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1) Litentry $LIT @litentry

Decentralized identity aggregation platform that enables users to create a unique identity.

Litentry allows creation of a DID – ‘Decentralized Identifiers’.

Litentry has created an Identity Hub that includes a solution called My Crypto Profile – MCP. Image
2) Litentry $LIT Founders

Founder of Litentry is Hanwen Cheng.

He was the vice president of Jingtum blockchain and spearheaded business partnerships alongside directing ecosystem projects of Jingtum.

#LIT #litentry #identity #blockchain #cryptocurrencies
3) Litentry $LIT How does @litentry work?

The solution offered by Litentry is split into two phases.

The first one is Litmus on the Kusama chain and the second is Litentry on the Polkadot parachain.

#LIT #litentry #identity #blockchain #cryptocurrencies #PolkaDot
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Piyasanın son günlerinde pump yapan coinler için kazandıran bir trade tüyosu anlatacağım, toplanın🙂

4-5 Maddelik bir flood olabilir.
Rt ederseniz herkesin görmesini sağlarsınız.

Başlıyoruz 🙂👇
1- Coinleri bulmak için çok bir uğraşa gerek yok.

Binance yükselenler bölümünü açıp ve vadelisi olan coinleri mercek altına alıyoruz. Daha sonra bunları gün içerisinde izlemeye başlıyoruz.
2- Mutlaka tradingview kullanın. Pc yoksa mobil uygulamasını indirin. Borsanın grafikleri sizi yanıltır.

Devamında bu coinlerin neden yükseldiğini anlamaya çalışacağız.

Haberle mi?
Teknik olarak mı?
Shilleyen fenomen mi var?

Bize teknik olarak yükselen coin lazım!
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Gm, frens ⚔️🔥
Today, I have an overdue, but nonetheless EPIC story to tell…
One that should give us ALL hope about the future of this grand #Web3 experiment. And for the future of humanity. 🙌
My story begins in fear, anger, and raw depression… 🧵 👇👇👇
11 days ago, March 2nd, 2022, started off like a typical wednesday morning. I was driving my 2 oldest elementary aged kids to school. 🚙
As usual, we were jamming out and singing along to the Pokémon theme song 🎶 (their current fav). Just enjoying being their fun dad ❤️
After dropping them off and finally arriving at my office parking lot, I did what any true all-in #NFT art loving Degen would do… 🤷🏻‍♂️
I opened discord to drop some love and GMs on my frens!
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Runboat is a Kubernetes operator. It deploys, monitors and undeploys resources necessary to run live Odoo instances. It is written in Python. Here is an overview of the technologies I used to create it - with a screencast at the end. 1/10 🧵👇.
First is #kubernetes itself. It provides an ubiquitous API to manage deployment resources. Runboat sets custom labels and annotations to store metadata. Using the powerful k8s watch mechanism, it can react to events happening in the cluster. The perfect tool for the job. 2/10
Then there is #python, 3.10. Using type annotations to improve code readability and catch occasional bugs. asyncio provides robust, lightweight concurrency. It is amazing how far modern Python has gone while still being recognizable as the same language it was 25 years ago. 3/10
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Do you spend a lot of time thinking about the intersection of tradition and K-pop? Well, I do. It is because of releases like this. #강민수 #AQUINAS
And of course this powerful video that dropped earlier this week: #StrayKids #소리꾼 #스트레이키즈
Because of government sponsored fight songs like this #PSY #Korea
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A 5 or 10 bagger with ~90%+ chance of success, but a zero in failure? Statistically good odds. Sounds too good to be true.

Complicated but hear me out…
Prairie Mining ($PDZ), listed on ASX, LSE & WSE. Was trying to develop coking coal assets in Poland…
change of government in 2015 and from there it became impossible to get approvals to progress development…
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“Vegas is so over rated, not recommended” UNTIL YOU STEPPED OFF THE STRIP! A thread of BLACK Vegas+ more:
This is going to be a list of shit we locals do + some tourism ideas..

The city begins to really pipe up Thursday’s. But I’ll start with Taco Tuesday *for anyone coming during the week* and I mean you could literally try **SOME** of these places just don’t expect ALOT of ppl.
Taco tuesday:
Lit atmosphere *expect to call for wait time*— friendly environment, vibes, music, BOMB authentic Mexican food:
Pinches Tacos — The Gramercy
9205 West Russell Road, Suite #190, Las Vegas, Nevada 89148, United States
Tue 09:00 am – 11:00 pm
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📣 New! All the Ways to make a Web Component - May 2021 Edition!

🤯 With 55 Web Components libraries compared
⌨️ Code styles
📊 Bundle sizes
🏎️ Performance

All compared in one article!

More details in thread below ⤵️ #webcomponents #webdev…
The new #Lit 2.0.0rc is in! @buildWithLit
With some sweet bundle size improvements over `lit-element` Image
#Prism compiler by @kaleidawave
Creates 0 dependencies components, goes straight to the top in single component bundle size. Image
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En cuanto al proyecto de @litentry , el cual me gusta mucho personalmente, podemos ver que su gráfico de #LIT / #BTC pinta bien, aunque aún no ha roto el triángulo al alza. Estaremos pendientes en las próximas horas/días. Image
Añadir que tiene un Market Cap de 177 $ M. Pequeña capitalización para ser una cripto, lo cual presenta un mayor riesgo y mucha volatilidad. Este tipo de alts que tengas en tu portfolio no deberían ponderar demasiado en mi opinión.
Aclarar como siempre que esto sólo son análisis técnicos de posibles movimientos futuros, que puede ocurrir o no, y están basados en mis propias opiniones. Nunca son recomendaciones de inversión.
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GHF Portfolio 2020/21 squad
Pot 1. Covid beneficiaries &/ or lockdown resilience
#WEY see thread for rationale...
I’ll post Pot 2. tomorrow & my first portfolio performance update for 2020 at end of week...after all, only 8mths gone!!!😳 Image
#BOKU Rationale:
(1) Strong H1 with TPV +35% (2) Largest DCB payments company & recent acquisition of Fortumo cements global leadership (3) Op gearing emerging (4) Identity side set to scale FY21 (5) New e-wallets provides access to 2bn potential customers with nil in forecasts👇🏻
#EKF Rationale:
(1) 4x “ahead” trading updates in FY20 (2) Strong B/S & cash generation (3) Excellent management (4) Primestore collection device in significant demand for COVID testing (5) Value of #RENX stake (5) Possibility of further upgrades in FY20
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I wrote a proposal for @uscensusbureau inspired by @JColeNC song ATM - more info coming today.
We are excited to announce the launch of @BOOMConcepts ' Count It Up campaign in partnership with the @uscensusbureau
@BOOMConcepts Count it Up 2020​ draws small parallels to how the census is a "count it up" moment for individuals and can help steer funding to communities that take part.
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Feels like an opportune moment for an evergreen Police Brutality Thread Alert 🚨... #GeorgeFloyd #BLM #SayHisName #ICantBreatheAGAIN
Circa October 2014: Racism and Darren Wilson Supporters: Not a Coincidence. | via @docrocktex26…
Circa October 2014: "He Reached for My Gun," and Other Fantasies Invoked by Police Who Kill Unarmed Black Men | via @docrocktex26…
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