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He refused tenancy
He demanded the death of young men, even after their exoneration
He raped a little girl & attacked over twenty women
He grabbed themby the pussy
He took loans with questionable lenders
He married token wives & raped the first
He “watched” teens dress
He’s said hundreds of bigoted & racist racist things
He ran for president at the behest of his owner
He lied to voters
He lied to the world
(He works at the behest of his owner)
He grifted & preyed on the American people (He “preys” daily you know )
He is selling out America
He is attacking anyone who isn’t bigoted, racist, #fakeChristian , or brainwashed sycophants

He is ripping apart America, giving rise to the second coming of facism and xenophobia

He’d love some good ol’ sanctioned eugenics

(Psst...He is working at the behest of his owner)
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.@PeteButtigieg's quotes from the debate, a long thread. Divided into differently lengthened segments for your reading delight. #DemDebates #DemDebate2 #TeamPete
"I'm running for president because our country is running out of time. It is even bigger than the emergency of the Trump presidency. Ask yourself how somebody like Donald Trump ever gets within cheating distance of the Oval Office in the first place. 1/5
"It doesn't happen unless America is already in a crisis -- an economy that's not working for everyone, endless war, climate change. We have lived this in my industrial Midwestern hometown. My generation has lived this as long as we have been alive. 2/5
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“This assumption that Christians must be basically good has allowed abusers to go unchecked in both Catholic and Protestant contexts.”

So stop with the “#FakeChristian” nonsense that perpetuates this notion.

My latest for @Playboy.

And here’s my earlier @Playboy piece making the case that we are living in Billy Graham’s America, which is not a good thing. The outpouring of uncritical praise that accompanied his death was... unfortunate.

#ThursdayMotivation #EmptyThePews…
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How sad, pathetic and lonely it must be to be a left wing maniac. No one likes them. They don't even like themselves. They just spend all day screaming about how much they hate the country they live in and the people that live in it. What a miserable existence. #FakeChristian
Sure they hate Christians, they hate everyone and everything that doesn't align with their insane political ideology. They are nothing but 24/7 hate and outrage machines. Literally just maniacs screaming all day long, every day. And they wonder why Trump won and will win again.
They demonize half the country (men) and an entire race of people (whites) and the largest religion in the nation (Christians) and call anyone that likes the flag and national anthem racist and then they plan on winning a national election in a year. Good freaking luck, psychos.
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Mike Pence’s day so far:

- Visits one of Trump’s concentration camps
- Claims the camp is just fine
- CNN films the horrid conditions
- Pence attacks CNN for it
- #FakeChristian is trending
- Mike Pence is going to Hell
- It’s still only 4pm
Donald Trump’s Fourth of July "parade" debacle just became even more of a scandal for him…
These two idiots deserve each other…
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Evangelicals have to constantly tell you they're Christian – because otherwise you'd never guess.…
Listen to this clip of the same #fakeChristian, @robertjeffress, the @thelesliejordan of homophobic evangelicals pastors.

Not one thing he cares about – the economy, the stock market, payback against Hillary Clinton, Trump's approval ratings – is rooted in the New Testament.
You'd never guess that Robert Jeffress is an Official Spokesperson® for this guy:

Jesus answered, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me." Matt 19:21
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I have always said #MAGAisIMMORAL
These folks JUSTIFY #CivilWar. Read their tweets.
#Conservatives have no moral compass. They are the #Nazis of the 21st century.
These are the real INTERNAL threats that our country faces. These fanatics, ready to go to war, whipped up by Trump's lies and hateful rhetoric. I've said it before..#TrumpisCivilWar or #TrumpisWW3
Just read these tweets...very telling & troubling..
This is #TrumpsAmerica - the #conservatives/rightwingers who justify KILLING THEIR OWN SISTERS AND BROTHERS (FELLOW AMERICANS).
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