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Hex by @yiwen_lin

Tech 🧑‍💻: using math (lots of math), to create hexagons and to fill them with lines of various properties

Looks 🎨: love that even if some hexagons overlap they still look good, even add to the overall depth of the generated piece

Löv by @JuhaniHalkomaki

Tech 🧑‍💻: branch and leaves generation, with p5js

Looks 🎨: the various shapes of the leaves, the colours, how the branches interact with the white box 'wall', it's all VERY beautiful

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Unbuilt by @jMarkusiewicz

Tech 🧑‍💻: applying sacral architectural rules in code

Looks 🎨: excellent colour choice and doesn't look like a generative output! the name and date underneath the generated layout is a nice touch

Indirection ⤳⤖⇶ by @notlion

Tech 🧑‍💻: using fonts (Unicode Arrows) with algorithms

Looks 🎨: the way the art unfolds and generates the paths makes it really interesting, a nice touch is that few of the arrows are in a different/highlight colour

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PSA for #generativeart people—you should check out the catalog for the Francois Morellet retrospective at @DiaArtFndn. it’s full of useful ideas and gems like this work, “Néons ave programmation aléatoire-poétique-géométrique
(Neons with Random-Poetic-Geometric Program),” 1967
Also fyi @AlbrightKnox organized a show called Francois Morellet: Systems in 1984
Morellet in 1991: “My position, for forty years, has been to oppose myself to the conventional practice of
painters and sculptors whose every work is composed by thousands of subjective decisions and manual imprecisions.”
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We've gone gold! 100 unique arts and metadata generated by AI are dropping 25th September with the first collection "World Cities"! Check the mint page here:
Unique traits generated by GPT-3.

GPT-3 was trained on the context of talking about cities and then proceeded to generate metadata (traits and description) for each one of the 100 cities available in this collection.
Unique art generated using high-end deep learning focused GPUs.

We have used cloud GPUs to run deep learning AI which received the name and description of each city and then generated a unique PNG for each of them. All images do not have any human interference.
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Ce soir, devant vos yeux ébahis et en totale exclusivité... Je vais vous parler du projet français @WonderfulDinos (#NFT) et de son histoire !

Comme vous pouvez le voir dans la miniature ci-dessous, ce sont donc des #NFTs qui représentent des petits Dino plutôt cool !
L'auteur du projet @WonderfulDinos est quelqu'un de curieux, qui aime beaucoup #coder et le concept de #generativeart l'intrigait au plus haut point.

C'est donc en quête d'acquérir de nouvelles connaissances et de #challenge qu'il va se lancer dans cette belle aventure.
Après plusieurs heures de recherches sur le thème de ses futurs #NFTs, il repense à son enfance et à son amour pour les #dinosaures et la paléontologie.

Il est donc décider et ce sera le thème des #Dinosaures, un point c'est tout !
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I see many of you were surprised by the results of this poll. I’m more surprised by your surprise 🙃 #generativeRenaissance
What this poll tells us is profound. I wouldn’t even be surprised if there are more people who caught an interest in #generativeArt in the last six months than there were people in the entire scene even a year ago.
Generative art has a long history but it has remained confidential until now.
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I slightly patched the @dribnet's amazing CLIPIT+PixelDraw project and added two new features: a palette enforcement and a smoothness enforcement.
Check some examples in this thread. First, [deep ocean monsters] with the blue palette enforced. #clip #pixelart
[Card queen of hearts] with the red/blue/white/black palette and a smoothness enforcement. #clip #pixelart
[cheshire cat and mad hatter in style of Tenniel] with a smoothness enforcement enabled. #clip #pixelart
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I believe that successful #generativeArt collectors will be the ones who understand the history of computer art 🤓 Here are some good reads / coffee table conversation starters to get you started. A thread 🧵 Image
When the Machine Made Art "The Troubled History of Computer Art", by Grant D. Taylor. This one in particular is a must read! No pretty pictures but tons of fascinating historical context. Image
Code as Creative Medium, by @tegabrain and @golan is meant for teachers and students but will be a great reference to the savvy collector too 🧐 ImageImageImage
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1/ What makes this @ChemicalScience front cover so special is how it was made.

It is probably the first-ever journal cover designed using a VQGAN + CLIP and the unreal engine trick!
#VQGAN #CLIP #GenerativeArt

More information in the thread ⬇️ Image
2/ The AI model (VQGAN + CLIP) generated most of the image using “enzymatic chemical reactions. green chemistry. advanced unreal engine” as input.
It’s interesting that you can recognise the lab with the blackboards, the floor and the “reactions”.
3/ I’ve added an enzymatic reaction from our publication (…) on top of the image.

Before (AI generated) | after (final cover) ImageImage
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In terms of design and tech, there is no drop of late so perfectly captures the vibe of a high end art toy collection like @TheAlienBoyNFT . Backed by a committed dev team and an engaged community, things are happening. Don't miss the wave and come invade with us. #AlienBoySummer ImageImageImageImage
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Does anyone else get tingly talking about #NFT metadata? I'm doing a couple new things on my NFT that is part of #NativelyDigital, that I'd like to briefly explain. (1/9)… #cryptoart
As an artist who works with code, it's important to reference at least some software and libraries that I use. Personally, I don't want to get carried away into processor speeds, but some high level context of my development environment is in order. Let's use metadata! (2/9)
@intellijidea is my preferred IDE for @Java development. I utilize an older version of @ProcessingOrg with the help of @lager_p's G4P GUI tools. Acknowledgement in the metadata of an #NFT feels appropriate for a whole host of circumstances any artist runs into. (3/9)
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This seems to come up a lot, so I want to make a thread: #GANart is not plagiarism, and GAN artists are real artists, not 'button pushers'. Artificial intelligence artwork isn't "a scam" or "cheating".
This has come up on a number of occasions -- people saying "why should I pay you when the computer made this?". Why pay a photographer when 'the camera made the photo'? Why pay an illustrator when 'the pencil made the drawing'? Algorithms are the 'tool', *not* the 'artist'.
Saying "well, you couldn't have made this without the A.I." is like saying a sculptor couldn't have made their clay sculpture without the kiln. Well, duh. But that doesn't mean the kiln company is the name that belongs on the 'creator' line.
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After a succesful and exciting launch of my first blockstyle `Infinite Beauty`:
on, I've been having a lot of fun discovering what's out there!

#nft #nfts #cryptoart #generativeart #Ethereum Image
I decided to take a favorite pick every day during March to share it with all of you. The months start with unique entities and no symmetry, evolving to a max symmetry of 101 on months with 31 days.

#nft #nfts #cryptoart #generativeart #Ethereum
Feel free to join in and post your favorite!
My pick for today on March the 4th:
"Go For Gold"

#nft #nfts #cryptoart #generativeart #Ethereum Image
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1/ i've now completed initial collections in #NFT projects i think will be remembered as truly "historic," including:

Uniswap $SOCKS

also Squiggly, HashMasks, and Colorglyphs

now is a good time to revisit some theses (thread) 👇
2/ first, i did a similar thread a week ago, but have since refined my views

it might be worthwhile to go back read that first:
3/ second, and i can't stress this enough:


buy to collect for the long-term. imo, some of these will become priceless pieces of history, and most of you will sell them way too early b/c you're overextended
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1/ I'm getting TONS of messages me asking me "Hey DC, what #NFTs should I buy?

The proper answer is ONLY ones that you enjoy and are willing to hold for years or possibly for forever.

But I will tell you some of the ones I have bought recently and why (MEGA-thread below)👇
2/ First, let's start with some caution: don't buy NFTs *expecting* financial return. You may be very disappointed.

Tastes can shift very quickly and decisively, and given market illiquidity, we could see price collapse under panic conditions.

I buy to collect & hold for years.
3/ Second, let's discuss the only blockchain I'll buy high-value #NFTs on- that's #Ethereum.

Why? The linked thread covers it, but to summarize, I can't afford to put big sums of money into chains cutoff from DeFi and which might not exist in 5-10 years.

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(2/4) Human experience is in fact precisely what a plotter lacks--it can't see what it draws, it doesn't feel the pressure of the pen on the paper, in fact it doesn't even know it's current position. It just knows that the computer tells it how to move its motors.
(3/4) That is why it was up to me to program some of these features in the algorithm that ultimately controls the motor movements. I use signed distance fields and ray marching to give it a feeling of shape, light and shadow.
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My first steps into #generativeart with #Python and #rstats.

Here are some #Mondrian style paintings made with #ggplot and #gganimate!
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