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Holy shit. Florida’s shadow Governor is stepping down.

Hammer has been a Florida NRA lobbyist since the late 1970s and is credited with being the force behind most bad gun laws in in the state for more than three decades, including about 30 bad gun laws since 1998 alone. #flapol
My favorite Marion Hammer stories… First, before @MomsDemand started, Hammer’s signature color was red. She always wore this blazer on the left to legislative meetings. It just so happens our signature color is red, too. So she stopped wearing red; we didn’t. ImageImage
Also, in 2018, Florida @MomsDemand volunteers who were testifying against an open carry bill were asked by several Sargent at Arms to turn our shirts inside out. Hammer had claimed our organization’s name violated decorum. This decision was later overturned. ImageImage
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Finally! Some legal accountability in the Florida GOP’s ghost candidate operation. h/t @gal_suburban #FlaPol #GOPElectionFraud #ProtectOurVotes 1/
2/ “Jestine Iannotti, one of three ‘ghost’ candidates who ran as independents for Florida Senate seats in 2020, has been arrested on several criminal charges, alongside a political consultant involved in launching her campaign and Seminole County’s Republican Party chairman.”
3/ “The office of Seminole-Brevard State Attorney Phil Archer announced the charges against Iannotti, James ‘Eric’ Foglesong and Benjamin Paris on Tuesday, which the agency said stemmed from an investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.”
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How can ⁦@TheJusticeDept⁩ & @DNC sit back and say nothing about the Florida voter registration fraud scheme, where registrations have been switched to Republican without voters’ consent??? Is the plan to just let the Florida GOP cheat??? ⁦@harrisonjaime#flapol 1/
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Conservative Media Cheering DeSantis Crackdown on Disney Are Ignoring What a Catastrophe It Would Be for Florida via @mediaite #sayfie #ReedyCreek #flapol
Let's dig into this. One of the main points = Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID) is SUPER complicated & has been around for over 50 years. It's a >$100 million annual operating budget to provide services over a 25K+ parcel that stretches across 2 counties. /2
Orange County includes Orlando and several other well-developed suburbs and cities. Osceola remains far more rural outside of the tourist corridor. Both counties are currently facing significant challenges related to skyrocketing housing prices, transportation needs, etc. /3
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For a state full of Republican politicians who are constantly screaming "Florida's open for business" they sure are doing a crappy job of selling our state to the business community by taking on both tourism and the corporation that put Florida on the map. 1/
What corporation in their right mind would move to Florida when our governor and legislature will cancel them if they don't tow the line? What corporation wants to move its employee base here when the state is banning math books for the sake of artificial culture wars? 2/
We have a US Senator from Florida trying to raise taxes on the middle class. We refuse to divest from Russian investments. We have a massive teacher shortage. We have no separation of powers as the #FLLeg answers to the governor. 3/
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👀MAGA activist Scott Presler was involved w/ January 6 & has since shifted his focus to voter registrations, esp Florida. Meanwhile, @TheJusticeDept has yet to start investigating the many reports of voter registrations being switched w/o voters’ consent in Florida. #flapol 1/ Image
2/ Image
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In 2017, @RepMattGaetz “cast the only vote against a human trafficking bill.” He is now “under investigation on suspicion of violating federal sex-trafficking laws [involving a minor].” #GangOfPedophiles #Groomers #flapol 1/…
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Are PA Republicans switching registrations to Republican without voters’ consent like they are doing in Florida?! @JoshShapiroPA @Annette_Taddeo 1/
3/ My interview of Florida Senator @Annette_Taddeo re: the GOP’s voter registration fraud scheme in Florida & perhaps other states. #FlaPol
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The state of Florida seems to have improperly delayed the release of public records (Beshears’ financial reports) relating to the federal sex trafficking investigation involving Matt Gaetz (& thus Joel Greenberg). Gaetz was @GovRonDeSantis’s transition team leader. #flapol 1/
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It began as a single phone call from a concerned Florida voter whose party affiliation was switched to Republican w/o her consent. Now there are AG investigations in 3 Fl counties, reports from a 4th, & concerns the entire state may be impacted. My interview of @SenatorTaddeo: 1/
2/ Based on reports of voters having their party affiliation switched to Republican without their consent, formal investigations are underway in 3 Florida counties: Miami-Dade, Duval, & Hillsborough. There have been similar reports in Orange, but as yet no formal investigaion.
3/ On 3/7/22, @SenatorTaddeo and many of her Senate and House colleagues in Florida sent a letter to @DeptJustice requesting a federal investigation. She has not yet heard back, but is requesting a meeting in DC to discuss the data she provided & to push for that investigation.
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'This is a concerted effort': Annette Taddeo ties Florida voter registration fraud to dark money group backing Donald Trump 2/11/22 #Flapol 1/…
“Another organization, Florida First — a grantee of America First Policies, a dark money group formed in 2017 by members of Trump’s presidential campaign — has also been conning unwitting Democratic seniors, Taddeo said.” 2/
“This isn’t the first time Florida First has come under fire for enrolling Democratic and independent voters as Republicans without their consent.” 3/
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Tallahassee-area students walked out and headed to the Capitol with a message: "We say gay." ❤️ #DSGWalkout
Students gather to protest Don't Say Gay
Thousands of students across the state are refusing to watch their classmates (or themselves!) be erased by the legislature. They're demanding an end to #DontSayGay .

Are you listening, lawmakers? @GovRonDeSantis @WiltonSimpson @Kathleen4SWFL #FlaPol #DSGWalkout
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This is both infuriating & incredibly sad. People in red hats falsely told seniors in Florida that they had to “update” their voter registrations. In reality, updates were not required. Then someone changed their voter registrations from D to R. #FlaPol #VoterRegistrationGate
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To recap. Florida Republicans:

planted shill candidates to siphon votes from Ds,

changed Democratic voter registrations to Republican,

engaged in voter fraud at the Villages,

deleted digital ballot images,

and now this (which sure sounds like the GOP too). 👇#FlaPol
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Re-posting screenshots of a thread from last year that I deleted per the request of another journalist who was publishing a story on this issue. #FratPack #KeithIngersoll #flapol 1/
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NEW: A 19-year-old Florida college student was arrested after classmates told police he was planning a mass shooting the day before winter break. Police said the student sold his car to purchase a rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. #flapol…
Florida law prohibits *licensed* dealers from selling or transferring a firearm to a person under 21 years of age, however, background checks aren’t required by *unlicensed* dealers in the state, and Florida law doesn’t prohibit minors between over 18 from possessing firearms.
And a reminder that the @NRA wants to lower the national age limit to buy a handgun to 18, even though 18 to 20-year-olds are FOUR TIMES more likely to commit gun homicides than adults over 21. Image
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FL’s Constitution orders the Gov to submit his budget recommendation at least 30 days before session. Since legislators will return to Tally on Jan 11, today the Gov released his rec. for FY 2022-2023. See it here:…. & read this thread for quick details 1/
The Gov’s rec. is not the official budget, it is what the Gov would like legislators to include in their budget. During 2022 session, each Chamber drafts their version of the budget, negotiate, & pass the final “General Appropriations Act”(GAA) for the Gov to sign &/or veto. 2/
The GAA is always divided into 7 main sections: 1-2. edu, 3. human services, 4. criminal justice & corrections, 5. natural resources, environment, growth mgmt, & transport., 6. general gov, & 7. the judicial branch. Anything after these main sections =“back of the bill.” 3/
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The Florida shill candidate scandal in the 2020 election occurred on Joe Gruters’ watch as chairman of the Florida GOP. The RNC rewarded him by making him chairman of its new fake “election integrity” committee. Below is add’l concerning info re: Gruters. Thread #flapol 1/
Joe Gruters to lead RNC ‘election integrity’ committee - 3/12/21 2/…
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😳 Um, what are @FlaDems doing to combat this?! cc: @harrisonjaime #ProtectOurSchools #FlaPol
BTW, this is almost certainly a national campaign. Manufacturing outrage over CRT & mask mandates was a key component. It was never about making public schools better. It was about taking them over to destroy them. Recall that “school choice” began in response 2 desegregation. 1/
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BREAKING: A self-described "survivalist" outfitted in body armor fatally shot four people, including an infant in their mother's arms, near Lakeland, Florida, this morning. #flapol…
Four people were killed - including an infant - and an 11-year-old girl was wounded.

The suspect was shot once by police. While being treated at the hospital, he “tried to grab the Lakeland police officer's gun, and they had to fight with him again in the emergency room."
The 11-year-old girl was flown to Tampa, Fla. and is in surgery. The Lakeland sheriff said, “She looks our deputies in the eye and said, ‘There’s three more dead people in the house.’”
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This week saw even some “conservative [Florida] counties that backed … Trump … defying DeSantis and instituting their own [school mask] mandates.” 1/ #FlaPol #DeathSantis@RonDeSantisFL⁩ 1/…
2/ “Earlier this week, populous Brevard County along Florida’s east coast, which went for Trump over President Joe Biden by more than 16 percentage points in November, narrowly voted to approve a 30-day school mask mandate.”
3/ “At the Brevard County meeting on Monday, Misty Belford, the chair of the school board who a month earlier had opposed a mask mandate, switched her vote and gave proponents a 3-2 majority.”
Belford changed her mind … after watching the district’s caseload spike…
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.@jasonbrodeur “says that ‘homosexuals’ are not a protected class.” @FloridaGOP was so keen to install this bigot in the state senate that they added a shill candidate to the ballot to siphon votes from the Democrat. I wonder what else they did to help tip him over. #FlaPol 1/
3/ My memo summarizing Brodeur’s race.
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Data Targeting refers to the Florida Republicans who benefited from shill candidates as “Seal Team Six.” Documents suggest that the president of the Florida senate, Republican @WiltonSimpson, may have been involved in the scheme. 😳 #FlaPol #ShillCandidates
.@WiltonSimpson is an apparent fan of the ban on mask mandates in public schools. As I’ve shown, Republicans don’t actually want to help public schools. Their goal is to take them over so they can eliminate them. 2/
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