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🙌🗳 Let’s vote these hypocrites and enablers out of the U.S. Senate and #FlipTheSenateBlue!!


#Kentucky 🐎 @AmyMcGrathKY
🙌🗳 Please vote for Jaime Harrison @harrisonjaime for U.S. Senate in #SouthCarolina 🌴
🙌🗳 Please vote for Doug Jones @DougJones for U.S. Senate in #Alabama 👨‍🎓🏈
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EXCLUSIVE: #ContactTracing whistleblower warns of door-to-door
#forcedvaccinations & and #FEMA kidnapping campaigns of “dissenters” who refuse vaccines,
#coronavirus #COVID19
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former FEMA administrator Celeste Solum, who confirmed that FEMA is gearing up to medically kidnap and forcefully place American citizens into FEMA camps where so-called “anti-vaxxers” will be exterminated (that’s not a metaphor, they will be murdered by the state)
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🔴🔴🔴Lorsque @BegonThomas commettait son erreur concernant Idéale, une Charolaise devenue Limousine dans son tweet, @farmers3b a lancé une série fabuleuse #ThomasCeciEstUne 👉🏻 pour nous offrir un tableau de races bovines incroyable.
Lançons #EmmanuelleCeciEstUne ⬇️
@emma_ducros je vous remercie pour votre anecdote ! @jegat5 m’a proposé alors le lancement d’une série sur les poules. J’attendais une occasion de le faire : le « kairos » s’est présenté. La poule-mouette n’aura qu’à bien se tenir.
Pour m’accompagner dans cette démarche, je vais utiliser entre autres un livre offert par le @ServiceInfoCNPO au #SIA 2020, qui propose une diversité de races de poules. Aussi, chaque jour (je ne sais pas si je serai aussi assidue que @farmers3b !) vous aurez une présentation 🐓 Image
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NEW! Election Frontline Weekly:

You truly haven’t lived until you’re on the business-end of a tut-tutting from @PolitiFact over the meaning of the words “missing” and “unknown".

#SorosPaidMe #MailBallots #AbsenteeBallots Image
NEW! Election Frontline Weekly:

“The we-told-you-so’s are coming in fast. #MailBallot problems are showing in #NewJersey, #RhodeIsland, #Nevada, and more. As I told Congress last week, the nation is not ready for all-mail elections."

#2020Elections Image
NEW! Election Frontline Weekly:

“In the old days, before foundation-funded outlets like @PolitiFact [appeared], Americans would agree that there is a problem when 28,000,000 ballots are mailed out, never come back, are missing, whereabouts unknown." Image
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About 100,000 mail-in ballot applications were returned as “undeliverable” in Rhode Island’s recent primary election, according to state records.


Overall, about one-in-eight mail-in ballot applications that were sent out, unsolicited, by Rhode Island state officials were returned and deemed undeliverable.


This means that in the June 2 election, about 12.5 percent of the nearly 780,000 mail-in ballot applications sent to registered voters had to be sent back to state officials for being undeliverable.

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Yes, it's still an election year! 🗓 In fact, 8 states and Washington D.C. are having primary elections today. 🇺🇸Check out the following links to learn how to vote in your state! 🗳 #DC #Iowa #Indiana #Maryland #Montana #NewMexico #Pennsylvania #RhodeIsland #SouthDakota Image
For those of you who live in Washington D.C.:
#Election2020 #MVP #medialiteracy
For those of you who live in Iowa:
#Election2020 #MVP #medialiteracy
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The World is Watching
Making Rhode Island
Patriotic Again
Where We Go One We Go All
From above the world near Las Vegas, Nevada USA!
Making Rhode Island
Patriotic Again
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#RHODEISLAND HB 7989 would "establish an economic growth #blockchain act, set regulations for the sale of #hemp, regulate #virtual and #digital assets and establish depository banks for these purposes" Uses WY/CA #blockchain definition. /1 ImageImageImageImage
it's a long bill and there's a lot going on here. Summary: Would establish a 13 member state tech council to develop a "#blockchain filing system," use a #blockchain for a "Track and trace" hemp/cannabis supply chain system, create a fintech sandbox, including /2 ImageImageImageImage
special provision for a special depository institution that can hold deposits but not make loans, not hypothecate assets; would include #virtualcurrency (extremely broadly defined) as part of defined #digitalassets ImageImageImageImage
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Rhode Island @GovRaimondo on @MSNBC right now, explaining that state has started a COVID hotline and (using National Guard) set up a network of facilities, mostly tents, for drive-up testing.

Smart and something other states should consider.
Just to provide some more detail on, it sounds like you call the hotline and, if testing is appropriate, they'll tell you where to go to get tested.

What officials don't want is tons of people people taking themselves to clinics, ER for testing.

#RhodeIsland #COVID19
If everybody who thinks they might have COVID comes in for testing, there's danger of spreading it more quickly -- and infecting vital health workers.

@GovRaimondo says "what I'm most worried about ... is having dozens or hundreds of health workers in quarantine."
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Hi #RhodeIsland! I know you’re concerned about #COVIDー19 but here’s some useful info for you. First off, if you do get sick remember that we are in the middle of flu season and there’s also a whole host of other nasty viruses out there which you more than likely have. Breathe.
Your first best defense? Get a flu shot. It’s not too late! Protecting yourself from the flu means you will keep your immune system in good shape and be less susceptible to other community acquired illnesses. No, it won’t prevent #COVIDー19 but it’s one less thing to worry about.
Also, if you think you do have #COVIDー19 please PLEASE stay out of the ER, your doctor’s office, and walk-in clinics. Why? Because if you do have it, you’ve just exposed everyone you’ve come in contact with and that’s how pandemics happen. Don’t be that person.
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#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

2. #Oregon TE Jacob Breeland

Height: 6-4 7/8
Weight: 252
Hand: 9 7/8
Arm: 32 5/8
Wingspan: 78 1/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

3. #FloridaAtlantic TE Harrison Bryant

Height: 6-4 6/8
Weight: 243
Hand: 9 4/8
Arm: 30 5/8
Wingspan: 74
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

4. #Washington TE Hunter Bryant

Height: 6-2 2/8
Weight: 248
Hand: 10 right hand (pinky deformation), 10 3/8 left hand
Arm: 32
Wingspan: 76 4/8
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Attention Berners the following states need volunteers to collect ballot signatures to get Bernie on the ballot. Volunteer.
#Bernie2020 #FeelTheBern…
Notary Publics needed! Volunteer for Bernie. #Bernie2020…
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Be A Guardian Of Democracy!
Be A #PollWorker
THREAD with info & links to signup in all 50 States.
Here's the #PostcardsforAmerica website link to this:…
& a GoogleDoc:…
Share! We need 👀 at the Polls!
Wonder what the difference is between Poll Worker & Poll Watcher?
#PollWorker Nonpartisan,Paid
(Clerks, Judges, Inspectors, Checker, Precinct Worker)
#PollWatcher Partisan,Volunteer
(Observers, Monitors, Challengers)
Be A Guardian of Democracy!
Be a #PollWorker or #PollWatcher
And, if you think you're too young to Be A Guardian of Democracy, check out the ages for these states.
Be A #PollWorker
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Be a Poll Worker!
As well as VOTING & REGISTERING others, being a poll worker (or Poll Watcher) is one of the best ways to help Democracy & ensure fair elections in your State
State-by-State Requirements for 50 ALL STATES & links to sign up.
What’s the difference between Poll Worker & Poll Watcher?
#PollWorker Nonpartisan,Paid
(Clerks, Judges, Inspectors, Checker, Precinct Worker)
#PollWatcher Partisan,Volunteer
(Observers, Monitors, Challengers)
Be A Guardian of Democracy!
Be a Poll Worker or Watcher #Elections2020
Be A Guardian of Democracy!
#PollWorker #PollWatcher
A decade ago, Tea Party recruited saying “build relationships w/ election admins; they control access to vote” & they're still manning voting stations.
Volunteer. Help take back the vote. #Elections2020…
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#Republicans must now own their administration’s effort to destroy protection for preexisting conditions.…
The #ACA is critical to #RhodeIsland’s fight against the opioid crisis. The law has helped thousands of RIers get health insurance through #Medicaid expansion, and guarantees coverage for substance use treatment.

.@realDonaldTrump’s effort to overturn the #ACA is directly counterproductive to our work to curb this epidemic.

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Another day. Another attempt by the Trump administration to repeal the #ACA.

After Rs campaigned on protecting the ACA’s pre-existing condition coverage, the administration has now taken the position that the entire ACA — preexisting condition protections and all — should go.
What does that mean for the American people?

❌ No more Medicaid expansion,
❌ No more guaranteed coverage for mental health and maternity care, and
❌ No more financial assistance to help people afford coverage.

Just to name a few.
The ACA is the law of the land. It’s working in #RhodeIsland and nationwide. The #Trump administration ought to accept its duty to defend it.
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🔥🌊#DEMOCRATS Serving in State Legislatures🌊🔥

Please read this thread to see why you MUST not vote for any constitutional convention resolutions!

🐺No subject is safe, including left wing causes that all #Democrats favor. You are being duped w/ these resolutions (links 👇).
🐺Language used by Wolf PAC is meant to tempt Democrats, but Constitutional Conventions are extremely dangerous to anyone whose last name isn’t KOCH.

Please don't open Pandora's Box.

ℹ Language now used in Resolutions used to lure #Democrats include:

🐺Free & Fair Elections
🐺Repeal Citizens United
🐺Election Integrity
🐺Limits on Political Contributions & Expenditures
🐺“Limited” Convention

Why are all calls for Constitutional Conventions dangerous?
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The @senatemajldr has made the political calculation that there is not enough pressure on @SenateGOP to justify breaking unity, which he can now hold by bringing no measure forward that would split his caucus.…
.@senatemajldr McConnell clearly knows about the United States Constitution’s Presentment Clause override provisions, and knows his assertion that the President must sign a law is false.
.@senatemajldr also knows that the bills that would end the shutdown got huge, veto-proof majorities in the Senate.

This is his #shutdown as much as anyone’s now.

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George H.W. Bush on Climate change:
Also Bush:

"We know that the future of the Earth must not be compromised. We bear a sacred trust in our tenancy here and a covenant with those most precious to us—our children and theirs."
President Bush, like #RhodeIsland’s John Chafee, understood the #Republican Party’s legacy of conservation as a core conservative value.
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Wow 😮 Two more poorly-informed public officials fall for the false propaganda of a fringe, radical (anti Jewish) group working to demonize #Israel 🇮🇱 & defame, smear the @ADL_National 😩 ☹️ #shameful
FYI @SethAMandel @LegInsurrection @jonathans_tobin @acandidworld
@ADL_National @SethAMandel @LegInsurrection @jonathans_tobin @acandidworld I’ve written extensively about the JVP-spearheaded #DeadlyExchange campaign which blames 🇮🇱 & American 🇺🇸 Jewish orgs for deliberately conspiring to cause harm to minorities in US inner cities. This isn’t legitimate criticism of Israel. It’s straight up #antisemitism 😩 1/
@ADL_National @SethAMandel @LegInsurrection @jonathans_tobin @acandidworld After convincing the Durham City Council to shut down any future exchange between its police 👮 department w/counterparts in 🇮🇱 (& only Israel), JVP and allies have been working 24/7 for their next big municipal win. Now they have two ☹️2/
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For years, our bipartisan group in @senjudiciary has been working on legislation to improve our criminal justice system. #FirstStepAct
We've agreed on ways to reform our counterproductive & costly sentencing practices & to adopt proven strategies for rehabilitating inmates to help them become productive members of society.
Our bill incorporates valuable lessons from states like #RhodeIsland, which are seeing real benefits of reform in lower numbers of repeat offenders, less criminal justice spending, and safer communities.
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Sen. Pell Centennial…
#RhodeIsland is a small state, but over the years we’ve had some towering & remarkable Senators –– one being Claiborne Pell who believed that “the federal government in particular can, should and does make a positive impact on the lives of most Americans."
I only deconstruct my desk for very special people like the late Sen. Claiborne Pell.…
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