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Would you like a quick review of the Super Bowl halftime show? Family friendly right? 😳🤨 A little BDSM, bondage, strippers, orgies, plenty of crotch grabbing, & kids in cages. #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall Can’t miss their Lord of Chaos. Aka orb.
2. I want to draw your attention to design. If much of the show was decidedly about Latina power w/ JLo & Shakira, why would there be GREEK #symbology in the outfits. Note the young girl in the cage (👀🤦🏻‍♀️) & the dancers. That is a Greek KEY pattern. What is going on here?
3. This is what I see. Dante’s inferno. 9 concentric circles of Hell. This is their god. This is their earthly motivation.
Whether it’s intentional or not 🤷🏻‍♀️, 1 can still be used by the unseen power of influence, if not living in light & truth. #EpsteinTemple
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1/ Why is there no answer in a simple and direct as to whether any central government agency used Pegasus ?

2/ Why has the government till date not written to the NSO and the Goverment of Israel given it has accepted that the Pegasus hack is a violation of privacy of Indians?
3/ Why is the government persisting with traceability given it increases privacy risks and breaks encryption for individual users?

4/ Why has the government not made the draft of the Data Protection Bill that it intends to introduce public?
5/ Why has the government not taken any survelliance reform efforts given the Justice Srikrishna Committee report itself calls the existing system, “potentially unconstitutional”?

6/ Why has the government denied RTIs asking for the aggregate numbers of survelliance orders?
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Tomorrow, #RajyaSabha is scheduled to have a discussion on reported use of spyware #Pegasus to
compromise phone data of some persons through WhatsApp
Calling attention initiated by Digvijay Singh, INC
We will bring live updates
Stay Tuned!
#RajyaSabha starts discussion on #NSO #Pegasus spyware attack

Ravi Shankar Prasad, IT MINISTER makes his statement-
Ministry took cognizance of the vulnerability
#NSO #Pegasus exploited vulnerability by not just reading messages but sending malwares with phishing

Prasad continues:

On may 2019, #Whatsapp sent out notification informing that there was breach, taken care of.
Whastapp believed that software may have breached 121 users in India
Further clarifications have been sought from whatsapp in Nov 2019 with impact on Indian users
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Remember QDrop #196 & 197 on 11/22/2017 “Gold”.
If not, it’s below.
I happened upon a desc. for my #Pegasus Thread of Greek myth “Danae”. She was not 1 I was familiar w/ until I realized Zeus came to her in the form of Golden Rain & down in2 her womb to impregnate her w/ Perseus.
2. Their gold body paint now makes more sense from this Greek story of Danae being rained down on by Zeus & impregnating her. Is this also an impregnating ritual they engage in? Their son Perseus is half god, half man & a hero to them beheading Medusa.
3. Remember this gold disgusting hanging body in P0desta’s home. Modeled after the cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims pose.
A compilation of celebrities painted in Gold & the James Bond: Goldfinger.
(Short thread for now; just pointing out the “Danae” Greek Reference) #symbolism
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1. My #Pegasus Thread🧵
In this thread we will look up at the heavenly macrocosm to explore if it’s possible to understand signs that our Father provided to speak to us. We will also look at the motivation for hiding this from us: in plain site. “Truth is stranger than fiction.”
2. For me to present this info to you I feel it necessary for you to know 1st, I’ve been born-again in Christ my whole life, focused on living a life centered in Christ. I was taught to admire & love God‘s handiwork but not to study it, as that would be a sort-of fortune-telling
3. I understand why this is taught, as it’s been taught for thousands of years by “Christian” religions, but I now believe it to not be living in total truth. #DarkToLight For me this doesn’t invalidate the Bible it makes it stronger☝🏻🙏🏻👊🏻, uncovering hidden meanings.
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This is all a BIG DISTRACTION, On many levels. I know it is! From what? LOOK UP! Who’s looking UP?👆🏻
Gen 1:14 “let there be lights in the firmaments of the heavens to divide the day from night & let them be for signs.”
Isaiah 7:14 therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign.
ThanQ @ragstorm! “Mysterious comet predicted to trigger outburst of meteors tonight!” Rare Unicorn 🦄 Meteor Shower, aka constellation #Monocerotids. “Could be Extraordinary!” 😉
Portals open? Revelation 👉🏻19👈🏻
(Watch for my #Pegasus thread tonight😏)
Are you ready? 🙏🏻 Live in light ✨ pray ✨ meme. Truth is coming. Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.
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After #Facebook and #WhatsApp now Twitter Spying Scandal

Two former #Twitter employees have been caught #spying for #SaudiArabia, obtained personal account information of critics of the government in the Kingdom.…
Did you know a Secret Facebook Unit created India’s #TrollArmies for digital propaganda #fakenews as well as conducted massive secret emotional & psychological manipulation experiments on voters to influence Indian elections?…
Trump personally paid the CEO of #Google Sundar Pichai a visit to get an assurance from him that “he is totally committed to the U.S. Military”.…
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Heres Aharon Almog-Assoulin, a retired Israeli security official who until recently served on the town council in a suburb of #TelAviv. He was one of the undercover agents used by #BlackCube hired by #NSOGroup to #spy on #CitizenLab journalists exposing #Pegasus among other jobs.
Heres a partial list of #cybersecurity firms linked directly to #cyber weapons dealer #NSOGroup that targeted Indian journalists and activists using #Pegasus. Almost all of them spawned out of Israeli intelligence #Unit8200. #WhatsApp #WhatsAppSpywareRow
Acc to 2016 price list, #NSOGroup charges customers $650,000 to hack 10 devices on top of $500,000 installation fee. If 41 Indians were targeted it will be 4 times the fee + installation. That comes to a whopping 31,00,000 USD equals 21,96,80,725.00 INR. Thanks to @Kodungolan737
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#Pegasus was created by Israeli #cyber weapons dealer #NSOGroup whose parent company Francisco Partners also owns #CrossMatch contracted by #UIDAI for #Aadhaar. This was revealed by us already in 2017. Took almost 2 years for Indian media to catchup. #RIP…
Hopefully @Swamy39 alerted the PMO as promised regarding this threat from Israeli #cyber weapons firm #NSOGroup that created spying tool #Pegasus and whose sister concern with links to #CIA was awarded #Aadhaar contract.
Above article was written in 2017. Blackstone made a deal to buy NSO Group but was dropped after heavy protests. So backed by Novalpina Capital stakes were bought back by NSO Group in Feb 2019. The #Aadhaar contract and the spying happened when Francisco Partners owned NSO Group.
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Human rights lawyer Nihalsing Rathod confirms to @scroll_in that WhatsApp officially informed him that he was a target of surveillance.

He suspects the Bhima Koregaon accused were targetted too, and evidence was planted against them.
@scroll_in #BREAKING

First account by an Indian target of WhatsApp spyware.

A lawyer working with the Bhima Koregaon accused.…
@scroll_in #BREAKING

Bela Bhatia confirms to @scroll_in that WhatsApp informed her she was a target of spyware.

When Citizen Lab first called her in late September, she was told:

“It is your own government which is doing this.”
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¿Por qué la revelación de que #Pegasus se ha seguido usando en México en 2019 nos debe preocupar?

A diferencia de los casos de #GobiernoEspía en los que la víctima tuvo que darle click a un mensaje SMS para ser infectado, ahora puedes ser infectado con #Pegasus sin necesidad de dar click a nada.

Recibes una llamada perdida rápida de Whatsapp en medio de la noche y listo.
Una vez infectado con #Pegasus, el atacante toma control del teléfono y puede borrar la evidencia de la llamada.

Además, Pegasus es prácticamente indetectable, incluso haciendo análisis forense.
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Did someone say
Erik Prince again?

Facefuqqed sues Israeli co,
NSO Group
over hacking of


Wonder where Marge?

It is all qoming 2gether
Watch out QaSandy!


These 9/11 terrorists again.

▪️Saudi Arabia

Wonder if they helped
Blob in '16?

'16 Election
manipulation by
should also b scrutinized

Israeli + RU Jewish-owned
hi-tech firms


'Lawful intercept'
spyware found deployed in 45 countries

At least 10 operators of
Pegasus spyware
have deployed the malware
outside their country's border.


@bernstein1985 @MingGao26 @wokyleeks @DemopJ @ThomasS4217 👁️^👁️…
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(7/21/15): "After 2016 presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham, (R-S.C.), said fellow GOP candidate Donald Trump should "stop being a jackass," Trump hit back. During a campaign rally in South Carolina, Trump responded by reading Graham's phone number out loud."

10/9/17: Lindsey Graham plays golf with Trump:

"How bad did he beat me? I did better in the presidential race than today on the golf course!"

Kinda interesting thing to say.
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Barr Assigns U.S. Attorney in CN to Review Origins of Russia Inquiry

Ukraine Prosecutor Made Up Biden Claim, in an alleged
bid to curry favor with Trump.

Giuliani deservedly draws ire.

WhatsApp voice calls used to inject Israeli spyware on phones #Pegasus 👇🏼

Before Trump’s purge at DHS, top officials challenged plan for mass family arrests

TB:”Kushner went to a *pro-RU think tank w/ KREMLIN connex for advice on setting up Trump's FOREIGN POLICY team.

One week later Carter Page was named as a foreign policy aide.”

Dem House freshmen banding together to help each other raise money to keep their seats in 2020

Warren: "Betsy DeVos is the worst secretary of education we’ve seen"

A look between the lines suggests Rosenstein isn’t overly confident about his own conduct.
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Barr’s Backtrack

📌Barr: MR must be redacted b/c *ongoing cases* referred by Mueller elsewhere won’t be affected.

📌Don Jr, Ivanka, Eric & Kush ...tick tock!

📌Jeff Bezos’ Investigator Finds the Saudis Obtained Bezos’ Private Data
#Pegasus #SaudisAttackUScitizen

“Looks like a formal criminal probe into the economic ties, interests & conflict of interests between PM Netanyahu &his cousin Nathan Milikowsky is inevitable.”

“... a complex & troubling picture emerges that requires thorough examination.”

📌In a destructive decade, why has no one tried to rein in Netanyahu?

📌As Bibi marks 10 years in power in Israel, life for the Palestinians looks bleaker than ever

📌Psycho Alex Jones offers to execute ‘scum’ Rachel Maddow for treason over Mueller reporting😱
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A New Age of Warfare: How Internet Mercenaries Do Battle for Authoritarian Governments…
NSO Group, Mr. al-Qahtani spoke of grand plans to use its surveillance tools throughout the Middle East and Europe, like Turkey and Qatar or France and Britain.…
Today even the smallest countries can buy digital espionage services, enabling them to conduct sophisticated operations like electronic eavesdropping or influence campaigns that were once the preserve of major powers like the United States and Russia.…
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2016: Andrés Sepúlveda rigged elections throughout L Am for almost a decade.

His boss: Juan José Rendón, a Miami-based pol consult’t aka the Karl Rove of Latin Am.

2015: Colombian media reported that Rendón worked for Trump’s prez campaign—both denied.🤔…
Sepúlveda wrote a software program, called Social Media Predator, to manage & direct a virtual army of fake Twitter accts.

The software let him quickly change names, profile pictures, & bios to fit any need.…
📌Sepúlveda found he could manipulate the public debate as easily as moving pieces on a chessboard.

cc @WizardEightThem interesting 2016 article.…
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1) 04/29/17 🇲🇽In Mexico, ‘It’s Easy to Kill a Journalist’ @almostjingo @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport @wynterklaus…
2) 09/18/18 🇲🇽HIDE AND SEEK Tracking NSO Group’s Pegasus Spyware to Operations in 45 Countries @almostjingo @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1
@MadAddictSport @wynterklaus…
3) Mexico purchased this software and is directly linked to disappearances and targeted journalists. I am certain other countries have done the same. I am focusing first on our neighbors who are being targeted.…
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1) Reports out of South Sudan #Pegasus is being used
What is that?
Software used to target Mexican journalists @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @almostjingo
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#Pegasus spyware, which transforms a cellphone into a mobile surveillance hub, could have been deployed against a range of journalists and civil society actors in Mexico, KSA, Bahrain, Morocco, Togo, Israel, US, and UAE.

How to protect yourself? [Thread]…
#Pegasus gives the attacker the ability to monitor, record & collect existing & future data from the phone. This includes calls and information from messaging applications and real-time location data. The spyware is able to remotely activate the camera and microphone.
Pegasus is designed to be installed on phones running iOS, Android, and BlackBerry OS without alerting the target to its presence. Journalists will likely only know if their phone has been infected if the device is inspected by a tech expert.…
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Ahmed Mansoor: The UAE's Conscience #humanrights
He's been beaten, banned from traveling, assaulted and resisted highly sophisticated hacking attempts. The renowned Emirati human rights defender Ahmed Mansoor never gave up.…
Ahmed Mansoor 是谁?他被成为阿联酋的良心犯。他被镇压,被殴打,被禁止旅行,遭受着极为复杂的骇客攻击。即便如此,这位阿联酋著名的人权捍卫者从未放弃。自2017年3月起被捕以来,直到如今一直在没有律师的情况下受审 #humanrights #UAE “反抗压制的唯一办法就是揭露它”…
2/阿联酋使用政府主导的网络攻击对付异议。2016年一份钓鱼邮件以“揭露该国酷刑”为诱饵,发送到他的手机上。他不敢点击将其发生给公民实验室,报告显示链接中的间谍软件与NSO集团有关,NSO是以色列的网战公司,销售 #Pegasus 间谍软件给政府以镇压异议。丑闻暴露了iOS中的漏洞,导致苹果公司更新其系统
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