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I'm on to something huge.
Maybe there's hope, but Trump needs our help..
First, need a picture of Fima Schusterman?
Does anyone have a picture of him?
He is Cohen's father and law, and Trump asked us to look into him...
Trump is being blackmailed, but before I get to that, we need some background. Trumps problems started when he hooked up with Felix Sater, and nasty Russian Jew who is a member of the Chabad, and Tevfik Arif, owner of Bayrock Group.…
The Jews think Jared Kushner is their Messiach. The Jewish Messiach is essentially the antichrist. To gain power, they needed to get Jared into the Trump admin. They had Trump Tower bugged from at least 2009. Jared knew Ivanka better than she did.
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1) One Year [DELTA]s for January 21st.

2) The 16 Year Plan to Destroy America: Q outlines the cabal’s 16 year planned path to Global enslavement. The plan involved a systemic destruction of our American Values—allowing the roots of socialism & degraded morals to slowly take root.

3) The first part of Q’s drop discusses the #Memo that will “reinstates SESSIONS authority re: Russia/ALL. The #Memo will unravel EVERYTHING. It will unequivocally prove the evil that has been perpetrated on the American People.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening
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(1) Conservatives had better wake up quickly.

Join a #TrumpTrain,
Follow and RT!
Would you like to be a conductor!

These are all part of massive #PSYOP to get you to do NOTHING!
(2) When conservatives had "control" over the congress and the house - under .@realDonaldTrump what was accomplished?

Next to nothing.

Pretending that #QAnon is going to ride in on a white horse - or even "better" - #JFK Jr who has been working as #USSS "undercover."
(3) WWG1WGA AKA "Where We Go One, We Go All?"

That does not sound like independent thinking to me.

Sounds like the description of a "flock" (We Go All) of sheep.

Goats are independent - and stray off on their own. Sheep move together like a torrent after a rainfall.
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We, MAGAs, need to stop thinking in terms of rogue / lone terrorists and serial killers, that's what 'they' want you to believe. And start thinking in terms of contracts and cults

#MAGA #Qanon #WWG1WGA…
Did these kids just cook up a plot to kill P&VP all in their own? Who bought the contract? Who hired their bosses to do the hit?
And cells
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Happy 2 year Anniversary President Trump!!
#QAnon #WeAreThankful #WeLoveYou #HappySecondAnniversary
President Trump’s tweets 01.19.2019.
1. 7:40:04 EST
2. 7:59:35 EST [19] min Delta
3. 8:11:51 EST [12] min Delta
4. 8:23:28 EST [12] min Delta
#WRWY #WWG1WGA #KAG @realDonaldTrump
President Trump’s tweets 01.19.2019!!
5. 8:35:46 EST [12] min Delta
6. 8:51:26 EST [16] min Delta
7. 9:03:26 EST [12] min Delta
8. 9:20:57 EST [17] min Delta
#WRWY #WWG1WGA #KAG @realDonaldTrump
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Oooohhhh, did you SEE, coded Trump tweet

Written Offer
Written acceptance

Contract is a contract
Two 'contracts'
Contracts out on Trump and Pence
Get back / get even

Not fully sure what he's saying here, loan/ stock market / real estate terms

She broke the agreement / contract
Trump bought options (many options) on the contracts

Don't worry Nancy, you'll get your 'security' deposit back, since the contract want 'executed'

#qanon #WWG1WGA
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Trump mentions he is thankful for the special counsel making a statement on the buzzfeed article confirming it is phony

Is special counsel on team?

This is the greatest sting operation in world history. There are going to be some twists and turns.

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #TheStorm
Think AG nominee Barr's known friendship with Mueller.

Think revelation from transcripts of congressional testimonies about Rosenstein alarming Trump of FISA abuse.

Rosenstein appointed Mueller.

Q has always been ambiguous about whether special counsel is on team.

"Good actors and bad actors"

Why would a President be so confident to be making all these statements of "Rigged Witch Hunt" under the covfefe act.

There is something much bigger at play.

Enjoy the show.

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Nihilism...The False Mirror
Black Hole Sun
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Meeting with Press 1.14.19
Press asks something about @AOC
And @POTUS replies
#Trump2020Landslide BQQM
Really who cares about
Idiots. Lmao
@realDonaldTrump Said 10 years ago @BarackObama,@chuckschumer,
@SpeakerPelosi and others raises their hands voted for the wall. So what Did Barack and others do with $50billion🤔🤔 tell us.
#WeThePeople have a right to know
#FundTheWall #BuildTheDamnWallNOW #QAnon
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@cspanwj #QAnon #MockingbirdMedia #PatriotsFight

Complete List of
President Trump’s
Historic Accomplishments
His First Two Years in Office
@cspanwj President Donald J. Trump had arguably the best first two years for any President in US history since Washington. On the other hand, arguably no president since Lincoln faced the massive headwinds that this president faced.
@cspanwj From the actions of the corrupt actors in the prior administration, the Democrat Party, the Mueller ‘Witch Hunt”, the ‘Fake News’ media, and the Fed, no president has been under attack like President Trump since perhaps Lincoln during the Civil War in the 1860’s.
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1. Reviewing #QDrop #4 More VERY important information for #QAnon. One section at a time...

#WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening

"Some of us come here to drop crumbs, just crumbs."

#Q was on 4chan at that time. Just a basic explanation, they are to give us info.
2. Those crumbs being dropped are "flags", notices of where to search. But, it's not just the crumbs that are important. It's the research done and the information learned while digging. Each of us who have dug into these crumbs have become more knowledgeable about many topics.
3. "POTUS is 100% insulated - any discussion suggesting he’s even a target is false."

This was strange for me. 100% insulated, ok, that's easy enough to understand. He's not involved in #Q's drops at this point, so, he can't be implicated for the drops or their content. Vital!
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Why was @SpeakerPelosi's trip with Adam Schiff blocked? Coup?
Assassination attempt on President Trump?

Nancy Pelosi is the 3rd in line.
If Trump and Pence are assassinated, Nancy Pelosi becomes President of the USA.

-> Nancy Pelosi - "The First female President of the USA"

-> why was Pelosi so eager to fly away from the country? While 90+ Dems were already in Puerto Rico.

Why did Pelosi want to personally select the crew of the Military airplane? To ensure her safety entirely?
-> Why Pelosi's first stop was Bruxelles - NATO headquarters?

"the Pelosi delegation planned to meet NATO commanders, US Military leader and key allies"

Key allies = Soros cabal Merkel (Germany).
Rothschild cabal Macron (France),
DeepState cabal (UK)
EU boozey Juncker
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1) Nancy Pelosi - North Korea.

Does #QAnon statement open up an avenue of research or not? @Tvbona

(I have to come back to this.)
2) July 13, 2017 — At a press conference, Pelosi says the North Koreans offered to sell her intercontinental ballistic missile technology.…
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This is really unprecedented. We need to find a way to rein this in without stepping on free speech/press, but how? Tougher slander laws? Requiring sources to be revealed? What is the answer? This is unacceptable!
#TheRainMakers #QAnon
These are some other examples of the fake news. They don't work very hard to hide it. They fool lot of people. People who will never hear or see a retraction. They simply continue to believe the lie. #TheRainMakers #QAnon
Now look at who controls your media. They have a network that leads straight to D.C. This must stop!
#TheRainMakers #QAnon
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1) A short @BLUEPRINT_Q transparency thread.

Dedicated to all of you amazing new patriot followers and our GLOBAL army of digital soldiers. WE THE PEOPLE are the plan, vision, and hope of Liberty in the free world.



2) Who is @BLUEPRINT_Q?

A passionate patriot citizen dedicating to serving WE THE PEOPLE in our information war. An imperfect messenger, I work really hard to get it right.

When mistakes happen, I correct them.

No ego.

3) What's the motivation of @BLUEPRINT_Q?

My loyalties are to my citizen duty to protect our inalienable Rights and Constitution, our Republic's truth-hope, and to support patriot citizens of all rank, file, and color that secure and defend individual Liberty.

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@GenFlynn bringing the sunrise. The morning sun brings the heat.

@POTUS #QArmy #QAnon #WWG1WGA #Patriotsunited
@Cordicon “... did an image search and yes its Sunset. On a boat off the Atlantic by Newport RI. The shot is looking at the East coast facing West. SUNSET.

Red skies at night, sailors delight.”

@GenFlynn #WWG1WGA #WRWY #QArmy

GOOG image link 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸…
The photo is of Beavertail Point, Jamestown, RI, taken from across the bay at Brenton Point State Park, Newport, RI. Facing west.
Flynn is from Middletown, RI.
Beavertail WEST of Brenton Point, This new background/banner photo is a SUNSET.…
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What is the common theme when bad news is about to drop about [them]?

The ultimate PAIN is coming.

Military Tribunals.
Death Penalties.

[They] will do anything to stop this.

False flags, acts of war, mutiny, assassination attempts and fake news media smears.

The takedown is getting very real.

Keep all patriots involved in prayer.

Let's reclaim our world.

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Important task / digging assignment for #qanon #WWG1WGA anons Compile all recent coded tweets from Dems that allude to usurpation.

Here's the one's I have
Here's another catch

Donna's tweet changed from President Pelosi by Monday?

We need to get all these together

#Qanon #WWG1WGA

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#QAnon #ClearFlynnNow ⚖️

Morning sun brings heat.
Full moon coming.
Undiscovered stars learned.
Missions forward.

#Qanon @GenFlynn #TheGreatAwakening
Here's some of the old @GenFlynn cover photos
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This might make more sense to you now. The more you know?

How long has this been planned? Since they were foiled a year ago.

HW's PostScript

#qanon #WWG1WGA

Here AGAIN, I tried to tell you many times. Everyone thought I was crazy?

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"The radical left can never control our border. I won't let it happen."
The Crown, the Truth, and the fear of God.
I am rounding the speech up to 13m26s. That is a round up of 9/100 of a second from my stopwatch.
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re added
y missing
Regarding missing Y
Who is missing Y?
Or missing why?
Re: why absent?
Who's absent?

#qanon #WWG1WGA
More to this than meets the eye, another Demon disclosing what they had planned.


#qanon #WWG1WGA
Hillary said here, "In so many ways, lives are on the line" which was a threat to Trump that Americans will die if he doesn't bend

Then Amy repeats phrasing, connecting it to Jews being murdered and rounded up

Another symbolism

@realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr #qanon #WWG1WGA
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@cspanwj #QAnon . #MockingbirdMedia #PatriotsFight…
‘European Spring’: Italy’s Salvini Building Alliance with Poland to ‘Save Europe’
@cspanwj Populist Italian deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini has met with the Polish government seeking to form a “new European Spring” to combat the “French-German axis” in a battle for the future of Europe.
@cspanwj The EU is at odds as the Germans and French align against Poland, Italy and Hungary over "European (progressive, pro-migration) values".
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