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Something cool is happening in the underbelly of #Tezos defi and I want to tell y’all about it.

So I look at probably too much on-chain trade data.

Since SpicySwap’s release there’s been one king of contract-level arbitrage…

Their arb contract is heavily obfuscated and I call them “test11 guy”. If you have a DEX, test11 guy is arbitraging it lol

But recently there’s been a new kid on the block underneath Tezos DeFi with a VERY sophisticated bot & contract setup.
What I’m noticing is that these guys are doing straight 1v1s in arbitrage battles all day trying to grab profits from eachother

Sometimes test11 guy wins but the new arber is bringing some serious heat with their contract.

Sometimes they share the arb which is cute too lmao
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1/7 An interesting aspect about #Tezos tickets is that they will allow for the creation of more decentralized tokens bc the a) storage will be decentralized and the b) “ownership” will be at the protocol level not the smart contract level. Image
2/7 Which is a theme for Tezos. The motto for #Tezos could almost be “Protocol level all the things” — Its leaping ahead of other blockchains bit by bit doing this. And its the Tezos governance system that pushes this forward
3/7 With #Tezos-type governance you can get really granular in your protocol decision making. With Ethereum and Bitcoin governance you have to be more general because that is already difficult enough to get consensus with no formal measuring system.
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Great blog by Marigold about #Tezos tickets such as how they differ from #Ethereum erc-20 tokens or other ethereum tokens.…
You can observe that with tickets things like ERC-20 allowance “hacks” would be much harder to pull off bc tickets are not living in a smart contract, instead they are first class citizens like eth or tez
Ever notice that when interacting with an ERC-20 token you may pay waaaay more in gas than when using eth? thats bc ERC-20s live on a smart contract and must go through expensive computations unlike eth. Tezos tickets can do away with that disparity if designed right
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🔥🔥 1 500 000 000 $ANTI burned 🔥🔥

20d ago, @smartlinkHQ launched a new token, thereby launching a new token standard for #Tezos ecosystem

Welcome Fungible Deflationary Asset (FDA) 🤗 #ANTI

A lot has happened lately 😈

This thread is intended to help you catch up quickly 🧵
What is $ANTI ❓A reward token across the @smartlinkHQ ecosystem

Why #ANTI ❓To stop the selling pressure previously coming from the rewards distributed in #SMAK

Why a new token standard ❓To include an auto burn mecanism on the token…

#DeFi #Tezos
Indeed, FA1.2 standard requires sending tokens to a burn address manually & transferring a specific portion to our treasury

The FDA automates the entire process🔥

This make $ANTI special among #DeFi token, often either inflationary either manually burned...or both #CAKE

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#tezos 101: The self amending blockchain

Here's everything you need to know about Tezos, the open source, Liquid PoS chain that's self amending.

A thread🧵👇 $XTZ Image
2. #tezos is a public open source PoS blockchain that is energy efficient and low power cost.

Tezos incorporates a self amending governance system, which allows for regular updates and improvements while leaving the mechanisms intact.
3. #Tezos eliminates hard fork problems and proves code safety through formal verification.

BTC and ETH have a couple of problems. Hard forks are very complex and have a lot of risk, PoW is energy intensive.
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🧵It's been a while I wanted to take the time to make a thread to expose you why I'm very bullish on @Dogami so here are my TOP 10 reasons to buy and HOLD #Dogami (& $DOGA that's coming soon) 🌌

#Tezos #NFT

1/ @Dogami is the first-ever mass-market #P2E #NFT game powered by @tezos #XTZ

#Dogami has secured $6M in capital from @Ubisoft,@animocabrands & @TheSandboxGame co-founders durint their private sale…
2/ The community is very large & strong

@Dogami started to built its community since August last year...

While mostly every project would have lose the hype after so many month, they succeeded to keep the hype real high & they still impress #Tezos fam by keeping it high😳

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Newcomer to the #Tezos ecosystem?

Heard about Tezos because of its eco-friendly, upgradable chain with low gas fees and thriving community?

Here's a list of some beginner @tezos resources and tools to use:

A thread 🧵
🖼️NFT - The largest NFT marketplace on Tezos - NFT marketplace with vibrant community of creators - Generative tokens as NFT's - Multichain NFT marketplace
XP.Network - Cross-chain NFT bridge - Green NFT platform built specifically for the music and sports community. Featured @pitbull, @DojaCat, Whitney Houston, @officialKeef, @ChiefKeef, @cordae, The Grammy's, @thegame, amongst many others!
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If you only had one thread to read today, this should be it.
Advice: Bookmark this tweet.


#Tezos Image
How many Dogamí NFTs?
🐾 8000 NFTs

What price?
💰 50 XTZ

OG Dogamers (lucky you),
Mint your Dogamí on February 22nd for 24h.

🐾 2 NFTs max per wallet.
👀 The mint link will be revealed on our discord.
🚨 Reminder: never click on a link sent via DM.
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For #Crypto People stuck in
#CardanoADA #Bitcoin #XRPCommunity #Ethereum #DOT #Solana #Binance #tezos and all #ERC20's

Tired of getting #REKTED and making excuses? While tokens like $OSMO, $ATOM, $JUNO, $SCRT, $LUNA pump hard?


There is multiple reasons for this: One, it is the best technology and the standardized way Blockchains can communicate with one another using the #Cosmos SDK

Well what is #IBC?
IBC is an interoperability protocol for communicating arbitrary data between arbitrary state

machines. IBC can be used to build a wide range of
cross-chain applications, including but not limited to
token transfers, interchain accounts (delegate calls between two chains)
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Here's the full reveal of my "Celestial Beings" collection.

February 9th, 5pm EST
3x 20e/10tez
Collectors of all 3 will receive a special airdrop

Visit… to view the whole project.

full artworks in the thread bellow 👇

#CleanNFT #objkt #tezos
/ˈsɛrəf/, "the burning one"; plural seraphim /ˈsɛrəfɪm/

Revelation 4:8
4:8“...had six wings and was covered with eyes all around...”

Original Audio by Jonas Pfeiffer…
/ōp̄ān/, “wheels”; plural ophanim /ʿōp̄annīm/

Ezekiel 1:15-21
1:16“...the appearance and structure of the wheels.”
1:18“...and all four rims were full of eyes all around.”

Original Audio by Jonas Pfeiffer…
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Hey #NFTCommunity 😍

"The Tree House" ✨

Available @onhicetnunc
10ed / Only 0.5 #Tez

What do you think of my treehouse?
It's where I sit and talk really loud
Usually,I'm all by myself

#painting #treehouse #NFT #NFTs #digitalpainting #CleanNFT #tezos #nftcollectors #XTZ
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1. Hi! I'm KUSH! Let me introduce myself!
30+ YRS in Music and Multimedia
Entered the NFT space in FEB '21 and the ride has been amazing. I make all this art MYSELF 100%. Hope you enjoy this intro! ⬇️ #NFTartist Image
2. I started by creating MetaMushrooms, to showcase music and 3D Animation I was designing. I was looking to create psychedelic art with music that would be displayed in HIGH END VIRTUAL OR TERRESTRIAL GALLERIES. 3.6 $ETH Volume @opensea #OpenSeaNFT
3. I created Shroom Coin as a LIGHTWEIGHT DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT COLLECTABLE that could be enjoyed on your mobile device, and comes with a COMMERCIAL LICENCE TO USE THE MUSIC.
SOLD over 1000 Shroom Coins by APRIL 2021. #shroomcoin 🚀 Image
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‼️👇Read to the end!👇‼️

1/7 Here is what I am ready to offer to the first three collectors: if they buy 1 NFT I am ready to give them three more NFTs for free provided they place them on the secondary market at the original price of 333 $xtz and hodl one of their four NFTs.
2/7 Why do I have such special conditions only for the first three collectors? Simple math: so far, I have only 12 NFTs in my collection and I am ready to sell 3 of them according to this scheme. I repeat: each collector will receive a total of four NFTs, so: 12:4=3.
3/7 Why do I have only 12 artworks in my collection? Because they are not programmatically generated and I create each one manually. Each of my photo collages consists of an average of 20 images. I use high-resolution images to provide high quality of the final photo collages.
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If anyone are scrambling to figure out their taxes for #xtz NFTs in 2021, here's some thoughts from what we've figured out:

(All depending on tax jurisdiction, of course!)

First, since both your #Tezos and the #NFTs you buy for them are distinct assets, every transaction you do is a taxable event.

From a tax perspective you're also *selling* your Tezos at the moment you buy an NFT. That means...

..that if the value of your Tezos has increased relative to the currency you're doing taxes in, then that increase is a taxable gain.

So you need to know what the conversion rate you bought the Tezos for or the conversion rate at the time you earned them (from selling NFTS)

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We ended 2021 with a blast by releasing our long-awaited Compute Resource Nodes. Now, what’s next on our roadmap for 2022!

1/ Q1
💎 Launch the load balancer on With this, we redirect traffic and requests to the right nodes!

Thread 🧵
💎 Create an aggregator for our #Solana Indexers. One to rule them all! 💍
💎 Release our Indexer Framework so projects can run their own indexers on the Compute Resource Nodes 💪
💎 After our @Ubisoft partnership it speaks for itself that we will integrate #tezos as well 😉
💎 Monitoring system for nodes to follow the performance of your nodes even better.
💎 Release of our Storage Resource Nodes 💥
💎 The #dID system will go live with our partner @synaps_id
💎 Our Virtual Machines will get a major boost once we introduce Secret Management 🔑
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Everyone loves an end of year #rtistry thread, right?


Well, too bad because I like them. Here's a thread linking to all 24 generative art series I posted to my art site in 2021:

1. Crescent…
2. Ghosts on Marble Paper
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1/? Ryan saga megathread.

Ryan is a supremely wealthy penguin with a bangin sense of style. His adventures are becoming spread out across the cryptoverse and I decided to compile them here for easy access for his fans.

#ryan #penguin #xtz #tezos #adventure #nft
Ryan began with a drawing I made in MerMay, skateboarding Ryan:

Black tie renegade!

#xtz #tezos #hicetnunc #mermay #ryan #penguin Image
I had a lot of fun drawing Ryan, so I thought I'd make a little project on #hicetnunc featuring him. This was the first piece of the project:
Fabulously wealthy as he is, of course he has a gigayacht. Ryan is always trying to make new friends! Image
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#tezos 101: Crucial design consideration for Liquid Proof-of-Stake is security by decentralization. LPoS utilized in XTZ optimizes low entry barriers for validators or bakers. Validating requires downloading the endorsing node, computation power, and stable internet connection.
Bakers essentially compete for delegations w/ the proportion of profits that they share amongst their delegators, their reputation, and their own terms. The # of delegations a baker could accept is bound by their self-bond. #XTZ
Validators are arbitrarily picked for creation of block and endorsement with a chance depending on the represented stake. They commit a security deposit for block creation & endorsements in proportion to the gains which can be removed in case of misbehavior. #XTZ
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Hex by @yiwen_lin

Tech 🧑‍💻: using math (lots of math), to create hexagons and to fill them with lines of various properties

Looks 🎨: love that even if some hexagons overlap they still look good, even add to the overall depth of the generated piece

Löv by @JuhaniHalkomaki

Tech 🧑‍💻: branch and leaves generation, with p5js

Looks 🎨: the various shapes of the leaves, the colours, how the branches interact with the white box 'wall', it's all VERY beautiful

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We at @BonsaionChain are starting a bonsai NFT project.

We’ve chosen to use #tezos for our initial plans.

We think the #CleanNFT is a great fit for us.

Here’s 3 reasons why.

A 🧵
Tezos offers us three things.

1. Energy efficient technology

2. Low transaction costs

3. Supportive NFT community that celebrates experimentation.

Let’s break these 3 down.
1. Energy Efficient

Tezos is known as one of the most efficient of all the blockchains.

Eth2 may be end becoming more energy efficient, but no one knows for sure when that tech will be available.

This article breaks down the Tez advantage well👇🏻…
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Is #bonsai the original generative art form? Nature plays as big a part in the design of a tree as the artist themselves.

Bringing bonsai into the metaverse has its challenges, but I’m certain NFTs are uniquely designed to help bonsai artists.

Here’s how.

A 🧵 Image
First, we at @BonsaionChain are attempting to bring bonsai into the metaverse. I wrote about the project here. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
Unlike traditional art, bonsai trees are constantly evolving. They must be tended to. Watered, wired, fertilized, etc.

It’s time consuming and capital intensive.

Its why the current biz model for bonsai artist such as @EiseiEn @btonight & others depends so much on sales.
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Unbuilt by @jMarkusiewicz

Tech 🧑‍💻: applying sacral architectural rules in code

Looks 🎨: excellent colour choice and doesn't look like a generative output! the name and date underneath the generated layout is a nice touch

Indirection ⤳⤖⇶ by @notlion

Tech 🧑‍💻: using fonts (Unicode Arrows) with algorithms

Looks 🎨: the way the art unfolds and generates the paths makes it really interesting, a nice touch is that few of the arrows are in a different/highlight colour

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This weekend, our team worked together with @Manitcor from @TezTools, @mycodecrafting, and the @pinatacloud team to bring @hicetnunc2000 back online.

This was a watershed moment in #Web3. Here is an extensive technical deep dive at the steps we took.…

Our priority was the recovery of the site. We wanted to ensure that:
- The community knew there was hope
- All exploits, across the HEN frontend, contract, and infrastructure were identified
- The contract wasn't able to remove content
- The data on IPFS was mirrored
Looking at the Twitter, #Tezos was trending with posts about "RIP HEN". People were concerned.

The best response was to go on Twitter Spaces and give people updates and reassurance in real-time.
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The top 4 #NFT on Today's leaderboard are up.

Vote at and don't forget to sign up for a DNS account in case you want to nominate your own NFTs.

Currently on top 4: NFT Artwork by @Pc8417@flynnpnw @honeypepp3r

#dnsleaderboard #HEN #hicetnuncart
@honeypepp3r #2 - FRANCE ON FILM #03 by @honeypepp3r this NFT give us a snap at the sky captured on a Kodak 200.

@Honeypepp3rmint defines his work as sweet & spicy visuals

Vote for this artwork at:
@honeypepp3r Another NFT by @honeypepp3r just climbed to the No. 3 of our list with this beautiful b&w picture.


Vote for this and more of your favorite #HEN NFTs

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