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Joseph Cuffari is about to be a household name 🧵 Image
months-long delay by DHS IG will hamper forensic recovery of Secret Service texts which is *the point* of tfg-installed Cuffari

I smell wafting aroma of obstruction coming from the kitchen Image
many of Cuffari's cover-ups are DIRECTLY CONNECTED to tfg's Secret Service bestie Tony Ornato

@carrybeyond @DavidManOnFire @MelissaJPeltier @loonyberg @TeresaCCarter2 @100FrogLegs @BaddCompani @HunterJCullen Image
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"The antidote to tinfoil and media avoidance is right here."

Since all the cool kids are doing it these days, I've established a Substack newsletter devoted to espionage and national security.

Please check it out!…
The flagship product is the weekly Intelligence Summary on Fridays. TSU's first INTSUM is right here, devoted (how not?) to the latest news in the Epstein saga:…
This was the #HINT yesterday; the details are in the TSU INTSUM.

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VPOTUS just made the intelligence public -- hello?

US IC determined that several 9/11 hijackers, in the months before the attack, visited Iran as guests of the IRGC.

I was there, working this issue then. You weren't.

Maybe instead ask why the Bush & Obama administrations didn't tell you this #fact.

I've gone as far as I can within bounds of my secrecy oaths.

I dropped this #HINT years ago:…
More recently I went a bit further.

The rest is on USG to declassify key things about 9/11. Maybe ask Congress to act? Just spitballin' here.…
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2020 weekly close thread for PFAS.

Down 0.17% over the first two trading sessions. 11 up, 9 down, 5 unch...

No movements greater than 5%
Divis #ULS #RECI
Exit: #RRE (too crowded, no edge)
Slice: #AAZ (to 20% weight)

Now 8% cash which I plan to deploy next week

Good w/e all
PFAS down 0.44% weekly (-0.61% YTD). 12 up, 12 down, 2 unch
🐶 #ULS

Divis #GAW #GSK

Have a great w/e folks 🍻🥂⚽️
PFAS up 1.1% weekly (+0.48% YTD). 18 up, 7 down, 2 unch


Sold a slither of #GAW & #SPSY to fund an experimental position in #EMQQ

Have a great w/e folks 🍻🥂⚽️
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Giuliani, Parnas & Rep. Pete Sessions involved in back-channel talks with Maduro—Erik Prince too.

In 2017 DonJr pals Gentry Beach & Wadie Habboush lobbied to lift VZ sanction & “dev biz optys.”

Corey Lewandowski lobbied on behalf of Citgo — the prize.

Wealthy VZ energy executive, Alejandro Betancourt López, hired Giuliani to serve as his lawyer and help argue that he should not be charged in a $1.2 billion money-laundering case in Florida.

López hosted Giuliani in Madrid when he met w/ Yermak, Zelensky’s aide

The Lopez case alleges that top officials of Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, business leaders and bankers conspired to steal money from the company & then launder it through Miami real estate purchases & other investment schemes.

#Hint #TrumpProperties

Get it?
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Why would Trump think this would be treason...?
Trump is still freaking out after learning U.S. Cyber Command developed offensive capabilities to retaliate and deter Russia from attacking our power grid and infrastructure.

He puts his own interests...and Putin's...above our national security interests.
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Judge in Stone’s case was given the full unredacted MR.

Gates "continues to cooperate with the gov’t" #Stone #Craig

The MR could end the Trump presidency w/out impeachment #ShockandAwe

EG:”Last week SDNY filed 50 Sealed vs. Sealed cases.” #1MDB #TrumpFam etc

The Covode report ruined a presidency in 1860, the MR might do the same in 2020 & lead to a Dem victory.

Barr Made $1.73M From AT&T-Time Warner Deal

Dow tanks over 600 pts

The cost of Trump's tariffs has fallen 'entirely' on US biz’ & consumers: $800 per fam.

China is raising tariffs on $60B of US goods starting June 1

The day Trump imposed his 1st tariffs was 1/22/18. The Dow closed at 26,071.22.

Since then the Dow has had a -2.86% return in 16 mos.

Tax cuts & tariffs have cost America billions. GOP says suck it up
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Barr’s Backtrack

📌Barr: MR must be redacted b/c *ongoing cases* referred by Mueller elsewhere won’t be affected.

📌Don Jr, Ivanka, Eric & Kush ...tick tock!

📌Jeff Bezos’ Investigator Finds the Saudis Obtained Bezos’ Private Data
#Pegasus #SaudisAttackUScitizen

“Looks like a formal criminal probe into the economic ties, interests & conflict of interests between PM Netanyahu &his cousin Nathan Milikowsky is inevitable.”

“... a complex & troubling picture emerges that requires thorough examination.”

📌In a destructive decade, why has no one tried to rein in Netanyahu?

📌As Bibi marks 10 years in power in Israel, life for the Palestinians looks bleaker than ever

📌Psycho Alex Jones offers to execute ‘scum’ Rachel Maddow for treason over Mueller reporting😱
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THREAD: Important to note what is NOT in Bill Barr’s summary of the #MuellerReport, along with what is in it.

Barr says that Mueller uncovered 2 ways #Russia🇷🇺influenced the election:

☝🏼IRA’s disinformation/social media op
✌🏼GRU’s hacking/dissemination of Democratic emails
No surprise, Barr claims that Mueller says that Team🇷🇺Trump didn’t conspire DIRECTLY with IRA or GRU. But *no one* even alleged that they did.🙄


Note: Barr does NOT mention WikiLeaks/Assange (and why Roger Stone’s #indictment cross-references the GRU’s), Don Jr gleefully accepting campaign help from the #Russian🇷🇺government, @GOP platform change on #Ukraine, quid pro quo #sanctions-for-help deal.🤨
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@JebBush’s Super PAC (Right to Rise USA) that spent >$100 million for Jeb was hit with a massive $390,000 fine by the FEC for soliciting >$1 million in ILLEGAL contributions from #Chinese🇨🇳nationals via Jeb’s brother, Neil Bush.

This bust of Jeb’s Super PAC is just then beginning of exposing the MASSIVE amount of ILLEGAL foreign money that flowed into @GOP coffers and dark-money groups, allegedly including the #NRA.🤬

Justice is coming, my patriotic friends.😎
This #bust is a BIG deal. These cases are RARELY pursued. Taking foreign money is clearly illegal (FELONY for >$25,000), and they got off with mere FINES. 🙄

#NRA allegedly took in MILLIONS in foreign cash to support @realDonaldTrump and @GOP’ers.


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1- #Hindistan'ın temel hatası, son tırmanmayı 70'lerdeki ve 90'lardaki çatışmaları yönetir gibi yönetmeye kalkmasıdır, sonuçta da iç kamuoyuna propoganda ile sınırlı kaldı ve enformasyon harbi alanında başarısızlığa uğradı.
2- Zira, #Hint siyasi-askeri karar vericileri, görünem o ki, 21. Yüzyıldaki iletişim kanallarını ve dünyanın bilgi alma biçiminin etkinliğini anlayamadılar.Bunun temelinde de, dijital teknolojiler ve açık kaynaklı istihbarat imkanlarındaki artış bulunmakta.
3- #Hindistan, örneğin, #F16 düşürdükleri iddiasıyla ilgili hiçbir kanıt gösteremedi. #Pakistan kontrolündeki alanda icra ettiği hava taarruzunun sonuçlarını yine uydu görüntüleri ve da #İHA görüntüleri aracılığıyla uluslararası kamuoyuna anında duyuramadı.
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#PriceActionQuiz: Fill up the blank

During the mark down phase, bears will continue to sell on every rise & bulls dont come back to support until ____________________________________

Good to see lot of answers but its not what I am looking for. You are close but not accurate. The answer is in the chapter itself. Anyone who really studied it well? 🤔🤔
Keep answering guys. So far only 3 people could answer it right. Many people have gone to technical structure of HH, HL, hammer etc. but these are after effects once bulls take a decision to show interest in that stock. I am asking when will they show interest to enter a stock?
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So we have to study Tailgunner Joe, says POTUS.

You got any pointers for us, Donnie?

Don't be shy, @realDonaldTrump -- we know you do.
@realDonaldTrump BONUS #HINT:

"By carelessly accusing innocent Americans of betrayal, the notorious Tailgunner Joe did Moscow a great service … More than a few U.S. counterspies have wondered what the boozy senator’s real motivations were."…
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THREAD: Michael Cohen says @realDonaldTrump *knew in advance* of the #Russian🇷🇺lawyer meeting & the offer of Clinton dirt.

Cohen was present when Trump was informed of the Russians' offer by Don Jr & approved of the meeting‼️1/

Cohen did NOT tape the meeting, but “has expressed hope that this claim about the Trump Tower meeting will help him reach out to Mueller and possibly lessen his legal troubles.”

As I’ve said for a LONG time👉🏼Cohen is dealing!😎 2/

Even Steven Bannon called the #RussianLawyer🇷🇺meeting “treasonous.”😳

And #SHOCKER, as we’ve known all along, there was NO WAY that Don Jr handled this meeting without Daddy Trump knowing EVERY detail.🙄 3/

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