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"The Evolution of Strangers and Foreigners"

🧵 Today's SFI Seminar by @DoctorBugs (@Smithsonian)…

cc @templeton_fdn
First, a loop back to his LAST (2020) SFI Seminar on 3D structure of living systems from biofilms to rainforest canopies:

And his #ComplexityPodcast episode on ideas from that talk and this one:…
"People often think of societies as cooperative, but some societies are NOT very cooperative. I prefer to put the focus on them as groups."

"Societies are just one aspect of belonging. There are groups *within* societies & that's what psychologists mostly focus on."

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#ProtoFi changed all the Mulitpliers as specified in the last proposal as the PIP-05 linked below has been approved with 99.97% of positive votes. 🧐…

Below a bit of insight about what these changes will bring📈

Attention: Thread for Giga 🧠 only 🤓
The weight we gave to stable pools in the beginning of the protocol was the result of days of studying and homeworks.

We used to give much higher emissions to stables pools than non-stables pools ( amongst the Fusion pairs )
This was contrary to what other DEXs generally do, since we were focused on increasing the #Fission #Treasury by means of deposit fees.
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Here's a thread about why The #Fission Protocol and #Quantum supply mechanism makes everything #sustainable compared to the other DEXs!

$proto @FantomFDN @ftm_ecologist @rektfoodfarmer
Let's do a deep dive into the Quantum Supply and why Elastic supply mechanism did not work with other procotols.

In the past, the Elastic supply was linked to different factos such is the price of the token and was not dynamically adjusted.
The decrease in the supply was applied on all the multipliers and this was not "healty" because, at a certain point, when there were no more incentives to hold the native token LPs (because the APR were too low) native liquidity vanisced and the protocol died!
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New financial thread about $PROTO and $ELCT value!

In just 2days we have collected almost 250k for the Fission that will give the possibility to $ELCT stakers to earn $DAI.

By assuming to use a minimum of 100k$ for the first 3days of #Fission protocol this means that...
The value of Electron can be calculated as below and consequently the $proto value, as you need $proto to get $ELCT.

Tomorrow there will be less than 2M ELCT in circulation but let's assume they are 2M for semplicity in making our calculations.

This means you will get...
You will then make 2.73% daily return on your staked $ELCT by assuming the actual 0.61$ price of $proto.

in APR terms this is a 997% return in stable coin.

which is an #insane ... 1869872% #APY considering #daily #compound.
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Yesterday we left you wondering what our idea with ve(3,3) #rock NFT airdrop is...

in this #thread the answer!

$proto @rektfoodfarmer @KingsFantom @FantomFDN @danielesesta @AndreCronjeTech
Our idea is to use the airdropped #NFTs to borrow tokens them and use the amount borrowed in order to boost our #Fission Protocol reaching basically, for the first time ever for a dex, long term #sustainability which is not given by an inflationary token only.
Where the voting power of our protocol will be allocated?

We are going to allocate the voting power to the pool chosen by $ELCT holders that will be able to vote in a #DAO.
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Saviez-vous que des atomistes français ont piloté la conception de ZEEP, premier réacteur #nucléaire exploité hors des #USA, qui démarre au #Canada en septembre 1945 ? Ce fut un très long chemin…

Thread 2 : Les atomistes français dans la seconde guerre mondiale.
Après l’épisode 1 (, nous retrouvons en juin 1940, au port de #Bordeaux, les atomistes français fraichement naturalisés, Lew Kowarski et Hans Von Halban, avec leurs secrets nucléaires et leur stock d’eau lourde, attendant le cargo britannique SS Broompark.
Les atomistes ont reçu un ordre de mission du gouvernement de « poursuivre en #Angleterre, dans le secret absolu, les recherches entamées au Collège de France (@cdf1530) ». Le bateau quitte la France au moment où Pétain renverse le président du conseil Jean Reynaud.
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