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Let's be real

AI destroys many artist & designer jobs

Felt anxious? Me too

But my anxiety fades when I focus on opportunity

Case in point: Twitter now shares revenue with QUALITY creators (our community)

Ready to be rewarded?

Here's my 7-step guide🧵

#aiartcommunity Image
Revenue Share rewards you for
- creativity
- helpfulness
- quality

Most of our talented community already qualify!

Here's the 7 steps

1 Build REAL relationships
2 Focus on quality
3 Try Spaces
4 Get blue verified
5 write clearly
6 Master longform
7 Test video

#AIartists Image
1 Build REAL relationships

Fake engagement is tiring!

Real engagement is as easy as talking to a friend

- Engage with content you love
- Show your weird unique self
- DM to connect with others
- Celebrate others' success

Remember: behind every account is a real person Image
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Midjourney Styles - Part 8

Here are 23 new styles tested with #Midjourney 5.1! I hope you'll find some of them useful and inspiring for your own awesome creations!

🧵Thread with visual examples 👇 Image
1. Bento Art:

Involves arranging food in visually appealing compartments. As a style, it enhances aesthetics, creates whimsical food compositions, and showcases culinary creativity.

Other similar styles you can play with: Food Carving Art and Sugar Art. ImageImage
2. Raku Ceramic Art:

Raku generally refers to a type of low-firing process that was inspired by traditional Japanese raku firing. As a style it can simulate crackle glazes, iridescent hues, and smoky patterns. ImageImage
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🧵 GA! Excited to share my new #midjourney v5.1 explorations! Introducing Chromarism! a potential AI art style focused on color interplay. My goal is to create single word styles to shorten my midjourney prompts and get cool results. Prompts in alts. #AIArt #AIArtStyle #ArtIdeas chromarism --v 5.1 --s 1000...
Let's dive into the essence of this style! When using it, v5.1 (raw not recommended), it shines by beautifully interpreting the interplay of colors. With varying vibrancy and dynamic patterns, it's perfect for adding a vibrant pop and a fresh touch to your work. chromarism  --v  5.1   --s ...
Adding 'aesthetic' also works well to give a piece the essence of the style, truly creating unique renders. chromarism aesthetic  --v design, chromarism aes...
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Struggling to create consistent models in #midjourney?

I have discovered the ultimate hack.

Let's unlock the secrets of Consistent model-making together!

#AIart #AIArtwork #AIArtCommuity… Image
Step 1: Create your favourite model

What’s the trick?

- Clear model face
- Non-stylish dressing
- Clean background
- Use keyword [Minimalism]

Reroll the same prompt until you get your favourite model

Sample Prompt: portrait shoot of a lady, in the style of minimalism --s 1000 portrait shoot of a stylish...
Step 2: Find the Seed of your model

How to find?

- Add Reaction
- Type [Envelope]
- You’ll get a notification
- Copy your seed
- Use the seed suffix --seed [Value] Add ReactionImageImageImage
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Part #3
The invasion has disrupted communication networks and reporters are trying to document the situation, many have taken photographs and videos of the alien forces, but before they could publish their findings, they disappeared without a trace. #AIart #invasion #AIArtwork ImageImage
The invasion has caused significant damage, resulting in the loss of access to basic services like communication networks and the internet. StarLink has responded by providing internet access around the world. #aiartcommunity #midjourneyv51 Image
With the internet restored, the first image of an alien from the invasion has just been posted on social media, causing a wave of astonishment and fear worldwide. The image, taken by a brave reporter just before he disappeared,shows an strange alien creature.#Aliens #midjourney Image
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Was playing around with 5.1 and am including portrait, landscape, and black and white so you can see the difference. So far 5.1 raw is giving me the best results for my prompting style but all hold promise.

Play around and see what you get

🧵 1/4

#synthography #midjourney 5.1 Raw5.1V5
In this one, I’ll have to change my entire prompt to get what I got in V5.

How’s all working for you so far?

#synthography #AIart #midjourney #midjourney5 #AIArtwork #AIArtCommunity #postphotography #aiphotography V5V5.1V5.1 Raw
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(1) Since #BJPinvogue, I've been toying with different #AIArtwork ideas in my head using #midjourneyv5.

The one that stuck was trying to depict Indian cricketers (@BCCI) as warriors from Epic movies and timelines.

Here are the results! 🔥

A 🧵 Image
(2) 🛡️ Have to start this with #KingKohli himself. Firstly, I chose to depict the king as a #Spartan Warrior. I thought his ferocity would go well with the classic Spartan bronze helmet and greaves. The results look like something straight out of the movie 300. ImageImageImage
(3) Decided to give a few more looks to @virat, continued with the spartan theme, and threw in the helmet. Again, looks like something that was directed straight in Hollywood. ImageImageImageImage
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1/ 🎨 Explore the mesmerizing fusion of iconic masterpieces with 10 unique art mediums in this thread. Prepare to be amazed! #AIArtwork #midjourneyv5 Image
2/ 🖼️ Origami: Delicate paper folding techniques breathe new life into classic paintings, creating intricate multi-dimensional expressions of beauty. #OrigamiArt A mesmerizing dynamic story...
3/ 🏖️ Sand Art: Ephemeral & unconventional, sand art captures the allure of renowned artworks with dynamic compositions & flowing lines. #SandArt A captivating display of re...
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What important messages would Jesus share if he found himself resurrected at Walmart?
#HappyEaster #JesusChrist #Church #Christianity #WorshipAI #HealthyLiving #Walmart #AIArtCommunity #MidJourney #MindJourney
🧵Thread - Share your thoughts on AI merging with religion and…… Image
Would he have anything to say about kosher food? Image
What would Jesus think about plastic Easter eggs? Image
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Jumping on the #hustleGPT challenge - I gave chatGPT £100 on Thursday and asked it to instruct me to make as much money as it can - inspired by @jacksonfall Image
Its given me some instructions. Looks like it wants me to build a website. That I can do. #hustleGPT Image
And here is what it suggests I start with. Image
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🧵This week end challenge🧵
Hey Twitterverse! I've given myself a wild challenge this weekend - Produce an 8-minute-long virtual reality short movie!
The video above is all the 256 Equirectangular i created for the first scene.
#ai #shorts #vr #aicinema
But that's not even the craziest part
90% of the work is going to be done using AI!
Tools i'm using :
@AlteredAi for the voice (just amazing)
@BlockadeLabs for the panoramas
@StabilityAI for the img2img Finetuning
@OpenAI 's chatGPT #ChatGPT as Steven Spielbird for the script
I'm basically outsourcing my creative genius :) to the machines.

But hey, who needs human intuition when you've got algorithms, am I right?
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To feed on this flow, how about a small thread on vector testing?
First of all, what is a vector? An image vector is a scaffold that aims to consolidate as much unbiased information as possible into a single image. Think of it like a ball of clay. Take the below example. Image
I can take this ball of clay, and shape it into whatever I want even given the most basic of prompts. The clay analogy is apt because the ball can only be manipulated within the scope of its properties. #aiart #midjourney ImageImageImageImage
This would of course get more interesting with more complicated prompts, and you can take the vector and experiment as you like, but where it really gets interesting is its use for precision.
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With #midjourney V4 supporting aspect ratios up to "2:1", here's how you can use them effectively in your #AICinema storytelling. 🎥🔥

Besides being technical requirements for screen sizes, ratios can also be used to create an aesthetic backdrop for your stories. 🎬

E.g. 4:3 (or "1.33:1" in cinema slang) is the "classic ratio" of TV monitors & perfect for scenes that are meant to evoke an "analog TV" vibe
"11:8" ("1.375:1" in cinema slang) also called "Academy ratio" is a standard introduced in 1932.

It's outdated, but still in use as an aesthetic tool. E.g. Wes Anderson used it to differentiate timelines in "Grand Budapest Hotel":
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ChatGPT can write stories and then tell DALLE-2 prompts to illustrate them. I asked it to write a children's story about "a robot that wanted to be a human." Here's the story it came up with: (0/11)
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a robot named Robby who lived in a world full of machines. Robby was different from the other robots, though. He didn't want to spend his days following orders and carrying out tasks like the other robots did.
(1/11) The image shows a robot standing among a group of other robo
Instead, Robby dreamed of being a human. He longed to feel the sun on his face, to breathe fresh air, and to experience all the wonderful things that humans did. But most of all, Robby wanted to be able to make his own choices and live his own life. (2/11) The image shows a robot walking towards the viewer, with a d
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Prompting Sucks:
authorized fine-tunings are the future

(a thread for AI-gen developers and enthusiasts)

#AIart #AIArtwork An AI-generated image by #dalle2 + the artist; horses cantorAn AI-generated image by #dalle2 + the artist; a portrait of
This current period of prompt engineering is going to be short lived. The majority are not here for the new niche of prompt design. People use these tools because there are things they want to see and experience in high fidelity, right now.
The minute someone can provide a better experience than:

"brilliant 8K [shot type] [film title], featuring [subject] [action], [environment], [lighting type], directed by [director/production company]"

with truly excellent results, people will come running.
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(1/9) Friends! Today I want to share with you some details of the process of creating AI art. This tweet is for collectors, and who want to know what #AIArtwork looks like.
(2/9) Note: All uses AI differently, but yes, first the prompt. DS iterates the generation process so that you can receive pic on each iteration till perfection is reached, while you continuously change your prompt. Eventually, you can choose a particular pic that will be used.
(3/9) Sometimes it looks like love at first sight but there's still work to be done.
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About time for a thread on why I'm so god damn bullish on @AIPESnft_

Go read it. Or don't. You do you

I can't not start with the art. Our artist/founder/cult leader Kin Gape has created a collection of 11k beautiful pieces of AI artwork using the BAYC + MAYC base images to create her own masterpiece's.
She uses AI to create the image and then has individually touched up by hand all 11k images plus many more which she's burned along the way as didn't meet her standard
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1) Thingies are so much more than just another #Midjourney or #Dalle2 clone 🕷️🎨

Here are a few of the differences that make Thingie Utility so unique 🤗

🧵 👇

@altstatemachine #FLUFWorld #ThingiesArt #AI #AIArt #NFTs
2) Firstly, every Thingie is a game-ready 3D asset 🎮

You will be able to interact with your Thingie in the Third Kingdom, and you will be able to display all the art it produces in your burrow 🖼️

#FLUFWorld #ThingiesArt #AI #AIArt #NFTs
3) Every piece of art created by your Thingie can be minted as part of the official collection and will appear in the Underground (plus third-party platforms like @opensea & @LooksRare).

Thingies are the world's first AI-created NFT to make #NFTs 🤯

#FLUFWorld #ThingiesArt #AI
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Free AI art generators you can use right now on your phone. No tech or code knowledge required. #aiart #AIArtwork

A thread: Robot covered in paint hold...
1. Midjourney

It's a popular pick for many users. Download discord and access their server.

- great quality
- four images generated in one

- can only be access through discord
- 25 free tries before you need to subscribe
2. StarryAI

It's great for beginners who want quickly get started and try out AI art.

- Easy to use interface
- High quality images

- only 5 free tries daily
- costly to generate art in bulk
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Can DALLE answer riddles from the Hobbit? Let's find out!
#dalle #openai #experiment #dalle2 #aiart #AiArtwork #hobbit #LOTR #AI
This really is an easy riddle! #dalle2 #openai #dalle2 #aiart #AiArtwork #hobbit #LOTR #AI #riddles
(Except that the answer is mountains, not trees)
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it's time to talk about my side project:

👉🏻 Introducing Prompt Press ( - AI generated artwork inspired by current events.

#aiart #generativeart #aiartcommunity #AiArtwork
Over the past few months I've found myself absolutely fascinated with #AIart or #generativeart - whatever you want to call it.

You may have heard of #dalle2, #imagen or #parti. These are all amazing models (with limited access) that generate images of whatever you can describe.
"whatever you describe", the prompt, is key to navigating latent space and generating an interesting image.

This is such a skill, there's a whole field emerging called Prompt Engineering.
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We've gone gold! 100 unique arts and metadata generated by AI are dropping 25th September with the first collection "World Cities"! Check the mint page here:
Unique traits generated by GPT-3.

GPT-3 was trained on the context of talking about cities and then proceeded to generate metadata (traits and description) for each one of the 100 cities available in this collection.
Unique art generated using high-end deep learning focused GPUs.

We have used cloud GPUs to run deep learning AI which received the name and description of each city and then generated a unique PNG for each of them. All images do not have any human interference.
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