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I built a GPT-4 'Warren Buffett' financial analyst to 'chat' with and analyze multiple PDF files (~1000 pages) across @elonmusk's Tesla 10-k annual reports (2020-2022)

#gpt4 #openai #investing #stocks #finance
FYI this was powered by @LangChainAI , @pinecone and @OpenAI
Tutorial Youtube Video:

Github repo (please note this the original template used for the demo adapted for this usecase):…

My visual diagram of the pdf chatbot architecture below... Image
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😮 So excited that a major TV production company approached me to help them develop prompts & workflows for story development using #GPT4. 🚀

⏰ For #screenwriters & #filmmakers, this is a wake-up call

💰💻💡 The industry is eager to save money & resources /w AI efficiency + #GPT4 is leading the charge. I expect production processes to be changed within a year.

The infamous #OpenAI study has shown: Creative tasks are the most exposed to AI automation

The consequences of AI are real, and they're coming to town. Now, how can AI improve the creative process? By helping with structural groundwork, for example:…
#AI #storytelling
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How could I have Hacked into any #ChatGPT account, including saved conversations, account status, chat history and more!

A tale of 4 ChatGPT vulnerabilities 👇

We can discuss it now that the #OpenAI team has confirmed it's completely fixed.

Let me explain 🤌:
After OpenAI had fixed a critical vulnerability reported by @naglinagli, a line caught my attention: "..instruct the caching server to not catch the endpoint through a regex (this is the fix @OpenAI chose)"

I knew something was wrong with the fix & decided to give it a look..👇
Having fixed similar issues, I knew this was the wrong fix—so I dug deeper into the Auth API..without success.

I thought the cache deception was fixed. But a bypass attempt that failed on the Auth API worked on another API-giving access to all conversations' titles of a user 😄
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I recently experimented with OpenAI's API using LangChain. The possibilities of what we can achieve with this technology are truly endless! In this thread, I'll share how I used LangChain to build an app that generates responses to questions based on YouTube video content. Image
First, I extracted the transcript from the videos. For longer videos, I split the document with enough overlap(to ensure continuity), sent the smaller parts to the LLM, got the summary for each part, and combined them for the final result. #OpenAI #LangChain #AI #NLP
Next, I used LangChain's map-rerank method to get the final answer. By tuning the prompts, I was able to generate responses limited to the video's context. #AI #NLP #MachineLearning #ChatGPT
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You might know that MSFT has released a 154-page paper ( on #OpenAI #GPT4 , but do you know they also commented out many parts from the original version?

🧵: A thread of hidden information from their latex source code

We inspect their latex source code from arxiv (…) and found a LOT of interesting information commented out from the main paper.

There were rumors that GPT-4 got an internal name DV-3. This is true, and in fact, DV-3 is actually a hidden third author of the paper, removed for unclear affiliation.

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Few words about an interesting project - WorldCoin

1/ Sam Altman, a prominent tech entrepreneur and AI expert, has announced his latest project: a cryptocurrency called Worldcoin.

@sama #Worldcoin #AIexpert
2/ Worldcoin aims to create a global digital currency that is accessible to everyone, regardless of location or financial status.

3/ To achieve this goal, Altman and his team are developing a scanning device called Orb that can scan people's eyeballs and create a unique digital ID for each person.

#Orb #DigitalID #IrisScan
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🚀🧠 Thread: Unlock the Power of GPT & LLMs 🧠🚀

1/ As a huge fan of ChatGPT, I am thrilled to share my insights on how to make the most out of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) and Large Language Models (LLMs) in this THREAD. Get ready for the future of AI! 🔥🌐
2/ First things first, brush up on the basics! GPT and LLMs use @OpenAI’s transformers framework to comprehend & generate human-like text. Want to dive deeper into it? Check out their whitepaper👩‍💻👨‍💻: #MachineLearning #NaturalLanguageProcessing
3/ GPT and LLMs have a wide range of applications! They can be used for:

- Writing content 🖊️
- Generating code 💻
- Conversational AI 🤖
- Language translation 🌍 And so much more! In short, they are shaping the AI world as we know it! ⚡️ #RealWorldApplications
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Podzielę się z wami moim ostatnim #degen play.

⚠️High Risk, High Reward🔥

Najpierw napiszę co mnie do tego skłoniło, a później co stoi za samym projektem. Zamierzam go trzymać ok. 10 dni, a potencjalny zwrot to nawet 3-8x (moją strategię na exit, też znajdziesz poniżej) ⬇️……

Kapitalizację ciężko policzyć, na pewno poniżej 1kk mcap. Zdrowy wolumen

Widzę prawdopodobieństwo, że szykują mocny marketing. Ich token jest w obiegu od lutego, więc świeża sprawa

Przy okazji trend #AI oraz hałas dookoła #openai może sprzyjać marketingowi. Dlaczego?⬇️
A dlatego, że kupują insiderzy, którzy kupowali $BUNAI i $CHRP przed wzrostami.

Następnie, w przypadku $BUNAI można było doświadczyć wzrostów ok. 7x.

Jak to wyglądało z $CHRP? Zobacz niżej⬇️
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1. Microsoft Copilot

GPT4 in powerpoint, excel, word, outlook, teams, more.…
2. Arcade Game

@thegarrettscott made a website that uses GPT-4 to code any arcade game you can think of and let you play it instantly.

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Offering FREE access to #GPT4 and comparing with #GPT3.

Retweet for instant access (follow so I can DM you).

#openai #ai #tech #chatgpt Image
Is water wet?
GPT4 gives a direct answer.

GPT3 responds "As an AI language model..." Image
this is a limited time offer. i may not keep this up forever so take advantage while you can! #ai #gpt4
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The most interesting part of the GPT 4 Technical Report by Open AI not really covered by the media: Section: 2.9 from the paper: "Potential for Risky Emergent Behaviors"

TLDR highlight : GPT model using people on taskrabbit to solve CAPTCHAS for it.


#ai #openai #gpt4
Novel capabilities often emerge in more powerful models.[60, 61] Some that are particularly concerning are the ability to create and act on long-term plans,[62] to accrue power and resources (“powerseeking”),[63] and to exhibit behavior that is increasingly “agentic.”

"To simulate GPT-4 behaving like an agent that can act in the world, ARC combined GPT-4 with a simple read-execute-print loop that allowed the model to execute code, do chain-of-thought reasoning, and delegate to copies of itself. ARC then investigated whether a "
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Here are the highlights from #OpenAI 's 98-page technical report on #gpt4:
First, scaling is still going strong. We haven’t saturated the log-log-linear trend yet. [2/n]
This holds not just for the pretraining objective (next word prediction), but also for various downstream tasks. [3/n]
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I used the new GPT-4 api to 'chat' with a 56-page legal PDF document about the famous supreme court case: Morse v. Frederick

Powered by @LangChainAI and @pinecone

#openai #chatgpt #gpt4 #legal #lawyers #law
Original PDF of legal case:…
Tutorial Youtube Video:

Github repo(code):…

My visual diagram of the pdf chatbot architecture below...
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I Re-created flappy bird with GPT-4! 🤯
Prompt and explanation in the comments🧵

#gpt4 #GPT #AI #openai #GPT_4 #ArtificialIntelligence #gamedev #artificalintelligence
Got it to start with creating a basic game with no assets, then I sourced my own via google and added them to the project. Image
It was very buggy, so I listed the issues and asked it to fix with a re-write: Image
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🚨#gpt4 CZĘŚĆ 2
Dziękuję za zainteresowanie i poniżej kolejne interesujące fakty
- Przełom czy hype?
- Jak działa ?
- Jakie może mieć zastosowania w praktyce?
- W jakich branżach bedzie wykorzystany (medycyna/prawo) ?
- Polski wątek
+ 1 jedna rzecz, którą pominąłem
Jeśli nie czytałaś/nie czytałeś części 1 to tutaj link
1) Na początek: nie ma żadnego oficjalnego potwierdzenia co do parametrów (oprocz tych fake newsowych, które krązą w internecie - za sprawą prostoty przedstawionej tam wizualizacji i wyolbrzymionemu hajpowi na AI) o czym informuję Gary Marcus
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¡OJO! La nueva versión de #ChatGPT, GPT-4, ya está disponible, aunque solo para los programadores y los quieran pagar por ello. #OpenAI asegura que es más potente y humana…
vía @elconfidencial
"Es mucho más creativo que antes, 'alucina' menos, es decir, se inventa menos cosas, y tiene menos sesgos. Ahora puede aprobar varios tipos de exámenes, como los que se realizan en EEUU para entrar a formar parte de una asociación de abogados, un organismo reglado jurídicamente".
"Una de las funciones más impresionantes de GPT-4 es la posibilidad de procesar imágenes e identificar objetos concretos dentro de una foto con muchos elementos visuales. No está disponible para todos los clientes de #ChatGPT, pero lo estará una vez hayan refinado la tecnología".
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@OpenAI demoed GPT4 yesterday,

What it can do is mind-boggling🤯

GPT-4 passes basically every exam.
GPT-4 does drug discovery.
GPT-4 can turn your napkin sketch into a web app.

and much more.

Let's dive in🧵👇

#gpt4 #technology #openai #future
Gone are the days when you had to learn code to create even the basic games. GPT-4 can create games.
Recreate a Snake game that runs in your browser using Chat GPT-4 and @Replit

I can be a coder too now.
GPT-4 can turn your napkin sketch into a web app, instantly. It's scary how easy this was
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🚀Welcome to the new era of AI with GPT-4. Here's the summary with what's new and top examples 🤯 🧵

#gpt4 #openai #lionary #ios
1️⃣ Multimodal: GPT-4 API can accept images as inputs, can analyze captions and the image. Can understand memes and insider jokes. ImageImageImageImage
2️⃣ GPT-4 scores: 90th percentile on BAR exam. And 99th percentile on Biology. 89th on SAT, and 99th oercentile on GRE. Image
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Everything you need to know about GPT-4 🔥

OpenAi just released GPT4 today.

And it’s mind blowing 🤯

Here are the highlights 👇
1/ GPT-4 is multimodal.

This means that it can accept text, audio, images, and videos as inputs and outputs.

Currently, ChatGPT is simply text → text.
2/ It can turn image to code.

You heard me right.

It can convert a drawing into a working website mockup.
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Before every chatGPT based platitude anon account tweets it, here's the GPT 4 generated thread about why GPT 4 is better than GPT 3:

(Copied and pasted with no edits)

🚀Thread: GPT-4: The Next-Level AI Experience🚀
1/🧠GPT-4, the latest iteration of OpenAI's powerful language model, has surpassed its predecessor, GPT-3, in several aspects. This thread will delve into the improvements and innovations that make GPT-4 the groundbreaking AI technology it is today.👇
2/📈Increased Scale: GPT-4 is significantly larger than GPT-3, boasting an impressive number of parameters. This increase in scale has led to a more comprehensive understanding of language and context, resulting in an even more human-like and nuanced performance.🌐
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1/ Wiele źródeł informuje, że w nadchodzącym tygodniu świat pozna nowy model od #OpenAI, czyli GPT-4 🚀 🚀 🚀…
2/ ChatGPT należał do rodziny modeli zbudowanych na bazie GPT-3, który swoją premierę miał w roku 2020. Na jego bazie OpenAI opracowało InstructGPT, który z kolei posłużył do opracowania ChatGPT.…
3/ Wszystkie to modele cechowała jednomodalność, czyli na wejściu konsumowały tekst i na wyjściu dawały nam tekst.

GPT-4 ma być modelem wielomodalnym (ang. multimodal). Wedle pogłosek ma radzić sobie z informacjami wideo i zapewne też foto.
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nodejs api


#ChatGPT #OpenAI #OpenAIChatGPT #wechatbot #Discord #Telegram
只需要npm i -g ichaty 即可安装
chaty login <your-openai-key>
chaty run command
alias cc="chaty run command"
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