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The KAG Thread

1. @realDonaldTrump is all about making sure America will work again.

The only man in the swamp that does not collects a paycheck. We must give him 4 more years and the Congress do he can finish the job.

@realDonaldTrump and Jobs #JobsNotMobs
@realDonaldTrump making sure women are working #KAG
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I have to tell y’all something.
Last night I had an amazing conversation with my Black brother. He was living with me when Obama was elected the first time and since then we talk politics more openly than I do with most people IRL.

We talk all the time, but last night we had a long conversation...
He is so frustrated and I get it. Watching the righteous movement sparked by the murder of George Floyd get hijacked by people who don’t give a shit about the Black community.
All of this destruction... and for what?

Will a single thing change?

We all want the same answers.
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Sitting here reading the words of the great Robert F. Williams being reminded how ashamed I am of the @naacpimageaward and the @NAACP itself for giving this award to @RepMaxineWaters last year. I’m a Lifetime Member of the NAACP and have not be able to justify the $10K I gave...
to support the Hollywood Chapter. They have ostracized me during my time of need 13 years ago and continue to “bend over backwards” to the liberals that pays their bills. The Board Members should be bold enough to just dismantle this irrelevant and shady organization forever.
I’m baffled at the silence of the @NAACP regarding the “suspicous” death of my friend and Ferguson Activist Darren Seals. Not to mention the ‘untimely ‘deaths of the other Ferguson Activists. Apparently Black Lives Don’t Matter to these spineless and lackluster traitors, who kiss
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@ava PLEASE READ-A THREAD❗️Below is a photo from a #CherishTheDay scene. The Author of the book circled is @haveyoureadspud I told his story when I was on the @breakfastclubam @cthagod @angelayee @djenvy I want YOU to know that he wrote 14 books while serving time in prison 1/
2/ Spud served time as a 1st time non-violent offender due to the 90’s crime bill. He saved my life when I was a teenager so I stayed connected with him over the years during his time in prison, he is one of the reasons why I work so hard in politics on criminal justice reform.
3/ Spud is the reason why when I watched #WhenTheySeeUs I was NOT shocked by anything I saw because I already understood the pain & trauma associated with serving time. Because of him I spoke about mental health for inmates during my 2nd appearance on @breakfastclubam
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Sadly I just lost a friend of 25 year’s. She called me a ‘nigga’ in anger and said I was ‘stupid’ for supporting 45 and the Right Wingers again. This is a highly intelligent woman, who admits Donald Trump allowed her to live in one of his apartment buildings during her divorce.
Let me get this straight. Prominent and Regular Black People respected and admired the private citizen and billionaire Donald Trump for year’s and now that he’s 45, he ain’t shit? He hates Black People? Even when he helped their Black Asses for year’s?
Listen, I ain’t NEVER been on that Frat shit, that Group Psyche shit, that Herd shit or that Zeitgeist shit. I have ALWAYS been a Free Thinker and on that Me Phi Me shit. So I’m baffled that so many Black Dems think I really give a f*ck about what they think, because I NEVER did.
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.@hillharper I’m not sure why you’re “baffled” that I’m supporting 45’s CJR and the historical #FirstStepAct ending mass incarceration. You’re a Harvard classmate of 44 & you told me years ago how “disappointed” you were that 44 surrounded himself with “so many whites boy’s” and disappointed you were that 44 ousted the esteemed Cornel West. You not only have my number, you Follow me here on Twitter, so if you had any questions about my politics, you have access to me. As it stands your comments have my enemies @newsone and @claycane what they need diminish me and attack my brand and livelihood. The @newsone article contradicts everything I’ve done since 2012. 1 tv series that I did for 5 Seasons on the @cwthe100 1 tv movie for @tvonetv & 2 tv movies for @bet 1 appearance on @BlueBloods_CBS 1 appearance on @BullCBS
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Thanks to President Trump, black Americans are making historic progress and enjoying growing opportunities. #DemDebate
President Trump recently announced that historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) with religious affiliations “will no longer be restricted from accessing federal funding.”
President Trump also signed the historic #FirstStepAct into law, which undid much of the damage from the Biden crime bill and created a “fairer justice system for all and enacted programs to reduce recidivism and make our communities safer.”
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🔴PREMIERE 7pm ET on American Thought Leaders🇺🇸:

“It really is about what can we do… to assure that every man, woman, & child has a real shot at the American dream."

@realDonaldTrump’s innovation chief Brooke Rollins on working in the Trump @WhiteHouse
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse 🔴 PREMIERE at 7pm ET:

@realDonaldTrump’s innovation chief, Brooke Rollins, joins me on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸

We discuss the First Step Act and immigration reform, and Brooke, a mother of four, shares what it’s like working in Trump’s @WhiteHouse.
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse 🔴PREMIERE 7pm ET:

“I don't know that there has been another president with this senior of a team that has so many working moms…It's magical to be able to…work for this leader.”

@WhiteHouse innovation chief Brooke Rollins on American Thought Leaders🇺🇸
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Celebrating historic prison reform that press and Democrats have managed to not discuss #FirstStepAct 🇺🇸
Oh that’s right he’s racist, totally forgot. Prison reform doesn’t fit that narrative too well but you do you Dems because everyone is walking away😉
What’s so confusing is @RepCummings pure hate for Kushner, who tirelessly worked to make #FirstStepAct a reality. Are you jealous Elijah?
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1) News Roundup! March Jobs Report, Black Americans, WALL, Immigration & Border Polling Data, Corporations Ready To Leave China, WH Correspondents Association Dinner, Stock Markets…….

The March Jobs Report came out earlier today. Beyond the fact that the unemployment rate
2) remained at 3.8%, 196K jobs were created, February numbers were revised up by 13K, and January by 1K, the most important data for Americans was that the wage rate year over year came in at 3.2%.

With inflation hovering around 1.0% to 1.5%, real disposable income is higher for
3) all workers. This is helping to fuel the retail sales sector gains; people are buying more stuff. Don't forget that 70% of the real GDP rate comes from consumer spending.

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1. #News ~ Sean #Hannity says sources tell him ‘extraordinarily damning’ information coming out about DOJ, FBI


#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #SPYGATE
2. #News ~ The Media Pushed Propaganda And Failed To Do Their Jobs On Russia, Says Famed Journalist Lara Logan…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #FakeNews #Spygate
3. #News ~ President Donald Trump Defends Border Closure Option: Security ‘More Important’ than Trade…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #CRISIS
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There were two outstanding lines in @POTUS’s #SOTU address:

“America was founded on liberty and independence—not government coercion, domination, and control. We are born free, and we will stay free.”

“Great nations do not fight endless wars.”
The president rightly denounced the destructive politics of partisanship. Unfortunately, he’s been anything but nonpartisan (see tweets). Americans deserve principled representation and honest policy debates, not politicians who incite suspicion, fear, and hatred of “the others.”
I’m pleased the president highlighted the importance of criminal justice reform, including passage of the #FirstStepAct. We need to do much more to reform the system at both the federal and state levels of government.
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In anticipation of the State of the Union #SOTU Address (1/10):

1. This was a missed opportunity to to demote the #SOTU, which has devolved into a useless, monarchical spectacle. Should have mailed it in.
In anticipation of the State of the Union #SOTU Address (2/10):

2. With the #FirstStepAct, @realDonaldTrump can tout a genuine, bipartisan, compassionate conservatism policy victory that enhances true civil justice & human flourishing. Will be great to see Matthew Charles there.
In anticipation of the State of the Union #SOTU Address (3/10):

3. Trump's tax reform has been a resounding success. CBO says tax cuts raised economic growth and job creation above the expected baseline, and got 20% revenue feedback.
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Let’s be very clear, “taking a knee” is a protest against police killing of unarmed African Americans. Nothing in the recently passed #FirstStepAct says a word abt this. In fact the Trump Admin. decided that DOJ will no longer investigate unconstitutional policing practices.
Trump did not “take care if that.” Instead he celebrated rough treatment by police (“don’t be too nice”), allowed his DOJ to abandon investigations of systemic police brutality and misconduct, and pardoned a law enforcement ofcr (Sheriff Arpaio)engaged in racist, illegal conduct.
His AG even tried to scuttle a consemt decree entered into by the State of IL & the Chicago PD after that PD was sued by the state for unconstitutional policing. Just last week, a federal judge approved the consent decree (and ignored the Trump Admin’s attempted interference).
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US Sentencing Commission put out this FAQ on the #FirstStepAct, thanks @SLandP #cjreform…
Also this revised impact analysis for #FirstSteoAct, again, thanks @SLandP…
This seems to be pretty strong evidence that the #FirstStepAct will positively impact racial disparities 1) Fair Sentencing Act retroactivity
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In case you weren't aware,
Senator Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut isn't that bright

Part 2...
Blumenthal taken to school on 8th grade US GOVT knowledge

Spartacus Corey Booker trying so
hard to school William Barr on prison
incarceration yet was AWOL on
President @realDonaldTrump #FirstStepAct

#Hypocrite #democrat
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Voted tonight for the #FirstStepAct, the bipartisan criminal justice reform bill that just passed the Senate.
While this measure is not a cure-all for the problems that plague our criminal justice system, this is an overdue step to improve a system that still imprisons too many people – particularly people of color – for committing nonviolent crimes.
Instead, this bill will allow law enforcement to redirect taxpayer resources toward catching and punishing dangerous and violent criminals.
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Thursday was a rough day for @realDonaldTrump --who needs new WH Counsel, tough, credentialed AG ASAP-- and for @SenateGOP, dysfunction over judicial nominees b/c of @JeffFlake and tied up on verge of approving a base-enraging #FirstStepAct.
The @SenateGOP thus is on the verge of getting exactly wrong their message from voters in winning a bigger Senate majority which was: Confirm more judges, stay tough on crime and national security; combat fentanyl outbreak, border issues like human trafficking.
The @SenateGOP will be haunted by #FirstStepAct for many cycles as early release for dealers/sex criminals becomes a recurring headline, and @JeffFlake is, astonishingly, going to make cruelty/indifference to originalist judicial nominees define his leaving and thus his tenure.
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An easy breakdown of why Tom Cotton is not only WRONG but Dangerously WRONG on the #FirstStepAct

1. The act is modeled after state reform that reduced recidivism. IE He is PREVENTING a bill that REDUCES crime and INCREASES public safety…
2. Mr. Cotton likes to use scare-tactics, he says the #FirstStepAct will let "SCARY PEOPLE OUT"

But, these people will GET OUT ANYWAY, the question is HOW not IF they will return. Mr. Cotton is supporting "scary people" returning With NO programming…
3. In fact, for the people Mr. Cotton likes to fear-monger the most - remaining in prison WITHOUT PROGRAMMING is an INCUBATOR for RECIDIVISM. Again, Mr. Cotton is arguing, in essence, for MORE crime not less when he opposes the #FirstStepAct on these grounds
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For years, our bipartisan group in @senjudiciary has been working on legislation to improve our criminal justice system. #FirstStepAct
We've agreed on ways to reform our counterproductive & costly sentencing practices & to adopt proven strategies for rehabilitating inmates to help them become productive members of society.
Our bill incorporates valuable lessons from states like #RhodeIsland, which are seeing real benefits of reform in lower numbers of repeat offenders, less criminal justice spending, and safer communities.
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President Trump is backing a criminal justice reform plan, the #FirstStepAct…
The bill was passed in the House last May, and is now with the Senate
H.R.5682 - First Step Act…
The bill includes recidivism reduction, prohibition of restraints on pregnant women, placement of prisoners close to home, home confinement for low-risk prisoners, de-escalation training, drug abuse treatment, inmate employment, adult and juvenile collaboration programs...
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