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The @BrennanCenter has updated its tally of new state voting provisions, finding that as of March 24, state legislators have introduced 361 new bills with voting restrictions — an increase of more than 100 bills since their last update in February.…
Last week, the Texas Senate advanced a bill that would limit early voting hours and prohibit drive-through voting and the sending of vote-by-mail applications to all voters. #txleg…
The new Georgia voting law makes it harder for Georgia residents to vote — and makes it a crime to hand out water to those waiting to vote.

Now, a new Florida bill would also ban giving water to people in line to vote. #FlaPol…
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.@GovRonDeSantis has called a 4pm ET press conference in the Capitol.
Team coverage by @photoriphy and @JKennedyReport of the @USATODAY NETWORK - FLORIDA. #FlaPol
DeSantis talks about a year of #COVID19, says lockdowns did not work, can never let it happen again, mentions Florida's lower unemployment rate compared to "lockdown states." Policies "have not been effective" but other states getting more money from feds, he says.
DeSantis says Florida could get $9-10B, but he proposes only $1.4B in spending this FY 2021-22, proposes $1k one time bonus for state's 1st responders, infrastructure needs: $73.2M for state's CONNECT unemployment system
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.@FLSenate President @WiltonSimpson was just talking about fraud in the context of the state's unemployment payment woes.
Now worth noting that former @FloridaDBPR Secretary Jon Zachem is among those to have received an unemployment check he didn't ask for.
@FLSenate @WiltonSimpson @FloridaDBPR Zachem, who now runs his own law firm, posted on Facebook recently he "spent 30 minutes on hold" with @FLDEO trying to correct the error of "money that wasn't needed or asked for."
He said he finally had to call the agency's inspector general.
@FLSenate @WiltonSimpson @FloridaDBPR @FLDEO Zachem said he then "got a resolution in about 5 minutes," saying the IG's office did a "great job," and helped him and "taxpayers."
The question is, how many others is this happening to? We've written about one such case:…
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The man who shot and killed two Florida FBI agents was fired from a Broward County computer firm after exploding in rage at a colleague while discussing healthcare issues in the 2016 election. They knew he had guns and feared he’d return with one. #flapol…
The Florida gunman who killed two FBI agents also had pointed a gun at an exterminator in his apartment complex:
“He was shaken and said, ‘Oh my God, the guy that lived downstairs just had a gun in my face.’” #flapol…
The Florida gunman had no criminal record, but was “heavily armed and prepared for combat.” In addition to the high-powered rifle he used to kill the FBI agents, he had additional guns in his apartment. #flapol…
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"When I look around the state, and I think about all the people that live in it - all of the people - they break into two categories - the haves and have nots. In Florida, we have more havenots.. When I think about disabled, and there are abt 2.6 in Florida, they don't....
...have people in state and congress to look out for them and their disabilities.. The politicians are looking to take $$ out of the system to fund other programs. For people who depend on disability they aren't’ getting $$ to start with. When I think about who gets labeled...
...disabled by doctors, but denied benefits - these people are being let down, they are in physical pain and cannot work. They are depressed, can't work, bills piling up and yet they have no one in congress and no one in the local legislature looking out…. If there is an...
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After a pro-Trump insurrection at Capitol that left four people dead, this is how Florida Republicans reacted.

A #FlaPol thread.
.@SenRickScott voted in favor of the objection to @JoeBiden's win in Pennsylvania in the face of his own Republican colleague, Pat Toomey, saying there was 'no evidence of significant fraud' in the election.
A dozen members of the Delegation voted against certifying @JoeBiden’s electoral college victory.

@Kat_Cammack Mario Diaz-Balart @ByronDonalds @DrNealDunnFL2 @ScottFranklinFL @mattgaetz Carloz Giminez, @RepBrianMast @congbillposey @JRutherfordFL @RepGregSteube @WebsterCongress
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I said RE: Rick Scott that the gangster-style GOP politics pioneered here in #Florida has now overrun the national Republican Party and that it is no accident Trump associated with this state. @Flasqueeze article forthcoming soon but let me give more details here. #FlaPol (1/6)
Prior to 2010, #Florida had like any other state different wings of the GOP - a party who traced its roots to Midwestern Chicago Tribune reading traditional conservatives moving here. In fact, many Florida GOPers were environmentalists and quite moderate in general. (2/6)#FlaPol
During the 1990's the Florida GOP actually provided a more moderate tone to the angry national GOP. In the 2000's they developed a governing competence. Then in 2010, radicalized elements gained control of the party winning primaries up and down the ballot (3/6) #FlaPol
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Just gonna put this out there:
If people are calling us to get a vaccine appointment, there's something wrong.
Bless @DavidsonHiers and her seemingly endless patience.
#FlaPol Image
@DavidsonHiers Follow up: I just made an online appointment for an 87 year old Tallahassee man and his wife bc they are "not computer people." They called the newspaper bc, he said, "I didn't know what else to do, I called everybody. You're the first to call back."
@DavidsonHiers Here's another comment: "My Mom asked and the person administering asked 'you didn’t make your second appointment when you made the first?' And mom said 'no, were we supposed to' and DOH employee said she didn’t know."
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IMPORTANT ELECTION THREAD: We do not have a parliamentary system in the US. Yes, we had "wave" elections w/ President leading the way in 1952, 1980 & 2004, but we have also had several elections like 1956, 1972 & 1996 where ticket-splitting defined the cycle. (1/9)
The GOP doing well down-ballot is NOT EVIDENCE of any fraud in the Presidential race. I am really tired of people without facts or any real balanced historical perspective making these claims. History tells us this quite common, especially in the areas it happened in 2020. (2/9)
In 1972, Republicans were similarly shocked the Democrats retained relatively large majorities in the Congress while Nixon won the largest landslide in US history. This had a lot to do with Nixon's selfish personality - in many cases he didn't care if the GOP won seats. (3/9)
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#ElectionTwitter #Flapol here’s the 2010 Florida US Senate election if all Crist votes went to Marco Rubio. Rubio would win by an overwhelming 58.6% (R: 78.6%/D: 20.2%).

Rubio would win every county, even the African American majority county of Gadsden County. ImageImage
Meanwhile, here’s the 2010 Florida US Senate election if all Crist votes went to Meek. Meek would only win by just a 1% margin (R: 48.9%/D: 49.9%).

Meek would do well in Southeast Florida, the I-4, Big Bend, and Alachua County. ImageImage
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Update on #RebekahJones situation in Florida: Agents raid home of fired Florida data scientist who built COVID-19 dashboard…

Background: Fired Florida Data Scientist Launches A Coronavirus Dashboard Of Her Own… Screenshot from https://t.c...
Support #RebekahJones. See details upthread☝🏼about police raiding her family’s home today.

#RightMatters #FactsMatter #ListenToScientists #FLPol #COVID…
Republican political appointee in Florida to resign over the issues related to #RebekahJones and the handling of #COVID data. Thank you for standing up for what’s right,
Ron F.
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We endorsed a record-breaking 51 @momsdemand volunteer leaders who are running for office up and down the ballot this year.

Check out this thread to learn more about some of the fierce gun safety advocates who are making the move from shaping policy to making it.
Christy Clark, North Carolina, House seat

In 2018, @ChristyClarkNC won her seat by just 415 votes. We're so close to a gun sense majority in the North Carolina statehouse, and we need to help re-elect this gun sense champion. #ncpol
ChaRon Sattler-Leblanc, New York State Assembly

Twenty-five years ago, @ChaChaRon ‘s cousins were murdered in a domestic violence shooting. She’s a Rochester @momsdemand volunteer now running for a seat in the State Assembly. #nyleg
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An ASTONISHING 295k mail ballots received yesterday in Florida, bringing total so far to nearly 3 million.

Add another 350k early votes yesterday (720k thru 2 days), and Fla's up to 3.7M total ballots cast so far!

Dem: 46%
GOP: 33%
Ind: 20%

(thread) #FlaPol #LXtion2020
Just yesterday, Florida Democrats added another 45k to their lead over GOP on mail votes, w/overall advantage growing to whopping 528k(!?). Not to mention, Fla independents, who appear to be leaning left.

In 2016, it was the GOP who had a 58k mail ballot advantage.

Good news for #FloridaMan Donald Trump: Fla GOP is starting to flex. Record 321k registered Republicans have voted in-person thru two days of early voting.

GOP holds a 45-39% advantage among the 721k early, in-person votes now in the bank.

(thread) #LXtion2020 #FlaPol #NBCLX
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With 2wks to go in 2016, 1.5M Floridians had voted by mail. Today, it's 2.7M!

Republican turnout: Up 30%
Independent turnout: Up 88%
Democratic turnout: Up 126%

(thread) #LXtion2020 #FlaPol
Yesterday in Florida:
42% of mail ballots received were from Democrats
34% from Republicans
24% NPA/other voting also started....
Among the record 339k in-person ballots cast at Florida's opening day of Early Voting yesterday, GOP held a narrow 3,809 lead (43-42%). Hope for Republicans looking to narrow Democrats' massive advantage so far.

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This morning as my husband – a first responder – was driving to work to do his job protecting our communities, he was faced with a group of ANTIFA protestors at the end of OUR DRIVEWAY!

#fl03 #flapol
When the Washington establishment came for me - I didn’t back down.

When President Obama tried to destroy our way of life and forced my family into homelessness - I didn’t back down.

And now… the radical left has come for me...but I won’t back down!

The hateful sentiment the radical left is spreading towards the police is hurting our communities and is driving people to threaten, harass, and harm others.

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My opponent in this race is not the incumbent, who I'm pretty sure 90% of the voters in this district couldn't even name.

My opponent is the status quo, which is protected by a bubble that must be pierced somehow.
#FlaPol #DemCastFL
To our children and grandchildren, who may inherit a climate catastrophe, the status quo is unsustainable.

#FlaPol #DemCastFL
To the marginalized citizens of Florida who bear the burden of poverty, the sting of bigotry or the anger of injustice, the status quo is unacceptable.

#FlaPol #DemCastFL
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THREAD on #MiamiDade Mayor race.

1/11-In March, most people told me they knew it was going to be @penelasformayor vs. @XavierLSuarez1 in runoff. That began to change about 2-3 weeks ago. Here's a look back at some key reasons why it's now @votedaniella & @SteveBovo in November.
2- Miami-Dade voters picked two lesser known partisans over well-known moderates.

@votedaniella and @SteveBovo worked their plans. In post-Obama world partisanship works. They had a better chance at winning if they made the race partisan and they messaged to make it that way.
3- DLC and Bovo found money. As soon as Donald Sussman and @RepJoseOliva came in, they could at least *compete with the @penelasformayor fundraising juggernaut. Reporting by @doug_hanks and @NewsbySmiley.……
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Today is Election Day in Florida. Though I’m not a candidate this year, I’ve had the privilege of supporting numerous qualified and inspiring leaders around our state who deserve your vote. Here’s a refresher! 🧵#FlaPol #FLprimary Image
.@micheleforfl is a civil rights lawyer, a community leader, activist, and candidate for Florida House, district 70. I’ve known Michele personally for several years and I know her voice is badly needed in the state legislature. Image
Rep. @ShevrinJones is more than a trailblazer, he’s a good person. Shev’s faith drives him to serve every day, and when he’s elected to the Florida Senate, the people of district 35 will know they have an honorable, trustworthy voice in Tallahassee. Image
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Here's what @FlaDems is 👀 [thread 1/10]

Let's start w/ #VoteByMail

@FlaDems enrolled 1 million+ new voters into #VoteByMail. The FL Primary is 1st indicator of how this huge new universe of voters will behave.

So let's dig in. #DemCastFL #FlaPol
[2/10] @FloridaGOP under performing #VoteByMail. @FlaDems keeping pace w/ '16

Return rate: 51%* [55% in '16]
VBM ballots cast: 1.1 Million [491k in '16]

Return rate: 52%* [62% in '16]
VBM ballots cast: 729k [617k in '16]

*Not all VBM counted return rates will ⬆️ Image
[3/10] Democrats are leading in EVERY demo in #VoteByMail ballots cast.

Hispanic, 65+, white, young voters...

This lines up w/ data showing Democrats in Florida are more enthusiastic across the board, seniors and Hispanic voters may be trending blue in 2020 #FlaPol #DemCastFL Image
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Got an email from @FLFamilyAction with their list of endorsements — including one for Laura Loomer. She’s an extremist & a bigot, and her rhetoric & tactics are in conflict with Judeo-Christian values. How disappointing to see a social conservative group support her. #flapol 1/2
I expect a social conservative group to issue endorsements that are mostly (or even all) Rs but this is too far. Yet another example of the corrupting influence of Trumpism. I want no part of a political party or movement that endorses people like Loomer. 2/2
Where is the political party for a pro-life libertarian, who believes in the inherent dignity and value of all American lives, opposes wasteful spending, supports prudent criminal justice reform, and who believes America still offers the greatest opportunity to the most people?
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My office has received reports of individuals attempting to use a "Face Mask Exempt Card" to evade Palm Beach County's mandatory mask order.

Please note that such cards have NO legal authority and businesses should not alter their mask policies based on them. 1/
The cards and flyers assert a mask exemption based on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These claims are false: @TheJusticeDept "urges the public not to rely on the information contained in these postings and to visit for ADA information 2/
issued by the Department." (…).

Many of these cards illegally feature the seal of the U.S. Department of Justice, which is a federal crime.

The penalty for violating Palm Beach County's mandatory order is a potential fine. Do not be fooled by these 3/
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.@GovRonDeSantis says he vetoed $1 billion out of the $93.2 billion state budget for 2020-21 previously approved by lawmakers. Over $550M cut is from his own recommended budget, incl from the Job Growth Grant Fund. #FlaPol
@GovRonDeSantis Florida still has $6.3 billion in reserves, @GovRonDeSantis says in Monday press conference at the Capitol. Also, the money for teacher pay raises previously made the cut.
@GovRonDeSantis .@GovRonDeSantis makes clear his vetoes don't (necessarily) suggest a policy disagreement with lawmakers but rather the "historic" effect of the coronavrius on the state's revenues. #FlaPol
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To those who are protesting for racial justice, we see you and we stand with you. #BlackLivesMatter

See our helpful protest guide on how to stay safe 👇 (THREAD) 1/4
2) What to wear/bring to a protest
👓 Safety goggles and tear gas neutralizer
💧Water, stay hydrated
⛑️Hair ties and a safety helmet
⚕️ First aid kid
🦾 Write your emergency contact on your arm

#BlackLivesMatter #FlaPol 2/4
3) DONT:
➡️ Wear contact lenses, it traps tear gas and cna cause permanent damage
➡️ Weapons
➡️ Jewelry or anything that can be easily caught or grabbed
➡️Don't forget to eat and stay hydrated!

#BlackLivesMatter #FlaPol 3/4
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excellent coverage as usual from @fineout & @Mdixon55 -- noteworthy that neither Biden nor Sanders really campaigned in FL or spent $ (Bloomberg spent way more) but Biden swept all major D endorsements…
added quote from @nikkifried now...FL Democrats very clear in their preference for @JoeBiden…
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