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Thank you Tampa @MomsDemand volunteers for hanging out tonight!!! #flapol
Deanna Joseph in Tampa partners with @MomsDemand through her foundation and the organization Circle of Mothers. #flapol…
.@JHforFL is a @MomsDemand volunteer and teacher who’s running for a seat in the statehouse: #flapol
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I don't want to bury the lede:

@FlaDems have outregistered the @FloridaGOP in cycle to date.

The @FLSecofState released book closing numbers for the 2020 cycle to date. And for the first time we have an accurate read of registered voters in the state. #FlaPol
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All year, news outlets ran stories @FloridaGOP was out-registering @FlaDems. But they were using incomplete data.

Now, for first time, we have full picture w/ all data. Dems have a 280,000 registration edge over @FloridaGOP. It was 263,000 in 2018. #FlaPol
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This is the 1st time in nearly a decade @FlaDems have GROWN our margin over the @FloridaGOP

And we aren't stopping. With 100+ field staff and thousands of active volunteers, we are building the electorate we need to win, not accepting the one we have. #HowWeWin
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.@GovRonDeSantis announces new website for coronavirus updates, says there are no known cases in Florida.
@GovRonDeSantis .@GovRonDeSantis says @CDCgov has told him Florida is at "low risk" for coronavirus.
@GovRonDeSantis @CDCgov .@LtGovNunez at press conference says anyone suspected of coronavirus can be evaluated in "any local hospital ... we're doing everything in our power to be prepared."
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To date, Florida taxpayers have funded $2 million in gun supplies for the Guardian program. No school shootings have been stopped, but two educators pawned the guns and body armor they were given.
Thanks to Florida @MomsDemand volunteers, the largest school districts in the state opted out of the Guardian program and over 90% of students don’t have armed teachers in their schools.
This just in - THREE Florida employees responsible for school safety have now admitted to pawning their weapons for cash. #flapol

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#StudentsDemandAction today announced its 2020 National Advisory Board, made up of 18 student leaders and gun violence survivors from across the country. There are already more than 350 chapters and active volunteers in every state.
The Board includes: Juliana Simone Carrasco, a high school senior in Miami, Florida, and co-founder of the Miami chapter of Students Demand Action, one of the first Students Demand Action chapters. #flapol
Neuteyshe Felizor, a junior at George Mason University, and a leader with the Washington, D.C., chapter of Students Demand Action.
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People watching at Jesse Panuccio's marijuana & the law lecture, about to begin @FSUCollegeofLaw
Sec'y of State Laurel Lee, former DEO director Cissy Proctor, former 1DCA judge/lobbyist Paul Hawkes, Senate counsel Jeremiah Hawkes, state Solicitor General Amit Agarwal. #FlaPol
@FSUCollegeofLaw Also seen: one of the att'ys to @GovRonDeSantis, Nick Primrose; Shutts partner Dan Nordby; Tallahassee Circuit Judge Stephen Everett. #FlaPol
@FSUCollegeofLaw @GovRonDeSantis Also spotted: finalist candidate for @1dca_flcourts Rachel Nordby. #FlaPol
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Governor, Cabinet now take up interviews for chief DOAH judge. First up: DEP att'y Kristen Bigham. Her appplication is here:…
Sorry, make that "Kristin."
.@AGAshleyMoody asks her if most of her work was in contracts and procurement. She says yes, about 50% of her practice over her career, 100% now. #FlaPol
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MORE SEPARATED CHILDREN: A 12yo Bahamian girl was separated from family at a South Florida airport after fleeing the destruction of Hurricane #Dorian and was sent by #immigration officials to a Miami Gardens shelter for abused or abandoned children.…
When the girl and her godmother arrived in West Palm Beach, U.S. Customs and Border Protection transferred them over to Miami International Airport and ultimately separated the pair because the woman wasn’t the child’s biological parent, the girl’s mother.

The 12yo is being considered an “unaccompanied minor” because she wasn’t physically accompanied by her biological parents.

@MiamiHerald reports that the girl was NOT released to her “biological aunt, who had come to pick her up at the airport, custody.”

#flapol #immigration
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More kinda big news from greyhound racing world:
Longwood FL City Manager J.D. Cox announced Sanford Orlando Kennel Club property has been sold to Wood Partners Group "for a mixed-use development to go there."
"We're thrilled that that's occurring," he said.
The news, which seems to have not been reported anywhere (correct me if wrong), was announced at the end of last Monday's City Commission meeting.
Mayor @BPmattmorgan called the track "a very important property."
@BPmattmorgan The sale, however, should come as no shock: Amendment 13, passed last year, bans dog racing by the beginning of 2021; besides greyhounds, Sanford Orlando does not have a card room or slots. #FlaPol
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A Florida man was arrested for threatening a mass shooting at the Steak 'n Shake he was recently fired from. After his arrest, the 26-year-old surrendered an AR-15 and multiple magazines under a risk-protection order. #flapol…
A risk-protection order, or RPO, is a petition that removes an individual’s gun rights for one year. The orders are part of the sweeping gun safety bills passed in Florida in 2018. In Florida, RPOs can only be filed by law enforcement officers or law enforcement agencies. #flapol
The man was charged with threatening communications, a felony. Records show he was released on $10,000 bond on Saturday. Because Florida doesn’t require background checks on unlicensed gun sales, he could buy a gun - no questions asked - via an online or gun show transaction.
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FL House general counsel Adam Tanenbaum about to argue at @1dca_flcourts on motion to intervene in medical marijuana case. #FlaPol
@1dca_flcourts House has "legally cognizable interest" in case bc it touches on how state will regulate MMJ in context of 2016 state const'l amendment. #FlaPol
@1dca_flcourts Judge Makar notes that effort to intervene did not come until litigation was already a year old. Tanenbaum says court has allowed intervention in other cases that came even later. #FlaPol
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Courtney Irby, the Florida woman who took her estranged husband’s guns and turned them over to the police, will be charged with trespassing (a misdemeanor) instead of theft and burglary (felonies). But the men in charge continue to fail her. #flapol…
State Attorney Brian Haas claims the case is about a messy divorce as opposed to a domestic abuse victim fearing for her life. Despite filing an aggravated battery charge against Joseph Irby for hitting his wife’s vehicle with his car a day before her arrest.
Haas said he would leave it up to a family court judge to make decisions about property ownership - in other words, Joseph Irby still has his guns. And Courtney Irby’s misdemeanor charge still carries a maximum penalty of six months’ probation or 60 days in jail.
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Watching the #DemDebate with Miami @MomsDemand volunteers. #flapol
Four of the mothers here had kids at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland on February 14, 2018. Some are Republicans, some are Independents, some are Democrats. ALL are in favor of gun safety. #DemDebate
Another mother, Omorose Butler, had her 17 year old stolen from her during a driveby shooting in Miramar one year ago. He would be turning 18 on July 1. Sherita Small’s son was shot and killed in front of his home. Neither murderer was caught. #flapol #DEMDEBATE
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There’s a reason the officer’s first instinct was to arrest Courtney Irby rather than addressing the real danger: a domestic abuser’s access to guns. For decades, the @NRA has worked in Florida to intimidate law enforcement from enforcing gun laws that save lives. #flapol
Under Florida law, law enforcement is authorized to seek a risk protection order from a court to temporarily remove firearms from a person who poses a serious risk of causing harm to themselves or others from having firearms. Why didn’t they do that in this case?
Last session, @MomsDemand supported a bill sponsored by Florida Rep. @AnnaForFlorida to prohibit people convicted of misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence from possessing guns, and require those convicted to relinquish their guns to law enforcement.
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.@PolkCoSheriff: Why didn’t you file a risk protection order in this case to remove a domestic abuser’s guns instead of charging a domestic abuse victim with armed burglary for turning in the guns of someone posing a danger to her and their child? #flapol…
.@PolkCoSheriff: In 2018, Florida lawmakers passed a risk protection order law. In Florida, a law enforcement officer or agency can file a petition for a risk protection order to remove guns from people who are a danger to themselves or others. #flapol
This Florida mother and domestic abuse victim was jailed without bail until today. The man she’s divorcing - who has assaulted her physically and made verbal threats - will be let out of jail on Saturday with full access to an arsenal. #FlaPol
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Revenue Estimating Conference is beginning, starting with Lottery warning label bill carried over from last time. #FlaPol
Gina Ballard, the @floridalottery's chief accountant, sticks by a best case/worst case scenario for losses caused by having to put warning labels on lottery tickets/promo material. Those numbers are... #FlaPol
@floridalottery ... $24 million low estimate loss for the trademarked games like "Wheel of Fortune." Some players may stop buying scratch off tickets altogether bc of their "brand loyalty," Ballard says. #FlaPol
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The state's revenue estimators are now considering the impact of a bill passed this session mandating new warnings on @floridalottery tickets. #FlaPol
@floridalottery Lottery officials say there is currently no legal mandate to put warnings on tickets, though they do promote responsible play. #FlaPol
@floridalottery The new bill (HB 629) calls for warnings to say either “WARNING: LOTTERY GAMES MAY BE ADDICTIVE” or just “PLAY RESPONSIBLY.” #FlaPol
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The 'celebration of life' for Sandy D'Alemberte at @floridastate Ruby Diamond auditorium has begun with a piano rendition of "Young at Heart" by Velma Frye.
@floridastate FSU prez John Thrasher smiles and tells the crowd at D'Alemberte's celebration of life, "I'm going to try to get through this." #FlaPol
@floridastate Thrasher mentions the "Shell lunch bunch" that D'Alemberte used to have lunch with, mentioning a popular Tally spot, including longtime attorney Duby Ausley. #FlaPol
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An investigation by @TheFlaBar of Congressman @mattgaetz over a tweet aimed at former @realDonaldTrump attorney @MichaelCohen212 now has been forwarded to a grievance committee. #FlaPol
@TheFlaBar @mattgaetz @realDonaldTrump @MichaelCohen212 A spokeswoman for @TheFlaBar says "no other information is available other than the status at this time." (Gaetz is a Florida attorney.) The inquiry had been at staff level for months. #FlaPol
@TheFlaBar @mattgaetz @realDonaldTrump @MichaelCohen212 The investigation was prompted by a complaint filed in February, still being held confidentially by @TheFlaBar.
Background here:…
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Last year, Florida @MomsDemand volunteers convinced the top 17 school districts, representing 80% of the student population, to opt out of a program to arm non-educational staff. If DeSantis signs a new bill allowing teachers to be armed, we’ll get them to opt out again. #flapol
Tell friends and family in Florida to sign this open letter telling @GovRonDeSantis to VETO SB 7030, which would arm Florida's school teachers with guns. He has 10 days to do so.

Add your name now: #Flapol #DontArmFLTeachers
Regardless, we’ll stop this dangerous policy in-district if not in the statehouse. Sarasota, Hillsborough and Pinellas districts have already said they’ll opt out of arming teachers.

Join us to help get this done: Text ACT to 644-33.
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Remember 2015: The GOP-controlled House unilaterally adjourned 3 days early over a Medicaid expansion-related impasse. Senate Democrats went to the Supreme Court to get them back. They lost.
1/ #FlaPol
Now: @GovRonDeSantis hints he will call Special Session if Senate doesn't finish review of his suspensions of Broward Sheriff Scott Israel, Okaloosa School Sup't Mary Beth Jackson by Sine Die next Friday.
2/ #FlaPol
@GovRonDeSantis It's clear the Senate won't have time to resolve both cases; the chamber is constitutionally charged with reviewing executive suspensions and either removing or reinstating.
3/ #FlaPol
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The House Approps Cmte now takes up HB 7117, the #MedicalMarijuana bill that would put a 10% cap on THC in smokable marijuana, among other things. #FlaPol
Bill sponsor @isayray said research backs putting a THC cap on smokable bc higher THC may cause psychosis in some patients. #FlaPol
@isayray Rep. @isayray mentions other states have THC caps; NJ also has a 10% cap, for example. "We're just following the science," he says.
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The @FLSenate now takes up @Rob_Bradley's bill allowing front yard vegetable gardens.
"If you own land and want to grow food on it, government should not interfere," he says on the bill.
@FLSenate @Rob_Bradley In other questions, Bradley says to @SenAudrey2eet that the bill is aimed at the problem of food deserts in urban areas. #FlaPol
@FLSenate @Rob_Bradley @SenAudrey2eet Bradley, saying it offended him, was moved to act by court precedent that allowed local gov't to regulate and outlaw people growing food outside their house. #FlaPol
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The FL House has gone into floor session to consider the Senate's measure repealing and regulating smokable #MedicalMarijuana in the state.
The news starts ... right now.
The Senate's #MedicalMarijuana bill - by @JeffreyBrandes - is now on the floor, having been substituted for the House measure. #FlaPol
@JeffreyBrandes Rep. Ray Rodrigues (@isayray) is going over the bill's particulars, which include that minors can't smoke unless they're terminally ill. #FlaPol
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