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I'm doing #ReactHoliday again and I'm bringing it to to twitter

#React #CodeNewbie #AdventOfCode
#ReactHoliday Day 1: Extract A Component

Components are just functions that return React Elements...

#React #CodeNewbie #AdventOfCode
#ReactHoliday Day 2: Configure Components with Props

Props are a lot like function arguments... in fact, they are function arguments...

#React #CodeNewbie #AdventOfCode
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[Thread] Picking your first programming language: what to consider and why it doesn’t really matter. [ #30DaysOfThreads ]
So here you are, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to start on an entirely new journey. You’ve been following some hashtags like #100DaysOfCode & #TechTwitter for some time. Heck, even a few of your favorite accounts talk about it.
You decide you’ll start week...because well you don’t actually know where to start at all.

Have no fear. The Internet princess is here to help! Truth is, learning a programming language is completely and 100% up to you.
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It’s time for a #careeradvice thread, from Blogging to Mentors to Upskilling.

All of those little things that make you a better team member, leader and develop the soft skills to #levelup.… with a little help from the #devcommunity 👇

#codenewbie #womenintech

A is for Automate the Boring Stuff

Doing repetitive tedious work isn't fun. Whether you are just starting your career or have an established way of working you can always benefit from trying a new tool.…

B is for Blog

#Blogging reinforces your understanding of your chosen #technology or tool. Even if you only get a handful of views, you’ve still done something worthwhile.

Check out this from @kaydacode…
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I've been a developer for 5 months now, and you know what the most frustrating aspect of my job is? That aspect that has caused me more worry and embarrassment than anything else? Made me groan over and over? 😫

#CodeNewbie #MomsWhoCode #DEVcommunity
Answer: Commits showing up in my PRs that I have NO earthly idea how they got in there!!! 😤

This aggravating occurrence has led to wasted effort, re-cutting of dev and staging branches, git resets, stashes, cherry-picking, you name it!

#CodeNewbie #MomsWhoCode #DEVcommunity
If you had asked me, right after I'd graduated bootcamp, "What about being a software engineer makes you the most nervous?"

I'd have answered:
1. Learning my company's codebase
2. Having my code publicly reviewed (read: gutted) by seniors

#CodeNewbie #MomsWhoCode #DEVcommunity
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Anyone me who is familiar with Ludum Dare knows that it is a great learning experience. You can learn more in a weekend than you can in months. We should start a Ludum Dare Web App Edition.
All of the #codenewbie and #100daysofcode people can sign up and on Friday night we pick a random “topic” and the teams/individuals will have 72 hours to hack together the best web app they can.
Teams of 1-4, no preexisting code, (you have to start with an empty github repo), all the same rules as Ludum Dare.
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In this thread I'll go over some principles that helped me self-teach and get my first dev job. In no particular order and off the top of my head. I'll go into more detail in a blog post at a later stage...
#codenewbies #100DaysOfCode #301DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie
Principle #1: Habit. Don't expect to always enjoy coding. Sit at your computer regardless. My keystone habit is actually getting up early, everything flows from that. In days gone by you couldn't drag me from bed if you tried. Now it's almost automatic. Keep working at it.
Principle #2: Active learning. Avoid passive learning at all costs, it's a cognitive illusion. This is scientifically well documented. Test your memory. Try creating your own features, get stuck and find solutions on Google. If it feels uncomfortable you're doing the right thing.
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Welcome to the 270th #CodeNewbie Twitter Chat!

We are the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code and we’re so excited to chat with you!
Before we kick off the chat, a few ground rules:

1. Be supportive
2. Be honest
3. Be nice

How does it work? We will post a question, discuss with you, then post a new question.

All questions will be labeled (ex: Q1) so please include the label in your answer (ex: A1) and the #CodeNewbie hashtag
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I'm taking the #Coursera #Learning How to Learn course
This assignment is to teach others. I decided to make a giant thread for my coding community since you all give me so much.

@w3develops 2/
The course is teaching how learning happens. The course lessons are backed up by #neurological science. #Learning is not something only for the young, there are techniques that are easily obtainable to help you learn difficult subjects in any discipline.

@w3develops 3/
"We ordinarily think of learning as something we do when we sit down to study a book. But actually, being able to learn more easily and deeply involves many important facets--including not only periods of focused concentration, but also periods of relaxation...

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Hi! I’ll be curating the @WeAreRLadies account this coming week, so I thought tonight I’d round up a few things the previous #RLadies curators shared that I really liked! :)
@WeAreRLadies W1: @dataandme

I found @StephdeSilva's "Data Analysis: Questions to Ask the First Time" (and the two related posts that followed) a really helpful starting point! I’d love to hear any advice other people have on exploratory analyses and report writing :)

@WeAreRLadies @dataandme @StephdeSilva W2: @LucyStats

I first learned from @RebeccaB2820’s post how we can use #rstats to extract data from PDFs when the text isn’t automatically recognised!

When the text *is* recognised, my go-to tool is @MilesMcBain’s {datapasta}…

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Knowing intermediate JavaScript concepts like the call stack, context, scope, the prototype chain, higher order functions, async programming, and the event loop is invaluable and will help with learning frameworks.

The fundamentals won't change even if the ecosystem does.
Going to thread resources for learning all of these here.

Call stack:
The JS Call Stack Explained In 9 Minutes
by Colt Steele:

@MozDevNet guide -…

Understanding the JavaScript call stack
by @charliecodes…
Scope + Context:

Scope & Closures in @YDKJS by @getify…

this by @MozDevNet -…

Understanding Scope and Context in JavaScript by @ryanmmorr…
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R3D001: Statrted @udacity Front End NanoDegree (FEND) yesterday. #100DaysOfCode #GrowWithGoogle #udacity
R3D002: Cruising through HTML and CSS, filling in gaps. #100DaysOfCode #GrowWithGoogle
R3D003: Re-doing Animal Trading Card (HTML/CSS) in @udacity Front End Nanodegree #100DaysofCode #GrowWithGoogle
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