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The @Europarl_EN Committee that investigated the use of #Pegasus & equivalent surveillance #spyware released its report.
Extracting key paragraphs [relevant to Palestine] in this 🧵
👉Bottomline: Absence of regulations&secrecy fuel repression in the name of "national security"
"The findings of the PEGA inquiry are shocking and they should alarm every European citizen. It is evident that the trade in, and use of spyware should be strictly regulated. The PEGA committee will make a series of recommendations to that effect."…
"PEGA has received minimal or no answers from national authorities about the acquisition and use of spyware in their Member States... Vendors and countries issuing export licenses (mostly Israel) share no information about their customers."
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#NSO Group went into a tailspin after earning the ire of the 🇺🇸US Government.

Some mercenary #spyware newcomers like #Paragon started spending big & strategizing to try & stay on America's good side.

However... 1/

By @MehulAtLarge…  	Please use the sharing to...
2/ Countries with sordid histories of mercenary #spyware abuse... tend to re-abuse whatever new hacking toy they get.

Which #Mexico has been doing for the better part of a decade with #Pegasus etc.

#Paragon is playing with fire.  	Please use the sharing to...
3/ TLDR: #Meico's spyware scandals:

Things started heating up in 2016 when we first found #Pegasus targeting a journalist.

It exploded from there. And accelerated with #Pegasusproject.

In 2018, new president claimed things had changed, but fresh abuses tell a different story. ImageImage
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Dissidents must continue to live in fear of #Pegasus #spyware thanks to @CreditSuisse.

Which helped them survive US Government blacklisting.

@ajsaeedy @dnvolz… The lenders have been worki...
2/ And don't forget, Happy Gilmore's producer actually co-controls #NSO Group's shell company.

3/ Fraudsters, people doing #HumanTrafficking, torturers, drug traffickers, fraudsters & more.

Add #spyware companies to the list.

If you aren't up to speed on @CreditSuisse doing bad people's banking, start here.… ImageImageImage
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What in the Half Baked is going on?

A Low-budget Hollywood producer w/ties to #China is now co-director of the entity that holds #NSO Group.

Robert Simonds has no history with #spyware, but a bunch of Adam Sandler producer credits. 1/

By @omerka… ImageImageImageImage
2/ Here's Robert Simonds on why🇨🇳#China's @TencentGlobal is a great owner of his @STXfilms.

Why is a Hollywood producer w/a history of biz messes & a #MeToo scandal mixed up with the 🇺🇸US sanctioned notorious #Pegasus spyware maker?

3/ Robert Simonds' sudden involvement with an entity identified by the US Government as posing a counterintelligence & national security threat... screams for federal & congressional scrutiny.

Also, where did the funds come from for his #Pegsus / #NSO Group deal? ImageImage
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Good to see some movement from Germany.

However, the @bka doing business with #NSO Group is embarrassing.

German inertia is an avoidable lead weight on European regulatory efforts & ability to lead on the spyware crisis.

cc @GermanyDiplo & #BKA Präsident Holger Münch
Europe has a mercenary spyware crisis.

And #Germany @GermanyDiplohas has the opportunity to lead & participate in multilateral efforts.

Choosing instead to help keep notorious #spyware companies afloat is... puzzling.

#Überwachungssoftware. .… Image
Policymaking around commercial #spyware tends to be captured by security establishments.


Yet many countries have grown to recognize the harms to other sectors... and their governments' own security.

Something of which #Germany & @Bundeskanzler is acutely aware.
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NEW: notorious spyware firm #NSO Group, maker of #Pegasus has spent millions on foreign agents & lobbying operations in the US.

Their most recent target? The American Bar Association @ABAesq.

By @incisayki @OpenSecretsDC… Since 2020, NSO Group has p...
2/ NSO's Russia & China claims didn't sway the Biden Admin / NSC.

Because they are silly.

Countries that don't buy Chinese fighters won't suddenly buy their secret spy tech. For the same obvious reasons.

Still, NSO apparently warmed these canards up & served them to @ABAesq. The American Bar Associatio...
3/ As the fox, NSO says they are uniquely positioned to get all the hens together to craft regulation.

In case @ABAesq folks are wondering, these stakeholders:

- won't take NSO's meetings (most of congress)
- have sanctioned them (USG)
- have sued them (Industry, civil society) Image
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🇫🇷 "L’ingérence est une politique d’influence masquée."

Retour sur l'audition à huis clos du directeur de la #DGSI Nicolas Lerner devant la commission d’enquête parlementaire relative aux ingérences politiques, économiques et financières de puissances étrangères.

THREAD ⬇️ Image
🇫🇷 "Nous sommes passés d’un monde où les États se livraient à une compétition à un monde dans lequel ils assument des confrontations bien plus directes." #DGSI
🇫🇷 "Les États qui nourrissent des ambitions sur la scène mondiale espionnent donc les positions françaises et leur évolution.

On entend par espionner le fait d’accéder de façon illégale à des informations confidentielles." #DGSI #espionnage
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NEW INVESTIGATION: recent Mexican #Pegasus spyware abuses led us to evidence of a trio of zero-click exploits used by #NSO.

Targets? HomeKit & FindMy.

Remarkably, #Apple's #iOS #LockdownMode blocked one of them.

Quick THREAD 1/… Image
2/ First, the new victims: Mexican lawyers representing families of victims of Military abuses

The timing of the targeting matches key developments in efforts to hold #Mexico's army responsible.

It's really bad.

We @citizenlab forensically confirmed the spyware infections. One infected device belongs...ImageImage
3/ We found evidence of 3 #zeroclick #0day chains used by NSO's #Pegasus #spyware in 2022.

First: #PWNYOURHOME: worked against #homekit even if you didn't set up a home.

Apple's changes in iOS 16.3.1 that address.

#LockdownMode also kneecaps it. ImageImageImageImage
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BREAKING: Supreme Court *denies* #NSO Group's cert petition.

Massive blow to the notorious spyware company.

@WhatsApp's lawsuit against them in Federal court is now clear to go ahead & move towards discovery.

2/ Background: #NSO Group was sued by @WhatsApp for the 2019 hacking of 1.4k WA with NSO's notorious spyware.

NSO tried *every delay tactic* to stop the lawsuit.

Their last hope? Petitioning the Supreme Court to hear their case & give them immunity.…
3/ NSO Group didn't just petition the Supreme Court.

They asked the Court to ask the Solicitor General to weigh in.

As a strategy, this turned out to be a misjudgment.👇
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BREAKING: A major lawsuit against spyware firm #NSO Group has been filed in the U.S.

A U.S. citizen is one of 15 journalists based in #ElSalvador who are victims of #Pegasus.

Via @RonanFarrow:… #PegasusProject
"Normally, people get hacked once or twice or three times in rare situations. But, in this case, we saw a really intensive use," says Access Now's @pnigroh.
In the past few years, NSO has been added to the U.S. Entity List (a form of sanctioning) and has faced major lawsuits by Apple and Meta (WhatsApp).

Most recently this month, @TheJusticeDept ruled that NSO is also not entitled to immunity.…
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Now starting @juanandres_gs at @ekoparty on cyber espionage in #latam. Studying espionage is very interesting: involves knowing the context, the culture, the economic factors. But, how much there really is? #ekoparty
We know hundreds of groups. Not all state-sponsored. The reality is that is not much on how much we know, but how much are we actually looking for. In Latin America we are not looking hard enough. We cannot longer say nothing is happening in #latam. #ekoparty
We are no looking hard enough in many regions. And there’s activity originating in some regions that are being ignored.
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On September 14, the European Parliament’s inquiry committee to investigate the use of #NSO’s Pegasus and other spyware organized a hearing on the use of spyware in Poland. You can watch the recording here.…
The inquiry committee traveled to Tel Aviv in July to meet with various people, including #NSO's co-founder and then-CEO @Shalevhulio. He argued that NSO is a company that at least tries to work on regulation, while competing with many others who are not.
The inquiry committee was informed that #NSO's Pegasus had been purchased by 14 member states in total, and that the licenses of 2 EU member states were terminated because of non-compliance with the user agreement.
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☕️ Good morning on this the 210th day of 2022 and the 29th of July


For reading what I write, without readership those who commission things written won't be asking me to do the writing, so I am deeply appreciative of your reading the words I string together.❣️🙏
July was a 1/2 vacation and 1/2 work month with 8 articles published for @ClearanceJobs @CSOonline and @securityblvd

They follow ⤵️
U.S. and UK warn local governments, businesses of China’s influence operations – Security Boulevard – 07 July 2022…
#china #US #UK #influenceops #natsec
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US @HouseIntel public hearing on Spyware is happening NOW!

@RepAdamSchiff is delivering a strong opening - commercial spyware like Pegasus is a threat to US National Security.


Watch here:
2/ @jsrailton from @citizenlab is giving his testimony before the @HouseIntel.

Talks about the history of #NSO Pegasus deployment against US citizens and allies like the UK.

Spyware like #Pegasus & #Predator are threats to democracy and national security.
3/ @ShaneHuntley from @Google is speaking about how his company has been tracking #NSO #Pegasus spyware since 2017.

They now know of at least 30+ spyware vendors like NSO.

Such bad actors are making internet less safe for everyone.
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BREAKING: Palestinian human rights defender Salah Hammouri, together with @FIDH and @LDH_Fr, are suing NSO Group in France today for his unlawful surveillance using #Pegasus spyware.

Salah is a French-Palestinian human rights defender, lawyer, and former political prisoner. 1/
Salah's device was hacked in April 2021. In October 2021, @FrontLineHRD uncovered his hacking and other 5 Palestinian activists using #Pegasus, confirmed by @citizenlab and @AmnestyTech. 2/…
3 of the 6 hacked activists work at the Palestinian human rights groups that the Israeli government designated on October 19, 2021 as “terrorist organizations”, including @Addameer where Salah works.

The targeting occured before Israel’s designation. 3/…
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NEW joint investigation by @FrontLineHRD and @citizenlab reveals the hacking of four Jordanians using NSO Group’s #Pegasus spyware.
@FrontLineHRD @citizenlab This is the second report confirming the use of #Pegasus in Jordan to target human rights defenders and journalists.

Last year, @axios reported that NSO Group was negotiating a deal with the Jordanian government in to sell them new spying technology.…
Earlier this year, @accessnow and @FrontLineHRD revealed the hacking of Jordanian human rights lawyer @Hala_Deeb whose device had been infected with #Pegasus spyware since March 2021.

Read our joint report here:…
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Durch den #NSU20-Prozess wird klar: Es wurde nicht ausreichend gegen mglw. beteiligte Polizist*innen ermittelt, ein Netzwerk wurde nicht in Betracht gezogen, die Betroffenen weder informiert noch ernst genommen. Wir haben die Erkenntnisse der letzten Wochen zusammengestellt.🧵
Im Prozess gegen Alexander M. in Frankfurt werden die Zusammenhänge und das Ausmaß der Drohmailserien erst durch die Aussagen der Betroffenen und die Aufklärungsbemühungen der Nebenklage klar. #NSU20
Nebenklägerin Martina Renner hat den Eindruck, als hätten sich verschiedene Drohserien einen „Staffelstab“ übergeben. So habe sie zunächst Mails von der „Nationalsozialistischen Offensive“ („#NSO“) bekommen, dann vom „Staatsstreichorchester“ und anschließend vom „#NSU 2.0″.
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Complete agree. This won’t be over when there’s a cease-fire in Ukraine. World has changed profoundly in the 2 yr-Covid pandemic, the Trump era & perhaps to a greater extent geopolitically even in just this last week. WE NOW ALL FULLY RE-APPRECIATE WHAT WE COULD SO EASILY LOOSE.
This re-appreciation means NONE OF US will be able to torelate thought of a Bond- movie-level-vilain-turned-basket-case, after a deranged aggression against Ukraine, could remain in any position of power & especially nuclear power. This won’t now be over until #Putin is gone.
You & @HillaryClinton are rightly hoping his so badly mistreated people or his own junta, respectively, will bring him down. I think History has shown how profound Russian social inertia really is (they’ve put up with Stalin and Putin for literally decades!).
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In late November, after receiving an iMessage alert from Apple, I learned that #NSO’s #Pegasus spyware was used to infect my phone 5 times between April and August 2021.
#NSO says it only sells #Pegasus to governments to stop criminals and terrorists, but the attacks against me and countless other activists and journalists are proof that that isn’t true.…
The attacks were so-called #ZeroClick attacks, which meant I didn’t do anything—like click on a link—for the attack to start. There is no way to prevent this type of attack.
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#WatchtheState: Our weekly update on patterns of state violence in #India.

Here's a quick review of reported instances of #stateviolence. @project_polis

Follow the thread for more: 👇
Human rights activist Khurram Parvez sent to 3-week judicial custody, shifted to Tihar jail. #Kashmir…
"In #Kashmir, the draconian #UAPA terror law has become a lethal weapon to silence and intimidate: anyone can be arrested and disappeared indefinitely without any formal records." @suchitrav & @kiccovich:… via @project_polis
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Extracting false confessions on non-existent crimes by torturing Palestinians, including kids has always been the zionist occupation standard.
You can watch a decent documentary on the subject in the link below.…
Deranged, yet unsurprising.
The problem has NEVER been the government, which zios especially liberal ones claim.
It is in fact the people themselves.
As the "israeli" president admitted
“It is time to honestly admit that Israeli society is sick”

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How to check iOS devices for signs of CVE-2021-30860 / FORCEDENTRY exploitation (for context, see @citizenlab's 13.09.2021 blog). #nso #pegasus #malware #ios
Make an unencrypted iTunes backup, or use MVT (…) to decrypt an encrypted one. You can also check older backups, if you have them. (it's a good idea to make regular iTunes backups for all your devices, precisely for this reason)
Use DB Browser for SQLite (see to open Manifest.db, in the root folder of the iTunes backup. Make sure you open it read-only - "File -> Open Database Read Only".
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