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#Israeli company #NSOgroup is still selling #PEGASUS,
its CEO Yaron Shohat told Swiss TV @RSInews while @Europarl_EN is ready to vote on #PEGA report

“Tools that allows our customers -government agencies - to gather #intelligence to fight terror and crime”

In his first TV interview, CEO of blacklisted #NSOgroup Yaron Shohat says he’s committed to do “anything possible” to make sure #PEGASUS and other tools are in proper hands and used correctly”

But not 100% sure about misuse

SwissTV @RSInews
#PEGASUS used in the past to spy on activists, journalists, politicians.
#NSOgroup CEO admits that “users might use it for different purposes” but insists that the #Israeli company sell the #spyware “for the sole purpose of fighting crime and terror”

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The @Europarl_EN Committee that investigated the use of #Pegasus & equivalent surveillance #spyware released its report.
Extracting key paragraphs [relevant to Palestine] in this 🧵
👉Bottomline: Absence of regulations&secrecy fuel repression in the name of "national security"
"The findings of the PEGA inquiry are shocking and they should alarm every European citizen. It is evident that the trade in, and use of spyware should be strictly regulated. The PEGA committee will make a series of recommendations to that effect."…
"PEGA has received minimal or no answers from national authorities about the acquisition and use of spyware in their Member States... Vendors and countries issuing export licenses (mostly Israel) share no information about their customers."
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1/4 “This is the first documented evidence of the use of #Pegasus spyware in an international war context,” researchers report. Israeli-made Pegasus spyware has been deployed against Armenian civil society actors, including NGO representatives & journalists, researchers find. Image
2/4 Victims include Armenia’s former human rights defender, two Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) Armenian Service journalists, a UN official, the former spox of Armenia’s Foreign Ministry, & seven other representatives of Armenian civil society.
3/4 Evidence suggests that the spyware targeting is related to Nagorno-Karabakh conflict & Azerbaijan is likely behind the hacking activity, the investigation concluded. Azerbaijan’s gov has previously used #Pegasus spyware against domestic opponents as well, @amnestyusa said.
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#NSO Group went into a tailspin after earning the ire of the 🇺🇸US Government.

Some mercenary #spyware newcomers like #Paragon started spending big & strategizing to try & stay on America's good side.

However... 1/

By @MehulAtLarge…  	Please use the sharing to...
2/ Countries with sordid histories of mercenary #spyware abuse... tend to re-abuse whatever new hacking toy they get.

Which #Mexico has been doing for the better part of a decade with #Pegasus etc.

#Paragon is playing with fire.  	Please use the sharing to...
3/ TLDR: #Meico's spyware scandals:

Things started heating up in 2016 when we first found #Pegasus targeting a journalist.

It exploded from there. And accelerated with #Pegasusproject.

In 2018, new president claimed things had changed, but fresh abuses tell a different story. ImageImage
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Dissidents must continue to live in fear of #Pegasus #spyware thanks to @CreditSuisse.

Which helped them survive US Government blacklisting.

@ajsaeedy @dnvolz… The lenders have been worki...
2/ And don't forget, Happy Gilmore's producer actually co-controls #NSO Group's shell company.

3/ Fraudsters, people doing #HumanTrafficking, torturers, drug traffickers, fraudsters & more.

Add #spyware companies to the list.

If you aren't up to speed on @CreditSuisse doing bad people's banking, start here.… ImageImageImage
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What in the Half Baked is going on?

A Low-budget Hollywood producer w/ties to #China is now co-director of the entity that holds #NSO Group.

Robert Simonds has no history with #spyware, but a bunch of Adam Sandler producer credits. 1/

By @omerka… ImageImageImageImage
2/ Here's Robert Simonds on why🇨🇳#China's @TencentGlobal is a great owner of his @STXfilms.

Why is a Hollywood producer w/a history of biz messes & a #MeToo scandal mixed up with the 🇺🇸US sanctioned notorious #Pegasus spyware maker?

3/ Robert Simonds' sudden involvement with an entity identified by the US Government as posing a counterintelligence & national security threat... screams for federal & congressional scrutiny.

Also, where did the funds come from for his #Pegsus / #NSO Group deal? ImageImage
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⭕ El caso #Pegasus trasciende al sexenio de Peña Nieto

🔹La @FGRMexico inició una investigación sobre la adquisición que hizo la PGR del software de espionaje diseñado por la firma israelí #NSOGroup. (1/11) 🧵👇 Image
🔹La oficina de Alejandro #GertzManero puntualizó que la apertura de la carpeta abarca únicamente el escrutinio del uso de #Pegasus en el sexenio de @EPN... (2/11)
... durante la gestión de Jesús #MurilloKaram como procurador general y #TomásZerón como titular de la Agencia de Investigación Criminal. (3/11)
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NEW: notorious spyware firm #NSO Group, maker of #Pegasus has spent millions on foreign agents & lobbying operations in the US.

Their most recent target? The American Bar Association @ABAesq.

By @incisayki @OpenSecretsDC… Since 2020, NSO Group has p...
2/ NSO's Russia & China claims didn't sway the Biden Admin / NSC.

Because they are silly.

Countries that don't buy Chinese fighters won't suddenly buy their secret spy tech. For the same obvious reasons.

Still, NSO apparently warmed these canards up & served them to @ABAesq. The American Bar Associatio...
3/ As the fox, NSO says they are uniquely positioned to get all the hens together to craft regulation.

In case @ABAesq folks are wondering, these stakeholders:

- won't take NSO's meetings (most of congress)
- have sanctioned them (USG)
- have sued them (Industry, civil society) Image
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If you've followed me a long time, you've seen my transition from a "#linkblogger" (5-15 short hits/day) to an "essay-#blogger" (5-7 articles/week). I'm loving the new mode but returning to linkblogging is also intensely, unexpectedly gratifying:…

1/ A kitchen junk-drawer, full...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

My last #linkblogging foray was so great - and my link-backlog is so large - that I'm doing another one.

Link the first: "Siphon," @xkcd's delightful, whimsical "#physics-how-the-fuck-does-it-work" one-shot (visit the link, the tooltip is great):

3/ XKCD #2775: Siphon. Man: 'W...
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Real talk: popular encrypted apps are a major target for zero-click exploits.

An untested video calling stack pushed onto the devices of the most influential ppl in the world w/ built in discovery + Twitter's threadbare security team = disaster waiting to happen.
Encrypted calling apps are great targets for a lot of reasons.

They are on many phones + typically have good user discovery features. And many other exploit-friendly surfaces around call handling, handshakes etc.

NSO's #Pegasus etc got onto phones via WhatsApp, iMessage, etc.
In the 2019 #Pegasus breach of WhatsApp, the company was thankfully watching logs. They spotted, investigated, notified victims & sued NSO Group.

Similar story w/Apple.

In both cases a world class threat intelligence & security team was in the house.

But chez Twitter?
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NEW: European Parliament's @EP_PegaInquiry
has issued their final report.

Urges #EuropeanUnion towards stronger regulation. Calls out several abusers.

Good thread on highlights👇 Image
"strategic campaign to destroy media freedom" in 🇭🇺 #Hungary.

"a system for the surveillance of the opposition...designed to keep...the government in power" in 🇵🇱#Poland

The @EP_PegaInquiry PR is not mincing words about #Pegasus #spyware abuses in the 🇪🇺#EU Image
The @EP_PegaInquiry also raises serious questions about spyware abuses in 🇬🇷#Greece & 🇪🇸#Spain.

It's clear: spyware is a European problem. Image
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🇫🇷 "L’ingérence est une politique d’influence masquée."

Retour sur l'audition à huis clos du directeur de la #DGSI Nicolas Lerner devant la commission d’enquête parlementaire relative aux ingérences politiques, économiques et financières de puissances étrangères.

THREAD ⬇️ Image
🇫🇷 "Nous sommes passés d’un monde où les États se livraient à une compétition à un monde dans lequel ils assument des confrontations bien plus directes." #DGSI
🇫🇷 "Les États qui nourrissent des ambitions sur la scène mondiale espionnent donc les positions françaises et leur évolution.

On entend par espionner le fait d’accéder de façon illégale à des informations confidentielles." #DGSI #espionnage
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PSA: Have an #iPhone?

Do you think because of who you / what you do, someone may try to hack you?

Try enabling #LockdownMode.

For the first time, we found evidence that it does frustrate *certain* hacking attempts. 🧵1/ Image
2/ Here's the research I'm talking about👇

Basically, we @citizenlab found some sophisticated #Pegasus #spyware hacking attempts against human rights groups were getting stopped by #LockdownMode.

3/ When #LockdownMode first came out last year a lot of people were pointing out: hey, this mode degrades some features!

(#Apple is also up front about this)

So there was this question: are the trade-offs worth it?

Well, we finally have some evidence of it doing its job.
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NEW INVESTIGATION: recent Mexican #Pegasus spyware abuses led us to evidence of a trio of zero-click exploits used by #NSO.

Targets? HomeKit & FindMy.

Remarkably, #Apple's #iOS #LockdownMode blocked one of them.

Quick THREAD 1/… Image
2/ First, the new victims: Mexican lawyers representing families of victims of Military abuses

The timing of the targeting matches key developments in efforts to hold #Mexico's army responsible.

It's really bad.

We @citizenlab forensically confirmed the spyware infections. One infected device belongs...ImageImage
3/ We found evidence of 3 #zeroclick #0day chains used by NSO's #Pegasus #spyware in 2022.

First: #PWNYOURHOME: worked against #homekit even if you didn't set up a home.

Apple's changes in iOS 16.3.1 that address.

#LockdownMode also kneecaps it. ImageImageImageImage
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⭕️ Pegasus: un escándalo internacional

🔹Una agencia de inteligencia del gobierno de #EstadosUnidos compró el software #Pegasus a través de una empresa pantalla para infiltrar teléfonos en México, de acuerdo a una investigación del @nytimes. (1/12) 🧵👇
🔹El contrato fue firmado bajo un seudónimo por el titular de Riva Networks en noviembre de 2021. (2/12)
🔹Esto ocurrió cinco días antes de que la administración de @JoeBiden recomendara a las agencias de inteligencia no hacer negocios con NSO Group, la firma israelí que desarrolló #Pegasus. (3/12)
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⭕️ Pegasus: un escándalo internacional

🔹Una agencia de inteligencia del gobierno de #EstadosUnidos compró el software #Pegasus a través de una empresa pantalla para infiltrar teléfonos en México, de acuerdo a una investigación del @nytimes. (1/12) 🧵👇
🔹El contrato fue firmado bajo un seudónimo por el titular de Riva Networks en noviembre de 2021. (2/12)
🔹Esto ocurrió cinco días antes de que la administración de @JoeBiden recomendara a las agencias de inteligencia no hacer negocios con NSO Group, la firma israelí que desarrolló #Pegasus. (3/12)
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Desde hoy está en vigencia esta ley que entre varias "novedades" también legaliza el #ciberespionaje desnaturaliza la #flagrancia y amplia la #militarización del país.
Se habilitan "cláusulas especiales de seguridad" para TODO contrato público en sectores estratégicos y servicio básicos. Así, FFAA darán garantías a las empresas extranjeras que asuman los negocios más rentables del país.
En el #SemáforoEnRojo No. 19 lo analicé este asunto. léelo aquí:
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NEW: 11 countries ink joint statement on countering commercial #spyware proliferation & abuse.

Cite "fundamental" national security & foreign policy interest 1/

🇦🇺#Australia 🇨🇦#Canada 🇨🇷#CostaRica 🇩🇰#Denmark 🇫🇷#France 🇳🇿#NewZealand 🇳🇴#Norway 🇸🇪#Sweden 🇨🇭#Switzerland 🇬🇧#UK 🇺🇸#US We, the governments of Aust...The misuse of these tools p...To advance these interests,...engaging additional partner...
2/ I'd say the joint statement on commercial #spyware is unprecedented.

A few years ago spyware like #Pegasus was was treated as a human rights issue.

But the dizzying speed of proliferation made big problems for governments, forcing them to prepare positions & action.
3/ The statement's commitment guardrails for accountable domestic #spyware use is important.

But devil will be in the implementations. Civil society will be watching.

(Note: issue wasn't covered in White House Spyware Executive Order on Monday, so nice to see USA commit here) Image
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BREAKING: Biden White House issues executive order on commercial spyware.

Also confirms over 50+ USG personnel suspected targeted w/#Pegasus

Huge deal, let me break the new #SpywareEO down. 1/ ImageImage
2/ Investment fuels spyware proliferation. A lot of that is predicated on the juicy dream of the USG as the ultimate customer.

The new #SpywareEO says to mercenary spyware vendors & backers: decision time.

Either stop contributing to proliferation right now, or lose our number.
3/ Biden's #SpywareEO's closes door for vendors if their spyware has:

❌Been used against USG
❌Has counterintelligence / foreign intel risks

❌ Abused for repression
❌Used on 🇺🇸Americans
❌Sold to govs that systematically do political repression. ImageImage
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🔍 La revista @Proceso sacó ayer un reportaje de Mathieu Tourliere sobre el Centro Militar de Inteligencia, la agencia secreta ilegal del #EjércitoEspía que opera #Pegasus.

Comparto algunos de los datos más reveladores de la investigación (disponible completa en el impreso).
👁️ El Centro Militar de Inteligencia pertenece al Estado Mayor de la Defensa Nacional y responde directamente al General Secretario.

Obtiene información mediante "medios cerrados", es decir, intervención de comunicaciones privadas ─ sin tener facultades legales.

📈 El Centro Militar de Inteligencia ha crecido durante el gobierno de López Obrador. En 2018, cuando tomó posesión el gobierno, el CMI contaba con 293 elementos.

Para agosto de 2021, su estructura había crecido a 619 militares, encabezados por un general.

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📌#EjércitoEspía | Hay nueva evidencia de que en el gobierno de @lopezobrador_, el Ejército espió con #Pegasus a un defensor de derechos humanos, para influir ilegalmente en una investigación.

Esto se sabe del espionaje de la Sedena en el actual sexenio 🧵

📸 Cuartoscuro Image
🕵🏻 En un inicio, el presidente dijo que el Ejército tiene "labores de inteligencia, pero no de espionaje", pero la investigación revela que en 2020, un área secreta de la @SEDENAmx, espió al defensor de derechos humanos Raymundo Ramos.…
#EjércitoEspía | ¿Por qué espiar a un defensor de los derechos humanos?

🔎El espionaje buscaba influir en la investigación que la Policía Ministerial Militar realizaba sobre la ejecución extrajudicial de tres jóvenes, presuntamente cometida por militares en 2020.

📸 Cuartoscuro ImageImageImageImage
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“He’s alive!..Kill him!”

Human rights defender hacked w/ #Pegasus after reporting on an assassination by 🇲🇽Mexican Army.

Now, a damming paper trail connects the illegal spying to MX Army's highest officers. 1/

By @Nataliekitro & @ronenbergman… In a 2020 Defense Ministry report, unearthed last year in anMr. Ramos began publicizing the allegations, and soon a loca“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said John Scott-RaIt appears to have been produced by the second-highest-ranki
2/ For the first time we have a full arc of evidence.

Not just forensic analyses showing #Pegasus... but the actual report & meeting schedules around the clandestine hacking.

It's incredibly damming for 🇲🇽#Mexico's armed forces.

3/ 🇲🇽#Mexico has had #Pegasus scandals for six years!

Spanning two presidential administrations.

Any company contemplating providing spyware to #Mexico must know that that abuses are guaranteed.

Continuing to sell them hacking tools makes them complicit.
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🪖❌️ Nueva revelación de #EjércitoEspía

Documentos de SEDENA muestran que una estructura militar secreta espió con #Pegasus al defensor Raymundo Ramos para interferir en una investigación sobre abusos del Ejército en Nuevo Laredo, con pleno conocimiento del Alto Mando.

👇🧵 Image
🔍 Una tarjeta informativa secreta revela que el #EjércitoEspía intervino las comunicaciones privadas de Raymundo Ramos con varios periodistas.

Las conversaciones eran acerca de las ejecuciones extrajudiciales cometidas por el Ejército, en Nuevo Laredo el 3 de julio de 2020. Image
🗯 Las conversaciones de Raymundo Ramos con periodistas ocurrieron entre el 16 y el 26 de agosto de 2020.

Las fechas coinciden con el periodo en que Ramos fue espiado con #Pegasus, según el análisis de @citizenlab.

#EjércitoEspía ImageImage
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#StoryAlert 🚨

Why the Supreme Court's decision to probe Adani-Hindenburg matter and constitute an 'expert committee' is good news for the Modi govt.

My report on 6 previous Supreme Court-appointed committees. The result speaks for itself.

A thread.🧵…
Chief Justice Chandrachud's bench constituted an 'expert committee' for “the assessment of the extant regulatory framework (for the securities market) and for making recommendations to strengthen it”.

But what has been the fate of such SC-appt committees in the past? 2/
The 6 Supreme Court-appointed committees I looked into r-

-Committee on Prison Reforms
-Central Empowered Committee on Deforestation
-Pegasus Technical Committ
-Committee To Probe Alleged Conspiracy Agnst Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi
-Committee on Farm Laws
-SIT on Black Money
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