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#BREAKING: Al-Saqr (Falcon) Military Base of #IRGC backed #PMU (Hashd Al-Shaabi) in south of #Baghdad was targeted by four air-to-surface missiles. It is not clear who targeted the base, but it can be #USAF. Lots of secondary explosions are reported due to explosion of ammunition
Lots of secondary explosions is reported. Not clear how many #PMU militia members are killed or injured due to these massive explosions. Hashd Al-Shaabi is talking about mishandled weapons but locals are claiming it was a missile strike at the base.
Another video shows smoke plum over the Al-Saqr (Falcon) Mlitary Base of #IRGC backed #PMU in south of #Baghdad.
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In other news, #Iraq|i counter terrorism units stormed a #PMU/#PMF location today after recieving intel on a planned rocket attack against #Baghdad Airport. They arrested 13 members, along with rockets, IEDs and Sniper rifles. KH are now reportedly on high alert.
Pro-#PMU/#PMF Telegram channels are threatening a 24 hour deadline on the return of 13 arrested members.
Reinforcements have reportedly arrived in the Green Zone, #Baghdad, #Iraq after the raid earlier this evening
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The Islamic State published a new video a few days ago, entitled "Smite at the necks", through which it documented the organization's attacks within the Iraqi geography in the so-called battle of attrition which began two and a half years ago.1/15
#ISIS #USA #Iraq
This video carried many messages to us as researchers in the affairs of jihadist groups, which I will present in the form of points that may clarify the scene further to the reader on what is going on in #Iraq in particular and what may happen later.2/15
#ISIS #USA #Trump #PMU
First, the organization, through this video, tried to confirm the strength of its network, the strength of its institutions, and its ability to rise once, twice, three times, which was presented by recalling the period between 2009 and 2013.3/15
#ISIS #USA #PMU #Iraq #Syria
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Pakistan-China Industrial Cooperation #Thread


Pak-China Industrial cooperation, compounded with the guidance of Chinese experts, will provide an excellent opportunity for Pakistan to strengthen its industrial capacity & capability.…

CPEC's potential impact on Pakistan has been compared to that of the Marshall Plan by USA in post-war Europe. Analysts predict that CPEC will result in creation of upwards of 2.3 m jobs between 2015–2030, & add 2 to 2.5 % points to the country's annual economic growth.

The future of Pakistan lies in export led growth strategy, which makes development of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) vital to improve the country's capacity and to complement the export requirements.

#CPEC #IndustrialCooperation
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Initial report of an explosion in #Baghdad, #Iraq
Another explosion in #Baghdad and Basra, #Iraq
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⚠️INTEL: This release seems to indicate an attack by the Iran-backed Popular Movement Units (#PMU) on WASHINGTON, DC is being planned.

This seems to line up with other chatter
I hate having to rely on Google to translate ... but here it is with the rough translation
OR... it could mean they are threatening America generally, and just using the capitol name “Washington”

Either way, the PMU is planning further attacks. That’s the bottom line really.
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Statement from #Iraq|i PM:

Shortly after midnight on Wednesday 8/1/2020, we received an official verbal message from the Islamic Republic of #Iran that the Iranian response to the assassination of the martyr Qassem Soleimani had begun or It will start in a little while
Rough translation of the full statement, this was done via google. So it'll be slightly off but it gives you context.
It appears #Finland knew the strikes were coming, therefore I have no doubt the #US were completely aware of the incoming missiles, hence 0 casualties.
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Sirens have activated in the Baghdad Green Zone. 1 rocket has reportedly fallen there.

#Iraq #Iran #USA
3 Rockets have targeted Balad Airbase, north of #Baghdad, #US forces are based there.
Appears to be dual attack. 2 rockets reportedly fired towards the #US Embassy in the Green Zone, #Baghdad and the secondary attack against Balad Airbase. #Iraq
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BREAKING: Eyewitnesses just North of #Baghdad report two vehicles were struck by an air-strike targeted as they were transporting senior officials of #Iran-backed Hashd al-Shaabi (PMF) militias. No word yet on injuries or deaths. ...Developing...
BREAKING: Reports indicate that Shbl al-Zaidi, commander of Kataib Imam Ali militia, was the likely target of this US airstrike near Taji, North of Baghdad.
BREAKING: An Image of the two vehicles targeted by an air-strike moments ago.
#Iraq #Iran #IRGC #PMU
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#BREAKING: #USAF's MQ-9 Reaper drone targeted a convoy carrying several high ranking officials of #PMU (Hashd al-Shaabi) in #Taji, North of #Baghdad. Casualties are mostly among members of #IRGC backed Asaib Ahl al-Haq. It is not known whether Qais al-Khazali is dead or alive!
Not confirmed yet, but it is reported Shibl al-Zaydi, secretary general of #IRGC backed Kata'ib al-Imam Ali (#PMU's 40th Brigade) is among whom are targeted by the #USAF in this airstrike at #Taji, North of #Baghdad tonight!
#BREAKING: #PMU (Hashd al-Shaabi) confirms that six members of one of its Brigades are killed in the #USAF drone strike in #Taji, North of #Baghdad. They don't say whether Khazali or al-Zaydi are among them or not. #PMU claims that was a medical convoy!
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La ejecución de #Soleimani y lo que está ocurriendo en #Iraq...

Comencemos por el mítico general iraní Qasem Suleimani, un astuto militar del siglo XXI.
Soleimani nació en un pueblo de #Irán en 1957.

Durante la sangrienta guerra con Iraq, entre 1980 y 1988, se ganó los favores de la cúpula de la revolución que había depuesto al Sha, y recibió el mando de una división.
A partir de entonces, gracias a una combinación de experiencia en el campo de batalla, astucia y apoyo de las élites pasó a formar parte de la Guardia Revolucionaria, una rama de las fuerzas armadas con marcado carácter político al servicio del Ayatolá, y sus ideales.
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Breaking: Both @AlMayadeenNews & #Iraqi TV confirm the assassination of #IRGC #Quds Force commander, #Qasem_Soleimani & commander of #Iraq's #PMU (Hashd al-Shaabi), #Abu_Mahdi_al_Muhandis .
#Iraq #العراق
.2/ The consequences of assassinating #Soleimani & #Muhandis will be catastrophic for #Iraq, the region, as well #US & #Israeli interests in #Mideast.
#Iraq #العراق
.3/ The decision to assassinate both these commanders, is a clear #American message to escalate in Iraq & to draw #Iran into a military conflict.
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4 rockets landed at #Baghdad Airport

#Iraq 🇮🇶
As per @mustafahamaidhe,
US choppers have just scrambled from and are flying over the area.

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#BREAKING: #US Army Aviation UH-60M & CH-47F evacuated several personnel of #US embassy in #Baghdad. An AH-64E Guardian attack helicopter is also flying over the embassy ready to attack #IRGC backed Kataib Hezbollah if they attack the marines who protect the embassy from inside
Two #USArmy Aviation UH-60M utility helicopters followed by two CH-47F Chinook heavy transport helicopters transferred more #US Marines to the embassy and then evacuated unknown people from the #US embassy building in #Baghdad two hours ago. Here they are 👇
#USArmy Aviation AH-64E Guardian is flown from Camp #Taji. Armed with unguided rockets and M230 Chain gun, it is ready to provide close air support for the #US Marines who are now protecting the #US Embassy from danger of attack #PMU's 45th Brigade (#IRGC backed Kataib Hezbollah)
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Taking a brief foray back to Twitter to note the strategic significance of today's U.S. strikes on Kataib #Hezbollah in #Syria & #Iraq.

19 dead (incl. 3 #IRGC) & 35+ wounded is a major response by the U.S. - alike #Israel's retaliatory modus operandi - BUT note: U.S is exposed.
#pt: The U.S. government apparatus (esp. IC) has known for a long time - and feared - this scenario, whereby the death of an American would necessitate a serious response, which in turn would leave U.S. personnel in #Syria & especially #Iraq exposed to #IRGC counter-retaliation.
#pt: #IRGC-linked rocket attacks in #Iraq are hardly new, but the death of an American was.

Likewise, the death of 19+ KH fighters is new & a marked walk up the escalation ladder.

#Iran holds the cards now & re-escalation seems likely -- leaving #Trump in a position he fears.
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👀s On...
Official statement by the US Central Command on the airstrikes that were conducted against 5 Kata'ib Hezbollah facilities in Iraq & Syria.
A key Iraqi Hezbollah commander was killed in the airstrikes by the US Military.
Among the killed in US airstrikes pictured here is Abu Ali Al Khazali, commander of the first regiment, 45th #PMU Brigade

These US Airstrikes today were in Retaliation to the Attack in Iraq killing 1 and Injuring others 2 days ago...

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Breaking: #US Airstrikes on Hashd al-Shaabi Forces West of al-Anbar

According to reports, the US warplanes have targeted the positions of the 45th Brigade of Hashd al-Shaabi in the al-Mazraah area on the road to Akashat, west of Anbar province.…
The #US terrorist command in the region, #CENTCOM releasing a statement said that they attacked five positions of Kata’ib Hezbollah forces in Iraq and Syria.…
First images from the one of the bases which targeted by the #US warplanes
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#US forces have reportedly bombed the HQ of the militia of the #Hezbollah Brigades of the Popular Mobilization (#PMU) in the city of Al-Qaim, #Iraq. All US forces in the region are now on high alert for possible response.
#US military has carried out several "defensive strikes" against 5 targets in #Iraq and #Syria against Kataib #Hezbollah militia group (#PMU).
#USAF F-15’s were reportedly used in the airstrikes. Numbers of the death toll are currently mixed with nothing confirmed but the must consist one I’ve seen is 16 so far.
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#BREAKING: Largest ever attack against Oil facilities #SaudiArabia's #Aramco is carried-out by Loitering drones launched from #Iraq in support of #Houthi rebels in #Yemen. As its result two Aramco's facilities were hit 4 times in #Buqayq/#Abqaiq early morning. Here is the video
#BREAKING: According to a source from Royal #SaudiArabia Air Force, the loitering drones which attacked the Aramco's Oil facilities in #Buqayq/#Abqaiq early morning today are most likely launched from #Iraq & not by #Houthi rebels in #Yemen.It took 3 hours to control the fire👇
#BREAKING: Without the help of #Iran's Islamic Regime & #IRGC it is almost impossible for #Iraq's #PMU (Hashd al-Shaabi) or #Yemen's #Houthi rebels to carry-out such a massive attack at #SaudiArabia's Oil industry deep inside the country's territory in #Buqayq/#Abqaiq today.
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#Thread on the alleged Israeli strikes on #PMU bases in #Iraq
First Israeli strikes on #Iraq since 1981 major assault on Iraqi #nuclear facility Tammuz that ended the Iraqi nuclear program
The announced strikes or incidents are 3 till the moment, yet it's unknown whether there were more during the past few months. The Iraqi government seem to prefer ignoring the whole thing, yet the PMU deputy commander Abu Mahdi AlMuhandes was pushing for a clear stance
PMU commanders had a decision not to speak till yesterday, they were expecting a statement by the PM
@AdilAbdAlMahdi over the incidents, when this didn't happen #AlMuhandes issued his statement that infuriated the PM
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7. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq

#Iraq #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstChildren
1. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq 🤨👇🏼…
2. The legacy of US, UK, Australia, Poland and NATO in Iraq 🤨👇🏼
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After almost 5 years of fight, #ISIS "caliphate" has been eliminated from de map. Many actors have contributed in the liberation of an 300000 Km^2 zone between Syria & Irak : (1)
- #ISF / #PMU : 150214 km^2 (52 %) [#Coalition & #IAF]
- #SAA : 81950 Km^2 (28 %) [#RuAF, #IRGC & #PMU]
- #SDF : 44054 Km^2 (15 %) [#Coalition]
- #FSA /#TFSA : 8866 Km^2 (3,2 %) [#Coalition & #TSK]
- #KF : 4687 Km^2 (1,6 %) [#Coalition]
- #LAF : 350 Km^2 (0,2 %) [#RuAF & #LAF]
With the end of #ISIS "caliphate" the terrorist fight enter in a new phase in #Syria.
After loose control of the villages & towns militants will increase their presence as sleeper cells around the country as we see in #Irak. Nowadays many areas still have #ISIS presence: (3)
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The #SDF's proclamation of victory today against #ISIS's territorial Caliphate is a momentous occasion worthy of genuine celebration.

What was once a territory the size of the UK is now zero. That's no small accomplishment.

The #SDF lost 11,000 killed & 21,000 wounded.
#pt: After #ISIS's capture of #Mosul, its march south in #Iraq, expansion in #Syria & genocidal threats against #Yazidis in #Sinjar & #Kurds in #Kobani, the US mobilized the largest military coalition in modern history; 79 members.

Due in large part of @brett_mcgurk's hard work.
@brett_mcgurk #pt: As the #SDF has made clear, however, the counter-#ISIS mission must now shift to a new mission - the struggle is far from over.

The now-completed "clear" phase was the easy bit; the "hold" & "build" represents the huge challenge ahead, but our commitment is now in question.
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We started a new year (I hope the last) of the Syrian civil war. But 2017 has been the most important year & the result of inflection point of the war in 2016 with many political & military developments : (1)
The first military operation of #SAA was Wadi Bara (23/12/2016 - 29/1/2017) which finished with the evacuation of rebels from Wadi Barada & the North montainous area in the border with Lebanon. At the same time other forces advanced in E.Ghouta reaching some parts of Hazrama (2)
#SDF started the second phase of #WrathOfEuphrates operation on December securing the West flank of #Raqqa plains (3)
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