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All this is wrong—the initial line of thinking and self-correction; wrong historically and wrong conceptually—and I aim to write a RETRO article on this soon. The main thing is that the phenomena Rosen identifies are pre-internet, and digital hyper-atomization poses a *solution*.
Teaching journalism at UNH, I saw that much scholarship in the field is turgid because it engages digital-era infrastructure but not digital culture, and is insufficiently interdisciplinary. The internet remains our best hope for beating autocracy—but not in the way most suppose.
Digital culture both supersedes and organically erodes digital infrastructure—this is #metamodernism at work—so those still grappling with the latter are ill-equipped to even enter (let alone start) a conversation about how digital *culture* will be the final arbiter of this era.
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“I had mixed feelings about metamodernism until I realised it is about mixed feelings.”

Of the 250 people at the @whatisemerging gathering this weekend, about a quarter said they were there due to interest in #metamodernism.

Here’s what that means 👇…
“Metamodernism is a feeling, and all that constitutes the feeling and flows from it. When we consider the mystery of consciousness and the human drama playing out on this charming anomaly of a planet, feelings are far from trivial – they have cosmological significance…
…The metamodern feeling co-arises through the perception of our context writ large; it is aesthetic in nature, epistemic in function, historical in character, and it serves to call into question the purpose of the world as we find it, and the meaning of life as we know it.”
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The transcendant power of paradox👇🏻:

It's trippy to see the arrival of #metamodernism from the world of art and social theory into the important frame it is today.
I remember watching @Luke_Turner and @thecampaignbook have conversations with students in oxford 5 years ago.

They chilled in a lift for 24h, open for anyone to join.

Barriers broken by proximity dissolving concepts of status and celebrity through open conversation.

Much like boiler room videos capturing natural human dynamics in good vibes, I found myself glued to this IRL clubhouse
Today metamodernism is beginning to pose itself as an aggregator of emerging communities seriously playing around the transcendence of our culture and systems.

For those unfamiliar with the ism, Brandon Dempsey really breaks it down well here.

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I am about to tell you clearly and plainly, in four-ish tweets, what #metamodernism is and how to fix it.

This article and the ones linked from it is a fair summary of the critical state of play. Let us begin.

1) metamodernism is a philosophical stance with political aspects.
2) metamodernism falsely claims all the action is in the space between *modernism and **post-modernism.

* myth of progress
** myth, because progress towards what?

Progress requires goals. Pomo argues successfully there are no clearly defined goals without totalitarian aspects.
3) the “goal crisis” causes political shattering among the deep readers. A similar crisis to the 1950s… related to nihilism and existentialism: “now that we are free, what do I do?”

In our times, this goalless shattering results in intersectional politics.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/14/2021…
Study identifies significance of atmospheric rivers for New Zealand…

#significance #rivers #NewZealand
Hospital Price Transparency Could Change The Face Of Medical Debt Collections, If Advocates Exploit It | Health Affairs…

#hospital #transparency #debt #medical #price
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(THREAD) One of the questions I get most frequently on this feed—if you can believe it—is about cultural theory. I discuss #metamodernism frequently, and people often ask, "What is it?" I'll do what I can to answer the question here, with links. I hope you'll read on and retweet.
1/ I usually try to avoid answering this question, for many reasons. Here are just a few:

1⃣ Metamodernism has caused people to go crazy.
2⃣ Metamodernism is so new there is little literature on it.
3⃣ Metamodernists are currently in a civil war.
4⃣ Metamodernism can be complex.
2/ Two more:

5⃣ Metamodernism is a "cultural paradigm," so it is such an encompassing term it really can't be adequately discussed in a character-limited social media platform.
6⃣ Metamodernism permanently changes the lives of those who study it, so it must be wielded carefully.
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Note to academics: #metamodernism is about how we—and what it means to—make the internet "true." And make politics "true." And communities. It's why The New Sincerity is a metamodern subgenre. If you think metamodernism is "post-truth," you're a postmodernist defending dead turf.
1/ Postmodernism has the benefit of being a 70 year-old dessicated paradigm that at least—for all that—enjoys [a sad sort of] discourse maturity. Metamodernism is in its wild infancy—but still old enough to read as paradigm shift what postmodernism deems "higher media literacy."
2/ This is a metamodern feed predicated on curatorial journalism. That means the feed acknowledges I've expertise in some areas and not others, and therefore rely on (thousands and thousands) of others with differential expertise rather than a Romantic notion of solitary genius.
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Those who know me know that mashups of any kind are my secret jam. (Not so secret anymore, I guess.) #metamodernism
I *know* I'm not the only person reading this feed who digs stuff like this. If you're out there and this is your bag, let me know.
Enough people seem to be interested that I think I can get away with one more example of "proto-post-capitalist" metamodern art (often mistaken for "late capitalist" art by poststructuralists):
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