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I’ve gotten a lot of questions this week about #YevgenyPrigozhin’s public statement about his role as founder of the #WagnerGroup.The incoming is almost too much to handle so I thought I’d lay down a few thoughts here for journalists and other interested parties. 🧵 Image
1/#Prigozhin has had a kind of coming out party over the last few weeks with the buzz surrounding the release of a video showing him making a recruiting pitch to prisoners in a #Russian penal colony. The timing is, of course, curious. Image
2/We can get into the significance of the fact that the prison pictured is in the Mari El Republic in a separate thread--but suffice it to say there are a lot of stakeholders w/ overlapping interests co-located there. Image
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It was Hillary, not Trump, who 1st started the rumor that Obama,
aka Barry Soetoro, was a muslim born in Kenya.

Her 2008 campaign distributed images & started the birther topic to smear and cast doubt on her opponent - Obama’s eligibility.

🪡 Thread 🧵
Hillary was losing to Obama, so her campaign started the birther rumor, that he is a Muslim and ineligible.

Her campaign manager
later admitted to the
the smear campaign against her adversary #Obama



In 2016, Hillary’s campaign hit rock bottom. To turn the tide, she resurrected the issue.
Trump finished it by saying:

“President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period. Now, we all want to get back to making America strong and great again.”…
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@mvreisen 1) It looks @mvreisen is loosing it. #TPLFTerrosristGroup must have shipped her “absho” (ኣብሾ) a known local hallucinogen. In disinformation campaign on behalf of TPLF, she is denying fact admitted by #TPLF: that it preemptively started the war on 3 Nov 2020. #EritreaPrevails
@mvreisen 2) Fact: #Eritrea didn’t start z 3/11/20 war in #Ethiopia. It was z making of @mvreisen patrons: #TPLFTerrosristGroup. To z contrary it’s TPLF that attacked #Eritrea by firing rockets. Her hate of everything #Eritrean has turned her into disinformation agent. #EritreaPrevails
@mvreisen 3) Neither #PFDJ nor #Eritrea are responsible 4 any atrocities in #Tigray. #TigrayGenocide was part of the pre-planned choreography of #TPLF enablers.

If there’s anyone responsible 4 crimes against #Eritreans in #Libya it’s @mvreisen & her criminal syndicate. #EritreaPrevails
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THREAD: Sheikh Umar al-Mukhtar / Lion of the Desert

It’s been 91 years today since Sheikh Umar al-Mukhtar was publicly hanged by Italian colonial forces.

Italian General, Rodolfo Graziani, confronted Umar al-Mukhtar 160 times during 18 months of Italian occupation of #Libya. Image
General Graziani was so desperate because all of the measures he had taken proven to be unsuccessful in stopping the resistance led by Sheikh Umar al-Mukhtar. Image
His only hope was to wait for the natural death of Umar al-Mukhtar, as he reported to his superiors: "Umar al-Mukhtar is an old man and he is going to die, sooner or later, therefore, we have to wait for that hour, hoping it won't be long." Image
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YENİ - Barış Stratejisi

Barış stratejisinde ittifaklar, ortaklıklar, sahada ön alma, inisiyatif kullanma, gri gölgelerde dengeli davranma gibi pek çok konu vardır.⤵️…
Elimizde ne tür sonuçlarımız var, sıralayalım:
🔸Barıştayken rekabet edilir.
🔸Ülkelerin bir barış stratejisi olmak zorundadır.
🔸Savaş biliminde olduğu gibi barış biliminde de gelişmeyenin işi zordur.
🔸Savaştaki gibi barış için de güçlü ittifaklar ve ortaklıklar gerekir.⤵️
🔸Ateşkesler kolay bozulabilir.
🔸Yeni statüko yeni şartlardır.
🔸Adil barış yoksa savaş kapıdadır, ama kimin için adil?
🔸Politikacılar ve liderler belirleyicidir.
🔸Gri alanlarda rekabet süreklidir.
🔸Barışın kıymetini bilen liderler ve politikacılar var olmalıdır.⤵️
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On #Egypt’s Sisi visit to #Qatar:
This visit signals a start of an era of pragmatism— a post Muslim Brotherhood era 1/
Unlike 2017, the #Muslim #Brotherhood as a group, is severely weakened, and becomes irrelevant to the relations between Qatar and Egypt.
Its fans can mock Sisi’s visit to Doha but their barks mean nothing on the ground 2/
What’s on the agenda in Doha is not just economic relations as Islamists claim, but there are several political topics on the agenda, like #Gaza, #Sudan, and most importantly #Libya 3/
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1/THREAD - When #StarWars collectors go to the "Dark Side" & get sued

Few of us do not love Star Wars. I remember watching first movie in 1977. Many of us bought, played with & collected various toys. I still remember my X-wing model rocket that had only one successful mission!
2/In addition to regularly handling national security cases, I also rep auction houses, esp ones that focus on historic memorabilia, political americana, comic books & vintage toys. This includes @HakesAuctions & @RRAuction, among others.
3/I am often called upon to deal w/issues involving U.S. Government, such as quite intriguing interactions I had with @NASA this past June for @RRAuction about moon dust eating cockroaches!

Yes, you read that correctly! Moon dust eating cockroaches!…
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1. today,the Italian daily Repubblica has an interview w/ #HillaryClinton,who is in Venice for promoting womens' rights. During the interview,she speaks about #AfghanWomen under the Taleban. No question to her on who funded & trained fundamentalists throwing acid on Afghan women
2. NO question on #LibyaWar, which was #HillaryClinton's war. Hillary with the #British and the #French. Libya which was and is an absolute catastrophe, in particular, a catastrophe for #Italy. NO question on #Libya from la Repubblica to #HillaryClinton
3. it is a disgrace how #HillaryClinton uses #WomensRights,#HumanRights,#freedom and #democracy to push her militaristic agenda which has destroyed entire nations.I believe everyone who believes in women's and human rights feel betrayed, exploited
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2⃣0⃣2⃣2⃣ has so far been a turbulent year for #peacemaking and #peacemediation. A 🧵 to capture some trends & themes, drawing on work of colleagues @CrisisGroup
1/#Russia’s invasion of #Ukraine has major repercussions on #peacemaking: undermines basic norms, increases polarization, poses “the gravest threat to international peace and security in decades”, as @CrisisGroup president & CEO @EroComfort wrote…
2/@atwoodr #HoldYourFire podcast captures the global fallout of the war in Ukraine, including on peace talks…
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📍Update (1/3): Mayors of nine strategic municipalities, surrounding W & SW of Tripoli-borders, issued a joint statement supporting the Gov of National Unity "Al-Dabaiba", denouncing the use of violence by Bashagah & calling for hastening of the election process. #Tripoli #Libya
(2/3): The nine municipalities are considered to be under military control of Bashagha's allies and known to be the first line of defence for any military invasion of Tripoli.
(3/3): The municipalities are as follows: Al- ʽAziziya, Al Swani, Al Maya, Al Zahra, Al Mamora, Al Amria, Al Nasria, and Al Jaleda.

➡️ PS: These areas are mostly inhabited by the tribes of Wershefana.

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In vielen Teilen der Welt brodelt es derzeit, deshalb soll heute ein Überblick zu Konflikten abseits der Ukraine kommen, darunter:
- USA und China manövrieren rund um #Taiwan ;
- heftige Kämpfe brechen wieder in #Libya aus;
- Berlin streitet über Abzug aus #Mali.
(1/25) Image
Washington machte seine Ankündigung wahr und ließ zwei Kriegsschiffe demonstrativ die Taiwan-Straße passieren, ganz unweit der chinesischen Küste.
Diese Durchquerung wurde zuvor im Zuge der schwersten diplomatischen Krise seit Jahren zwischen USA und China angekündigt.
(2/25) ImageImageImage
#China betrachtete die US-Aktion als einen direkten Affront und hat laut Medienberichten zeitweise seine Armee in Gefechtsbereitschaft versetzt.
Chinesische Kriegsschiffe meiden es dennoch, in direkte Nähe der US-Navy zu kommen und eine "echte" Konfrontation zu riskieren.
(3/25) Image
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1/7 Who's fighting who in Tripoli!? Brief snapshot into the conflict.  As of today, this is what the armed conflict landscape looks like in and around #Tripoli, #Libya :

#Thread 👇
2/ Bash Agha Alliance: Spearheaded by 777th Brigade led by Haithem Al-Tajory (Tripoli), Osama Al-Juwaili's forces (Zentan), and Al-Nawasi Brigade (Tripoli) alongside the remaining Abu-Ras factions (Tripoli).
3/ Reserves/sidelines; Bash-Agha backed by a large portion of Al-Halbous Brigade (Misrata), Hittin Brigade (Misrata), Al-Marsa Brigade (Misrata), Bader Brigade (Misrata), 217th Brigade led by Salam Joha (Misrata), Muamar Al-Dawei's forces (Wershafana) & Abo-Zreba's Forces(Zawya).
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6 months into #Russia’s aggression against #Ukraine, there are mostly losers.

One potential winner is #Turkey, given 2nd-order effects of the war.

Since Feb, Ankara has gained some leverage vis-a-vis both #Russia and #NATO.

An attempt at a (complicated) balance sheet🧵(1/18)
Since Feb, #Turkey has attempted a careful balancing act on #RussiaUkraineWar:
-No sanctions against #Russia
-No boycott of Russian #gas
-#Erdogan engaging #Putin frequently & visibly
-Giving #Ukraine #BayraktarTB2
-Invoking Montreux Convention

I could go on and on (2/18)
As a result of
1) Turkey successfully mediating grain exports from Ukraine ports &
2) #Russia increasingly shunning traditional mediation platforms (Geneva),
Turkey is poised to become chief intermediary on operational issues re #RussiaUkraineWar… (3/18)
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Colonel #Gaddafi, was murdered because he was about to launch a Pan African Currency - the gold dinar
In 2009, Gaddafi as President of the African Union, he advised African countries to switch to a new currency, independent of the American Dollar: the GOLD DINAR
2. The objective of this new currency was to divert oil revenues towards state-controlled funds rather than American banks. In other words, to stop using the dollar for oil transactions. Countries such as Nigeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Angola were ready to change their currencies
3. In March 2011, the NATO-led coalition began a genocidal military intervention in #Libya in the name of freedom…to put an end to this Gold Dinar.
Libya was the only country that had Zero debt
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This afternoon, a MQ-9 Reaper drone was shot-down by #Libyan National Army near #Benghazi. It was armed & approached #Benina air base from southwest. It is still not known whooperated this drone. First footage shows it falling to the ground while second shows its wreckage👇
Here are images of its wreckage. According to the spokesman of #Libyan National Army, the drone was armed which makes it highly possible to be operated by #USAF however #Italian Air Force & #RoyalAirForce also had their MQ-9 Reaper drones flown over #Libya within past few months.
This video shows final moment of the MQ-9 Reaper drone in question before crashing to the ground near #Benina Air Base at #Benghazi. It is said that the #Libyan National Army has used a medium-range air defense system to shoot it down. The system in question is possibly Buk M2E!
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1/5 On #NationalPeacekeepersDay, it's important to confront the myth that #Canada is a #peacekeeping country - it's not. Canada is ranked #71 in world w only 54 soldiers wearing @UN blue helmets, according to @UNPeacekeeping statistics: ⬇️ 🧵 Image
2/ In 2015 @JustinTrudeau govt came to power promising more peacekeeping, but didn't. In 2017 govt also launched #ElsieInitiative to increase women in @UN #peaceoperations, but only 18 Canadian ♀️ are on #peacekeeping. #Canada doesn't do peacekeeping because it doesn't want to. Image
3/ So what countries are doing #peacekeeping & helping the @UN? Global south countries: #Bangladesh ranked #1 w over 6K peacekeepers, #Nepal, #India, #Ghana, #Senegal & #China is ranked #10.
How about the #US, the world's biggest, most well-funded military? What's its ranking❓🤔 Image
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Thread: 31 July 2022: Day 158 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update focuses on the de facto annexation of #Belarus by #Russia: notes the missiles fired from Belarus at #Ukraine, the escalating repression, concludes: "likely indicate that [Lukashenko] has become almost wholly dependent on Russia."
#Russia's "Wagner" unit is encouraging illegal migration across from #Libya to #Italy. This causes immediate chaos for border authorities and then, when it leads to broader social tensions, the Russians will exploit those, too.
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1. #Libya’s #constitutional basis (not) agreed upon btw #HoR-HCS was released “Embarrassing” doc: creates more prb than CDA draft & reveals hasty drafting. Instead of bringing 2 houses together, it is now dividing each of them. Observations on this doc:
2. Note: The text was supposed to be an amended version of the CDA’s draft constitution. Unless explicitly mentioned, the below observations deal only with amendments inserted during the two houses' Cairo-Geneva talks.
3. Art 2 on minority languages makes them official “in areas where they are spoken”. Not acceptable to minority groups who want them official languages of the State. CDA original text remained constructively vague and envisioned a parliamentary session to deal w the matter.
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NEW: #China "proceeding to increase their access & influence on the continent" & seeks to establish more military bases in #Africa, outgoing @USAfricaCommand Commander Gen Stephen Townsend tells @GWUPMNS
"Some of the most lethal terrorists on the planet are now in Africa...#alQaida & #ISIS " per @USAfricaCommand's Gen Townsend
"We've prevented strategic distraction" per Gen Townsend on his time at @USAfricaCommand - says US has been able to address threats in #Africa without taking focus on primary challenges, pacing threat from #China and also #Russia
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Where is #BlackLivesMatter while #Russia uses native people for its colonial war by contract enforcement? Why don't you protest in front of the #russian embassy against systemic #racism? Like many people around the world supported Afro-Americans. Solidarity!
2/ @Blklivesmatter could you finally turn your attention to the problem of #racism in #Russia and the bloody exploitation of #indigenous peoples there?
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1/5 Amb. Norland; “We are following with deep concern developments surrounding the National Oil Corporation (NOC), which is vital to #Libya’s stability and prosperity, and has remained politically independent and technically competent under the leadership of Mustafa Sanalla.
2/5 The reported replacement of the NOC board may be contested in court but must not become the subject of armed confrontation. The key public policy considerations for #Libya in this regard appear to be
3/5 (1) is oil and gas production actually being restored in order to address urgent issues affecting the lives of every Libyan, especially electricity shortages; #Libya
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#Breaking here is the moment protestors set fire to #Libya’s parliament headquarters.

🧵Here are 6 tweets explaining why:
Expired & disputed legitimacy

1.Elected in 2014 during Libya’s civil war with poor turnout (18%),

2.Boycotted by its own members

3.Ruled unconstitutional by Supreme Court

4. It has ruled for 8 years without calling for parliamentary elections or constitutional referendum
The HoR has been controlled and ruled by Aguila Saleh since 2014.

78 year old Saleh was elected with 913 votes in 2014 but has controlled the life, laws and legislature of 7 million people for 8 years.
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Libyan parliament in Tobruk set on fire by protesters.


Libyan parliament burning. Image
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1/3 The Italian Embassy welcomes the substantial progress made in the negotiations between the Presidents of the House of Representatives @parliament_ly & High Council of State @HCS_Libya in Geneva thanks to @SASGonLibya’s tireless leadership and mediation. Image
2/3 A final agreement is now very close. We call on the two institutions to avoid open-ended negotiations, and swiftly reconcile the residual differences in order to concretely pave the way for elections in the interest of the #Libya-n people.
3/3 Confirming #Italy’s steadfast support to @SASGonLibya and @UNSMILibya’s efforts, we renew our call on all actors to preserve peace and stability on the ground, reject actions that could lead to instability or greater divisions, and pursue dialogue and compromise.
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