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1/x #2023MMM Last up tonight for #WLCrittersClass: the #zooarchaeology of #TeamWolverine from Virginia S.!!
2/x #2023MMM #WLCrittersClass The wolverine (Gulo gulo) is found in N America & N Eurasia. Wolverines were historically found in more southern areas of Europe, but this changed due to humans, as we’ll see at the site of Dolní Věstonice I!
3/x #WLCrittersClass #2023MMM
Dolní Věstonice I is one of the most significant localities known from southern Moravia belonging to the Pavlovian culture (29-25kya), a local variant of the Upper Paleolithic Gravettian culture. Excavations began there in 1924.
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📢🧐 How can we improve the quality of our relationships with ourselves and others? This article explores expert advice on relationship management.👥💕…

#relationships #selfimprovement
1/15 Our relationships with others reflect the quality of our relationship with ourselves. Can we change our behavior and chemistry to cultivate more positive relationships?🤔💭

#selfreflection #positivity
2/15 Building and nurturing a relationship requires being available for the other person, clear communication, and meeting your partner where they are.👫💬🤝

#relationshipadvice #communication
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#Pakistan🇵🇰 IHRF's statement regarding the current political situation in Pakistan and safety recommendations for civilians.

انٹرنیشنل ہیومن رائٹس فاؤنڈیشن کا پاکستان کی موجودہ سیاسی صورتحال اور شہریوں کے لیے حفاظتی تجاویز کے حوالے سے سرکاری بیان۔
1. We ask soldiers and police officers in Pakistan to disobey any unjust or illegal orders they receive. #HumanRights #Disobey #RuleOfLaw
1. ہم پاکستان میں فوجیوں اور پولیس افسران سے کہتے ہیں کہ وہ کسی بھی غیر منصفانہ یا غیر قانونی احکامات کی نافرمانی کریں۔
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I don't know if many of you know this, but
@DM3710Liberty was one of the first to interview and write about #Johnheretohelp.
She has worked with many Whistleblowers, and just like @Grace2Amazing & @JeanneFentress @CanariesBlue , and others, have stood by him since 2019.
@LLinWood & @IbrahimReyesEsq
Thank you for standing for the TRUTH.

The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth
Psalm 145:18
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Díky @elonmusk se na Twitteru odehrávají neskutečné příběhy. Islandský designér prodal Twitteru svou úspěšnou firmu za 100mil USD a většinu si nechal platit formou mzdy, aby ocenil islandský zdravotní systém. Od 25 let je na vozíku díky svalovému postižení, díky kterému nemůže
pracovat s klávesnicí a myší déle než 1-2h. Jako ředitel svou práci zvládal, ale po X kolech propuštění po něm HR chtělo aby pracoval jako grafik, což nemohl. Když ztratil přístup k pracovnímu PC ani po 9 dnech komunikace s HR nevěděl jestli je vyhozen nebo ne.
Rozhodl se napsat tweet a označit Elona a ten ho začal veřejně zpovídat z pracovních záležitostí. #amazing
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Hey $QUACK fam! Today, we're exploring the way of life of the #ninja and the valuable lessons we can learn from these legendary warriors. From their strategic thinking to their mental toughness, let's dive into the world of the ninja. #RichQUACK

🧵🥷👇 Image
The ninja lived by the principle of "ninja no michi," or the way of the ninja. This philosophy emphasized the importance of perseverance, flexibility, and adaptability in achieving success. $QUACK
The ninja were skilled in the art of #strategy, using their intelligence and knowledge of their environment to gain an advantage over their enemies. They believed that strategy was just as important as physical strength. $QUACK
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This #WorldCancerDay, we celebrate the pathbreaking and unending efforts of some heroes who have dedicated their lives to helping those battling the deadly #cancer.

A salute to their undaunted spirit!

#HeroesOfHumanity #CancerWarriors #Respect #TheBetterIndia Image
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Major Somnath Sharma, the first recipient of the Param Veer Chakra, who saved Srinagar from falling to Pakistani hands during the Battle of Badgam in the 1947 War.
Thread on his Jayanti today.
Major Somnath Sharma, born in the Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh in 1923, came from a family with a military background. His father Major General Amarnath Sharma, was the first director general of Armed Medical Services post Independence.
Growing up with his grandfather Pandit Daulat Ram, he would often listen to the Gita and Krishna’s teaching to Arjun influenced him a lot. His maternal uncle Capt. Krishna Dutt Vasudev, had earlier died in WWII, defending a bridge in Malaya from the Japanese.
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"#Verstand und #Herz" ist, was #Djokovic dem Publikum zeigt.
Er gewinnt 2023 die Australian Open, nachdem er 2022 ausgeschlossen wurde.
Djokovic besiegte seinen Gegner Stefanos Tsitsipas in 3 Sätzen: 6-3, 7-6 (4), 7-6 (5) und gewann damit seinen 10. Titel bei den #AustralianOpen.
Gebt NICHT dem ärztlichen Zwang nach.

Steht für das ein, woran ihr glaubt.


Aryna #Sabalenka, die aufgrund ihrer Herkunft 🇧🇾für Wimbledon gesperrt war, nach ihrem Triumph bei den #AustralianOpen, wo sie als "neutrale" Athletin antreten MUSSTE, um überhaupt antreten zu können:
"Ich denke, jeder weiß immer noch, dass ich eine #belarussischeSpielerin bin."
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K.M.Cariappa also known as Kipper, the first Indian Commander in Chief of the Army, the only other Indian officer to hold the rank of field marshal, along with Sam Manekshaw. Thread on one of the finest generals ever. Image
Coorg apart from it's natural beauty, is also famous for producing hockey players, and army men, The Kodavas, take pride in their martial traditions, carry guns, and their most famous dish is a mixture of steamed rice balls and pork curry.
Coorg has one of the grandest Dussehra celebrations on par with Mysore. It is a region, known for it’s high literacy rate, where education is given a priority. Considered as the cradle of Indian hockey, the region has given some outstanding players like M.P.Ganesh, M.M.Somaiyya
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"He lost the ability to move his legs at the age of 14. #Dreams came crashing down like a pack of cards for Ashish Da. I met him at his 90 sq ft room near the outskirts of Kolkata.

#respect #fightingspirit #nevergiveup #motivation #inspiration #kolkata
In today's world of jazzy startups, Ashish Da had his own story to share -- one of #struggle and #survival.

When Ashish Da first realised that he wouldn't be able to walk for the rest of his life, he decided to do something that he was passionate about -- #Kites!
Ashish Da spoke about how he would use papers and sticks to build brilliant kite designs He would spend 12 hours a day sitting on the floor to do everything himself. He never asked for any help or any kind of physical or financial support from anyone.
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“Even in my car, I wear a helmet to strongly emphasise the point of road safety.

#ReaLifeHero #Humanity #Inspiration #Respect #TheBetterIndia Image
My life is completely dedicated to the cause of promoting helmet use, distributing them for free and changing people’s attitudes to road safety”, says Raghvendra Kumar.
After losing his friend in a tragic accident, Raghvendra quit his job in 2016 and turned towards serving society and started giving spare helmets to build awareness on #roadsafety.
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"We perform last rites, cremate bodies abandoned by families & provide other ambulance services to people who cannot afford them. We sometimes felt frustrated as we could not lead normal lives.

#Inspiration #Humanity #Kindness #RealLifeHeroes #Respect Image
Still, the blessings and goodwill we earn are far more rewarding."

Himanshu Kalia, along with his wife Twinkle, has been working round the clock to ferry patients in need of #emergency services across #Delhi.
After Himanshu Kalia nearly lost his father due to delayed treatment, he and his wife decided to provide free #ambulance services to the needy.

“As our income suffers, it reflects in our personal lives.
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"There was so much plastic lying around the beach in Borivali we visited that my kids began playing with the thrash," says Lisbon Ferrao.

#Initiative #BeachCleanup #Respect #CleanMumbai #TheBetterIndia
He, along with her wife Zsuzsanna Salda, whose passion has been cleaning the beaches of Mumbai city for many years.

Lisbon decided he wanted to give his kids the same beach experience he had as a child and therefore started #VasaiBeachCleaners.
“Every time we would visit the beach, we would begin by clearing off a few plastic bags & bottles and dispose of these in dry waste bins. When nobody turned up after posting online, the family took things into their own hands and highlighted 'before & after' scenes of the beach."
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"Locals of the Baiga community and Gond tribes used to kill deer and sell the meat for a few bucks to support their needs. I just provided them with an alternative."⁠

#Award #Proud #Respect #Wildlife #Protection #Forest #Bhopal #India Image
Even after getting death threats, 58-YO Deputy Ranger Sumeri Lal Yadav busted the #Sambar hunting practice going on in Dongariya village & played a pivotal role in wildlife protection. He also rehabilitated the hard-ground Barasingha on the land of #JhoBarasingha.⁠
As a result of his initiatives, over 90% of the community has given up hunting. Ranger Yadav has also been honoured with Satpuda Landscape Tiger Partnership Conservation Hero Award by the #MadhyaPradesh Forest Department.⁠
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“My wife got to know about a dog who was bleeding after being hit by a vehicle. Without thinking twice, I left my auto stand and went to pick up the injured dog, who was given timely help and rescued,” says Baskar.

#Respect #RealLifeHero #Rescue #Strays #Kindness #Heartwarming Image
He says that this led to more calls from rescue volunteers who needed transportation for injured animals.⁠

However, at that time, Baskar was driving a rented auto, and his owner was against him taking injured animals in the vehicle.⁠

#TamilNadu #Chennai
“I gave the auto back to him and decided to purchase my own. ⁠

Seeing an injured puppy being denied help ignited a spark in me, and I wanted to dedicate my life to helping these voiceless beings.
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"Growing up in a humble situation & being the eldest among five siblings, life was always hard and challenging. I did not want to depend on my parent’s income anymore & needed to stand on my own. ⁠

#Respect #RealLifeHero #Inspiration #Entrepreneurs #NorthEastIndia
So I decided to take up mending shoes which I was good at,” says Swuro.⁠

A cobbler in #Nagaland's Phek town, young Toyi Swuro has been helping underprivileged kids by repairing their footwear for free.⁠
We may not be able to help the needy students to buy them new school shoes, but atleast we can help repair their shoes,” he says, but his journey hasn't been easy.⁠

“When I started out, there were evenings when I would close my shop without earning a single penny."⁠
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"Locals of the Baiga community and Gond tribes used to kill deer and sell the meat for a few bucks to support their needs. I just provided them with an alternative."

#Award #Proud #Respect #Wildlife #Protection #Forest #Bhopal #India
Even after getting death threats, 58-YO Deputy Ranger Sumeri Lal Yadav busted the #Sambar hunting practice going on in Dongariya village & played a pivotal role in wildlife protection. He also rehabilitated the hard-ground Barasingha on the land of #JhoBarasingha.
As a result of his initiatives, over 90% of the community has given up hunting. Ranger Yadav has also been honoured with Satpuda Landscape Tiger Partnership Conservation Hero Award by the #MadhyaPradesh Forest Department.
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On the occasion of #VijayDiwas sharing details of the epic Battle of Basantar in the 1971 War, one of the most critical and intensely fought battles ever, that had some astounding acts of bravery.
Shakargarh is a small tehsil town on the West bank of the Ravi river, originally a part of the Gurdaspur district, but transferred to Pakistan after Partition as per the Radcliffe award. Pretty much a sleepy small town, like most in Punjab.
It however was one of the major theaters during the 1971 India Pakistan War. The battle theater was more specifically the Shakargarh Bulge, which is basically a protrusion of Pakistani territory into Indian one.
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🧵We are at the Texas Tribune 2023 Legislative Preview Session.we will post thoughts here. #ttevents
Is Dan Patrick’s last term? What will he push? What does he want his legacy to be? The best comment “Don’t over think Dan Patrick, he’s usually very clear on what he wants.”
The broad general public supports Operation Lone Star. We have seen 2 million crosses. We don’t even know how much as been spent. More on this later.
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@NadricTvPlus On s'en branle des noms donnés par les studios qui se foutent de notre langue.
Complètement con d'ignorer les acteurs/Actrices, les VRAIES voix Françaises.... #Respect!
Le pire, si ça marche en France en français, c'est ce con de Chris Patt qui aura "la récompense".
@NadricTvPlus Mais "Allociné #ToutLeMonde fait ça, alors j'fais pareil" pour jouer au "blogueur".
Pas foutu de REFLECHIR par vous-même (ça diplôme mal en #Idiocratie), VOTRE identité!
0 respect pour les acteurs français/francophones qui font le boulot!
Et ça se dit Passionné de ciné
@NadricTvPlus Mais les acteurs aussi sont fautifs, se "suicident" eux-même à accepter cette CONNERIE typiquement Américaine de ne mettre que le nom des voix de la version USA (et non VO!) seulement!
Ca signe le contrat, et au mieux, ça pleure après.... au lieu de se faire respecter avant!
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“Get It”?

MIRRORS (whole building = one giant mirror) ARE POWERFUL TOOLS.

It would upset me for the longest time thinking about all who have done all they have in time not able to receive the love & appreciation for all they have done to preserve what evil has been trying
So hard to erase from everyones lives …
Most knew from the time they started helping it was “ALL FOR A 🦌 BUCK” …

They had to trust what it was they were doing would be translated to the world in A way for the world to see with their eyes wide open ..

Layer has been pretty much put together the way Wrestling is—All scripted predetermined outcomes ..
If evil was scripting staged world changing attacks upon the world to push the masses into A specific direction that benefited evil, good had to counter evil somehow.
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De retour de l'Assemblée Nationale.
Très honoré d'avoir été invité par @OlgaGivernet pour partager mes réflexions sur la résilience, l'antifragilité, le leadership et les systèmes complexes avec des personnes ouvertes, curieuses et engagées. J'en retiens plusieurs choses : 0/5
1) il existe, au coeur de l'Etat Français, des personnes qui réfléchissent d'une manière vraiment pragmatique et réaliste aux enjeux majeurs que représentent la transition énergétique et ses impacts sur nos sociétés, et qui ne sont pas dupes ;
2) ces gens ont accueilli mes mauvaises nouvelles et mes critiques (constructives) avec une ouverture qui m'a fait chaud au coeur : leadership, exemplarité, cohérence, limites des capacités de l'Etat à fonctionner sans l'adhésion sincère des citoyens, tout y est passé ;
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Here's wishing Happy #WalongDay to the heroes of 6 KUMAON.
They went to their deaths heroically & steadfastly, without any fuss, this day in 1962.
Just so that a General could please a PM on his birthday.
This day in 1962 - The only attack of the war by Indian army was launched - As a birthday gift from a General to a PM.
A heavy price was paid by the Kumaonis of 6 Kumaon that night.
Denied even one day to prepare for the attack, they went in as ordered.
Out of the over 200 men that had gone into the attack, only 90 returned.
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