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@MMargani5 @amsalri @fadlizon @Gerindra @kbharianaceh Sejak PilGub DKI 2012 saya sudah menduga kalau Prabowo itu hanya playgame, semula saya berpendapat bahwa DKI merupakan bantu Loncatan Prabowo untuk RI 1 ternyata saya salah, DKI merupakan skenario untuk Jokowi menjadi RI 1 dan Prabowo yang bermain
@MMargani5 @amsalri @fadlizon @Gerindra @kbharianaceh Mengapa Prabowo, karena kalau bukan Prabowo tidak mungkin Jokowi dapat memenangkan Pilpres kebetulan eforia Kebencian terhadap Cendana belum sepenuhnya tuntas masih ada yang mengganjal sementara Prabowo adalah bagian dari Cendana #hening
@MMargani5 @amsalri @fadlizon @Gerindra @kbharianaceh Pada saat yang bersamaan tidak ada satupun Kader dari Partai selain Gerindra yang dapat diandalkan, Golkar masih dibayang-bayangi Konflik Intrenal antara kelompok pendukung ABR dan AL walaupun ada JK dan LBP, demikian dengan PPP kacau didalam, PKS juga demikian #hening
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I have a grievance regarding my mom's care during her bout w/#sepsis. #dementia

At the end of October 2019, my husband & I awoke to find mom's breathing labored, & her mumbling to let her sleep. We let her rest. A fever spiked within the hour, & suddenly she became deathly ill.
She was twitching, sweating profusely, in full rigors, & unable to sit up/speak well. She looked TERRIFIED. I thought she had a stroke. Turns out, it was a high fever from an infected gallbladder. She landed in the #ICU. ALL her vitals were jumping around. It was horrible.
She landed in the ER & eventually the ICU. Turns out she had #sepsis from the infected gall bladder. The ICU's 1st step? Changing her meds around INSTANTLY. Specifically they rescinded ALL #opioids abruptly. After over a decade on them, she was thrown into acute withdrawal in ICU
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Dear santa,
I feel like I'm on the naughty list with now the last few years have gone. I'm homeless again through no fault of my own. I wish for a motel all warm and filled with light. That I may not be cold on christmas eve and night. either way thank you and happy x-mas.
Haha hey everyone. I'm so grateful for ya'll showing up for me everytime this is my last wish of the year. We made it to baes hometown for chrisrmas eve. Got blessed with a room last night. (Thank you!) Its a little more expensive now but this one is available down the street
With 1 room left that's 10$ cheaper. So that's my christmas wish . I know the holidays are hard for everyone honestly I wish we could just crash with family. But they are at capacity because times are hard for everyone this time of year. And sleeping in the Walmart parking lot
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1. New film, 'The Reliant': 2A movie!

In theaters for ONLY 1 NIGHT, Thurs 10/24.

Look at the BLOODY RIOTS & MERCILESSNESS ATTACKS ON TRUMP SUPPORTERS! Think this couldn't happen to you?

#GunRights #NRA #PATRIOTS #ProtectYourself #WAR
#Trump #Qanon #WWG1WGA #News
2. President Trump: Impeachment a Democrat-led ‘Lynching’ -- AGREE!… #Trump #Qanon #Trump2020 #WWG1WGA #News #StopTheCoup
3. BREAKING: Judge Allows Chicago Suit Against Jussie Smollett To Proceed Who FAKED #Lynching - BLAMED US TRUMP SUPPORTERS!… #Trump #Qanon #Trump2020 #WWG1WGA #News #StopTheCoup #MAGA #FakeAttack
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This is #TooGoodNotToShare..

We spend the best years of our lives waiting for a #Miracle when the miracle is #Life itself

We wait for approval,we wait for promotion,we wait for the bonus,we wait for freedom,we wait for a revelation AND in all this,we forget to live
Today, I make this promise to myself. No more waiting. I will live each day like it was the last day of my life. And I will live each day like it is the first day of the rest of my life with no regrets of the day that was..
I will be #Courageous.
Not courageous like a #Soldier under fire, but courageous enough to not wait. Courageous enough to #Live every moment to the hilt.

#Courageous enough to know that the only losses I should fear are the loss of #Love and #Respect, for myself & for those around me.
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Ce 30 janvier 1835, Andrew Jackson, 7e Président des États-Unis, sort de la House Chamber du Capitole en traversant la rotonde après avoir assisté aux funérailles de Warren Davis, un membre de la Chambre des Représentants décédé la veille. #Thread
À bientôt 68 ans, rongé par toutes sortes de maladies, l’ancien général a toutes les peines du monde à déplacer sa longue et fine silhouette. Ce n’est qu’en s’appuyant sur Martin Van Buren, son Vice-Président, qu’il est parvenu à se frayer un chemin jusque-là.
Alors qu’il sort du bâtiment par le portique est, un homme émerge de la foule et se campe à un peu plus de 3 mètres devant lui.

Déjà, rien qu’à ses yeux, on devine qu’il n’est pas tout à fait net le type.
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