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Today, on May 11, the Network commemorates the passing of one year since the brutal killing of renowned journalist #ShireenAbuAkleh
#JusticeForShireen #JournalismIsNotACrime Image
Here, at Al Jazeera headquarters in Doha, a remembrance event is being held, featuring a special session on Shireen’s life and the sacrifices she made


#ShireenAbuAkleh #JusticeForShireen #JournalismIsNotACrime
The Network recognises the lives of the people who sacrificed their lives to ensure people’s voices are delivered

#JournalismIsNotACrime #Stop_Killing_Journalists
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Read CPJ’s new report, “Deadly Pattern: 20 journalists died by Israeli military fire in 22 years. No one has been held accountable.” below:…
#ShireenAbuAkleh’s “shooting sent a chill through the Palestinian and foreign press corps, which again saw that reporters on assignment can be killed or injured with impunity. It also robbed the world of a vital, on-the-ground source of news about Israel's actions in the occupied……
"Israel, as a self-styled liberal democracy, stands out among Western nations for its refusal to open criminal investigations in line with international standards into media deaths."

CPJ's Director of Special Projects @RobertMMahoney in @haaretzcom…
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🧵: In CPJ’s new report, “Deadly Pattern,” CPJ provides recommendations to #Israel, to the United States, and to the international community. Image
In our new report, CPJ calls on Israel to open criminal investigations into the cases of murdered journalists Shireen Abu Akleh, Ahmed Abu Hussein, and Yaser Murtaja

Read all of our recommendations to Israel →…

#EndImpunity #PressFreedom… Image
In our new report, CPJ calls on the United States to provide an urgently needed comprehensive public update on the status of the FBI’s investigation into the killing of Shireen Abu Akleh.

Read all of our recommendations to the United States →…… Image
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🧵Hoje, 3 de abril, seria aniversário da jornalista palestina #ShireenAbuAkleh

Shireen foi assassinada por soldados israelenses enquanto cobria uma operação em Jenin, mesmo usando colete de imprensa.

Israel mata jornalistas.
Não nos esqueceremos jamais das cenas de horror no dia de seu sepultamento, quando nem mesmo sua procissão funerária foi respeitada pelo Estado sionista de Israel.

Shireen é eterna. A ocupação, não.
Confira abaixo algumas publicações em nosso Instagram relacionadas ao tema:…
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Israeli forces killed at least 9 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, including an elderly woman. The raid at the Jenin refugee camp is one of Israel's deadliest in years.

At least 29 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces this month, including at least 5 children.
Israeli forces blocked ambulances and fired tear gas at a hospital, choking children, health officials say.

At least 9 Palestinians were killed and 20 others wounded.

Jenin is the target of near-daily Israeli raids. 15 of 29 Palestinians killed this year were from there.
Israeli forces killed dozens of Palestinians in 2022 in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin.

They include journalist #ShireenAbuAkleh, who soldiers shot in the head, and at least 13 children including:
▪️ a girl, 16, shot while looking for her cat
▪️ a boy, 17 walking to school
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[Thread 🧵] 2022 se termine, l’occasion de revenir sur 10 événements marquants qui ont eu lieu en Palestine et dans le monde. Des moments de victoire, de souffrance, de solidarité et de résistance qui jalonnent la voie vers le retour et la libération de la Palestine. ⤵ ImageImageImageImage
1⃣ En mars, le gouvernement français prononce la dissolution du Collectif Palestine Vaincra, une attaque sans précédent contre le mouvement de solidarité avec la Palestine en France. Suite à une large mobilisation, le décret de dissolution est suspendue par le Conseil d'État. Image
2⃣ La journaliste #ShireenAbuAkleh est assassinée par l'armée israélienne le 11 mai 2022 à Jénine. Sa mort provoque une vague d'indignation mondiale. Durant son enterrement à Jérusalem, l'armée israélienne attaque le cortège funèbre, dévoilant sa grande cruauté. Image
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Israel says it won't cooperate in a reported U.S. investigation on the killing of Palestinian-American journalist #ShireenAbuAkleh. The U.S. has not yet confirmed the probe.

Israeli soldiers shot Shireen in May as she wore a press vest. Israel refused a criminal investigation. Image
Israeli forces have killed at least 45 journalists since 2000, say Palestinians.

0 Israeli soldiers were charged for killing them.

140+ journalists have been badly wounded by Israeli live fire and other weapons since 2018, some injuries resulting in amputation and blindness. ImageImageImage
Family of #ShireenAbuAkleh welcomed news of a possible U.S. investigation into her killing:

"It is what the United States should do when a U.S. citizen is killed abroad... by a foreign military."

The U.S. has delayed a formal investigation for 6 months. Image
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"#Israel vuole un'altra #Intifada, non c'è dubbio. Non c'è altra spiegazione dietro l'atteggiamento sfrenato degli ultimi mesi, anche se non è chiaro quale possibile beneficio potrà derivare da ulteriori e inutili spargimenti di sangue. ⬇2
Inutile, ma #Israele lo vuole: quello che sta facendo ultimamente nei territori occupati porterà inevitabilmente a un'altra #Intifada.
Israele lo sa bene.
Quindi, si deve concludere che questo è quello che vuole. ⬇3
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Nach monatelangem Leugnen & Beschuldigen der Pal. gibt die 🇮🇱Armee zu, dass einer ihrer Soldaten die 🇵🇸/🇺🇸 Journalistin #ShireenAbuAkleh getötet hat. Es wird weder Bestrafung noch weitere Ermittlungen geben. 🇵🇸 Augenzeugen, darunter Journalisten, sagten dies vom ersten Tag an.1/6
Die Untersuchung behauptet, dass der Soldat sie möglicherweise als Kämpfer identifizierte. Shireen trug einen blauen Helm & eine blaue Weste mit Großbuchstaben "PRESS" & war mit anderen Journalisten. Der Soldat schoss hinter das Ohr & zielte so genau zwischen Helm & Weste. 2/6
🇮🇱Armee, Regierung & @IsraelinGermany verbreiteten Fake News auf der Grundlage eines Videos, das nahelegen sollte, dass andere 🇵🇸 sie getötet hätten.
🇩🇪Medien ignorierten wie üblich aktiv die pal. Zeugen & wiederholen unkritisch, was die Besatzung sagt.3/6
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It's been 100 days since Israeli forces killed Al Jazeera journalist #ShireenAbuAkleh.

There has been no accountability for her killing.

She was shot in the head while doing her job and wearing a "Press" vest on May 11. 🧵
Israeli snipers killed journalist #ShireenAbuAkleh as she was covering Israeli raids in the occupied West Bank.

Israel initially tried to blame Palestinians for the killing. The UN disproved this claim, finding "no evidence" for it.

Israel has changed its story multiple times.
Israel has refused to open a criminal investigation on the killing of journalist #ShireenAbuAkleh.

This impunity for its violence against journalists is not new:

▪️ Israel killed at least 45 journalists since 2000
▪️ 0 Israeli soldiers have been convicted for killing them
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Journalist #ShireenAbuAkleh's family is in DC to demand justice after Israeli forces killed the Palestinian American journalist on May 11.

It's been 78 days:
◾️U.S. govt blamed killing on "tragic circumstances"
◾️Biden declined meeting family during Jerusalem visit
Nearly 20 years before #ShireenAbuAkleh was killed, an Israeli solider killed U.S. citizen Rachel Corrie while she was protesting the demolition of a Palestinian family's home.

The soldier killed her using a U.S.-made bulldozer. The U.S. still hasn't held Israel accountable.
Israeli forces have killed over 10K Palestinians since 2000 — over 2K of them were children, @btselem reports.

The families of these U.S. citizens are still waiting for justice too:
◾️Furkan Dogan, 18
◾️Mahmoud Shaalan, 16
◾️Omar Assad, 78
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The family of slain Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh is holding a press conference in DC right now. We will be live tweeting some the event.
The family has repeatedly demanded accountability following an inconclusive US investigation…
Earlier this week the family met with Secretary of State Blinken and progressive lawmakers who have pressured the administration to launch an independent investigation…
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#IsraeliOccupation #ApartheidIsrael
Sotto l'occupazione e l'#apartheid israeliano ai palestinesi non è nemmeno permesso piangere: soldati e agenti di polizia attaccano i partecipanti di 4 funerali. ⬇1/13

#Palestine #SanctionIsrael #25luglio
via @YouTube
"Il 13 maggio 2022, #ShireenAbuAkleh, giornalista di @AlJazeera uccisa 2 giorni prima nel campo profughi di #Jenin, è stata sepolta a Gerusalemme est. ⬇2
Durante il funerale, gli agenti della polizia israeliana e della polizia di frontiera hanno picchiato i portatori della bara e gli altri partecipanti. Il filmato di questa violenza è stato condiviso in tutto il mondo, suscitando dure reazioni e forti critiche. ⬇3
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Martyred journalist #ShireenAbuAkleh was a topic of discussion during the press conference held by Palestinian Authority President #MahmoudAbbas with his American counterpart #JoeBiden, on Friday.
The joint press briefing, which took place at the presidential compound in #Bethlehem, is part of Biden's first tour as US president in the #MiddleEast, following his meetings with Israeli officials.
Abbas asked for "Washington's support to hold the killers of journalist #ShireenAbuAkleh accountable," while #Biden replied that his country "will continue to insist on a full and transparent accounting of her death."
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Significant statement from caretaker PM @yairlapid: "Two-state solution is a strong guarantee for a democratic state of #Israel with a #Jewish majority."
Interesting moment during the @JoeBiden-@yairlapid presser in #Jerusalem when #Saudi news outlet @AlArabiya correspondent asked @POTUS what the #US is offering #Gulf states on #Iran's malign activity in region, and Lapid on where #Israel disagreed with Washington on Iran policy.
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#JoeBiden began his first trip to the #MiddleEast as US President with a stop in Israel on Wednesday, where he was received by Israeli President Isaac Herzog, caretaker PM Yair Lapid and alternate PM Naftali Bennett.
They will sign the "Jerusalem Declaration," a joint statement that sends a "unified message to #Iran" emphasizing the #UnitedStates' firm commitment to prevent #Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.
With this visit, #Biden is also trying to "integrate" Israel with the countries of the region and complete the normalization process with the occupation.
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‘She was irreplaceable’.

A sad, proud, moving day at St Bride’s Church on Fleet Street today, for the memorial service for #ShireenAbuAkleh ImageImage
The shock and pain of Shireen’s friends and colleagues, just 6 weeks on from her murder, is palpable.

Her niece Lina, by video link, called her‘my best friend’.
‘A part of me is broken’, she said-but because Shireen was brave & optimistic, she has to go on, and hope for justice Image
Lina noted that Shireen was actually ‘still reporting, still exposing truths’ even at her own funeral- when the world saw Israeli forces attack mourners. Image
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#BREAKING UN finds journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was killed by Israeli fire
#UPDATE The United Nations said Friday information it had gathered showed that the shot that killed Al Jazeera TV journalist Shireen Abu Akleh on May 11 was fired by Israeli forces
#UPDATE The United Nations said on Friday that its findings showed that the shot that killed Al Jazeera TV journalist #ShireenAbuAkleh on May 11 was fired by Israeli forces
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An English lesson:

"There were no known militants in the area" does not mean the same thing as "There were no militants in the area."

@NYTimes @washingtonpost @AP @CNN @Bellingcat
@nytimes @washingtonpost @AP @CNN @bellingcat A reporting lesson:

Ignoring multiple witnesses saying there were shooters in buildings doesn't mean there were no shooters in buildings.

@nytimes @washingtonpost @AP @CNN @bellingcat A physics lesson:

Saying that "audio analysis shows the shooter was 170-195 meters away" means that a group that is over 210 meters away from the camera CANNOT have shot the gun, not that they MUST have fired the gun."

A math lesson:
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The @nytimes analysis of #ShireenAbuAkleh's death is slightly more complete than the others - but it still assumes that lack of video evidence is evidence of no one else there.…

@nytimes @PatrickKingsley At least the NYT notes the other militants on video to the southeastand finds no line of sight, which no one else did. Somehow - I'm trying to find out - they extended the audio analysis to include, barely, the distance to the IDF. However, it is still lacking major facts.
@nytimes @PatrickKingsley It does not account for the witnesses, on video, that saw snipers to the southeast.

It does not account for journalists who said initially that the fire was "across" from them and from "buildings."


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Important finding from our analysis of #ShireenAbuAkleh’s death: the forensic calculation used by major media outlets to determine the shooter’s distance is incorrect.
This was used by @bellingcat @CNN @wapo to implicate an @IDF shooter, and by @elderofziyon to exclude the IDF.
The original work used the time delay between the supersonic shock wave of the bullet passing next to the camera, and the muzzle blast coming from the rifle, to determine a distance to the shooter of 175 to 197 meters.
Two different forensic experts: Robert C. Maher and Steven Beck performed this analysis, reaching similar estimates, which were used to implicate an IDF force located at a similar distance from Shireen.
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#IsraeliCrimes #IsraeliTerrorism

@AlJazeera pubblica le foto del proiettile che avrebbe ucciso #ShireenAbuAkleh: è di un tipo perforante utilizzato dall'esercito israeliano. ⬇1/14

#HumanRights #Palestine #IsraeliOccupation #ApartheidIsrael #17Giugno…
"Giovedì sera, #AlJazeera ha pubblicato le foto di quello afferma essere il proiettile che ha ucciso la giornalista palestinese #ShireenAbuAkleh a #Jenin il mese scorso. ⬇2
Il proiettile è un tipo perforante utilizzato dalle forze di difesa israeliane ed è stato sparato da un fucile M-4, afferma la TV del Qatar. Ha aggiunto che il proiettile, la cui punta era dipinta di verde, si è distorto quando ha colpito il caschetto di Abu Akleh. ⬇3
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The @washingtonpost did its own "analysis" of #ShireenAbuAkleh's death, and ignores the same evidence that the others did. Because they had already determined the outcome before the "investigation" they ignored the more compelling evidence.
@SarahCahlan @mmkelly22 @SBHendrix
1/ Image
@washingtonpost @SarahCahlan @mmkelly22 @SBHendrix They include an 8 minute video of people and reporters before Abu Akleh's death. But they don't translate the whole thing, where the witnesses JOKE about the many Palestinian shebab snipers ALL OVER JENIN. And they point them out - to the southeast.…

2/ Image
@washingtonpost @SarahCahlan @mmkelly22 @SBHendrix The interview Ali Samoudi, a known Pallywood liar. He says that he knows the bullets came from the IDF convoy. But on May 11, he said they came from roofs of buildings "opposite" from him. WaPo didn't ask him about that.

There is line of sight from buildings across.
3/ Image
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On shooting death of Al Jazeera journalist #ShireenAbuAkleh, in Jenin (W Bank) 11 May 2022, best analysis by far comes from @elderofziyon.
He used much of work done by Bellingcat open-source journo group, but discovered...
...they’d overlooked key on-scene video.
His analysis incorporates the overlooked video from that morning, which shows a Pal militant group was in vicinity of Abu Akleh at time of shooting, & closer than position of IDF convoy some 200 meters due south of her.
I’ll only excerpt a few highlights from Elder’s analysis, which I hope will encourage everyone to watch the 33-min video. Worth every min.
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