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This article is a good example of the campaign to #ForceTeam our movements of the past with global movements

They are attempting to hijack & co-opt our history
Here is another example of the desire to hijack any domestic political movement and turn it into an international movement where the needs of #ADOS are ignored
They admit that BLM (Movement for Black Lives) is an internationalist movement

They hope to exploit our people's domestic political movements to "remap America's place in the world"
#LineageMatters #ADOS Image
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Winston James explains how the Caribbean had a tiered system of racism with "Whites at the top. In the middle you had the Browns. And then at the bottom you have the Africans, the dark ones." 🧐

This is very different than the United States.
Basically, in the US system of slavery and racism mixed race lightskin and mulattos at the end of the day were still "negros" and in their system they were not.
This is why many Brazilians don't see themselves as "Africans" even tho Brazil imported the most Africans
Legally and socially, mulattos or "mixed people of color" were in a different social position than "Black" people in Jamaica, but the same is not true for the US. ImageImageImage
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Can we all have a serious bipartisan conversation around the history of immigration in America and it’s impact on #ADOS? The Immigration Act of 1864 was one of Lincoln’s most signature pieces of legislation prior to the #EmacipationProclomation of 1865.…
“This law legalized and bureaucratized labor recruitment practices similar to indentured servitude to encourage immigration to the United States and economic development.”
“Although many poor Europeans had arrived as indentured servants during the colonial period, the practice had ended in the 1820s.”Congress repealed this law in 1868 after protests by labor organizations.…
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The History of White People in America | Official Trailer via @YouTube
#ADOs #LineageMatters #ReparationNOW #HistoryofWhitePeopleinAmerica#AmericanHistory

How America Invented Race | The History of White People in America via @YouTube
“The American Slave Coast: A History of the Slave-Breeding Industry” Book Talk w/ Co-Authors Ned & Constance Sublette, via @YouTube
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The author of this article is participating in a complete erasure of American Descendants of Slavery and their accrued disadvantages in America. Barack had a $500K Trust fund.
Barack Obama may be descendant of first African slave in colonial America…
By way of his Mother..not his lineage as an #ADOS✊🏾. We have been here way before the Europeans from the “Old Country”. TheIrish were “Made White”.The Italian and the Jewishcommunities were “Made White” in JimCrow America. Racism is overt. #LineageMatters…
“Congress envisioned a white, Protestant and culturally homogeneous America when it declared in 1790 that only “free white persons, who have, or shall migrate into the United States” were eligible to become naturalized citizens”. #Separationists, #Segregationists, #sympathizers
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.@JoeBiden wrote the 94 "Biden's Law" that codified child separation policy for generations of Black/#ADOSFamilies, while his son was sucking on a crack pipe. #NeverBiden @claudiajordan @MsVivicaFox @TheRealLRaye1 @Syleena_Johnson…
.@BillClinton and @JoeBiden broke the black community. To this day, they nor @BarackObama, made any effort to fix what they broke, because it worked as intended. #NeverBidenNeverHarris #ReparationsOrDie #ShowUpVoteDown.
No matter how @TheDemocrats try to re-brand Joe Biden as a "civil rights leader", he is an ole school segregationist. That has not changed. #NeverBidenHarris #ReparationsOrDie
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There is an economic war being prosecuted against American workers through global wage arbitrage. The U.S. economy was hijacked & by globalists when Reagan ascended to power and broke the backs of organized labor. Successive administrations have proceeded apace.
It was executed by the BOTH corporate (they're corporations) political parties reaching peak treachery under Clinton. His administration unshackled monopoly finance through t/repeal of Glass-Steagall, ended limits on foreign & consolidated media (control the narrative) & telecom.
He did the mass immigration version of tariff reductions, stripping U.S industry ass-naked b4 putting it on the pole for de-industrialization & "global competition" (WTO); which was really the ownership class divesting of U.S. industrial preeminence for cheap Asian labor.
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Blacks have always practiced Group Economics. Mound Bayou, MS was founded by former Slave Benjamin Montgomery in 1867. It was one of the earliest Self Governing Black Communities in America. It covered 846 acres of land. #ADOSPolitics… @NPRmelissablock
The problem that Blacks have had throughout history is a lack of Political Capital that protect their economic interests. Mound Bayou, MS is a perfect example of why a political framework is so important. #ADOSPolitics @BennieGThompson @jerameyanderson…
To add context to the Political repercussions of not having agency, more than half of the 98% Black population in Mound Bayou, MS live below the Poverty Level. They have a population of 1,408.
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#ADOS 2020 Holiday Schedule - If we don't remember and celebrate our milestones and setbacks, no one else will. I'm asking that all #ADOS find a way in their communities/families to observe the following holidays. #LineageMatters
These are suggested days of observance & activities. It's up to each person, family & community to decide if & how they will observe and holidays. But we do think these are some of the most significant events that form the creation story of #ADOS Any suggestions? #LineageMatters
#ADOS January 1 - Emancipation Proclamation Day - Let's commemorate the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation (which we acknowledge didn't end Slavery for all) with communal gatherings and dinners to honor the past year and forge ahead renewed in the new year. #LineageMatters
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The debt is the debt. You don’t get to be against it based on a concocted worst case scenario. Was that ur response to the Jewish community, Bernie? And redistribution & govt protections would make #ADOS producers & owners, not just consumers.…
Do people think anti-Semitism is fixed by paying reparations to the Jewish community? Of course not! So why is Bernie pushing his “concern” that the government will give #ADOS $20k in reparations & say they’ve fixed racism? It’s ridiculous! #LineageMatters 🇺🇸
Any reparations plan would include more than just a check. It must be accompanied by action to make us a protected class, open up funnels to business capital that isn’t predatory, etc. And Jews who are descendants of Holocaust victims are still getting paid. Not a ☝️ time payout.
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“I find myself once again in the same position as President Obama,” McConnell told reporters. “We both oppose reparations. We both are the descendants of slave owners.”

And neither u nor Obama were #ADOS.…
Is it at least becoming apparent now how horrible Obama is/was for Black politics? This is a prime example of how Obama’s awfulness will be used as cover for white politicians into the foreseeable future. #ADOS 🇺🇸
Obama lived a white life. He wasn’t rooted in the cost of American chattel slavery & that accrued disadvantage. And those of us who are rooted in it are now paying the price 4 allowing Obama to cast himself as a member of our #ADOS tribe.
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FACT: Shirley Chisholm’s (nation's first black congresswoman) father was from Guiana, mother from Barbados 🇧🇧. And yet despite this she represented the interest of ALL people — including African Americans who trace their ancestry to the first slaves in the USA 🇺🇸.

Who is an ‘African American’? Definition evolves as USA does…
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Thanks to @sahilkapur for the quote. The ignorance and hostility is breathtaking. Let’s take this apart.

1/ Barack Obama was not Black America’s reparations, just as previous white presidents didn’t not represent a payment to White America

2/ Slavery was just the beginning of the cost to American Descendants of Slaves. We live with the accrued disadvantage from slavery/ Jim Crow /redlining / convict leasing etc. The past is forever with us. The racial wealth gap is the lens thru which we can easiest count that cost
3/ America didn’t try hard enough after the Civil War. Instead of redistributing land to former slaves, America gave power, resources & land back to Confederates. America failed. Not my problem. Fix it. #LineageMatters #ADOS 🇺🇸
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Stop looking forward to the “browning of America” as some kind of savior era bc 1) “Brown” people internalize white supremacy and express anti-Black bias routinely & 2) “Brown” people who emigrated here, as evidenced by Coates’ Obama interview, may feel #ADOS r not owed a debt
The way we flatten “brownness” is odd and, I believe, an intentional way of manipulating #ADOS politics. There is no solidarity around “brownness” anywhere. Groups are often tribal, or they form solidarity ideologically, etc, but a browner America won’t save us #LineageMatters 🇺🇸
In America, nearly all wealth is held in white homes, but globally, this shifts. There are “brown” multimillionaires and billionaires. And they’re no less ruthless than their white counterparts. Being “brown” doesn’t infuse a person with virtue. #ADOD #LineageMatters 🇺🇸
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So @ministter went on @amjoyshow to destroy the #ADOS movement. Ugh. So tiresome. But let’s do a thread to expose the ignorance.
1.@ministter U wouldn’t be up early in an ugly canary yellow shirt talking about reparations if it weren’t for #ADOS. We put #Reparations2020 on the presidential platform, not you. U don’t deserve a platform to speak. About anything. U haven’t achieved anything. U failed.
2. As the leader of a failed political tactic, u don’t get to criticize us @ministter. U get to sit on the sideline and observe #ADOS, the new wave of #reparations2020 advocacy. By what right r u on TeeVee?
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We are at the edge of something phenomenal when a conservative columnist opens the door to reparations. And as foundational as it was, that Coates essay was 2014. #ADOS have renewed, enlivened, and brought specificity and understanding, thru data, to reparations debate 🇺🇸
I appreciate the Coates essay for providing a mainstream foundation for the reparations debate in 2014, but everyone, including Coates, abandoned the real advocacy, data, and carving out of a specific group required to push for reparations legislation. #ADOS #Lineage2020 🇺🇸
The data and specificity of the designation of #ADOS as a specific group doesn’t get u a Coates genius grant; it gets you harassed and mischaracterized as xenophobic. But that’s the work @tonetalks and I have been doing for years now. It’s the sacrifice we’ve been making 🇺🇸
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#ADOS isn’t just a reparations movt, but a need for reparations explained thru the lens of historic income inequality & wealth calcification, and understanding that as whites r inheriting wealth, we’re inheriting the poverty of accrued disadvantage & bottom caste existence 🇺🇸
1) So the criticism of “reparations advocacy didn’t start with #ADOS!” is a misnomer. We never claimed that. But we did use the inequality work of economists like Piketty & Darity to show that money comes thru inheritance now, not labor & there is no catching up. 🇺🇸
2) We dealt a death blow to do-for-selferism, showing thru Darity‘s work & others that #ADOS disadvantage is not the result of cultural deficits & thus, cant be fixed through individual agency or effort.
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