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The Unlikely Cannabist.

My journey into medical marijuana & what I’ve discovered.

This will be a long thread! Lol
#Weed #MedicalMarijuana #420Girl #BrandiPics
Why Medical Marijuana?

So Chris, who had a heart attack back in 2006 had some troubling bloodwork come back a couple months ago. The doctors put him on some medications that don’t play well with alcohol.

And that sucks lol!

As y’all know we LOVE our wine & tequila

So if Chris can’t drink for the next 6 months to a year .. I decided to stop as well (at least when we’re in the same room /place) ❤️😀

Shockingly (to us) his MD recommended medical marijuana.

#Weed #MedicalMarijuana #420Girl
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I came across this receipt last night & noted how strange I thought it was that Freedom and Liberty Fund PC would "Rent PO Box" from "Election Management Solutions".

Well this Committee happens to be #JasonBrodeur's just created in Feb 2021. @LeaLovesUSA
Freedom and Liberty Fund's Registered Agent: Richard Coates, Treasurer: #NoreenFenner PAC Financial Management - submitted their "additional address" in April 2021.
Contributions coming in from TECO Energy, Dosal Tobacco, & RSA Consulting
Expenditures same as receipt above.
The Big Three combined to less than $100 raised, but more than $7 mil spent.
Appears the committees hoping to shape Florida’s gambling laws on 2022 ballot went all-in in June, as finance reports covering last month show little in the way of contributions.…
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JT Burnette told FBI agents he helped Florida lawmaker box out competition in #medicalmarijuana law

While on the stand in his own defense, Burnette tells prosecutors recorded conversations were just bravado /1
A conversation between Tallahassee businessman John "J.T." Burnette and undercover FBI agents recorded five years ago seems to confirm what some Florida politicos and marijuana lobbyists have been saying for years. /2
That former state Rep. #HalseyBeshears, R-Monticello, stacked the deck in favor of an application his brother and the spouse of his childhood friend, Burnette, had submitted to the state for one of five licenses to grow and sell medical marijuana. /3
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#BallardPartners #MedicalMarijuana
DBL Ventures
Banking policy & reg; medical marijuana policy
*NEW* June 1, 2021 to present
Issues: Gov Issues, Financial Institutions/Investments/Securities
Spending: $10,000+/-
Agencies lobbied: U.S. Senate, House of Representatives #MattGaetz ImageImage
DBL Ventures LLC

Not exactly sure what they do, but brand new with #MattGaetz guy listed on the lobbying paperwork. ImageImage
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1.“What if I could get you on a private trip to Bahamas next week w/congressman #MattGaetz & #HalseyBeshears,” Pirozzolo wrote in a msg reviewed by @Jason_Garcia

“Obviously this is a very very private deal,” Pirozzolo wrote to the investor. “No pictures. Etc. Very private.”
2.That September 2018 getaway is now reportedly part of a federal investigation into allegations of sex trafficking and public corruption that has its sights on Gaetz, Beshears and Pirozzolo.
3.According to a report by CNN, investigators with the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section are examining the trip as they hunt for potential “pay-to-play” arrangements involving the trading of gifts for influence over medical marijuana policy.…
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HI - Question here

Are we curious at all about this Liberate Florida PAC & it's potential #MedicalMarijuana connections? Because maybe we should be curious about that.
@Jason_Garcia @JeffWeinerOS @LeaLovesUSA ImageImage
Particularly because:

Liberate Florida PAC, run by Andrea Roca signed paperwork on 06/29/2020, and was received on 07/06/2020 & created.

While Liberate Florida, Inc. was effective w/Corp Div on 07/06/2020
LiberateGLV, Inc. was set up 06/08/2020
@Jason_Garcia @JeffWeinerOS ImageImageImageImage
Or possibly that #AMMPA, the co. that #JasonPirozzolo started, (when his friends in legis wrote a last min amendment to require an MD so he could start AMMPA) had #liberatewpb #liberatefl at Cannabis Conference in Miami w/#MattGaetz? or #BrianMast & celebrating the legis? ImageImageImageImage
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Jason Pirozzolo is buddies with Bermann. Standby for more.
#JasonPirozzolo discusses #MattGaetz and his push for legislation regarding research and #medicalmarijuana. Funny considering the Libertarian disdain for research.
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I think we all know why #DeathSantis IGNORED the Seminole County Tax Collector's Office.
It was to be him & Patronis' Blockchain baby.
#Corruption #FloridaSwamp #medicalmarijuana & #cryptocurrency
#SamuelArmes & #JoelGreenberg were partners in #GBS Government Blockchain Systems. Armes was given access to DeSantis through Greenberg, Gaetz and Pirozzolo to pitch Blockchain, which led to executive orders & the Florida Blockchain Task Force.
The gangs all here kids!
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We're about to start the public hearing on Sen. Tim Melson's medical marijuana bill at the state house this morning. There are a number of amendments that are being prepared and five speakers for and against the bill so we'll be here a while. #alpolitics
Sen. Cam Ward is having a field day with the jokes this morning. We're starting with Sen. Melson first and then starting on public hearing.
Melson says there would be an avenue to let outside providers into the state. Ward says he has a number of amendments coming dealing with issues from employers. #alpolitics #medicalmarijuana
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Not having enough evidence to show a medication works does not mean that a medication doesn't work. @NICEComms clearly need to work with more courage, compassion and commonsense. #r4today #MedicalMarijuana #MedicalCannabis #ChronicPain
Paul Chrisp is being disingenuous when he says GPs can still prescribe medicines not recommended by @NICEComms. In practice most GPs won't prescribe 'off menu' because they depend solely on NICE for their knowledge of medicines, or supposedly are afraid of prosecution. #r4today
Another example: many ME patients and non-NHS specialists report that Low Dose Naltrexone has an anti-inflammatory + immunomodulatory effect yet patients rely on private prescription to obtain it. @NICEComms is too slow and inflexible to add LDN to its guidelines and...
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The House Approps Cmte now takes up HB 7117, the #MedicalMarijuana bill that would put a 10% cap on THC in smokable marijuana, among other things. #FlaPol
Bill sponsor @isayray said research backs putting a THC cap on smokable bc higher THC may cause psychosis in some patients. #FlaPol
@isayray Rep. @isayray mentions other states have THC caps; NJ also has a 10% cap, for example. "We're just following the science," he says.
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THREAD - To my Twitter friends, especially in Florida, I need your help.

1) I have been given the opportunity to direct and produce an interview with Nikki Fried, the Commissioner of Agriculture of Florida.

#MedicalCannabis #MedicalMarijuana #Florida Image
2) Her office is the agency in charge of medical cannabis in the state. I am compiling a list of questions that I want to ask her during the interview. I need your help ensuring I get answers from her about how the medical cannabis industry is being run and regulated in Florida. Image
3) AFIK, Our state is the only one which is using a vertically integrated system and it has led to the prices of Florida cannabis to be the most expensive in the country. Most Florida patients are the elderly on fixed incomes. I want to know what she intends to do about it. Image
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The FL House has gone into floor session to consider the Senate's measure repealing and regulating smokable #MedicalMarijuana in the state.
The news starts ... right now.
The Senate's #MedicalMarijuana bill - by @JeffreyBrandes - is now on the floor, having been substituted for the House measure. #FlaPol
@JeffreyBrandes Rep. Ray Rodrigues (@isayray) is going over the bill's particulars, which include that minors can't smoke unless they're terminally ill. #FlaPol
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The @FLSenate now is debating and will vote on its amended bill to allow the smoking of #MedicalMarijuana as requested by @GovRonDeSantis
@FLSenate @GovRonDeSantis Sen. @Rob_Bradley says it's time to move the MMJ smoking debate from Tallahassee to doctors' offices around the state. #FlaPol
@FLSenate @GovRonDeSantis @Rob_Bradley "It's in your hands now," Bradley says. "It's medicine – treat it as such" and act in "your patient's best interests...Take seriously your oath to do no harm." #FlaPol
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House Approps Cmte gavels in to consider the chamber's version of #MedicalMarijuana smoking legislation for 2019. #FlaPol
.@isayray presents the bill, which has a 33-page strike-all amendment. #FlaPol
@isayray The usual suspects who support and oppose MMJ smoking are in attendance. #FlaPol
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Health Quality Subcommittee chair Colleen Burton kicks off a roundtable on #MedicalMarijuana saying "Today's a new day." Interim Office of MMJ Use Director Courtney Coppola now presenting. #FlaPol
Coppola now talking off a series of slides, which are here:
Rep. Kim Daniels asking about the legality of #CBD products being sold in stores. "People are buying it and being stopped by police." One person she knows of was told his possession was "felony level." #FlaPol
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A Senate panel will now take up a bill by @JeffreyBrandes that would repeal the state ban on smoking #MedicalMarijuana
@JeffreyBrandes Sen. @dennisbaxley starts the pushback, asking about packaging and dosages, which @HealthyFla hasn't yet issued rules on yet. For now, it's up to a prescribing doc. #FlaPol
@JeffreyBrandes @dennisbaxley @HealthyFla Asked if there is any other medicine that is smoked, Brandes said the people in approving Amendment 2 OK'd this, mirroring what at least one court and @JohnMorganESQ have said. #FlaPol
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Well now: @mattgaetz says he was wrong when he supported a smoking ban on #medicalmarijuana
@mattgaetz .@JohnMorganESQ repeats his support, admiration for @GovRonDeSantis at #medicalmarijuana press conference. #FlaPol
@mattgaetz @JohnMorganESQ @GovRonDeSantis .@GovRonDeSantis says state law on #medicalmarijuana not working, announces he will file for 'stay of decision' on smoking ban appeal till #FLLEG acts - if they don't, he will drop appeal. #FlaPol
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Just in: @GovMaryFallin says NO special session will be called to address #sq788, which legalized medical marijuana Tuesday.

@HealthyOklahoma will create emergency rules to implement, but this removes the potential for #okleg (this year, anyway) to severely rollback the new law
This likely was a smart political decision for #okleg Republican incumbents who still have to face a run-off or general election challenge.

Even the perception of undermining the law could've caused major blowback when pro-marijuana voters head back to the polls
One of the biggest changes that #okleg could've made in a special session would be restricting those eligible for medical marijuana to those with a set of "qualifying conditions" #SQ788
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