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Geopolitical Analysis: A 🧵on Obama Administration's Bombing Campaign in Asia, specifically in the Middle East. The bombing campaign in the Middle East is a major foreign policy legacy of Obama!
#UnitedStates #Obama #MiddleEast Image
In 2016, the USA dropped a staggering 26,000 bombs in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Yemen under President Obama's authorization. This thread explores the implications of this extensive bombing campaign and its impact on civilian populations. #Geopolitics #MiddleEast #Obama
The sheer scale of the 2016 bombing campaign is staggering. On average, the US military unleashed 72 bombs per day, amounting to three bombs every hour, 24 hours a day. #syria #Iraq #Afghanistan #Libya #Yemen
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1◾🇷🇺 #Rusya'nın tüm doğalgazı Türkiye'ye akacak.
🇮🇶 #Irak ve özerk bölgesinin tüm petrolü Türkiye'den geçecek.
🇮🇷 #İran'ın doğalgazı Türkiye'den geçiyor.
🇦🇿 #Azerbaycan doğalgazı Türkiye'den geçiyor.
🇹🇲 #Türkmen doğalgazı Türkiye'den geçiyor. Image
2◾🇶🇦 #Katar'ın petrolü ve doğalgazı #Suriye'de oluşacak, #istikrâr ile Türkiye'den geçecek..
🇮🇱#İsrail'in doğalgazı Türkiye' den geçecek..
🇱🇾 #Libya'da bulunan petrol ve doğalgaz %50 %40 paylaşımıyla kazan kazan modeli ile Türkiye'den geçecek.
3◾#Türkiye'nin Karadeniz'de bulduğu doğalgaz 528 milyar metreküpten trilyon metreküplere çıkacak..
#Karadeniz'de keşfedilen ve teknolojisi için çalışılan doğalgazın ana maddesi katı #hidrokarbon Türkiye'nin 200 yıllık ihtiyacını karşılıyor..
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New Update | CrisisWatch

⚡ Four conflict risks in June

↘️ Twelve conflict deteriorations in May

❗ Country in focus: #Pakistan 🇵🇰

⚡ Conflict Risk Alert | #Sudan

Hostilities escalated between the army and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, notably in Darfur region, where the growing involvement of tribal militias and armed groups threatens all-out civil war.
⚡ Conflict Risk Alert | #Somaliland

Fighting between government forces and Dhulbahante clan militias spread in the Sool region.

As parties recruit new fighters, the conflict could ripple into other parts of Somaliland.…
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A thread to shed light on the recent short statement released by the @USEmbassyLibya regarding the unfolding events in Zawiya. This statement, which could potentially be interpreted as an endorsement by the US Embassy for the Government of National Unity (GNU) to utilize Image
1 - .... drone strikes against their adversaries in western Libya, requires some context. Here, I delve into the background and offer insights into this intriguing stance taken by the United States.
2- While the US Embassy/officials have made public declarations in support of holding elections in #Libya in recent months, there has been a parallel effort by agents of the US government on the ground to advocate for & bolster the power-sharing agreement between the LNA & GNU.
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Malta: He called himself Lilu King: cash, cars and cocaine

Mohamed Ali Ahmed Elmushraty, together with two others, was charged last Friday with money laundering, tax evasion and participation in organized crime.…

#OrganizedCrime #MoneyLaundering Photo: Malta Today
"Dubbing himself ‘the King of Paceville’, Elmushraty boasts an impressive 19,000 followers on Instagram alone as he constantly flaunts his flamboyant lifestyle."
"On his Instagram profile, Elmushraty describes himself as an entrepreneur, boxer, businessman, artist, events organiser and car lover." Image
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🧵Thread : La qualité vie des libyens, et un aperçu de l'économie libyenne sous Kadhafi,

un article commenté et traduit issu du site Libya SOS

#OTAN #Libye #kadhafi #WarCrimes #WarCriminal #Libya #CPI #Gaddafi
1/?➡️ Image
Quelques informations sur la vie en Libye avec le dirigeant Kadhafi:

1. L'électricité à usage domestique était gratuite
2. Les prêts étaient sans intérêt
3. pendant la période d'étude, le gouvernement donnait à chaque étudiant 2 300 dollars/mois
4. Chacun recevait le
2/? ⤵️
salaire moyen de la profession étudiée s'il ne trouvait pas d'emploi après l'obtention de son diplôme
5. l'État payait certains travailleurs pour travailler dans certaines professions spécifiques
6. chaque chômeur recevait de l'aide sociale 15 000/an
7. pour les mariages,

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⚡  Big Bear Russ Series ⚡
"Prepared to Checkmate"
🎼#USA,#NATO: President VVP-Putin mentioned that Russia hasn't even engaged with anything "Serious"as yet! Take that for real as the Russ Bear plays only #MAFO #Russia #Putin #RussianArmedForces
@313_ellia @360CNN… Image
⚡  Big Bear Russ Series ⚡
"Prepared to Checkmate"
🎼Combined Russian Military Aerospace Forces:
Su35-Flanker Cobra
Su57-Felon *Only 5th Gen. Capable of Dog Fights!
Su57-Fire Dragon Fury Sound
Su27- Rook
Keeping Underwater...A Quiet Surprise!➡️2of8,
#Pilots #FighterPilot…
⚡  Big Bear Russ Series ⚡
"Prepared to Checkmate"
🎼Combined Russian Military Aerospace Forces:
Aerospace Insignia
Russ Jets Fastest TakeOffs
Su57- Dazzling Capabilities
Su30-New Export Variation
Keeping Underwater...A Quiet Surprise!➡️3of8, #Syria
#Brazil #China #Africa :… Image
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Nine years ago, #RussiaIsANaziState attacked Jews of #Odesa.

Simon Wiesenthal became our map. On 24 February, full scale #RussiaIsANaziState invasion began that included targeting Jews, killing Holocaust survivors, destroying #Holocaust memorials and using Russian
Protocols of Zion propaganda again for another #Holocaust. Except Odesa Jews were ready. It will take lifetime #RussiaIsANaziState does not have to understand what we did to stop them. #RussiaIsANaziState is collapsing. We ensured it.

You Rashists are never killing Jews again.
Not another pogrom Image
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Stop 🛑 praising Gaddafi
Gaddafi helped train Charles Taylor in #Libya 🇱🇾 while he was already a known fugitive and wanted by #Liberia 🇱🇷 and Foday Sankoh.
Gaddafis ideas of Arab nationalism and revolution would ruin the lives of countless Africans.
#Africanhistory a Thread🧵… ImageImageImage
After mysteriously being released prison from the United States enroute to Liberia Charles Taylor went to Libya where he received training in warfare along with Foday Sankoh, the founder of the notorious RUF rebel group of Sierra Leone. ImageImage
Gaddafi backed these two people because he saw them as part of a greater scheme to attain Pharonic control of Africa, but Charles Taylor was difficult to control after he took over Liberia.

Politics aside Gaddafi armed rebel groups responsible for thousands of deaths. Image
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Syrian world war? Is the label correct? Or is it a Syrian revolution between the people and the regime? We will see that in this thread about the statistics of the number of foreign fighters who came to support the Syrian revolution and 👇1️⃣ Image
bring democracy from their countries full of "freedom", and others wanted to establish (the Islamic State)
An American document revealed that the total number of foreign terrorists who flocked to Syria reached 171,400, half of them from Arab countries, and 2️⃣👇 Image
that the Syrian army and its allies alone killed 51,910 of them, and 33,847 of them went missing.
As for a study by the European Ferrel Center, it found that the number of foreigners fighting in Syria from April 2011 until the end of 2015 reached 👇3️⃣ Image
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Looking at the networks that support #Hemedti in #Sudan, an interesting carousel emerges with the #UAE in the middle

Network-centric statecraft at its best, involving #Libya, #Wagner and the War in #Yemen Image
2) starting with the #UAE's direct networks to #Sudan & the #RSF, Abu Dhabi has set up a well-oiled network of companies and financial institutions to support #Hemedti to bring gold to market and manage personal finances…
3) The #UAE have provided arms to #Hemedti's #RSF in #Sudan since 2019 - recent evidence suggest as late as 2021…
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#Israel is mediating between the 2 Sudanese generals to reach a ceasefire, like asking the mouse to protect a piece of cheese. Where are #Africa leaders to intervene and prevent any non-African mediation?

Both generals will stop once one defeats the other = destroying #Sudan.
Hemedti met with Mossad several times, and Al-Burhan met with Netanyahu in Uganda. It is not in #Israel's interest to see #Sudan stable.
No ceasefire is expected to hold for long. The battle in Khartoum is over the airport, the presidential palace and the general HQ. People r caught and want to leave the city (5-6 million inhabitants) to safer areas. The medical system is collapsing, and bodies are in the street.
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Member of the Czech Senate Senator Jaroslav Doubrava has affirmed that the #US is directly responsible for inciting wars, sabotage and killing of civilians in #Syria, #Iraq, #Libya and #Afghanistan and other countries
"The list of countries which the US and its Western allies have worked to sabotage them is uncounted" Doubrava told Czech Website “iportaL24”, adding that what is happening in Ukraine came in the same context. Image
Doubrava indicated that the United States does not seek for any solution that ends the war in Ukraine, on the contrary, it is escalating the situation.
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🧵Thread : Assassinat de Mouammar Kadhafi : une opération visant à éliminer le dirigeant libyen, planifiée par l'OTAN

Article traduit et commenté issu du site Libya S.OS - War Diary 2011-12 - 3/12/2011
#OTAN #Libye #kadhafi #WarCrimes #WarCriminal #Libya #CPI #Gaddafi
1/?➡️ Image
Il y a quelques jours à peine, la secrétaire d'État américaine, Hillary Clinton, en visite en Libye, avait déclaré: “Nous espérons qu'il [Kadhafi] pourra être capturé ou tué bientôt."Combien de fois avons-nous entendu le ministre des Affaires étrangères d'un pays proclamer
que le chef d'un autre devait être éliminé? Un agent français derrière la mort de Kadhafi
Le journal italien Corriere della Serra, a rapporté, citant des sources diplomatiques dans la capitale libyenne Tripoli, qu'un assassin étranger avait tué Kadhafi… 3/?
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The #Chinese are getting ready, America is threatening you! #China

#Americans, get ready, the last money will be taken away from you soon! #America

Speaker of the US House of Representatives McCarthy said that "we must continue to sell weapons to Taiwan"
Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Kevin McCarthy, following a meeting with the head of the Taiwanese administration Tsai Ing-wen in California, declared the US commitment to developing ties with Taiwan.
#USA #China 👀 #Russia #Iran #Iraq #Syria #Libya
The US does not want the situation around Taiwan to turn into an armed conflict — Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress McCarthy.
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Refueling pump.
Efimov Boris Efimovich (1900-2008)

State Museum and Exhibition Center "ROSIZO"1968

#USA #Vietnam #LatinAmerica #Iran #Iraq #Syria #Libya #Ukraine #Taiwan .....


#America 💥 💣 #TheEndofAmerica Image
Reflection of old theories.
Federal State Budgetary Institution of Culture "State Museum and Exhibition Center "ROSIZO" #Russia

#Europe #USA #Ukraine Image
The birth of fascism
An American woman writes a letter to her beloved at the front, thanking him for a gift – the skull of a murdered Japanese.

The photo was published in LIFE magazine on May 22, 1944, USA.
#USA #America #Japan #japanese @threadreaderapp #KindlyUnroll ImageImage
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#Libya: A new decree (7/2023) from GNU headed by @Dabaibahamid allows local & intern'l associations to continue working only until they adapt their status to conform to the repressive Law 19/2001 on associations.1/3
Link to the proposed law:…
#Libya: Law 19/2001 is annulled according to the 2011 Constitution and Law 29/2013, yet still implemented. It facilitates drastic executive & internal security overreach into CSO activity, precluding an independent & free society 2/3
Link to proposed…
Only new legislation can guarantee civil society independence in #Libya. We call on the int'l community to pressure the Libyan authorities to adopt the draft Associations Law proposed by 60+ Libyan orgs instead of amending repressive, unconstitutional laws. 3/3 #StandWithCSOs Image
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.@IntlCrimCourt When are you going to start trying and condemning all the leaders who were involved in the invasion and destruction of Libya?
This is the legacy of these criminals…
EU supported rights abuse against migrants in Libya: UN

🗣️📢 @JosepBorrellF @EU_Commission
@vonderleyen this is the legacy of the "rules-based international order” from the "European Garden" to the " jungle" that you defend.…
@UN has warned that the #EU is providing support to organizations perpetrating rights abuse, including systematic torture & sexual slavery, against refugees & migrants in #Libya.…
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#British tanks gifted to #Ukraine will come equipped with controversial depleted uranium rounds, it has emerged.…
Russia's #Putin blasts #UK move to send ammo with depleted uranium to #Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned British plans to send tank ammunition that contains depleted uranium to Ukraine, saying Moscow would be forced to respond accordingly…
Speaking in London on Monday, Minister of State for Defence Annabel Goldie said some of the ammunition for the Challenger 2 battle tanks that Britain is sending to Ukraine includes armour piercing rounds which contain depleted uranium.…
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🧵 Thread : les circonstances inexpliquées de la mort de Mutassim billah Kadhafi, fils de Mouammar Kadhafi.

Qui sont les responsables ?

Article traduit et commenté issu du site Libya S.OS - War Diary 2011-12
#OTAN #Libye #kadhafi #WarCrimes #WarCriminal #Libya #CPI
"Le meurtre délibéré d'une personne en détention est une grave violation des lois de la guerre et constitue un crime de guerre qui pourrait faire l'objet de poursuites devant la Cour pénale internationale.
Les lois de la guerre obligent également les parties à un conflit à
fournir des soins médicaux aux combattants capturés." (Petit rappel) "Nous l'avons trouvé mort. Nous avons mis son corps et celui de (l'ancien ministre de la Défense) Abu Bakr Yunis dans une ambulance pour les emmener à Misrata", a déclaré Mohamed Leith commandant des forces 3/?
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1/ Reminder: Prior to 2011 #NATO War, #Libya had the Highest Standard of Living in Africa

By Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

In 2011, #NATO launched an illegal, savage attack against the country with the Highest Human Development Index in Africa. Let us see where Libya stands today.
2/ When #Cameron, #Sarkozy, #Obama, #Clinton and that sickening clique of #warmongering, interfering, imperialist thugs decided to attack Libya in 2011, in an attack planned and orchestrated for months in advance, they told us their fight was not against the people of #Libya.
3/ Looking at #Libya today, who were they fooling and who is suffering? Under international law regarding the scope of applicability, there are rules as to the wanton and brazen use of force turning a peaceful situation into an ongoing theater of conflict.
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The #Italian edition of #Il_Foglio, citing an intelligence report, reports that former #Russian President #Dmitry_Medvedev ordered the #Wagner #PMC to assassinate #Italian Defense Minister #Guido_Crosetto for $15 million.

On March 13, #Guido_Crosetto accused the #Wagner_PMC of
transporting migrants from #Africa, especially from #Libya, in retaliation for supporting #Ukraine #Crosetto called it a "hybrid war" waged by #Russian mercenaries and accused #Russia of wanting to harm some countries, especially #Italy, and of trying to influence
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The boat in distress at sea was known to the authorities and ended deadly. While the Italian government obstructs civil sea rescue, and its own Coast Guard is visibly overwhelmed, distress calls go unanswered. #Italy watched 30 people drown!
A thread

(1/8) Photo of the boat in distress. Text: "Italy watched the
Saturday morning, 10.32 am: 9 hours after @alarm_phone reported the first distress call, our Airborne crew sights the boat with 47 people on board. 2 minutes later, #Seabird2 sends a Mayday Relay to all stations. The coordinates are given. A rescue is urgent.

@alarm_phone Immediately two emails are sent to the Italian rescue coordination center in #Rome. As the boat is in the Libyan search and rescue zone, #Italy wants nothing to do with the rescue and refers to the so-called Libyan Coast Guard.

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Must Read 🟢
Death of a Myth

We are experiencing the death throes of the #US unipolar hegemony over large parts of world.…
"Until citizens begin to realize the magnitude of their govt’s policy deceptions, it will become increasingly difficult to understand the #US changing global position & adjust to the effects of the growing negative perception of our country held by many people around the world." Image
Since World War II, & particularly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US was the dominant & unrivaled world power. Instead of being a peacekeeper & honest “world's policeman,” the US has increasingly been a destabilizing bully.…
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