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#Agenda2030 permitirá a gobiernos apoderarse de la tierra contaminada y trasladar a los residentes a ciudades inteligentes. Si la tierra + agua a su alrededor está completamente envenenada, no puede optar por no participar en el modelo de "ciudad inteligente".Empiezan a entender? ImageImage
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#Canada accused of putting its timber trade ahead of global environment:
Weeks before #COP15 in #Montreal, leaked letter to #EU shows host tried to water down #deforestation regulations | @guardianeco…
Before & after photos show devastating effects of intensive #logging on #BC’s #OldGrowth forests:
Conservation photographer @TJWattPhoto advocates for protection of old-growth #ecosystems by documenting the loss of giant trees | @CanGeo…
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Cosa sta succedendo in #Canada tra #Toronto e #Montréal nel sottobosco della malavita e perché, come succede spesso, questi eventi riguardano anche l’Italia e la #Ndrangheta? Un thread 👇
Alle 8 del mattino di martedì 25 ottobre, a #Laval, un sobborgo di #Montréal, viene ucciso a colpi di arma da fuoco Vincenzo Armeni, 66 anni. Mezz’ora dopo qualcuno incendia l’auto usata per l'agguato. Chi era Vincenzo Armeni?…
- Famiglia originaria di Ardore, nella Locride, provincia di Reggio Calabria, nel 2007 Vincenzo Armeni era stato condannato a 19 anni di carcere per aver importato 760kg di coca. Nel ’98 era già stato condannato a 10 anni per altri 166kg di coca. Era in libertà vigilata dal 2020.
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@JayBeeGooner Arriving at Ottawa station on the O-Train. LRT with design flair.
First glimpse: @VIA_Rail Train 26 the new Venture train and Charger locomotive await on Track 4.
All aboard!
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A few days ago, we looked at the cities with the most new streets —but that's not the whole story.

Population growth is another way to measure a city's growth.

🇨🇦 Here are the top five cities in Canada that have seen the fastest population increase between 2016 and 2021 👇
1. Toronto: + 274,185 residents between 2016 and 2021

2. Montreal: + 187,658 residents between 2016 and 2021

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We succeeded in recreating a Neolithic flatbread!

This is about as close as I can figure out how to make bread as it would have been baked in one of the first daily bread-making cultures, ca. 9,000 years ago. I’ll let you judge the authenticity…but the taste is fantastic.
Bread thread 🍞🧵 follows...
I should start from the beginning. A year ago, I went to the Çatalhöyük site in central #Turkey. A proto-urban Neolithic community, pop. as high as 8,000, inhabited for 1000+ years starting ca 7200 BCE. ImageImage
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: The Persuaders (how minds really change); nd more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ The cover of the Knopf edit...
The Persuaders (how minds really change): No mind control required.

3/ Image
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Backdooring a summarizerbot to shape opinion; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ An old fashioned hand-crank...
Backdooring a summarizerbot to shape opinion: Model spinning maintains accuracy metrics, but changes the point of view.

3/  Image: Cryteria (modified)...
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: It was all downhill after the Cuecat; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ A Cuecat scanner with a bun...
It was all downhill after the Cuecat: On the origins of "user manipulation and surveillance."

3/ Image: Jerry Whiting (modif...
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It took 4 months of fermentation, but I made my own garum (or more accurately, liquamen).

I can now confirm it was under the supervision of Sally Grainger, world's leading authority on the subject, author of The Story of Garum.
Here's how I did it...
I started with small, whole sardines, purchased frozen and then left to thaw (from a Portuguese grocery in #Montreal)
Then I added salt, "Pope's Salt" from Cervia in #Italy, but any sea salt will do: 20% of the weight of the fish, or 77 grams. #garum
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Did you know that #Canada had one of world's fastest passenger trains?

The Turbo Train made the run from #Montreal - #Toronto in 3h 59m in 1970.

It could top out at 270 km/h...
The lat time I took a @ViaRail train to #Toronto it averaged 90 km/h, and took over 5 hours. (Actually it was half an hour late, par for the course.)
Boggles the mind that in the 2020s we don't have frequent high-speed electric rail from #Quebec City to #Windsor. 50% of Canada's population is in the red zone below. People fly and drive instead. Such low-hanging fruit, but no government grasps it.
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Please retweet and share if you support my and others' vaccine injury recoveries. Image
My fiancé and I were supposed to get married in July 2022. Given the first 2 vaccine mandates, we figured that we had no choice but to keep on taking the boosters in order to be able to travel for our honeymoon / have liberties to go to stores etc.
We decided to take the 3rd @moderna_tx booster anticipating that perhaps it would also be mandated by the #Canadian #government.
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I'm not an urban planner but these are the people-friendly amenities that I enjoyed while in Montreal this summer 🧵(inspiration for #seabikes)
Blocking off entire streets from car traffic throughout the summer, and turning them into areas where people walk/bike/skate, relax on specially designed seats, meet up in parks and cafes and generally enjoy being outdoors without the threat of motorized vehicles
The delivery trucks can drive through these bendy barriers when necessary
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The population density of the American Midwest is comparable to that of #Spain.
Spain has 2,240 miles of high-speed rail.
American Midwest: 0.
🧵 ImageImageImage
High-speed rail in this region would replace short-haul flights, and go a long way to reducing carbon emissions. Should be a no-brainer for Amtrak Joe Biden—you'd think, anyway...
(Fantasy map below) Image
I bring this up b/c @the_transit_guy has made the comparison between overachieving China and sad-sack US. Fair point, but a more proximate comparable might be Spain...
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**WARNING**This video contains strong and hateful language and could be disturbing to some viewers. In this video a man verbally berates and insults a family in LaSalle, #Quebec on Aug.11th, 2022. The RC will accompany the family in filing a hate incident with @SPVM @CultMTL
@Val_Plante this hate incident happened on the island of #Montreal. What is your statement on this as mayor? It is your duty and responsibility to address this. @AVaillancourtPM @CTVMontreal @CBCMontreal @CityNewsMTL @CJAD800 @aaronrand @eliasmakos @ToulasTake @guyalepage
@Val_Plante @AVaillancourtPM @CTVMontreal @CBCMontreal @CityNewsMTL @CJAD800 @aaronrand @eliasmakos @ToulasTake @guyalepage **UPDATE**We can confirm that an investigator from the
@SPVM hate incident/crime unit has already followed up with the victim today and they are proceeding with an investigation. The RC will be keeping a close eye on this, while working with the family.
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may I have your attention, please?🧵

new atrocities by #RussiaIsATerroristState in the last 24 hours:
> Russian soldier castrating alive Ukrainian prisoner
> attack on bus stop in my hometown. 5 people are dead
> Russians murdered 40 Ukrainian POWs

share info & join protests!🔽
find the country & city / date & time, print or draw posters and #StandWithUkraine. the whole world should know about Russian fascism

if Europe does not help stop this war, it has no future. we demand actions, not promises

follow Vyriy to stay updated:
now I will post announcements for each city separately. so spread this information to your European friends, organizations and allies

in the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends, you know

#RussiaIsATerroristState #ArmUkraineNow
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Feb 28,2022: It’s been 10 days since I took the 3rd #moderna #COVID19 #vaccine and 9 days hospitalized for:

• Cardiac arrest (kept alive w/ #ECMO)
• Respiratory/kidney failure
• Paralysis
• Seizures
• Nerve damage
• No brain activity
• Flatlined / resuscitated

#Montreal Image
Retweet to spread. I’m available for AMA’s.
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1.Montreal - I was safer sleeping on park benches and cathedral pews and in the cemetery than I was in the home of the people who called themselves my family... #outsidechild #allisonrussell #timstwitterlisteningparty
2 Nightflyer - if an album can have an thesis statement - this is mine
The Evening Star refers to my daughter , Ida Maeve
The form of this song was influenced by the Thunder Perfect Mind
#outsidechild #allisonrussell #timstwitterlisteningparty
3. Persephone - the booklet from the very first #outsidechild listening party - back on Dec 2019 for 50 close friends - long before we eventually found our home @fantasyrecords
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So let's go legal: Art 1 Genocide Convention provides for the obligation to prevent #genocide. Putin alluded to this in speech Monday when he claimed a genocide in #Ukraine and that they therefore could/had to intervene. This is false: it's not a justification for use of force.
Plus there is no genocide in #Ukraine, so more form of gaslighting. See for further analysis of his argumentations to appear as if his armed force is lawful/legitimate instead of the violation of art 2(4) UN Charter and act of aggression that it is, this:
Since #Russia referred to "#Genocide", #Ukraine now says: apparently we have a dispute over the interpretation and application of the notion of "genocide" and since we are both state parties to that treaty, we will invoke Article IX Genocide Convention. Image
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When I visited their Ali Baba's cave of an HQ in #Montreal yesterday, I asked the Spice Hunters / Chasseurs d'épices Ethne and Philippe de Vienne of @epicesdecru what some of the great but little appreciated spices were...
This one is beautiful: marigold petals, which in Georgia (the European Georgia, bien sûr) are used in cuisine; ground to add colour to soups and rice dishes; often used with dill and coriander.
This is Piper longum, long pepper, prized by the ancient Romans, and a staple until the Columbian exchange brought chiles to the old world. (This from #Nigeria.) Way different from Piper negrum, yer garden-variety black pepper. Can't wait to grind it in a mortar!
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Tonight in #Toronto, @TourCNTower will be illuminated for International #Holocaust Remembrance Day #IHRD. #WeRemember @WorldJewishCong Image
Tonight in #Niagara , @NiagaraFalls will be illuminated for International #Holocaust Remembrance Day. #IHRD. #WeRemember @WorldJewishCong Image
Tonight in #Vancouver, @bcplace will be illuminated for International #Holocaust Remembrance Day. #IHRD #WeRemember @WorldJewishCong Image
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The Z-1-a was #Canada's only mainline electric locomotive. They were originally delivered to the Canadian Northern Railway by @generalelectric in 1917
The Canadian Northern Railway was headquartered in Toronto and between 1899 and its merger in 1923 into @CNRailway owned a main line between Quebec City and Vancouver via Ottawa, Winnipeg, and Edmonton.
The National Harbour Board also operated several of the same type which were passed on to @CNRailway. Electrification was restricted to Montreal, and went from Central Station to Saint-Lambert, Turcot, Montréal-Nord and Saint-Eustache-sur-le-lac, later renamed Deux-Montagnes.
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