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La bureaucratie sanitaire est-elle en manque de #cannabis thérapeutique ? Tout porte à le croire. Thread
Alors que les résultats de l’appel d’offre n°1 n’ont pas été publiés, un second appel d’offre est lancé par la DGS @Sante_Gouv. Exit l’ @ansm et c’est un désastre.
L’appel d’offre porte sur « l'approvisionnement des médicaments dans le cadre de l’expérimentation du cannabis à usage médical - Huile #CBD dominant – concentration forte », c’est-à-dire le lot le plus important, pour près de 60% des patients inclus dans l’expérimentation. Image
Première conclusion: le premier appel d’offre a été un échec et il n’y a plus de produit pour les patients à court terme. Explications @FrcsBraun ?
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The Untold Secrets of Cannabis, Hemp, and Cannabinoids: A Mind-Blowing Thread 🤯🚀
1/ 💥 Did you know that cannabis and hemp are actually siblings? They both belong to the same plant species, Cannabis sativa. But while cannabis gets you high, hemp has a plethora of industrial & medical uses. Let's dive into some mind-blowing facts! 🌿🧵 #Cannabis #Hemp
2/ 🧪 Cannabinoids, the chemical compounds responsible for the effects of cannabis, aren't exclusive to the plant. Our bodies naturally produce compounds called endocannabinoids, which play a crucial role in our immune and nervous systems, and homeostasis. 😲 #Cannabinoids
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In their own words…

‘As of December 2022, all G7 economies have now moved into the development stage of a #CBDC.’ 🤡

#ProjectCedar #WEF
#BankCollapse #EO14067
#Biden #SVB

Central Bank Digital Currency Tracker - Atlantic Council…
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[6:50AM] #CBD #InnerMarina #TrafficUpdate

Steady movement along Marina road from UBA toward Kakawa and Cathedral.
Traffic moving expectedly, while connecting Inner Marina from Outer marina.
Good movement toward NITEL intersection from Cathedral.
NITEL connecting Outer Marina by State House is good.
Good on Force Road toward TBS.
Steady movement descending Third Mainland Bridge toward Flag Staff House.
Traffic on RJ from Independence Bridge toward Force Road is good.
JK Randle Road is good toward Water Board.
The stretch of Broad Street from General Hospital toward Freedom Park, First Baptist Church and Book Shop House is good to go, further movement to Apongbon exit is still moving expectedly apart from little delay before exiting Apogbon.
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Al Gore ( WEF syndic) et al. sont TELLEMENT PRÉOCCUPÉS par le climat qu'ils sont en train de transformer l'ensemble de la nature en une nouvelle classe d'actifs - où ils POSSÉDERONT la nature, géreront/contrôleront et profiteront de la nature via les "sociétés d'actifs naturels".
#NaturePositive, #VoiceForThePlanet, #NewDealForNature

La financiarisation de la nature, commercialisée avec une imagerie et un langage holistiques émotionnels, dirigée par WEF, WWF et Al Gore.

C'est la capture des biens communs par les entreprises, à l'échelle mondiale.
#NaturePositive les fondateurs incluent #BusinessForNature (lancé le 2 juillet 2019 lors de la réunion annuelle des nouveaux champions du WEF en Chine et des conférences de Trondheim #Biodiversity en Norvège).

Business For Nature
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[7:00AM] #CBD #InnerMarina #TrafficUpdate

Still good to go along Marina road from UBA toward NNPC filling station, Kakawa and Cathedral apart from alternation delay at traffic light point at Cathedral.
Connecting inner Marina by CMS bus stop is moving expectedly.
Cathedral to NITEL intersection is good as well.
Connecting Outer marina by State house from NITEL intersection is free.
Good on Force Road toward TBS
Traffic building up while descending Third Mainland Bridge toward Flag Staff House.
Free on return journey from Independence bridge toward Flag Staff House.
We still have free movement along JK Randle Road toward Water Board.
Lagos International Trade Fair still continue today at TBS.
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Dr. @gilanius thank you for your seller work by bringing the #Balochistan #mangroves within mapping. Their declaration as #ProtectedForests is also an acknowledgement of the miracle that late #BabaeMangroves Tahir Qureshi wrought in places where they never existed.
It would now be in the fitness of things if #mianiHor & Shadikaur in Gwadar should be dedicated to him. How about it @BalochistanFor1 If not now then when! Isn't it great to see this @rahimgwd @RafiulH87658231 finally? Something to toot the horn about! @sherryrehman @aminattock
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[7:08AM] #CBD #InnerMarina #TrafficUpdate

Good movement along Marina road from UBA towards Oando, traffic building up approaching Kakawa toward Cthedral due to alternation and bus stop activities at Marina bus stop.
Traffic moving expectedly, while connecting Inner Marina from Outer Marina apart from cathedral alternation delay.
Good movement toward NITEL intersection from Cathedral.
NITEL connecting Outer Marina by State House is free.
Good on Force Road toward TBS.
Still a good movement at this hour, while descending Third Mainland Bridge toward Flag Staff House, but expected to be busy as influx from Third Mainland Bridge increases.
Good on return journey from Independence Bridge toward Force Road.
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[6:58AM] #CBD #InnerMarina #TrafficUpdate

Good movement along Marina road from UBA towards Oando and Kakawa, busy after Kakawa to Cathedral due to alternation and bus stop activities.
Good connecting Inner Marina from Outer marina.
Free movement towards NITEL intersection from Cathedral.
NITEL connecting Outer Marina by State house is good.
Free on Force road towards TBS.
Still a good movement at this hour, while descending Third mainland bridge towards Flag staff house...
...but expected to be busy as influx from Third mainland bridge increases.
Good on return journey from Independence bridge toward Force road.
Good on JK Randle road towards, Lagos city mall, TBS and Water board.
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Once @greenheart_cbd integrates #weed and includes a tokenized discount use.

The internet will break

Dispos tax bud heavily, as new states legalize

Any dispo can join the tokenized model and gain all that traffic from their area

Where my stoners at?
Currently we have #tokenized discounts for #CBD products.

40% off paying with the $CBD token

50-90% off when holding an #NFT

(May or may not be the same with weed)

Opening a #GreenHeart dispo with all these new features presented to the world…

Network Effect 📈 $CBD
All revenues from token use, are kept in token payouts i.e #staker rewards, farmer payouts, dispo payouts.

Revenues can make a good argument for token appreciation.

P/E Ratio analysis

This is one tiny shard of $CBD, join the Tele for future discussions
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True to form as a late lateef, as there are still few mins to go before #WorldOceansDay ends on this earth let me share my pet peeves by replugging old unresolved but doable issues! Bear with me @sherryrehman @hnaqikhan @HqPmsa @IndusEarthTrust @dgprPaknavy @aminattock @dpr_gob
#Pakistan is signatory of #CBD. #Aichi targets mandate declaring 10% of coast as #MarineProtectedArea. Under @mangrovesforfuture a #NationalCoordinatingBody of stakeholders was formed & finally in 2017 #Astola isl. was decl. as the 1st. #MPA… @sherryrehman
In 2018 a workshop was held by @IUCN to develop a management plan for #Astola. Since then..ZILCH! It is 2022. Status in limbo. Is it to be 'low take' or 'no take'? If former, which level of 'take' or activity is permitted. If latter, what alternatives for beneficiaries @dpr_gob ?
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Viele Sachverständige & Behörden versuchen leider mit #Wissenschaft #Minderheiten zu diskriminieren. Das ist aber meist keine #Wissenschaft sondern eher #Geschwurbel. Ein kleiner Thread... 1/7
Das ganze hat Tradition. Ich denke über die "Wissenschaftler", die für das Nazi-Regime gearbeitet haben, wurde schon alles gesagt. Aber #Homosexualität beispielsweise wurde noch bis vor ein paar Jahren von vielen Mediziner:innen als Krankheit betrachtet! 2/7
Auch bei #Drogen-Konsum gab es früher schon die absurdesten Gründe Menschen zu kriminalisieren. Ärzte erklärten im 18. Jhd., dass #Kaffee, welcher vornehmlich von Muslimen konsumiert wurde(!), geisteskrank mache & ungesund sei. Dies half das damalige Verbot zu rechtfertigen. 3/7
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Después de leer la noticia de @DiariodeNavarra creo necesario exponer en un hilo la situación actual del #cañamo y el #CBD en España, sin ambages.
“Cáñamo”, según @AEMPSGOB hace referencia al tipo
de Cannabis sativa ssp. sativa, con un bajo contenido en THC, cultivada
principalmente con fines industriales (obtención de fibra, grano y semillas).
Cannabis, su resina y tinturas, independientemente de su %THC son estupefacientes, según lista I CU @ONU_es, y su producción, fabricación,
exportación, importación, distribución, comercio, uso y posesión debe limitarse a
fines médicos y científicos (art. 4c de la CU).
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KER-WANG! Here's my first piece as @KerrangMagazine's resident sex columnist, this month giving you a potted intro to how #CBD might boost you in the bedroom, & how to explore it savvily and safely:…
Enjoy phrases like "wetter than a mosh-pit’s collective armpits"; find out which types of CBD are better for nodding off than nobbing off; and discover what any of this has to do with @deftones and Clown from @slipknot.
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Nous avons un problème avec @addictovigilant en France. Un peu comme la @Courdescomptes il se transforme pour devenir une instance de propagande, avec une question : ce dispositif est-il encore crédible ? Certes, ce n’est pas nouveau, mais ça s’aggrave.
On a déjà critiqué l’enquête DRAMES, oui le titre est bien putaclick, publiée avec @ansm qui prétend établir un lien de causalité entre drogues et décès. Causalité/corrélation, c’est toujours casse-gueule
et c'est @lebeauleibovici qui en parle le mieux
voilà que ça recommence en pire avec le #CBD. Sur commande de la MILDECA qui rame pour justifier son arrêté, @addictovigilant signe opportunément une «publication » au titre choc.
La formule a plusieurs avantages. En principe c’est payé (combien @MILDECAgouv ?) ...
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QPC #stupéfiants, on reprochait au législateur une définition des stupéfiants sans critère : "un stupéfiant est un produit classé comme stupéfiant".
Le @Conseil_constit répond "pas du tout, il y a 2 critères ! Un risque de dépendance et des effets nocifs pour la santé ! Image
Joli tour de passe-passe : inutile de censurer la loi, je vous donne les critères.
Sauf que ces critères ont été abandonnés en 1961 et vous vous doutez de la raison: tabac ou alcool sont plus nocif et créent plus de dépendance que certains stupéfiants actuels...
Ensuite, §18, le @Conseil_constit précise que dans ce cadre c'est au pouvoir exécutif de décider du classement au vu des connaissances scientifiques et médicales. Cette décision, évolutive, peut être contestée devant le juge, ce que l'on ne va pas se priver de faire. Image
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There's no better time to stake your claim at income & wealth creation by building for the #DigitalEconomy. Serial #entrepreneur & my good friend @SamGichuru & I used to meet at AvanteGarde, a #cyber hapo #CBD when starting out on our various #technology inclined businesses. This isn't Avant Garde but represents the general look and f
hio na ingine ground floor Barclays Plaza had the fastest connections in town. ETouch by #AfricaOnlineKE whose #CEO was tech entrepreneur turned investor @AyisiMakatiani also dotted the place lakini bei /min + I couldn't negotiate a flat rate for the day ... #MwelekeoNiInternet
Today, with @SafaricomPLC #4G and #5G #mobiledata connectivity, you can build a business and thrive from virtually any town in Kenya! #MwelekeoNiInternet
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Addressing the leaders' summit of #CBD #COP15 via video link, President Xi Jinping called on countries around the world to join hands and start a new journey of high-quality development of humanity.

Read the full text of the keynote speech:…. ImageImageImage
President Xi stressed that the development of ecological civilization should be taken as a guide to achieving harmony between humanity and Nature, and countries should speed up efforts to foster green developmentand secure a win-win of economic growth & environmental protection.
President Xi announced China's initiative to establish the Kunming Biodiversity Fund and take the lead by investing 1.5 bn yuan (about USD 233mn) to the fund. It will be used to support biodiversity protection in developing countries. All parties are welcome to make contributions
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$EPAZ .019 Update/News/Catalyst: Greenheart Token #CBD

“The upcoming #Greenheart app will enable you to trace the full journey of your CBD products.” @greenheart_cbd

Remarks: Ethereum Blockchain Contracts Tokenization Drone Technology

Last run .15

Master support 50 MA .017
$EPAZ DD/News: GreenHeart CBD will be the first in the hemp industry to integrate cryptocurrency into their business infrastructure made possible through Epazz CryObo technologies.…

Last run .15
Monthly shows .52+
CryObo generating revenue for attracting more customers since 5/21

“CryObo: software program which will be expanding into enterprise-level cryptocurrency management solution. We believe there are great opportunities for cryptocurrency, and CryObo will take it to the next level.”
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📺 Invité sur @France5tv dans @CaDireF5 pour exprimer ma position sur le #cannabis thérapeutique, le #CBD & la légalisation encadrée du cannabis récréatif pour laquelle je suis favorable.
2. Avec la mission parlementaire dont j'étais le rapporteur général, nous avons exploré les différents usages du #cannabis. Avant les nombreuses auditions de professionnels, médecins, policiers, assos, je n'avais aucune idées préconçues sur le cannabis récréatif.
3. Le constat de ces auditions est le même: la politique actuelle de prohibition ne diminuera pas la conso de cannabis. L'interdiction n'a aucune action sur les trafics. En France, 1M de Français avouent fumer quotidiennement du cannabis.
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#Business For #Nature is shaping UN #CBD Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.

Over 900 corporations endorse campaign "Nature is Everyone’s Business".

You may recognize the names - many, the very entities responsible for the ongoing annihilation of the natural world: ImageImageImageImage
Sept 2015: "Markets & Corporations: The Appointed Stewards of Nature" - "the new economy of ecosystem services, markets & corporate entities will be considered the custodians (as referred to at COP10) or #stewards of Earth's "#naturalcapital.""…

#COP26 ImageImageImageImage
“The financial value at stake is mind-boggling – and the business opportunities likely to be created by the shift in the prevailing market paradigm are astonishing…. Who will be the Bill Gates of ecosystem services?” — The #Biosphere Economy, 2010

#natureiseveryonesbusiness ImageImageImageImage
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We’ve got big news! Today we’re announcing 6 company acquisitions. Each of these companies has something unique to offer and we’re thrilled to help build their futures. $RNWF @alkabadshah
@alkabadshah We've acquired @SacredBioscienc, who is pioneering the future of psychedelic research, #psilocybin farming, and alternative therapeutics. Learn more about their mission below! $RNWF @alkabadshah Image
@alkabadshah @SacredBioscienc We acquired @sunshine_hemp. They are committed to helping Florida Farmers with the Best Hemp genetics for #CBD, #CBG, and other #hemp-derived products. $RNWF @alkabadshah Image
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🇩🇪 versagt beim #Meeresschutz vor der Haustür u. verliert mit der marinen Raumordnung #MRO jegliche internationale Glaubwürdigkeit. @bmu @SvenjaSchulze68 @RegSprecher: Verhindern Sie den Ausverkauf der Nord- und Ostsee. Eine 😢Analyse. Thread 1/5
#Meeresschutz ist #Klimaschutz. Entgegen Empfehlungen von @IPBES und @IPCC_CH heißt #Klimaschutz bei uns Platz für #Offshore #Windenergie - auf Kosten der #Biodiversität. Windräder im NSG #Doggerbank, im Vogelzugkorridor Rügen-Schonen, keine Puffer zu #Meeresschutzgebieten 2/5
#Meeresschutzgebiete sind überlagert durch #Schifffahrt #Rohstoffabbau u. militärische Übungsgebiete. 🇩🇪 als Meister der 'PaperParks'. Umweltziele der #MSRL wurden verfehlt, ein #EU Vertragsverletzungsverfahren läuft🤔3/5…
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Krankenkasse und #MDK machen mich agressiv. Antrag auf kostenübernahme #Schmerzmittel wird abgeleht, weil MDK innerhalb v 5 Wochen keine Stellungnahme abgegeben hat. Wenn KK keinen Bescheid innerhalb Frist verschickt ist Therapie genehmigt. Deshalb verschict KK Ablehnungsbescheid
ich darf Widerspruch einlegen. Irgendwann gibt es die Stellungnahme vom #MDK im Widerspruchsverfahren. Die Schreibtischtäter*innen nehmen sich schön Zeit. #Ableismus. Meine heftigen Schmerzen sind denen vollommen egal. Ich hab 1 mal die 600 euro für Therapie vorgestreckt. Damit
kann ich endlich wieder länger als 3-4 St pro Nacht schlafen. Aber 600 Euro sind mein monatliches Einkommen!
Ich gehe sehr sparsam mit den Schmerztropfen um, nehme schon weniger als verschrieben, mehr würde Schmerz besser lindern, ja. Wollte halt keine 2. Schmerztropfen Flasche
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