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The classic #trilemma goes: "Fast, cheap or good, pick any two." The #ModeratorsTrilemma goes, "Large, diverse userbase; centralized platforms; don't anger users - pick any two." 1/  A trilemma Venn diagram, showing three ovoids in a triangul
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
The Moderator's Trilemma is introduced in "Moderating the Fediverse: Content Moderation on Distributed Social Media," a superb paper from @ARozenshtein of @UofMNLawSchool, forthcoming in the journal @JournalSpeech, available as a prepub on @SSRN:… 3/
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A partir das 08h, ao vivo na Globo, SporTV e BandSports!
#Tokyo2020 #JogosOlímpicos
20 MINUTOS! Bruno e Ketleyn já estão no preparo!

📸 Christian Dawes/COB
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Far-Right Platform #Gab Has Been Hacked—Including Private Data

The transparency group #DDoSecrets says it will make the 70 GB of passwords, private posts, and more available to researchers, journalists, and social scientists

Those #Gab patrons, whose numbers have swelled after Parler went offline, include large numbers of #Qanon conspiracy theorists, white nationalists, and promoters of former president Donald Trump's election-stealing conspiracies that resulted in the January 6 riot

#EmmaBest wrote in a text message interview with WIRED.

“It's another gold mine of research for people looking at militias, neo-Nazis, the far right, #QAnon, and everything surrounding January 6."
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#Parler may be saved by a cash injection (and server services) from Domain registrar #Epik, ref CEO Rob Monster (that's really his name)

Epik is described as "a safe haven for the extreme right",.
Epik saved #Gab (the Original Nazi Twitter) and #DailyStormer (The Nazi Web Site of choice).
Epik has a history of not responding to reports of illegal activity on the websites they register, including criminal activity, selling of drugs and weapons, trading of nazi memorabilia, and others.

It's simply 'neither their problem nor their concern".
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🤔Por qué #Gab es la única alternativa real a tueter ❓
✔Tiene servidores propios
✔Años demostrando que protege la libertad de expresión
✔Años censurado por las Big Tech y métodos de pago como visa o pay pal
✔Repito: servidores propios
✔No te exige datos personales tipo 👇
📢Se le intentan colar 💩 en el equipo porque crecen muy rápido
✔Por suerte Andrew Forma (CEO de Gab) lleva años peleando contra el sistema y la censura
✔Pide no admitir a nadie de fuera y mantenerse con gente de confianza y cercana
✔El mail que nos envió ayer a los usuarios
✔Ya estaban preparando hace semanas la psyop contra las plataformas alternativas
✔Las #FakeNews les culpan de organizar los disturbios del 6
✔Busca CIA operación Mockingbird
😁No te haré spoilers, tiene años ya...
Jesus is King
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Wow! @reddit just banned r/The_Donald and 2000 other subreddits, citing the reason "no community should be used as a weapon".

#RedditPurge… Image
I can't help but wonder if we're seeing a speeded-up #digital equivalent of the #Disneyfication of #TimesSquare.

While @AlphabetINC's @sidewalklabs & others obsess on '#SmartCities', maybe the intersection of the web's '#PublicSquares' and #commerce works the other way too?
On the #Disneyfication of #TimesSquare:…

Meanwhile, in other news, it appears Reddit's not the only one #banning things this evening:

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One Nation candidate attended extremist event, used volunteer member… via @smh
Notes: 1) The True Blue Crew formed during late 2015 & early 2016, largely inre anti-Muslim campaigns in Bendigo & Melton. Building upon pre-existing social networks, it made its formal debut in Coburg in May 2016, where it attempted but failed to disrupt an ‘anti-racist’ rally.
2) It organised further rallies -- flag-waving events in Melbourne in June 2016/17/18 -- & worked w United Patriots Front neo-Nazis in attempt to org anti-African vigilante squads, but in VIC esp has been subject to internal dissent following the conviction of several members >
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1) Hey it's time for me to goto bed, but one final thing inre #eggboy/#eggboi. As noted, neo-#Nazi Neil Erikson was one of the 5 or 6 men who, er, restrained the teen; Erikson has criminal convictions for antisemitic (FEB 2014) & anti-Muslim (SEP 2017) actions.
2) Perhaps in order to complete the trifecta, last year (MAY 2018) he was also charged w disrupting a church service -- which involved him & some of his thuggish mates invading Gosford church & scaring some elderly parishoners.
3) He's due back in Melbourne Magistrates' Court on MAY 13 to face charges of riot/assault/affray stemming from the Melbourne date of the DEC 2017 Milo Yiannopoulos tour; joining him in court on same will be his sidekick Ricky Turner & old nazi chum Richard Whelan.
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I am a strong believer in free speech. Which is why I think @getongab is a great option to have. What I find funny is people pretending #gab now is in any way different to how Twitter was previous to 2014. It is not. Twitter just turned its back on free speech. That was it. 1/5
Now, #Gab new app and service called #dissenter is consistent with this idea of free speech first. And I like it as it is truly cross-platform and open source as it should be given what it tries to do. It is also not that different than what disqus does. 2/5
I remember covering disqus rise as the top 3rd party comment system for the internet. As they battled intense debate, js-kit and others. Back then it was about easy integration via it being just an embeddable. It then grew to a discussion portal. #dissenter is the same. 3/5
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@mashable 1/
With all the negative propaganda being thrown at Gab, I thought we’d take a look at one of the most intellectually dishonest pieces out there: “Gab, a racist-friendly alt-Twitter, has been banned by @PayPal and others,” authored by Adam Rosenberg at @Mashable.

$PYPL @getongab
@mashable @PayPal @getongab 2/
There’s a lot to unpack here, It’s mostly factually correct but Rosenberg chooses “racist-friendly” when “first amendment friendly” or “free speech friendly” or “censorship-free” would do. Instead he picks his words so his politics and misleading intentions are on display
@mashable @PayPal @getongab 3/
Next, the article correctly states “that's provided a home for people like the suspect in Pittsburgh's synagogue shooting (as well as a lineup of noteworthy racists),” but in a glaring lie of omission neglects to mention that the shooter was also active on Facebook.

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The shutdown of Gab is NOT about a shooter’s posts on social media. They shut down Gab to prevent millions of Americans from joining a social media site that allows free speech. When Gab hit the msm today, MILLIONS of people heard about them for the first time. @getongab #Gab
Gab has been blocked from Apple & Google app stores. They have done everything they can to keep people from using it. Why is big tech trying so hard to control what you see and hear? Trying to keep the sheep in the pen? ?
The deep state MUST be able to control your media in order to control your mind. Tv, movies, music, msm, big tech, social media, etc. The deep state controls and censors it ALL! #gab
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