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Go is a programming language that comes with a rich standard library containing many useful packages and modules. In this, I provide an overview of the standard library modules in Go.
#golang #library
1️⃣. fmt - This package provides formatted I/O with functions like Println, Printf, and Scanf.
#golang #println
2️⃣. net - This package provides a set of network-related functions like dialing a network address, establishing a connection, and listening to a network port.
#network #http #port #golang
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Fiiiiiiinaly we have a native solution to catch CLI arguments in @nodejs🔥😱

🧵 /1 Image
There was a long discussion on how many existing npm packages were made to parse CLI args and why the Node.js project hasn't had any native solution yet.

You may have heard of existing packages that are very popular around there to make CLI programs such as commander, yargs and this new function came with interesting ideas.

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Lobster Daily #504 – Daily Recap – 14 August:
2.1. Exploit in the @AcalaNetwork due to an issue in the $iBTC/ $aUSD pool
Link to discussion 👇…
Link to discussion👇…
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10 online tools to make working with the Linux command line faster and more efficient



#linux #bash #cli
There are hundreds of thousands of ready-made #bash command combination examples on Stackoverflow, AskUbuntu, Stackexchange etc. figure out exactly what a particular command combination does in details.


If a command fails to execute, you can use the tool to find out exactly where in the line there is an error.


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When I post a link to a #osint #cli tools, people ask me: "Why bother with the command line when you can do the same thing with online tools?"

№1 reason is the ability to automate the research of a LIST of domains, emails, phone numbers or other objects.

This can be done using the XARGS utility, which is installed by default on Linux/MacOS (and can be installed on Windows).

I will show you how to use it using the BlackBird tool, which searches for profiles in 113 social networks by nickname.…

1. Create file nicknames.txt and put some nicknames in it.

2. Run command:

cat nicknames.txt | xargs -L1 python3 blackbird․py -u

3. Wait for the script to finish and make sure the results folder contains the json files for each nickname.

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If you are interested in developing #osint tools (or #osint in general), I recommend you to subscribe to He is one of the #opensource developers who have made huge contributions to the #osint community.

In this thread🧵 I'll talk about his main projects.
🧵(1/8) Maigret

One of the world's most versatile tools for searching social media accounts by username:

- support more than 2500+ sites;
- profiles pages parsing;
- extraction of personal info.

#osint #socmint

There are also addition features for the Maigret tool:

Maigret Maltego Transformation…

Maigret Telegram Bot……

Instructions for integrating Maigret into third-party tools…
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7 Old Excuses For Not Using #Linux

(and why they are not actual in 2022)

(1/9)🧵🧵🧵 Image
Excuse 1. Hard to install OS

Dozens of different distributions are available as Virtual Machines and you can try them in 5-15 minutes (taking into account the time to download, configure and run).

(and there are also ready-made Live USB images)
(2/9)🧵 Image
Excuse 2. Hard to install Apps

There are now app stores for Linux that allow you to quickly install all the essentials (office applications, messengers etc) just as quickly as you can in the App Store or Google Play.


(3/9) Image
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Tools, extensions, automation methods.


#google #search #osint Image

Going beyond the "filter bubble"!

Set the language, country, device, and location you want to search from in detail.

Google Search thread🧵#1

#seo #geoint Image…

And here is an analogue of the service mentioned above. It has fewer options for settings (for example, you can't select a city), but you can search in @googlemaps, too

Google Search thread🧵#2 Image
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🧵 M E G A T H R E A D

Check out all of my amazing threads that cover various topics like #JavaScript, #React, my favourite podcasts and many more...

👇#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie
Thread #1: This is the place where you can find most of the amazing resources, tutorials, code snippets, tips and tricks about #JavaScript. Happy Coding Days 😎

👇#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #React
Thread #2: This is the place where you can learn most of the thing about #React. Find out some of the best resources, tutorials, code snippets, tips and tricks to enhance your React skills.

👇#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #JavaScript #ReactHooks
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Highlights Day 1 of #SIR20VIR, #Irad Interventional virtual meeting!


⚫️ 1.Scientific Session
a. 🟡 Dialysis Related
b. 🟢 Others
🔴 #PAD-CLI Bootcamp
🔵 Practical Controversies in #PAE

(Long thread, use color code to jump to relevant sections)

🟡 1a Dialysis related

Abstract of the year:

Are PTFE covered stents going to be standard of care to address the venous outflow stenosis in AV fistulae (AVeNEW) and AV grafts (AVeVA)?

Results from Dr Bart Dolmatch

🟡 1a Dialysis related

CONCERTO (COmbiNing Cutting and drug-Eluting balloon for Resistant arteriovenous fistula sTenOsis) Pilot Study showed great promise for use of the combination therapy for AVF

First Author:
Mark Wang, Singapore General Hospital

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So wanted to do a thread on using #bash on the #linux #cli .

Bash often gets ignored in today's cloud centric world but there is a lot of cool stuff you can do just with basic commands, the switches on those commands and piping things together.

To the command line!
So I'm going to start out with some of the more basic commands and some switches that people aren't familiar with and then rapidly get more advanced in both usage and stringing commands together.

Never done this on Twitter before so should be exciting!
Let's start with: ls

# show files in a single column
ls -1

# show files with detail
ls -l

# show files in reverse time order
ls -ltr

# show all hidden files
ls -a

# show files with human readable size and sorted by size
ls -lSh
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(1/18) A Brief History of Coronary Angioplasty and the Roots of the Interventional Cardiology Field -- a #Tweetorial

#Cardiotwitter #FOAMed #ACCFIT #histmed @ACCCardioEd

Courtesy of @PopmaJeffrey & @ACCinTouch
(2/18) Dr. Werner Forssman (🇩🇪) performs 1st human #RHC (1929) by inserting a 65cm urologic catheter into his own antecubital vein and walking up to the X-ray department for imaging. Reportedly, he did this repeatedly! He left urology for primary care & shared @NobelPrize (1956).
(3/18) Dr. Fariñas (🇨🇺) performs aortography via femoral🔪 cut down (1941). Dr. Euler (🇩🇪) performs thoracic angiography by direct aorta puncture via esophagus (1949). Drs. Cournand & Dickinson (🇺🇸) open 1st US #cath lab (1945), publish extensively, and shared @NobelPrize (1956).
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