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The @FLSenate now takes up @Rob_Bradley's bill allowing front yard vegetable gardens.
"If you own land and want to grow food on it, government should not interfere," he says on the bill.
@FLSenate @Rob_Bradley In other questions, Bradley says to @SenAudrey2eet that the bill is aimed at the problem of food deserts in urban areas. #FlaPol
@FLSenate @Rob_Bradley @SenAudrey2eet Bradley, saying it offended him, was moved to act by court precedent that allowed local gov't to regulate and outlaw people growing food outside their house. #FlaPol
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The FL House has gone into floor session to consider the Senate's measure repealing and regulating smokable #MedicalMarijuana in the state.
The news starts ... right now.
The Senate's #MedicalMarijuana bill - by @JeffreyBrandes - is now on the floor, having been substituted for the House measure. #FlaPol
@JeffreyBrandes Rep. Ray Rodrigues (@isayray) is going over the bill's particulars, which include that minors can't smoke unless they're terminally ill. #FlaPol
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The @FLSenate now is debating and will vote on its amended bill to allow the smoking of #MedicalMarijuana as requested by @GovRonDeSantis
@FLSenate @GovRonDeSantis Sen. @Rob_Bradley says it's time to move the MMJ smoking debate from Tallahassee to doctors' offices around the state. #FlaPol
@FLSenate @GovRonDeSantis @Rob_Bradley "It's in your hands now," Bradley says. "It's medicine – treat it as such" and act in "your patient's best interests...Take seriously your oath to do no harm." #FlaPol
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I may regret this bc I usually like to do some reporting first but I know I'll get beat and no one returned my msgs yet, so...
... NORML Tallahassee chapter says Ag. Comm'r @NikkiFriedFL will "be issuing cease and desist letters to all CBD retailers in the state." ...
@NikkiFriedFL ... Michael Minardi responded to her that "a lawsuit will be filed before session is out if these cease and desist letters are issued." ...
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Hey, FL House Speaker @RepJoseOliva. Here are a few things to keep in mind ahead of the 2019 Legislative Session. Thread 👇#FlaPol…
@RepJoseOliva 1️⃣ Abortion is a safe, legal procedure.
2️⃣ It’s a decision best left between a woman, her doctor, her faith, and her family.
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House Approps Cmte gavels in to consider the chamber's version of #MedicalMarijuana smoking legislation for 2019. #FlaPol
.@isayray presents the bill, which has a 33-page strike-all amendment. #FlaPol
@isayray The usual suspects who support and oppose MMJ smoking are in attendance. #FlaPol
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Super excited over "Revenue Estimating Conference: Slots, Indian Gaming." The House's Don Langston is chairing the meeting. #FlaPol
On Indian gaming revenue, state still getting $19.5M each month from the Seminole Tribe, and the recent "true-up" payment also came in. There was another $35M in August. But last true-up is "light" compared to previous years. #FlaPol
Current fiscal year expectation? Well, total net win is down. But yearly income for state is still well into high $300M range, according to projections. #FlaPol
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Conforming bill language from @GovRonDeSantis that gets rid of @AST_Florida
@GovRonDeSantis @AST_Florida Creates a "division of state technology" in @FloridaDMS overseen by a "state chief information officer" who is appointed by the DMS Secretary.
@GovRonDeSantis @AST_Florida @FloridaDMS In an ancient map, this stuff would be labeled "here be dragons" but in 2019 we just tag @JamesGrantFL and move on.
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Financial Impact Estimating Conference (FIEC) now starting workshop on proposed const. amendment: “Right to Competitive Energy Market for Customers of Investor-Owned Utilities; Allowing Energy Choice.”
Here is amendment's Div. of Election web page:…
"Grants customers of investor-owned utilities the right to choose their electricity provider and to generate and sell electricity." #FlaPol
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Health Quality Subcommittee chair Colleen Burton kicks off a roundtable on #MedicalMarijuana saying "Today's a new day." Interim Office of MMJ Use Director Courtney Coppola now presenting. #FlaPol
Coppola now talking off a series of slides, which are here:
Rep. Kim Daniels asking about the legality of #CBD products being sold in stores. "People are buying it and being stopped by police." One person she knows of was told his possession was "felony level." #FlaPol
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A Senate panel will now take up a bill by @JeffreyBrandes that would repeal the state ban on smoking #MedicalMarijuana
@JeffreyBrandes Sen. @dennisbaxley starts the pushback, asking about packaging and dosages, which @HealthyFla hasn't yet issued rules on yet. For now, it's up to a prescribing doc. #FlaPol
@JeffreyBrandes @dennisbaxley @HealthyFla Asked if there is any other medicine that is smoked, Brandes said the people in approving Amendment 2 OK'd this, mirroring what at least one court and @JohnMorganESQ have said. #FlaPol
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The case management conference has begun in the appeal of the Okaloosa schools superintendent's suspension. Mary Beth Jackson does not appear to be here.
Special Master Dudley Goodlette has asked whether a statement of particulars is needed. Her lawyer, George Levesque, says it is. Such a document would add details of "specific wrongdoing" in the case. #FlaPol
"We're struggling to identify what we're defending against," he tells Goodlette. Wants to know what is deficient so he can respond to it.
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DeSantis says he's wary of "blanket bans on constitutionally enumerated rights" in reference to gun bills, tells #APFL he expects gun restrictions will get scrutiny from judges. #FlaPol
DeSantis at #APFL says he wants to avoid "circus" atmosphere in 2020 election. #FlaPol
On future college tuition hikes, DeSantis says "keeping tuition stable has been good for state of Florida" but says he won't necessarily go after trustees who OK such hikes. #FlaPol
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Well now: @mattgaetz says he was wrong when he supported a smoking ban on #medicalmarijuana
@mattgaetz .@JohnMorganESQ repeats his support, admiration for @GovRonDeSantis at #medicalmarijuana press conference. #FlaPol
@mattgaetz @JohnMorganESQ @GovRonDeSantis .@GovRonDeSantis says state law on #medicalmarijuana not working, announces he will file for 'stay of decision' on smoking ban appeal till #FLLEG acts - if they don't, he will drop appeal. #FlaPol
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The Florida state legislature has been filing bills and advancing previous bils to committees over the last week.

Here’s a synopsis of some of the ones I find interesting.


Congresspersons Audrey Gibson (@SenAudrey2eet), Dotie Joseph (@DotieForFlorida), and Evan Jenne (@evanjenne) introduced legislation to ratify the #ERA.

S 266 & H 209
Representative Patricia Hawkins-Williams (@PHW4District92) introduced a similar bill 2 days later.

H 255
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At the pre-inaugural prayer breakfast at @FAMU_1887
Massive police presence incl. a drone. Streets blocked off for two blocks in either direction. FAMU prez Larry Robinson now introducing guests. #FlaPol
.@GovRonDeSantis and @LtGovNunez are here w their families & friends. He’s also welcoming agency heads & lawmakers. #FlaPol
Here’s a picture of the press muffins, because why not. #FlaPol
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Research indicates that arming teachers will make children less safe. For this reason, school safety experts, teachers and law enforcement officials across the country oppose arming teachers:…
The nation’s two largest organizations of education professionals, the @AFTunion and the @NEA, consistently reject the presence of guns in schools. The @NASRO_Info, the largest organization of school-based law enforcement officers, also opposes arming teachers.
Our children deserve real solutions to keep them safe from gun violence – like a criminal background check on every gun sale – not dangerous, @NRA-supported policies that put them at even higher risk while lining the pockets of gun manufacturers. #flapol #Parkland
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Chief legislative economist Amy Baker now presenting to @FLSenate Approps Cmte.
@FLSenate Stimulus fading, new tariffs, stricter fed policies all are slowing economic growth, Baker says.
@FLSenate But tourism "performing so strongly" it's masking slowdown in other areas.
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.@WiltonSimpson has just officially nominated @BillGalvano to be the next @FLSenate president. #FlaPol
@WiltonSimpson @BillGalvano @FLSenate .@lizbethkb has seconded the nomination for @BillGalvano, mentions his Sicilian heritage, starts quoting from The Godfather.
@WiltonSimpson @BillGalvano @FLSenate @lizbethkb .@lizbethkb also quotes from Marcus Aurelius about the soon to be Sen. Pres. : "Whatever happens to you has been waiting to happen since the beginning of time." #FlaPol
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We're awaiting the start of a conference call with Judge Hinkle in the case of @NelsonforSenate suing the state over vote count, signature matching, etc.
@NelsonForSenate Nelson att'y wants struck ballots (bc of sig mismatch) to be included in any recount. Also worried about noon Saturday deadline in state law for SoEs to turn in "unofficial" returns. #FlaPol
@NelsonForSenate Atty's for @AGPamBondi "welcome an opportunity to be heard on this." Trying to get a written brief in tomorrow. No need seen to rule on TRO in next 24 hours, however. #FlaPol
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Out today: The @1dca_flcourts saves @FLGovScott from having to disclose calendar and travel records. #FlaPol
@1dca_flcourts @FLGovScott I know it shouldn't matter, but Lewis was appointed by Jeb Bush, Rowe by Charlie Crist. Only Jay was appointed by Scott.
@1dca_flcourts @FLGovScott The "request for records ... necessarily reveals information
could compromise the ability of the Governor’s security detail to
surveil for threats against the Governor," Lowe writes in concurrence. #FlaPol
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For more than a year, the Florida Dept of Agriculture failed to conduct background checks on tens of thousands of concealed weapons permit applications. Nikki Fried wants to fix this. Her @NRA A-rated opponent doesn’t. Watch...

Vote @nikkifried #flapol
A recent investigation showed that changes to the Florida department’s concealed weapons program have come directly from the @NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer: “Who on earth was arrogant and antigun enough to authorize this?”… #FlaPol
Nikki Fried’s opponent says the department he wants to run is making errors and kowtowing to the @NRA because they’re “swamped.”

Vote @nikkifried #flapol
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There are lot of considerations when evaluating the amendments on Florida's ballot this year. The League of Women Voters did some research and these are their recommendations.
Short thread.
Amendment 1 ❎

Oppose. The League has a position that “no tax sources or revenue should be specified, limited, exempted, or prohibited in the Constitution.”…
Amendment 2 ❎
The league opposes 2 for the same reason as 1.…
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Every election is a choice and last night's Congressional primaries in Florida set up stark contrasts in #FL06 #FL16 #FL18 #FL25 #FL26 #FL27. #flapol #sayfie #RedToBlue

👇Let's go through them one at a time...👇
In #FL06 voters get to choose between @MichaelGWaltz who is already calling for Medicare & Social Security cuts & @nancysoderberg a #NatSec expert who sounded the early 🚨 on Bin Laden & has spent years teaching the next gen of leaders w/ @UofNorthFlorida…
In #FL16 voters get to choose between owner of @Vernsyacht, Vern Buchanan, and @Shapiro4FL16 who has stood with working Floridians against abuses from insurance companies & big corporations his whole career.…
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