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I’m stuck in A Hard (painful) Place.
#MultipleSclerosis ->Miserable Pain, Spasms.
#Cannabis brings Me Pain Relief w/o Narcotics. Doctor certified, Card Carrying #MedicalCannabis Patient Virginia x 3 yrs. Home delivery in VT. Can’t buy any here. @GlennYoungkin please don’t ban.
All I can do is write my heart out, old Nurse, I worked everywhere.
Now I am “merely” an MS Patient.
I do know Medical Revolutions, Innovating happens
Then all at once.
Judicious application of public discourse/education helps uncover all the lonely people in pain.😢
Many States Legalized and are Taxing Sales of Cannabis-Medical and or Recreational. The New Bagmen & Bagwomen are Corporate Cannabis Growers & Government reaping Sales income & Taxes. Kickbacks?
Washington DC-Lawmakers can kick back anytime. I woke up at 3 am. Pain never sleeps😢
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People think “Hospice” when they hear #Palliative Care. Neither term understood. Nobody feels comfortable with Death, Dying or Moaning in Pain. No Doctor is Comfortable saying, There’s nothing more we can do. My latest battle #MedicalCannabis is Sort of legal in Virginia.
For me, Cannabis offers a state of less pain and feeling better. Legislators and Doctor Governor @RalphNortham allowed bizarre restrictions like no dispensary near me, 4 plants per Household, no matter size of household, can’t buy it. Can’t have more than 1 ounce.
Now Electronic Vaping products might be outlawed? I recently discovered Delta Effex Delta 8 and Delta 10 with Terpenes. The day Cannabis went legal in VA, July 1st 2021, I put down my pipe and picked up my Delta Vapor. Excellent effects! ⬆️ energy ⬇️Pain.
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@RepSpanberger @MarkWarner @timkaine @RalphNortham I have suffered without #MedicalCannabis since moving to Virginia 3 years ago from Vermont.I have Severe Pain from #MultipleSclerosis I got a Medical card here but no product available. Finally finding relief with Delta 8 and 10.
A Local Vape vendor had some crude version, but still effective. I looked for better Therapeutic Products, Better Prices. I found… A Great product. First time I haven’t had bone crushing pain.I ordered more. It’s expensive. It’s worth it.
Today I found out Lawmakers are promoting Ban on Mail order Vaporizer products. @UPS And @FedEx are following suit. The one Non-Narcotic, most effective pain relief I have found and they are in California! All I can do is tweet because the Comment period has conveniently passed.
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Thank You @JordanTishlerMD for your information on #MedicalCannabis
Also for consultation with me. You helped me 👍🏼
Virginia USA Today Quasi legalized it with many hoops, scarce availability and prohibitive pricing. Is this Really what the Doctor ordered? @GovRalphNortham ?
I have a card.
3rd year.
No access.
Can have 4 plants, not 5.
My need far from recreational.
I have distressing symptoms of the #MonSter known as #MS.
All the lines of this complicated bill translates to money transfer
And micromanaging.
Too many details to go one by one.🙄
My Poor Doctors I Love at @UVA Hospital couldn’t quite grasp the #MedicalCannabis Application. I didn’t push it. In my experience working many years with Neurologists, they run Hot and Cold on using Cannabis for #MS symptoms. Don’t ask. Don’t tell.
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As soon as I saw Virginia, I knew it was a Hyper-Micromanaging bill.…
Protects Business Cultivating/selling
Scares People trying to get #MedicalCannabis
Criminals don’t care Re: regulations
Virginia legislature calling #Cannabis “Marijuana’ 1st mistake
Virginia Pain Report.
When. July 1st rolls around,
Virginia quasi-legalized a Plant 🪴
I will still be in Pain
I call it “The Rack of #MS

Bill Doctor, @GovernorVA signed
Is So Micromanaging
That #medicalcannabis will Not be Available to me
Not be Affordable 😢… better have another coffee ☕️ before reading this tome. I keep waiting for #Disability Advocates to weigh in. This bill is too complicated. Medical Cannabis taking a back seat, no, put in the trunk. No access for Patients.
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Offering Information without Endorsing is ok. Anecdotal Affirmation from other patients, support group is not Your responsibility but could help your patients live with the MonSter more peacefully.I’m smoldering away on daily Glatopa since 2007. No relapses since.
Physical-Cognitive Ever so gradual decline. On disability from 35 year nursing career.I started by keeping journals. My daily observations, appointments,summaries, status.Writing things down helps incorporate them into your reality. Nobody Wants to be disabled. Denial comes easy.
People/Things that Help:
Significant other, Fred ❤️ in my case.
Neuro Team I can easily communicate with, an MS Center.
Having a home, disability income, insurance, medications, pill organizer, Routine,mail order,Rest when I need to because no point in fighting Self.#autoimmune
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1. The momentum behind the campaign for #MedicalCannabis in #Ireland has been growing over the last few weeks (thread)
2. Since the beginning of the #covid19 pandemic, the HSE has organised the delivery of the medicine from the Netherlands to patients who hold the licence in Ireland. However, this will stop once covid restrictions are lifted.
3. @veras1 has been trying to contact the Minister for Health @DonnellyStephen for months to ensure permanent delivery of Ava's medication. But to date she has not received a call back or even a date for a meeting.…
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Unfortunately in USA 🇺🇸 different States have different Laws and Availability (or level of forbidding). My #Pain from #MultipleSclerosis is equally difficult to explain. My response to #MedicalCannabis is Very positive and a Very Effective Pain agent.Vermont: I got home delivery.
In Virginia I got a card a year ago for “low thc oil only”. Not one dispensary open for“Cannabis Lite”. Can’t get a Drop! My Doctors at UVA not allowed to certify I have Severe Pain from Multiple Sclerosis. Had to pay @Veriheal 🙏🏼❤️ for Doctor. Our @GovernorVA is a Doctor....
Federally Cannabis is scheduled as equivalent to Heroin.
@LevarStoney trying to get Law here changed to make Cannabis responsible use Legal in Virginia. Imagine not having criminal records for a substance Legal in Washington DC (residents only!) I hurt.
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@JCarrollFoy I appreciate your advocacy for laws around #Cannabis I ask you to consider reviewing #MedicalCannabis laws. I have had a card a year and no access at all. Restrictions: Low THC oil only, no reciprocity in neighboring states,No dispensary open.
I have daily Moderate to severe pain from Multiple Sclerosis. My Doctors at UVA are not “approved” to certify I have pain. I have to pay a Doctor from Veriheal to certify me, pay for a license and have no access. The Pharmacy board said all the rules are legislated. I am in pain.
In Vermont I had access to a variety of options,dispensary that offered discreet home delivery,my Neurologist said she would rather have me use Cannabis than Opioids and I agree!
I don’t know who to turn to. I saw your biography and hoped you might help us out here.Thank You 🙏🏼
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I appreciate your gradual and cautious acceptance of #MedicalCannabis. There is research out there.@JordanTishlerMD @Veriheal @Peter_Grinspoon my go tos for info.Virginia made strange laws and no product.Vermont where I moved from it was all legal.
My neurologist said she’d rather I vaped Cannabis than take opioids. I agreed. Now about Doctor note 📝 Yearly + $50 to the State saying I have extraordinary pain from Multiple Sclerosis.Every Year. I have Pain Every Minute.
Respectfully You do not deal with the pain, the MonSter, Every Day. In Waves, going under, coming up for air in gasps. You, Doctor who I Know Cares a Great Deal about fighting MS, You Help Us Deal with Pain. You Help Us. Don’t think 👍👎🏼 on Pot.Think Which Strain is best 4 What?
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The name Marijuana has a “reefer madness “ association.
I’ll use the name Cannabis.
Cannabis has THC and CBD along with other therapeutic properties I find very effective for relief of Pain and Misery of #MultipleSclerosis Unfortunately Federal government says it’s like heroin 🤨
In Vermont, it was initially legal to buy #MedicalCannabis with a $50 card and note from my Doctor, a Board Certified Neurologist who said she’d rather I use Cannabis than use #opioids for my extraordinary pain and suffering. Every year $50 and a note saying I have MS.
Meanwhile, down at the Dispensary, the nice bud tenders laid out the 3.5 gram packages. $50 each. I was stunned. “A nickel sack?” The kid didn’t even know what I meant. I relented, bringing cash because the bank wasn’t allowed to be used due to Federal regulations.
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Not having enough evidence to show a medication works does not mean that a medication doesn't work. @NICEComms clearly need to work with more courage, compassion and commonsense. #r4today #MedicalMarijuana #MedicalCannabis #ChronicPain
Paul Chrisp is being disingenuous when he says GPs can still prescribe medicines not recommended by @NICEComms. In practice most GPs won't prescribe 'off menu' because they depend solely on NICE for their knowledge of medicines, or supposedly are afraid of prosecution. #r4today
Another example: many ME patients and non-NHS specialists report that Low Dose Naltrexone has an anti-inflammatory + immunomodulatory effect yet patients rely on private prescription to obtain it. @NICEComms is too slow and inflexible to add LDN to its guidelines and...
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THREAD - To my Twitter friends, especially in Florida, I need your help.

1) I have been given the opportunity to direct and produce an interview with Nikki Fried, the Commissioner of Agriculture of Florida.

#MedicalCannabis #MedicalMarijuana #Florida Image
2) Her office is the agency in charge of medical cannabis in the state. I am compiling a list of questions that I want to ask her during the interview. I need your help ensuring I get answers from her about how the medical cannabis industry is being run and regulated in Florida. Image
3) AFIK, Our state is the only one which is using a vertically integrated system and it has led to the prices of Florida cannabis to be the most expensive in the country. Most Florida patients are the elderly on fixed incomes. I want to know what she intends to do about it. Image
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Even with the problems with this study
It’s the only kind of research allowed
Until the Government accepts people in Severe Pain need research studies in Every State USA 🇺🇸 regarding
decent pain medication options besides street #Opioids
Developing specific ratio of CBD TO THC
@JordanTishlerMD could design a study.
Legislators need to throw out their hunger for taxation,and investment options. @HHSGov needs to support Patients with Severe Pain to obtain affordable #MedicalCannabis and eliminate state rules like yearly Doctor’s note saying we have pain.
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1️⃣ Glossary: Bring your own cannabis #BYOC
Or Cloud ⛅️😎
#patient experience is not scientific by itself
I agree retrospective studies will not be easy
Especially with so many patients buying Street #cannabis
Now #medicalCannabis legalized in some states
Can studies ask?
2️⃣ Are you Using?
Does it Help?
Are you giving blood for research anyway?
Why not screen for levels?
Correlate with Symptom relief?
I have recently had 12/10 to 15/10 pain.
That does quite a number on my well being, mood, sleep, function, relationships. A Silent Scream 😱
3️⃣ Is my brain MRI the only way to monitor my
#MultipleSclerosis ?
Or is a more Comprehensive approach needed?
My Cervical spinal cord was sliced as if by a knife.
Spasms continue, haze in my Optic Nerve persists.
If I Slept better, would that lead to better disease management?
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What a debate! Well done, @KansasStateFair!

We're proud to support @gregorman, not only the Independent choice, but the best choice to lead ALL OF KANSAS into the future.

And thank you to everyone from #teamorman!

ICYMI: Our recap ⬇️ #ormanforkansas #ksgov #ksleg
To open, Greg lamented the two decades of decline that has occurred at the hands of Republican AND Democratic administrations:

"Kansas used to be a leader—a place that other states looked to for inspiration. But now we're a cautionary tale, and both parties are to blame."
With 27 years of experience turning businesses around while giving employees the confidence and stability they need to build their best lives, Greg is ready to do the same for Kansas.
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@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser #ACMPR highlights #WeedLikeToKnow :
- limit of <30-day supply or 150g
- LP delivery by mail only, no retail point of sale
- medical doc lasts 1 year
- storage limit (to be removed soon with #CannabisAct )
- Soon, might be able to transfer from one licensed producer to another
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser #CannabisAct Bill #C45 removes #cannabis from #cdsa, separate act will be created for regulation of cannabis
- Can grow up to 4 plants (debated) in dwelling
- legal limit up to 30g in public
- anticipate royal ascent by end of June, coming into force Sept/Oct 2018
@ShawnMcGuirk @CFAMMcan @mcgillu @santecannabis @trinafraser There is still reluctance in prescribing #MedicalCannabis, and there is lack of point of sale (still will have to be by mail), excise tax and HST/GST upcoming, lack of drug plan coverage.
#WeedLikeToKnow #SPEforum
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