, admitted wrongdoing to avoid going to trial▫️

“Prevented parents from speaking in court proceedings about removal...

“of their children from their care. One mother described being handcuffed in the courthouse while her children were taken away. She would not regain custody for 8 months, after Younge was removed from her courtroom.”
“Another mother became ill & stepped out of the courtroom. Younge barred her from reentry & while she was absent, terminated her #ParentalRights

#CPS #FamilyCourt #FosterCare
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I need someone with a big time audience to please retweet this plea, someone like @iowahawkblog or @TheMarkPantano, or @ScottAdamsSays.

Child Protective Services in my state is operating without enough supplies to function safely. I suspect this is true in every state. #Retweet
We're also first-responders and must continue to go into homes where children are alleged to be abused / neglected. We are out of things like diapers/wipes, nitrile gloves, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and Lysol-style disinfectants that can protect us and children we serve.
We must also continue to see and ensure the safety of children already in our custody.

If you have extra supplies, please call your local CPS office and ask what they need and please donate to them. #CPS is #OutOfSupplies #CallingOnTheVillage #HelpProtectAChild #ProtectWorkers
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400,000 American Children In #FosterCare At High Risk For #ChildSexualAbuse & #ChildTrafficking

“Parents accused by #CPS are having children taken away from them without any crime ever being charged against them”

“Parents are not being charged criminally and therefore cases don’t go to #CriminalCourt so parents have no 4th or 5th Amendment Rights in #FamilyCourt - These are #ClosedCourts not open to the public or media. Judges often gag parents w/illegal gag orders”
“Child abuse is a crime & needs 2 b treated like a crime, if a parent is abusing a child they need to be charged w/crime so they can go to criminal court have rights to defend themselves. Rights of parents not being respected in #FamilyCourt

#NoSecretCourts #LetOurChildrenGo
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Children Being Involuntarily Committed & Forcibly Drugged

2019 IQVia Report:

6,726,189 Children 0-17 Years Old Have Taken Psychotropic Drugs in 2019

0-5 Years Old: 530,169

0-1: 106,678
2-3: 184,256
4-5: 263,363
6-12: 2,963,924
13-17: 3,335,146

#MedicalKidnap #CPS #FamilyCourt

0-17 year olds:

3,396,066 on “ADHD” Pharmaceuticals

2,148,971: on anti-depressants
1,022,918: on anti-psychotics
1,303,095: on anti-anxiety
877,083: on mood stabilizers
756,652: on newer generation psychotherapeutics
Hundreds of Thousands of Toddlers Are Being Medicated With Powerful Psychiatric Drugs▫️
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@pattonoswalt 1. did u really think #pedophilia be normalized & decriminalized as sexual preference? 2013 DSM5 added it I GOT LEAKED precopy i disseminated to public/GLP, outcry, they feigned it was mistake.…
NVR gonna happen bro. #crimesagainstchildren
2. This was immed after ur buddy #obama passed nationwide gay marriage & lit up #whitehouse rainbow. #pedos were movn on their agenda.…
3. Progressives push tolerance for "virtuous pedophiles"…
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US House Bill Introduced by @RepMarkMeadows & @RepSpanberger End National Defense Network Abuse (END Network Abuse) Would Stop #ChildPornography From Being Viewed, Created or Shared Over @DeptofDefense Computer Networks & Devices▫️ @USCIS @ICEgov
2006: “Project Flicker” Identified 5,200 Pentagon Employees Including Sr Staffers Accessing/Subscribed to #ChildPornography Websites on DOD Computer/Networks.

NSA Officials have repeatedly found “unbelievable” amounts of #ChildPornography on govt…
DOJ Child Exploitation & Obscenities Unit was disabled under AG #EricHolder who refused to prosecute Asst US Atty caught doing #ChildPornography on DOJ computers.

Federal Prosecutor’s action still pending as of 5/31/2011. The Asst US Atty left DOJ May 2011, w/o being charged.
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Small Thread

Child Protective Services Trafficking Children?…

Newsweek ran an article by Michael Dolce called

"We Have Set Up a System to Sex Traffic American Kids"

In which he dropped staggering statistics that should make American parents wake up & Question CPS intentions…

FBI discovered in a 2014 nationwide raid that many foster children rescued from sex traffickers, including children as young as 11, were never reported missing by child welfare authorities.

Where does CPS Fit in?
Follow along & see!
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1/ Welcome to the next installment of @NEJM #CPS summaries!

For full case:

40yo F w/ hx of treated immature teratoma & HBV infection p/w chronic, progressive diffuse pain and weight loss

Me when I get to share clinical pearls 👇🏾
2/ 🌟Initial DDx 🌟
#medstudenttwitter: I often find it tempting to jump straight into listing possible Dx.

Often have to remind myself to be systematic. For this patient:

Up next: how does the PMHx ("background") affect our analysis of this presentation ("foreground")
3/ 📚 History:
Teratoma: tx w/ 4 cycles of bleomycin, etoposide & cisplatin → TAH-BSO

HBV: tx w/ tenofovir

Immigrated from Vietnam 20 years ago

🧠Clinical reasoning: when evaluating "background" I ask myself 3 questions 👇🏾
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The DeepState Playbook revealed in the dark and sickening world of #CPS.

We take a look at Melissa Diegel's case which is TEXTBOOK for the #HumanTrafficking of our Children in AZ, ground ZERO for their diabolical crimes.
8pm ET Monday
@therealroseanne - need your help here with this story. It is breaking wide open in our BFF's @thedilleyshow backyard! #RICO #HumanTrafficking #ChildTrafficking #CPS #AZ @dougducey
Tune in here!
Monday 8pm ET
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#CallToAction Requesting @POTUS To Instruct AG Barr To Meet with Asst AG #CivilRights Division, Eric Drieband, & Open #CaseOfNationalInterest Into #CPS #FamilyCourt Nationwide For Denial of Rights To #American Citizens Resulting in Unlawful Separation of American Children...
“From their families and putting them at risk of harm in a dangerous #FosterCare system (per the @StateDept That has led to children being #Trafficked and in some cases has led to their deaths”
#WeThePeople Call For A #CaseOfNationalInterest Into #FamilyCourt #CPS System Nationwide▫️ Dedicated To #TheChildren & #NancySchaefer & #LindaCollinsSmith

“System can’t be trusted”
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NM: The late Alice Marie Martin King, wife of the late Gov Bruce King was an advocate for New Mexico’s children & families for 30 yrs. Instrumental in developing FIRST-IN-NATION Children,Youth& Families Dept ( #CPS ) in State of New Mexico▫️…
“Mrs. King Chaired Juvenile Justice Council, worked w/Juvenile Justice Task Force to review the New Mexico Children’s Code.
Chaired Task ?Force on Children & Families, held many town meetings & developed first in nation #CPS ...Also on Board of Directors NM Boys & Girls Ranches.”
“Gov King sold 8,000 acres of their family ranch to #JeffreyEpstein in 1993.The 8,000 acre land(Zorro Ranch) is surrounded by King property & 20,000 acres (purchased by fashion designer Tom
Ford) of Hollywood landscape sits just north of the land, a solar station is to the west”
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Seattle, WA: Pediatrician, Dr. Kenneth Feldman, Works for Children’s Hospital & Medical Center & Consults for State’s #CPS - He’s Has Been Sued by 5 Families in Past 6 Years▫️

@POTUS @LLinWood @ToddMcMurtry @SidneyPowell1 @Barnes_Law @POTUSPress…
“Cases Have Been Dismissed & Dr. Feldman Claimed Immunity for Misdiagnosis”

“5 families ripped apart, victimized, bankrupted by a misdiagnosis of “Münchhausen by proxy” - during last 25 years Dr. Feldman has been involved in more than 100 Munchhausen cases.”
“In each case #CPS investigators found no evidence of Münchhausen poisoning or any other abuse. Children were returned, cases were closed. Never were any criminal charges filed.”
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Child Protective Services (Sep 22, 1995) - William Cooper talks about what we now call #pizzagate
Mary Schipke is a #Mom who had been targeted by the #Arizona #ChildProtectionServices Back in 1993 Mary established an organization called "The #Parents Council for Parents Rights"
in order to prevent ANYONE from going through what she went through. What she discovered through her organization is very disturbing. Thousands of children have been stolen from the legal custody of their natural parents under fraudulent and deceptive CPS practices.
Thousands of Arizona families have been systematically destroyed by the corrupt Arizona Child Protective Services. There have been irrefutable findings from a 4.5 YEAR PRIVATE INVESTIGATION that concluded CPS is in #Fact
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