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#TheResistance #SaturdayThoughts
After the passing of any Articles of impeachment by the House of Representatives, the scenario that Mitch McConnell will refuse to allow a trial in the Senate is obviously very real. You can bank on it. 1/10
Mitch McConnell has made a despicable career of obstructionism & wrongly breaking Senate norms.

There is reason to proceed with awareness of McConnell's tactics & not rush impeachment. The longer we have, the more wrongdoing we can uncover & sway more public opinion.
If McConnell refuses a trial, the next step the House could take would be suing the Senate, which would end up at the SCOTUS.

We need to ensure the GOP bears the weight of refusing to hold lawlessness accountable. DT is already using impeachment to try & rally his dupes. 3/10
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{THREAD} Today's #tbt comes from almost two years ago in Virginia's House District 94 -- a tale of an election, recounts, a tainted ballot and a random drawing which affected the shape of the VA legislature.

If anything -- the message is REGISTER AND VOTE!

VA's HD94 is located in Newport News and surrounding areas. Delegate David Yancey has held the seat since 2012 and is in his 4th term. He was challenged in 2013 by Democrat Robert Farinholt, Jr. in a close race with a difference of only about 500 votes. (2/x)
In 2015, School Board member @shelly_simonds came to the table as the Democratic contender. She had been a teacher and an environmental activist and sought to prioritize education, the environment, healthcare, criminal justice reform & protecting women's reproductive rights.(3/x)
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Today is #NationalVoterRegistrationDay! I am super serious about voting and I hope you are too. Be heard, use your voice, use your vote. Make a difference. #RegisterToVote at

#TheFutureIsVoting @HeadCountOrg #NVRD
On my way to Washington Square Park to help some people #RegisterToVote for #NationalVoterRegistrationDay with @HeadCountOrg! Come say hi #NYC!
Yeah it's like that. #NationalVoterRegistrationDay
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Trump was elected with the support of roughly 1/4 of all eligible voters (almost half of all eligible voters didn't even vote that year.)

If we really want change, we have to get involved & help others see the importance of voting. We must expand the vote.
#FridayFeeling 1/7
.@swingleft has focused in past elections on key swing districts to flip them #redtoblue

Now they're focusing on 11 states to win the Senate, the White House, & #redistricting for Democrats.

We can all help whether we're in those states or not. 2/7…
We can help

After the Supreme Court refused to rule on state gerrymandering cases, we have to flip state legislatures blue to get fair maps. Grassroots is focusing in these key 9 states. Help from anywhere. #EndGerrymandering #FridayFeeling #BlueWave 3/7
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Trump on January 20, 2017, said, "Together, we will determine the course of America and the world for years to come."

What followed that has been two years of Trump's lies to the American people and his failure to hear their voices raised in protest.
After a campaign full of lies and empty promises to the American people, Trump began an unrelenting attack on our constitution and our established laws. He claimed he would be "transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the American People."
Yet the voice of the America MAJORITY has called out repeatedly the actions Trump has taken since he entered the office. The day after he took office millions of American women and men poured into the streets in protest.
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There is still time to donate to this @HeadCountOrg fundraiser! HC is a nonpartisan #VoterRegistration org that pushes voter engagement & helps Americans #RegisterToVote at concerts and community events across the USA. Questions abt HC? #AskMeAnything

Cc @brooklynbowl @RelixMag
Dear @HeadCountOrg, since moving to the other side of the Hudson you are literally the only thing that can get me to go to Brooklyn at 9 on a Tuesday night. So good work. #SpellingBee #TheFutureIsVoting @brooklynbowl
Charity spelling bees are weird.

@HeadCountOrg #SpellingBee at @brooklynbowl. #TheFutureIsVoting
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.@HeadCountOrg annual retreat is in full swing and I've already spent hours talking shop with so many other #VoterRegistration nerds. I'm in voter engagement advocacy heaven.

If you want to register voters near you check out #TheFutureIsVoting
Packed schedule today at the @HeadCountOrg retreat. #HeadCountRetreat
HeadCount board member @andygadiel of @JamBase addressing volunteer Team Leaders from all over the country. #HeadCountRetreat
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It's okay @RepMaxineWaters, you can say it...


"Socialism, where some people are more equal than others."
#ANON #Qanon
"The Naked Communist: the only book you'll ever need to read on Communism/Socialism, the philosophy of the Democratic Party, they've never changed their colors "

(free book)…

#ANON #MAGA #Qanon #WalkAway #VoteRepublican
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1/ There’s this thing in stats called "Type I vs. Type II" error. Type I error is referred to as the “false positive” and Type II the “false negative”. In law, that translates to the innocent man being convicted (Type I) vs. the guilty man going free (Type II). @letamericavote
2/ Our judicial preference for Type II error is embodied in the concept of “innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt”. As horrible as it is, most would rather see a serial killer go free than an innocent man be put to death.
3/ I return to this concept over & over when I read abt voting restrictions, which necessarily weigh the possibility of a fraudulent vote vs. a legitimate voter being disenfranchised. IOW: Is it better to disenfranchise a legal voter (Type I) or allow an illegal vote (Type II)?
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What do Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah & Washington have in common?

#VoterRegistration deadlines on 10/8 & 10/9 🚨
Your ABSOLUTE DEADLINE to register to vote in the #2018Midterms is Tuesday, October 9th! 🚨

You can't vote if you're not registered! If you are registered, check for purges. They happen.
#RegisterNow #BlueWave…

Your ABSOLUTE DEADLINE to register to vote in the #2018Midterms is Tuesday, October 9th! 🚨

You can't vote if you're not registered! If you are registered, check for purges. They happen.

#VoteBlue #IPledgeToVote
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Brett Kavanaugh's opening statement makes him seem overtly political. Not a good look for a Judge hoping to be a Supreme Court Justice. #KavanaughHearings
HOLY SHIT!!! Did Brett Kavanaugh really just say this is a political hit by the Clintons?!! Really?! The GOP playbook is so predictable, and getting old, when in doubt blame the email lady. #KavanaughHearings
I cant even pay attention to the rest of Brett Kavanaugh's opening statement I am still dumbfounded that Kavanaugh really just said that this is a plot by the Clintons. How, why, what? How could HRC have orchestrated this? Its just utterly ridiculous. #KavanaughHearings
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It's Friday night! I can't wait for the @HeadCountOrg benefit at the @ApolloTheater w #PhilLesh @harlemgospel, @grahamelesh @nickibluhm @TalibKweli & more! 💀🎩🐻(🐢🚉)(🇨🇳🐱🌻)🌷⚡ #GratefulDead #TheFutureIsVoting #RegisterToVote #FridayFeeling
@Marc_Brownstein will I be seeing you in Harlem tonight?
Heading to the Apollo Theater for some pre Phil & Friends chillage with some HeadCounters.
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Read Mangy Jay #magi_jay's awesome thread:

1/ I think some political journalists are fundamentally misreading leftward shifts in the Democratic party; namely, I think many are over-attributing any leftward shift to Bernie Sanders.

Read Mangy Jay #magi_jay's awesome thread:

Original Thread:
Please be sure to follow Mangy Jay. #magi_jay a very thoughtful and cogent writer, who gives no fluff. Thank you!
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McCain used his chairmanship of the Senate Armed Services Com to question Trump’s stance on Russia and Senate Foreign Relations Com Bob Corker who decried Trump’s chaotic approach to diplomacy, are passing their powerful committee to two of Trump's biggest supporters
Trending Now: McCain’s death marks changing of the guard with potentially enormous consequences for holding Trump accountable…
DEMS MUST WIN IN NOVEMBER. #VoteBlue #RegisterToVote
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Joyce Vance, a former federal prosecutor, says that there is a good chance that Robert Mueller will name President Trump an unindicted co-conspirator in the Russia investigation. That makes sense as it is unclear whether you can indicte a sitting President…
In my own legal opinion you cannot indicte a sitting President. The President must first be removed from office. There is a split in the legal community about this. But to put it simply a president cannot perform his constitutionally mandated responsibilities if he is beholden the judiciary, i.e. a President who is subject to criminal charges would be unable to fulfill his duties say negotiating with a foreign leader at an international summit if he is convicted and imprisoned or put on probation.
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#GOPComplicit incumbents represent their donors over constituents.

🇺🇸All states have a moment
🔴All #GOPTraitors have a thread
💵Top donors tagged to rep(s)
📰Negative news in each thread

🔎from:batmanresist ST## / STSEN

Hold them accountable for their actions.
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📢Amplify your vote South Carolina!
Yes, your Vote ☑️ is amplified 3X by voting in the SC primary!
Save The Date (June 12) & Vote!…
⭐️Your Very Last Date To Register To Vote For The SC Primary is May 14!

(👇👇👇See Rules Below 👇👇👇)
📢Listen up #SC02!
Don't fall for Fake 🐘,Democrats!
YOU have a chance to oust Joe (You Lie) Wilson! #JoeMustGo
Meet @VoteCarrigan, 🇺🇸Vet & #TrueBlue 🌊Dem.
He believes in #equality4all #education & #HealthCareForAll!
Please Follow, Retweet, & DONATE:
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#MarchForOurLives Congressional Members Funded by the NRA:
Trump, Donald (R)
Pence, Michael (R)
Abraham, Ralph (R-LA)
Aderholt, Robert B (R-AL)
Allen, Richard W (R-GA)
Amodei, Mark (R-NV)
Angelle, Scott (R-LA)
Arrington, Jodey (R-TX)
Ayotte, Kelly (R-NH)
Babeu, Paul (R-AZ)
#MarchForOurLives  Congressional Members Funded by the NRA:
Babin, Brian (R-TX)
Bacon, Donald John (R-NE)
Banks, Jim (R-IN)
Barletta, Lou (R-PA)
Barr, Andy (R-KY)
Barrasso, John A (R-WY)
Barton, Joe (R-TX)
Benishek, Dan (R-MI)
Bergman, John (R-MI)
Beutler, Jaime Herrera (R-WA)
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If you're in High School and will turn 18 by the #Primaries2018 or #Midterms2018 in many states you can #RegisterToVote. Let @HeadCountOrg help you find out and #Register. **Please RT** Questions? (#AMA #VoterRegistration) #GunReformNow #GunControlNow
The more you know🌠 ▪ Let @HeadCountOrg help you #RegisterToVote.▪#PresidentsDay2018 #MarchForOurLives #NeverAgain #GunReformNow
Dont delay, Get registered today. 🗳 #RegisterToVote #ParklandStudents #GunReformNow
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