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Fort -Manimajra Earlier Punjab Now Under Capital and UT Chandigarh
@CHDTourism @ChandigarhSmart @AwesomeChd

Ruins of Only Fort of Todays Chandigarh Capital of #Punjab and #Haryana
#Manimajra #FortManimajra #Chandigarh #ChandigarhTourism #Heritage ImageImageImageImage

#Jatt Chief Sardar Attar Singh Dhillon of #Manimajra who was the Chief of Faridkot State forces and #PrimeMinister to H.H Bijendra Singh and H.H Maharaja Harinder Singh #Brar of #Faridkot. Circa 1936 Image
The present condition of the #ManimajraFort is not good and it is deteriorating day by day. The premises is being used as a playground or for parking vehicles by people living in the adjoining area. The walls are decaying and #weed growth is visible on the walls ImageImageImageImage
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@Claudiusseidl "Der Grund war der, dass es eine fremde Droge war, illegal eingewandert aus dem Osten, undurchschaut, unverstanden und unberechenbar in ihren Wirkungen."
Der Einstieg ist ganz ganz rechtes Feuilleton. Cannabis Sativa indica war ab 1876 in den Apotheken als Medizin verkehrsfähig.
@Claudiusseidl Vorher war es frei erhältlich, bis Kaiser Wilhelm der Wasweisichwievielte es in de Hand der Apotheken gab, gesetzlich.
Wie es auf der von dir beschriebenen Konferenz zu einem Verbot von #Cannabis kam, ist einen genaueren Blick wert.
Und dann wird es wild.
@Claudiusseidl "Von der Droge ging eine Gefahr aus, die allein mit medizinischen Kriterien nicht zu messen war."
"Dass Haschisch die Mordlust wecke und die Gewalt befördere, erzählte man sich in Europa schon im Mittelalter,..."
Ja, und diese mittelalterliche Sicht willst du auf uns übertragen?
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Just made pixel art guys 😄 Image
Thank yoyiu guys for the support I love old consoles and nintendo. Heres a small gift for being so nice. #8bit #Awesome #Weed Image
wgait do you guys think im actually serious
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This is what'cha do in a fast moving fire. You grab whatever you can, load livestock in & get them out of there. THAT is the important thing...not how they're delivered to the evac location.
#MillFire #Weed #Siskiyou #NorCal
Whether it's chicks/ducks, sheep, calves to evac but all rescue groups are busy? If you have a pickup, van or even a car you can get them to safety this way... I swear! #Usewhatyouhave

#MillFire #Weed #Siskiyou #NorCal Image
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Part 2

In the urgency of fires, there's a lot of pressure. You already know what you need. Documents, passports, vax cards, cash, clothes etc. But what really are the essentials to you. The things that matter most.
#MillFire #Weed #Siskiyou #NorCal
I know it's overwhelming so close your eyes, clear your mind & ask what's really important. You'll be surprised what pops to mind.

#MillFire #Weed #Siskiyou #NorCal
The teddy bear you slept with as a child.
The necklace your mom wore on their wedding day
Your dads favorite watch

#MillFire #Weed #Siskiyou #NorCal
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Prep to go...
Charge cell phones, pack chargers
Include power pack/solar charger [if you have 1]
Pets! Take your pets
Gather meds, insurance papers, passport, vax cards...
#NorCal #Weed #Siskiyou
If there's time take quick vids of all rooms in home. Open drawers/closets. Mention any upgrades. Do the outside of home, all sides. Don't forget sheds/garage take pics/vids there too. Outdoor patio stuff.
#MillFire #Weed #Siskiyou #NorCal
Include a quick overview of whatever you have in your sheds or garages, 4 wheelers, patio furniture, BBQ grill, landscaping. Quick vid covering it all.

This is for insurance should you need it. You'll have it documented.
#MillFire #Weed #Siskiyou #NorCal
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For those who'll be needing this. Remember evac livestock early. Don't wait to be told... less stress for the animals/horses.

Large Animals

Siskiyou Fairgrounds
Use 250 Sharps Rd to enter

#NorCal #Weed #MillFire #Siskiyou
Dog Shelter

Rescue Ranch
2216 E Oberlin Rd

#NorCal #Weed #MillFire #Siskiyou
Cat Shelter

Siskiyou Fairgrounds Armory Building
1712 Fairlane Rd

#NorCal #Weed #MillFire #Siskiyou
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Once @greenheart_cbd integrates #weed and includes a tokenized discount use.

The internet will break

Dispos tax bud heavily, as new states legalize

Any dispo can join the tokenized model and gain all that traffic from their area

Where my stoners at?
Currently we have #tokenized discounts for #CBD products.

40% off paying with the $CBD token

50-90% off when holding an #NFT

(May or may not be the same with weed)

Opening a #GreenHeart dispo with all these new features presented to the world…

Network Effect 📈 $CBD
All revenues from token use, are kept in token payouts i.e #staker rewards, farmer payouts, dispo payouts.

Revenues can make a good argument for token appreciation.

P/E Ratio analysis

This is one tiny shard of $CBD, join the Tele for future discussions
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The Unlikely Cannabist.

My journey into medical marijuana & what I’ve discovered.

This will be a long thread! Lol
#Weed #MedicalMarijuana #420Girl #BrandiPics
Why Medical Marijuana?

So Chris, who had a heart attack back in 2006 had some troubling bloodwork come back a couple months ago. The doctors put him on some medications that don’t play well with alcohol.

And that sucks lol!

As y’all know we LOVE our wine & tequila

So if Chris can’t drink for the next 6 months to a year .. I decided to stop as well (at least when we’re in the same room /place) ❤️😀

Shockingly (to us) his MD recommended medical marijuana.

#Weed #MedicalMarijuana #420Girl
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#WeedAppreciationDay 🍃🍀
ప్రధాన పంటను నష్ట పరిచే ఇతర గడ్డి మొక్కలను కలుపు అంటారు. కలుపు వలన చీడ పీడలు పెరుగుతాయి, అంతేకాక ప్రధాన పంటకు అందవలసిన పోషకాలను ఇవి స్వీకరిస్తాయి, తద్వారా పంట దిగుబడి తగ్గుతుంది.

చేతితో ఏరి వేయుట ద్వారా కలుపు నివారణ:- Image
పంటలో అంతర కృషిగా కలుపును ఏరి కలుపు మొక్కలను నాశనం చేయటం ద్వారా కలుపును నివారించవచ్చు.

దుక్కుల ద్వారా కలుపు నివారణ:-
నాగలి ద్వారా, లేక గొర్రు ద్వారా దుక్కి దున్ని పంటలో అంతర కృషి చేయట వలన కలుపు నివారించవచ్చు.
మందులతో కలుపు నివారణ:-
పంటలో కలుపు మందులను కొట్టడం ద్వారా కలుపు మొక్కలను నివారించవచ్చు.

ప్రకృతిలో, ఖచ్చితంగా పనికిరాని మొక్కలు ఉండవు, మరియు సంవత్సరానికి మన పొలంలో లభించే అత్యంత హానికరమైన కలుపును లాభం కోసం ఉపయోగించవచ్చు..
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💥He recopilado las 69 MEJORES EMPRESAS que lo pueden hacer mejor en los próximos años💥
👉Descripción, precio, crecimiento, características y valuación de 5 años en un sola página⚡️
🔥SUPER hilo desglosado en sectores🔥
El informe completo en mi web
16 sectores con mucho potencial:
1 Base de datos🖥️
2 Internet💻
3 Games / Streaming🎮
4 Fintech💸
5 Impresoras 3D📟
6 Evs🚗
7 Semiconductores🔌
8 Drones🚁
9 Realidad virtual📺
10 Software💽
11 Renovables☀️
12 IoT📠
13 Telemedicina🩺
14 Medicina🧬
15 Ecommerce🛒
16 Cannabis🍀

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#Wonk warning: a #thread on social cost of #carbon (SCC). We at @CVEPLLC expected @JoeBiden not just to reinstate higher SCC in his #dayone #climate order but also to look at incorporating #environmental #justice into it.

He did, and it matters. #OOTT /1
Background: when #federal #agencies write rules, they try to maximize net benefits or minimize net costs.

The goal is that adding up all benefits for (and costs to) society + all costs to (and benefits for) regulated parties should be > 0. /2
In this context, SCC offers a way for agencies to “monetize” societal benefits of #climate rules. Oversimplification version: Benefit = (tons of GHG avoided) * (SCC, in $/ton). There are couple of quirks, tho. /3
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#DeepikaPadukone: #No_Hasty_Actions_Please

Warning: #Hash_tags in this article are purely coincidental and aren't meant to be taken seriously. Do not Google their meanings. You will end up on same page.
While the whole Hindu Right Wing is baying for Deepika Padukone's blood, I have a different take. I cannot shun this responsibility to post my thoughts about Deepika. I advocate no #Hash_Tea actions against her. Let me elaborate.
We should never forget Deepika is a woman of #substance. She is made of sterner #stuff. She's managed to create her own identity away from her father's shadow and done her best to #weed out nepotism in cinema field.
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Many people I know complain about the loud, boorish coverage of the #drugcase being probed by #NCB. We have written several articles on the subject without the lies, hearsay and mind-numbing nonsense. Do read and share the thread. Will keep adding as we write more. @thenewsminute
#Drugscase: #WhatsApp issues statement on chats being leaked. To get its hands on the chats, the #NCB is said to have cloned the mobile phones of those questioned.…
How #NCB retrieved #WhatsApp chats allegedly between #DeepikaPadukone and her manager
WhatsApp chats reportedly by #RheaChakraborty, Deepika Padukone and many more have surfaced in the last few weeks.…
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The #Crop #Diversity #Experiment funded by @snf_ch can show first results available on @biorxivpreprint. First year results from #Switzerland show 21% and 44% increases in yield in 2- and 4-species #mixtures, respectively. Yield benefits in Spain were 3% and 13%. (1/5)
In a first study we can show that these yield benefits of #intercropping are not due to reduced #weed pressure. Weed abundance was related to crop yield, but not affected by crop #richness, but rather by the presence of #cereals (2/)… @LStefan_AgroEco (2/5)
A second study shows that increased crop yield in mixtures is both related to positive #sampling effects of tall species and positive #complementarity effects through more efficient #nitrogen use… lead @NadineEngbersen (3/5)
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Weil mal wieder behauptet wird, der #Weedmob verharmlose das #Cannabis und würde die Risiken unterschlagen, ein paar Worte dazu:
Da ich seit meinem 15ten Lebensjahr mit wenigen Unterbrechungen konsumiere, sind mir die Höhen und Tiefen des Konsums sehr wohl bewusst.
Ja, es gibt Probleme, wenn Ungeübte KonsumentInnen #Weed mit hohem #THC Gehalt als Einstieg konsumieren, es gibt Probleme, wenn Leute im Rausch gestresst werden, durch Polizei, Eltern usw. es gibt Probleme mit fehlender Qualitätskontrolle und -sicherung, und der Jugendschutz,
wird durch das Verbot nicht gewährleistet.
Da die Forschung zu #Cannabis hierzulande seit vielen Jahren systematisch unterdrückt und behindert wird, gibt es kaum sicheres Wissen. Auch ein Problem.
Dies alles aber auf die Substanz zu schieben, halte ich für kurzsichtig, und
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An dieser Stelle nochmal ein Thread von mir zu den in manchen Medien massiv veröffentlichten "Berichten" und Artikeln zum Thema #Cannabis und Psychosen.
Mit der neuen Bundesdrogenbeauftragten, Frau @DaniLudwigMdB geht eine Welle von Artikeln und Reportagen einher,
@DaniLudwigMdB die die Behauptung aufstellen, Cannabiskonsum könne Psychosen auslösen, dafür erschreckende Beispiele finden und den hohen #THC Gehalt im sog. "Turbo Cannabis", welches in dubiosen Laboren von verrückten WissenschaftlerInnen designt wurde, verantwortlich machen.
Das Framing läuft wie folgt: da der #THC Gehalt im #Weed im Vergleich zu den 70ern um ein "Vielfaches" gestiegen ist, kann das "moderne" und "hochgezüchtete" Cannabis Psychosen auslösen, die besonders junge Menschen in Gefahr bringen.
Darum muss es verboten bleiben.
Wer anderes
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ELECTION NIGHT THREAD: This will be my thread for the night, starting with this great story from @katherinemiller, with its hour-by-hour accounting of what is going on tonight and when it's (likely) going to happen.…
And ... polls are closed in Kentucky and Indiana.
NOTE: As happens every election, there'll be a couple polling places/counties in several states that stay open later due to issues from earlier in the day. So, check your specific county/polling place if you need to vote! For ex, Monroe County in Indiana:…
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