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Business Analysis of Jupiter Wagans Ltd.

A Proxy for Rail Logistics?

Can it be accommodated in the electric CV market?

lets deep dive
1)#jupitarwagons #JWL #Railway #logistics
2)About JWL
- founded in 2006 by Lohia Family
-largest manufacterer of railway wagons
-over the years it has expanded into cast manganese steel crossings ,CV bodies,containers and other components
- backward ingrated with inhouse manu capacity for brakes & other ancillary parts

Backin 2019,JWL acquired CEBBCO,which was on verge of bankruptcy through buying stake from Axis & IDBI bank & reverse merged with self & JWL was listed in Stock market

CEBBCO is MP based manufacturer of tippers,trailers & defense Vehilces and also builds wagons
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Gisteren kwam het #stikstofrapport van @evert_mouw uit waarin hij uitlegde dat de basis onder het huidige #stikstofbeleid mss niet zo degelijk is als gedacht.
Een goede inhoudelijke bijdrage, maar er zijn altijd mensen die het NIET over de inhoud willen hebben.
@evert_mouw Met name @HuubBellemakers liet nogal van zich horen, en dat is interessant.🤔
Huub is namelijk van @groenlinks en doet daar niet verlegen over.
Wat heeft dat met Evert te maken?🤨
Heel simpel: Huub noemde Evert een ‘erkende nazi.’👇
@evert_mouw @HuubBellemakers @groenlinks Eerst even over de beschuldiging van Huub.
Die gaat over onderstaand citaat👇 uit het CIDI-jaaroverzicht antisemitisme 1999.
Heftig, nietwaar?
Ai…😱 Is Evert een #antisemiet?
Twee vragen:
1) Hoe oud was Evert in 1999?
2) Staat hij nog achter deze uitspraken?
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Thread: HEZBOLLAH'S NEW STRATEGY: The clashes between the #LAF and #Hariri supporters are too obvious. The #LebanonProtests are being pushed away with this new Sunni-Shia threat. #Hezbollah's nomination of #hassan_diab is aimed at pushing the Sunni community to the streets 1/5
Now the #Hariri supporters are out, highlighting the same sectarian sentiment that the Hezbollah supporters have been highlighting for the past few week, when they were shouting "Shia, Shia, Shia." Today, the Sunnis are all Sunnis 2/5
This new Sunni vs. Shia street rhetoric has two objectives: One, encourage violence and scare the Lebanese off the streets, and two, fight the anti-sectarian spirit that has dominated the streets for two months. 3/5
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Hariri is a terrible, dangerous joke. The Lebanese govt and the LAF publicly supported Nasrallah's strike against Israel. Now he says he opposes Hezbollah but is powerless. What a liar. Lebanon=Hezbollah..../…
What's more, pretending he is telling the truth, Hariri's claim destroys the case for arming #LAF. If they can't stop Hezbollah they the US shouldn't be backing them. Their own "prime minister" just said they're utterly worthless.
Hariri's right that Hezbollah is a regional problem. Hezbollah=Iran after all. But another regional problem is the lie that the Lebanese government is anything other than Hezbollah's puppet. So long as we can't see reality, that Lebanon=Hezbollah, we can't fix it.
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After almost 5 years of fight, #ISIS "caliphate" has been eliminated from de map. Many actors have contributed in the liberation of an 300000 Km^2 zone between Syria & Irak : (1) Image
- #ISF / #PMU : 150214 km^2 (52 %) [#Coalition & #IAF]
- #SAA : 81950 Km^2 (28 %) [#RuAF, #IRGC & #PMU]
- #SDF : 44054 Km^2 (15 %) [#Coalition]
- #FSA /#TFSA : 8866 Km^2 (3,2 %) [#Coalition & #TSK]
- #KF : 4687 Km^2 (1,6 %) [#Coalition]
- #LAF : 350 Km^2 (0,2 %) [#RuAF & #LAF]
With the end of #ISIS "caliphate" the terrorist fight enter in a new phase in #Syria.
After loose control of the villages & towns militants will increase their presence as sleeper cells around the country as we see in #Irak. Nowadays many areas still have #ISIS presence: (3)
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We started a new year (I hope the last) of the Syrian civil war. But 2017 has been the most important year & the result of inflection point of the war in 2016 with many political & military developments : (1)
The first military operation of #SAA was Wadi Bara (23/12/2016 - 29/1/2017) which finished with the evacuation of rebels from Wadi Barada & the North montainous area in the border with Lebanon. At the same time other forces advanced in E.Ghouta reaching some parts of Hazrama (2)
#SDF started the second phase of #WrathOfEuphrates operation on December securing the West flank of #Raqqa plains (3)
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