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Antarctica — UFO’s — Admiral Byrd...

... there’s a reason humanity can’t go there — we have never been alone 👽

#History #AliensAreDemons #TheyDontTeachYouInSchool #TheMoreYouKnow
Operation High Jump — Admiral Byrd...

#History #Antarctica
We Are Not Alone — We Have Never Been Alone...

... the bible, Book of Genesis tells you 📖

#Biblical #TheGreatAwakening #History #FactsMatter
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Hi twitter! I have spent the last 5 weeks practicing #SocialDistancing and doing fun science in #Antarctica. It's been an INCREDIBLE trip. We were due to return home yesterday but bad weather means I get a few extra days in paradise. Time to share some of the adventure with you!
I am here as part of #RossRAMP's second seal team, equipping #WeddellSeals with CTD tags to see the how they utilize their environment throughout winter. We aimed to tag 21 post-moult post-partum females near NZ's Scott Base to see if they use the #RossSeaMarineProtectedArea
On the team we have Professors @RobHarcourt and Mark Hindell, wildlife vet @WellingtonZoo Baukje Lenting and UCSC PhD student @RachelHolser. This work is part of a 5-year @niwa_nz project that is looking at foraging behavior of Adelie and emperor penguins and Weddell seals.
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Dan Coats is Fired

Impeach Hoax over

@FLOTUS Wears Burberry Trench to WW1 victory event in France ...
@1Munder @FLOTUS Billie Eilish wears AWEFUL red-carpet Burberry to the American Music Awards and performs a Satanic Song

"All Good Girls Go to Hell" …

Weird she proudly presents Burberry with her pyramid awards
@1Munder @FLOTUS Chrissy looks humiliated and covers up with a Huge Over Coat after John's dumb sexy award and elf costume dance @1Munder but maybe it's more than that ~

WHAT's With the Over Coat
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My analysis on potential #runawayclimatechange and the #IPCC goal of 1.5-2C target
And why/how i expect nasty surprises soon
First, a chart with trend lines showing warming speeding up
#methane #permafrost #arctic #antarctica
#ClimateCrisis #climatechange #gretathunberg
A few charts showing #breakout of temperatures, or potential #runawayclimatechange in 2019, from #alaska to #california or #europe
#ClimateAction #climatechange #gretathunberg
Why warmer soon? several factors
1/ the SUN
Sun is waking up, with solar spots appearing , and the solar minimum period is ending , with a weak solar maximum expected in 2023 .
Lagging time: 4 years
#sun #solarcycle #solarminimum…
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We must hope & pray the “good guys” win & control the levers of power. Our lives are at stake.

There is a weapon ready to be assembled that is so powerful & dangerous it makes all other weapons & weapon systems irrelevant.

Components of this weapon...
have been built in separate countries. This weapon is now ready to be assembled at the North & South Poles.

Diabolical Forces would like to control our futures, we cannot allow that to happen.
“History: Nikola Tesla’s discoveries set the stage for manipulation of the 369 Torus Field Power Generator which was to be used to generate free power in perpetuity.”
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@Dutchwouter777 Buy the #WashingtonDC swamp — the state of #FUBAR.
It’s always underwater spending TRILLION$ more than it receives in taxes, & is always trying to tell everybody else in the world how to govern themselves while it continually fails to govern itself.
#tRumpism #Penceism #Bidenism
@Dutchwouter777 Some say the #Dutch got the wool pulled over their eyes & bought the land from a group of natives that lived on Long Island & were only traveling through #Manhattan.
They traded away land they had no claim to & continued on home with the Dutch loot.…
@Dutchwouter777 In 1867, #WilliamSeward bought #Alaska from the Russians for $125 million in 2019 dollars. It ended Russia’s expansion across the Bering Sea, which had extended the Russian Empire as far south as Fort Ross, California, 90 miles from San Francisco Bay.…
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#ClimateAlarmists ignore the fact that all of their propaganda efforts to scare people into submitting to expensive CO2 reduction schemes are having less than no restraining effect on the one & a half degrees of #GlobalWarming over the last two centuries.…
Nothing being done now is having any effect on reducing CO2. We could help Nature do it the old fashioned way by planting a trillion trees. But that takes time.
#ClimateAlarmists prefer preventing the poorest people from trying to stay alive during winter.…
Scientists are proving that active geothermal sources around the globe are causing most of the glacier melting & ocean warming. And more of that heat should be harnessed to benefit humanity, as has been done throughout human history.
#GeothermalGlobalWarming #ClimateChange
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1/ Here's a bunch of animated time lapses from active volcanoes around the world.


Data is from #ESA #Sentinel2 satellites. It's processed with the #Copernicus / @sentinel_hub tools.

You ask why? Because I like looking at images from volcanoes and so do you!
2/ Bogoslof Island is the summit of a submarine stratovolcano in the Bering sea. In 2017 it erupted and the island became MUCH bigger. There's going to be some happy puffin and seals there (the ones that didn't burn in lava flows that is)!

#VolcanoesFromSpace #Sentinel2
3/ Manaro Voui is a shield volcano in Vanuatu. Starting in 2017 and still going today it's continuously erupting. People are evacuated.

Chief Tari One of Ambanga has conducted ceremonial offerings but it seems these have not been accepted.

#VolcanoesFromSpace #Sentinel2
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