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Structura is dropping on @verse_works on June 14th.

A 🧵 on how it came to be.
#generativeart #generativearchitecture
@verse_works First thing's first: you can already try out the generator on Verse's site 👉…

Press keys (1-5) to capture a high-res image and (g) to export a gif animation (you might want to increase the number of frames with (n) key). For more controls, press (i)
Structura is a product of collaboration between office ca @office__ca led by Galo Canizares @GaloAndStuff and Stephanie Sang Delgado, and {protocell:labs} founded by Luka Piskorec @LukaPiskorec and Kane Borg @00000Kane00000… Image
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🧵1/n Why art and technology belong together.
(and why Cardano is ideal for this)

Those 9 abstract art pieces are AI generated each by a custom model, which is only a few kB in size.

What makes this approach different?

#generativeart #CardanoNFTs #creativecoding Image
2/n Within the 16 kB space available for on-chain NFTs, one can then not only put the image file, but the whole AI code and model - you can generate arbitrarily many variations yourself with the NFT!
Or cycle through an infinite loop of variations like in this example.
3/n The first NFT collection with full AI code and model on-chain is…
which is limited to only 99 pieces for holders of Rorschach Algorithm Beasts, Butterflies and Squiggles. 👾🦋👀

The pieces in this collection are trained on the holders NFTs.
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I've just published my first collection "MOKOMI" . 0.1 ETH reserve. 🧵…

#NFTCollection #NFTs #generativeart
“Mokomi” is deeply personal exploration of the struggles and challenges associated with the common mental health conditions such as anxiety and panic attacks. This collection as a whole is a moving exploration of the challenges and struggles I faced living with these conditions.
The artwork, titled "The Weary Mind's Lament," is an ornate portrayal of a person struggling with the overwhelming burden of mental fatigue. Intricate patterns and swirling details reflect the chaos and turmoil of the subject's overwhelmed mind.
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1/n I made a list of the 13 most mind-bending Stable Diffusion uses I’ve seen so far. 🌈
See🧵for details.

2/n Architectural Sketches
@rostenbach created incredible architectural renderings which made me think of future architecture generated by ai…
3/n Search Engine
@sharifshameem scrapped millions of SD-generated images and turned them into a @LexicaArt search engine for creative assets
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🤯 You can now “remix” your txt2img AI prompts!

One of the biggest issues with AI generated images relies on the artists’ workflow and the controls they can have over their creation. Every new prompt usually creates a unique piece of art, thus making it hard to tweak the result.
But now with this new update by Midjourney, we can finally regain some level of control in the process.

I can’t wait to see what people create with it. On my side, it’s a blessing as I work on my collections and try to maintain consistency across my different pieces.
Thanks @midjourney for this new feature. Hopefully many more to come in that same vein. What would you do with it?

Follow me to stay informed & inspired:


#aiart #generatedart #aigeneratedart #generativeart #genart #midjourney #midjourneyremix
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How do we express people's emotions about Tomorrowland through generative music?

Which musical aspects are self-produced and which ones are randomly generated by the algorithm?

How do happiness, anger, fear, and sadness sound in Pillars of Tomorrow?

All the answers below👇🧵🎶
In this generative piece, there are 4 instruments: bass, piano, percussion (hi-hat, kick, snare, claps, fx sounds), and a quiet pad.

All the rhythms are self-written using Ableton, exported, and randomly selected to create the backbone of our generative music NFT.
This approach was chosen because generative harmony is more euphonic compared to generative rhythm.

It's easier to control how something sounds(generative harmony) compared to adding randomness to when sounds are triggered(generative rhythm).
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Have you seen #videoart on @fx_hash_ before?

Teleport Loopr is my genesis💫

Mints open in 10 hours!⏳
[ Sept 14th / 15:00 UTC ]

Follow this thread ! 🧵#fxhash
#creativecoding #p5js #generativeart #CleanNFT
Videos per iteration:

[3], [4] or [5]

Color inversion effect may be applied to:

[ one video ], [ none (rare) ] or [ variable (super rare) ]
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Diffusion models is the new trend and everyday new enthusiasts approach these tools to make art and create awesome applications.
There is a ton of beautiful pictures made with #generativeart but have you ever tried and failed?
Me, many times😁
A thread to improve your prompts⬇️
1. Sometimes less is more. Writing hundreds of characters is not the right way to produce beautiful images. Consider that there are "classes" like 4k or high-resolution which embeds a lot of characteristics.
These are already available in @StableDiffusion or #discoart @JinaAI_
2. More detailed, more precised. If you use a specific jargon to obtain a certain style or effect, it is quite sure that you will be impressed from the result!
Try something very specific using technicalities like
infrared photo or sticker illustration, also tattoo works!
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Have you seen #videoart on @fx_hash_ before?

Teleport Looper is my genesis💫

Mint opens:
Sept 13th / 15:50 UTC

Follow this thread ! 🧵#fxhash #tezos
#creativecoding #p5js #generativeart #CleanNFT

There are 30 .mp4 files available to be randomly chosen by the code ~

~ videos per iteration:

[3], [4] or [5]

~ color inversion effect may be applied to:

[ one video ], [ none (rare) ] or [ variable (super rare) ]
All videos are part of my audiovisual research and were recorded from 2016 to 2021 in Brasil, Chile and Canary Islands ~

They're all short and looped in Teleport Looper project, just like moving photos:
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I've been #creativecoding #videoart for 5 years in python (check my vimeo) and now that I transposed my codes to #p5js, I feel like I found my NFT place on @fx_hash_

This is my genesis and will be droped sept 11th

More info and iteration tests bellow!🧵
#generativeart #fxhash
There are 30 videos available to be randomly chosen by the code. Each iteration creates a loop with:

3, 4 or 5 videos

A chance of inverting colors in one of them

A small chance of applying the invertion to a variable video each loop
All videos take part on my audiovisual research and were recorded from 2016 to 2021 in Brasil, Chile and Canary Islands

They're all short and looped in this project, just like moving photos💫
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Love the X/Y Plot feature in AUTOMATIC1111's #stablediffusion WebUI. Once I have an image I like, I can do a quick search of the latent space around it across different settings. 1/3 #aiart #ai #aiArtist #MachineLearning #deeplearning #aiartcommunity
Link to AUTOMATIC1111's WebUI Repo here. Still have to check out its inpainting/outpainting implementations plus a few other features. 3/3 #stablediffusion #aiart #aiartists #ai #aiArtist #MachineLearning #deeplearning #aiartcommunity…
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We’re at the frontier in web3, digital arts, & NFTs!

How are you keeping up?

Here's a cream-of-the-crop, monster 🧵 of key resources for both newbies & OGs...

“My journey through NFTs & Web3 has been as much of an education in Technology, as it has been in Philosophy, Economics, Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship. Did you get that MBA too?”

- @WhaleShark_Pro

Let’s make this a world-class resource for new builders, creators, dreamers.

If I've missed them - add a key resource in the comments✍️

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Let’s talk about the texture of Running Moon today. Texture development is undoubtedly the most exciting and challenging part of the dev process that took most of my time. It is also an element that has shifted dramatically over the months.
#generativeart #artblocks
Running Moon was initially influenced by my plotter practice: It was rendered in SVG and had a very precise feeling. There were lines and subtle gradients. I think outputs at this stage would produce exciting plotter paintings, but as standalone pieces, they need more.
When robots physically render my work, they add additional layers of surprises. I hope to find that element of surprise in Running Moon. Therefore, I started experimenting with techniques that were beyond my comfort zone and ended up with many “failed’ experiments.
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Today I want to share more about the color palettes of Running Moon. Running Moon has a collection of 36 color palettes. Each palette contains 6 seed colors. The final painting uses variations generated from these 6 colors.

"Whisper" showing here.
#generativeart #artblocks
Why 6? My plotter painting practice influences it. In my plotter watercolor practice, I found 6 to be my stable choice because 6 colors can produce a diverse range of variations with some mixing, but going above 6 could lead to some dull colors for me.
I started Running Moon with a much smaller set of color palettes, primarily in the yellow-blue range; here are some early outputs. Although I originally planned to keep Running Moon close to this range, I decided to try some other combinations for fun...
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it's time to talk about my side project:

👉🏻 Introducing Prompt Press ( - AI generated artwork inspired by current events.

#aiart #generativeart #aiartcommunity #AiArtwork
Over the past few months I've found myself absolutely fascinated with #AIart or #generativeart - whatever you want to call it.

You may have heard of #dalle2, #imagen or #parti. These are all amazing models (with limited access) that generate images of whatever you can describe.
"whatever you describe", the prompt, is key to navigating latent space and generating an interesting image.

This is such a skill, there's a whole field emerging called Prompt Engineering.
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YOU are going to make a piece of generative art right now in 10 minutes.

No watching tutorials, no downloading software. Just your browser and 21 lines of code.

By the end you’ll have a basic, but fun abstract generative art collection like this.

Before I start, I want to note that this approach builds upon a thread by @abwagmi that got me started in the space and I made sure he was ok with me doing a similar thread.
Altho i’ve been a fan of generative art for years, I only started making it 3 months ago. The question I hear over and over is “how do I start?”

It took me years and dozens of false starts before one thread finally pushed me over the edge. So I want to do the same here for you
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Color is probably the trickiest thing to master, especially using code. I wrote a thread breaking down color models and how to manipulate color in @p5xjs 🧵 1/n Image
There are several color models out there, you're probably already familiar with RGB - Red, Green, Blue. Each color is represented by three values ranging between 0 - 255 (256 Possibilities). Image
The problem with RGB is that it is meant to be machine-readable, your brain doesn't intuitively know why 212,24,118 is the color it is. It's meant to control the pixels on the screen and doesn't translate well to other uses, especially in making art.
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Coding #generativeArt can be frustrating! Computers are extremely literal, and never know what you "meant".

Here are some things you can do to get help with problems you're having with your art.
1. Pause, breathe, and read the error.

If you run into a problem and immediately ask someone for help, you won't learn as much as solving it yourself. And if you solve your own problem, you won't have to wait for someone else. So see if you fix your own issue.
If you got an error message, read it!

Maybe it says you can't divide by zero, or that a file isn't found?

You might be given a line number, told what function errored, or hinted what data is invalid. Then, you can fix the problem without even needing to ask anyone.
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Para el turno de tarde...

"Desalmados" será, si la campaña en Verkami termina con éxito, la primera antología de microrrelatos e ilustraciones creados por inteligencia artificial. ¿Queréis saber de qué va esto? Dentro vídeo 👇👀
¿Queréis algunos ejemplos de lo que se podrá encontrar?
Dentro imágenes perturbadoras 👀👇 ImageImage
Dejo aquí el enlace a Verkami, pero seguid leyendo el hilo para más datos y curiosidades 👇…
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This weekend I played with 3 things I ♥: machine learning, #generativeart, and the web.

Here's a small neural network running entirely in a #webgl GLSL shader that hallucinates thousands of new handwritten digits in real-time.

How so? 👇🧵
I first learned about CPPNs in "Generating Large Images from Latent Vectors" by @hardmaru back in 2016 (!).

At the time, GANs were stuck at 256px and I was amazed to learn about these fast, high resolution, generators.…
The fact that they operate on pixel coordinates makes them particularly good candidates for GLSL shaders.

(figure by @hardmaru)
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Hex by @yiwen_lin

Tech 🧑‍💻: using math (lots of math), to create hexagons and to fill them with lines of various properties

Looks 🎨: love that even if some hexagons overlap they still look good, even add to the overall depth of the generated piece

Löv by @JuhaniHalkomaki

Tech 🧑‍💻: branch and leaves generation, with p5js

Looks 🎨: the various shapes of the leaves, the colours, how the branches interact with the white box 'wall', it's all VERY beautiful

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