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Our next #IsolationInsight event on 'The Future of the EU' is about to start


Loukas Tsoukalis
@anandMenon1 (chair)

Watch LIVE here:

We'll be live-tweeting from this thread...
.@simonjhix: "In the medium term, Brexit is a challenge to the EU. There will be a UK model of exit."

"At some point, the UK model will seem quite attractive, which could be politically very difficult for the EU."
.@HelenHet20: "The EU's reaction to #Brexit was primarily defensive, but there was an opportunity to face the euro-ins and euro-outs question head on."

"Instead, it was seen as a potential long-term threat to the EU's credibility."
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Watch this stellar Brexit line-up live here on YouTube now!

Or follow the thread below
First, @BBCkatyaadler says the general consensus is that if a solution on state aid can be found - a big if - then everything else would be likely to click into place in trade negotiations. #isolationinsight
.@D0Sullivan 'Accusations of bad faith are the last refuge in trade negotiations. The EU view is that a deal is still possible ... but something broke last week that will not readily be fixed'. #isolationinsight
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Our first #IsolationInsight event has just started. Join us here 🔻🔻🔻

There is a big divide between traditional Tories and this new intake of Tory MPs says @katyballs. However, Brexit is where there is most agreement in the Tory party.
The big test for Labour will ultimately be what are the policies going to be. Where does Labour stand on the economy? Keir Starmer will need to say more about where Labour sits says @katyballs.…

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Our rebrand provides the perfect opportunity to re-introduce who we are here at @UKandEU.

Spend your Friday lunch exploring some of our recent work...…

First, we have our director 'rockstar professor' @anandMenon1, Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs, @KingsCollegeLon. 🎸

From Tik-Tok to Question Time, Anand recounts how he's shared social science research with a range of audiences.🔻… Image
Next up is deputy director @ProfTimBale, Professor of Politics at @QMPoliticsIR, @QMUL.

Tim recently co-authored a report 'Where next for the Lib Dems?' with @DrAlanWager and @Aron_Cheung.

You can read it here 🔻… Image
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The UK Govt is publishing a white paper today on the UK #InternalMarket

Press release 👇talks about powers going back to the #devolveds & jobs being protected

This isn't quite how the devolved govts see it 🧐

Here's a quick overview of the challenge:
The European single market enabled frictionless trade within the UK even as devolved pwrs grew

#Brexit opens the possibility for growing divergence & internal barriers to trade.

It's a knotty challenge to meet, given serious economic, policy & political differences.

How can the #UKIM challenge be met?

@UKandEU @McEwen_Nicola
@DanielWinc & I outline 4 poss. approaches (& strengths, weaknesses, likelihood)

UKG White paper is option 1, but with elements of 2 & 3 included.

It's ambitious.
& bound to be contentious.

Here are the 4 options:
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EU membership provided scaffolding for the #UK domestic #union as #devolved powers grew.

#Brexit means UK is out of #EU single market, exposing fragilities in UK market regulation

What, if anything, might fix them?

@McEwen_Nicola @hayward_katy @DanielWinc outline 4 options: Image
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"How can relations between the UK's governments be made more effective?"

Blog from @ja_sheldon @McEwen_Nicola @michaelkenny_ @Coree_Brown for @UKandEU discussing how intergovernmental relations can be more effective after #Brexit and #COVID19…
Read more 📚: the full article "Intergovernmental Relations in the UK: Time for a Radical Overharul?" @po_qu available here 👇…
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.@pmdfoster: The operationalisation of the Protocol is going to cut into, and raise up, issues of devolution.

.@pmdfoster: The biggest fear I have is that the govt seemed locked on confrontation. It's doing things which are politically delicate at great speed and haste.

.@pmdfoster: The danger is the govt will end up repenting for not taking a more consensual approach.

This stuff would be tough at the best of times, but when you have the SNP and the Tories in diametrically opposing camps, it's clearly going to be very difficult.
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.@hayward_katy: On the positive side, the Northern Ireland Executive has managed the #Covid19 crisis relatively well.

It's pointed to a reliance on funding from the UK govt, which is important in getting through the worst of the crisis so far.

Northern Ireland will be on the frontline of the UK-EU relationship. If we have a no-deal, it increases the likelihood of checks and controls, says @hayward_katy.

.@hayward_katy: We have some public confusion still on the protocol.
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.@McEwen_Nicola: All of these debates on Brexit and Covid are taking place against the rising support for independence in Scotland.

.@McEwen_Nicola: We know that the increases in support for independence were coming from Remainers. Over the last few months, those supporting Leave were also supporting independence in growing numbers.

.@McEwen_Nicola: Relationships will have to be maintained anyway whatever constitutional arrangements there are in Scotland in the long-term.

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🔥🔥🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🥊 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 NEW: Edinburgh/SNP says it will fight London/Tories is they legislate to force Scotland to accept whatever food standards emerge from post #brexit trade deals. This is only start of how Brexit threatens to break Union. Stay with me 1/thread
As @Feorlean Mike Russell, Scottish constitutional secretary tells @MureDickie the UK govt plans to enforce the new 'internal market' after Brexit risks provoking the biggest constitutional crisis since #Brexit vote in 2016...but why? /2 Image
@Feorlean @MureDickie Because in order for UK trade negotiators to negotiate for "all UK" they basically need to be able create a "level playing field" across the Union so that whatever they negotiate applies to all - hence plans for a UK Internal Market Bill in the Autumn /3
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Well, it's #Thursdaythread time. 🧵

Yesterday we held the third of our #IsolationInsight webinars. @BBCkatyaadler @iainmartin1 @anandMenon1 and @CSBarnard24 spoke to @jillongovt about the state of the Brexit negotiations.

We've treated you to some highlights below. 🔻
.@BBCkatyaadler reflected on how the negotiations have been impacted by #Covid19 and what problems virtual negotiations can can't untangle the threads so easily (see what we did there).🧵
.@iainmartin1 spoke about why he thinks the EU and UK will reach some kind of agreement on financial services. 🏦
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