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#Cannabis: Do you really know what you take?

A thread… #CannabisCommunity

Do you know that cannabis plants are used for both recreational and medical purposes? The legal use of cannabis, however, varies from one state to another...
So before indulging yourself, it is quite necessary you confirm the legality of #cannabis in your current state.

Products that contain cannabis are made from the dried flowering tops, leaves, stems, and seeds of the hemp plant.
Medical Uses Of #Cannabis

From intensive research, cannabis or its products have been found useful in the management of medical ailments below…

- Chronic pain in adults
- Some symptoms of multiple sclerosis
- Nausea and vomiting
- Insomnia
- Anxiety
- Low appetite, etc
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The Unlikely Cannabist.

My journey into medical marijuana & what I’ve discovered.

This will be a long thread! Lol
#Weed #MedicalMarijuana #420Girl #BrandiPics
Why Medical Marijuana?

So Chris, who had a heart attack back in 2006 had some troubling bloodwork come back a couple months ago. The doctors put him on some medications that don’t play well with alcohol.

And that sucks lol!

As y’all know we LOVE our wine & tequila

So if Chris can’t drink for the next 6 months to a year .. I decided to stop as well (at least when we’re in the same room /place) ❤️😀

Shockingly (to us) his MD recommended medical marijuana.

#Weed #MedicalMarijuana #420Girl
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🌿 Announcement! Our subsidiary 7 Point Financial has established two important partnerships with @growthport and Canna Pax Solutions. Read more in the PR below! @alkabadshah $RNWF #Fintech #metaverse #crypto #hempfiber
@Growthport @alkabadshah 1/6: 7 Point Financial is pleased to announce two strategic partnerships. Partnership 1 is with the technology and consulting firm @growthport. $RNWF @alkabadshah #fintech #cannabiscommunity
2/6: 7 Point Financial is pleased to announce two strategic partnerships. Partnership 2 is with Cannabis consulting company specializing in financial solutions Canna Pax Solutions $RNWF @alkabadshah #fintech
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Right now: @DCMJ2014 are inflating a gigantic “joint” on Capitol Hill.

They plan to hold a protest advocating federal cannabis legalization today until 4:20pm, when a “direct action” is expected to take place.
Legalization advocate @aeidinger tells congress to vote on marijuana legalization or we will “vote and weed you out!”
The #Cannabis activists are now marching with the joint in front of the congressional offices.

A “joint session” so-to-speak.
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Proviamo ad analizzare il confronto tra @Perdukistan e @paoloramonda di oggi ad @Unomattina 😅 le opinioni sono sacrosante, ma cosa dicono i dati? 👇 continua a leggere...

#ReferendumCannabis ✍️
#StopFakeNews ⛔️
#CannabisLegale 📚
#SpiniNelFianco 🤷‍♂️…
Il tema che abbiamo toccato con il #ReferendumCannabis è molto popolare – @perdukistan

✅0.5M firme in 7 giorni è un risultato senza precedenti anche grazie *anche* alla firma digitale!…
✅Nessuno vuole che chi usa o coltiva la #cannabis finisca in carcere (...) o con un procedimento penale – @perdukistan

Nel 1993 il referendum per l'abrogazione delle pene per detenzione ad uso personale di droghe leggere ebbe un esito positivo, con un 77% di partecipazione.
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Bırakın $ırıngaları da Avrupa'da en fazla kenevir ekili alan niçin ve nasıl Fransa'da ona bakalım..
Keneviri de Fransa'yı da anlatılmadığı gibi anlayalım.
#oxygen #oksijen #PCR #maske #testkiti #ECS #EKS
#Anandamide #hempoil #cannabisindustry #cannabisculture #CannabisCommunity
1- Bugün İstanbul Lisesi olarak kullanılan Düyun-u Umumiye Binası'nın ana kapısı. Düyun-u Umumiye (Düyun-u Umumiye-i Osmaniye Varidat-ı Muhassasa İdaresi), 1881-1923 yılları arasında Osmanlı İmparatorluğu'nun iç ve dış borçlarını denetleyen kurumdur.
2- Navarin Bozgunu, Osmanlı ve Mısır donanmalarıyla, birlikte hareket eden Britanyalı, Fransız ve Rus donanmaları arasında; 20 Ekim 1827 tarihinde geçmiş olan bir deniz muharebesidir. Bu muharebe Osmanlı tarihinde , Navarin Baskını veya Navarin Faciası adlarıyla da geçer.
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Thank God @amazon @JeffBezos are way bigger than little old #MS riddled me, sometimes in a heap of hurt, no, that’s HURT 😢
I’ve written letters that never are answered…
Now found and prefer Delta 8, 10 to Cannabis for Symptoms.
So imagine my surprise as Virginia USA Quasi-Legalized a measured amount of Cannabis, There are New Laws and Regulations (feel the price of a nickel sack go astronomical) in pipe-line.
Banning Post office from delivering vaping products, and Other carriers will be banned too 🤔
Ahhh, I get it, the Legislators formulate their law building by the forces of Money Flow. Delta Effex developed and makes a Superior Hemp Product (legalized under Farm Bill). THC<0.3%. With #Terpenes that promotes, for me, less pain, more active, feel Better ❤️‍🩹
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.@CityofMonterey is really trying to sell the public (because the council has made up its mind), on the safety of legal marijuana sales.

Look people. Sales of marijuana IS safe.

The people you (city officials) are jumping in business with are the problem. It isn't the 420.

It's beautiful to again watch @MontereyPolice gloss over organized crime within Monterey County marijuana.

Hober's report is embarrassingly unprofessionally. It's about as good as former Salinas Police Chief Louis Fetherolf's "state of the city" report a bunch of years ago.

IT WAS SO BAD (Salinas) the officials scrapped the entire report and redrew the parameters & tone. It was a white wash.

Y'all locals know who the Senior Deputy City Attorney was then?

Christine Davi - is the current city attorney for Monterey.

@HaffaAlan I just saw your
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Decarbing dabs/concentrate for the first time 😁 anyone got any tips? 🙏 I’ve put it in the oven at 120c gonna give it half hour and check on it 🤞 #CannabisCommunity #dabs #concentrate #cannabis #edibles
Not quite ready yet I don’t think 🤔
Nearly ready 🤞
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Solid tip from solid citizen of #MontereyCounty @mcgreevy99 - this case is now in your neck of the woods. Alleged torts and other bad acts in a civil case that started in MoCo and was ordered transferred to Los Angeles by Judge Marla Anderson.

And it involves #marijuana.

Monterey County is desperate to keep #CannabisCommunity cases out of the news.

In part because the @FBILosAngeles AND @FBISanFrancisco are looking into public corruption allegedly taking place here, with very well known public figures.

(1) John Phillips

(2) Luis Alejo

(3) Plasha Will

(4) Jimmy Panetta

These are just a handful of public officials caught up in an increasingly strident campaign to get. them. out. of. trouble.

Monterey County has a long history of public corruption, illegal drug trafficking with foreign nation states
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FYI: Reports that a marijuana research bill may come to a floor vote next week may not be true. It's listed on the House docs site, but I just heard from a reliable source there might have been a clerical error. Waiting for further confirmation one way or another. #cannabisnews
UPDATE: the Medical Marijuana Research Act has been removed from the "may vote" list. Still no word from House leadership but this seems to confirm what I was told about it being an error. #cannabisnews ImageImage
NEW: Hoyer’s office confirmed the medical marijuana research bill is not on the floor next week. #CannabisCommunity
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One interesting factoid: this poll shows that a majority of Democrats and Republicans support the #MOREAct, but not independents.

47% of independents and third party voters strongly or somewhat support the bill, 24 % are opposed and 29% are undecided. #cannabiscommunity
Methodology: The poll was conducted by @Justice_Collab — an advocacy organization that supports marijuana legalization + record expungement — and @dataforprogress. Their polling is usually pretty solid. They polled over 1200 ppl and the margin of error was +/- 2.8 percent.
Also important: this poll asked a *detailed* question about the MORE Act (I saw the crosstabs from the poll). It outlined the different things the poll does, including expungements, taxes and the grant program. That's important - it goes beyond just asking y/n on legalization. Image
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This 🧵 is about the @DNC's platform vote on cannabis and why I will not back down in my support of legalization even though my Party did not vote in favor of legalization.

#Marijuana #MarijuanaJustice #cannabis #NCpol #CannabisCommunity #Cannabisnews #USpolitics #DNC #DemCast
On July 27, the @DNC voted against an amendment to its official 2020 policy platform. This amendment would've supported the legalization of medicinal & recreational cannabis across the country; however, it was sharply rejected with a sweeping 50-106 vote.
Now that the @DNC Convention is set to begin next week, on August 17, I felt it pertinent to speak out against this vote which I feel is not reflective of many members of the Democratic Party, nor of many candidates who are running on the Democratic ticket this fall. #Cannabis
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