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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion with @SenatorWong, @DrSJaishankar, @JoaoCravinho, @stephenharper, @Cold_Peace_, @vtchakarova and @samirsaran

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#RaisinaDialogue2022 #TerraNova
.@Cold_Peace_: What stands out for #Indiaat75 is that it is a stabilising actor. It is fairly remarkable that #India has risen quickly. In stark contrast to China's position, India is treating other countries with respect and has been a friend of the #West.

.@Cold_Peace_: It is very important to distinguish between criticism in #freepress and government policies. The #US government policies have been consistent in the last two decades. All countries want to do more business with #India.

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"Even with the government subsidies, people in #Egypt, #Tunisia, #Syria, #Algeria and #Morocco spend between 35 and 55 per cent of their income on #food. They’re living on the edge: small price rises bring #poverty and #hunger."

➡️… #wellbeing #consumption Image
"Just before the pandemic, in 2019, American non-financial corporations made about a trillion dollars a year in profit, give or take. This amount had remained constant since 2012. But in 2021, these same firms made about $1.73 trillion a year. ...
... That means that for every American man, woman and child in the US, corporate America used to make about $3,081, but today makes about $5,207. That’s an increase of $2,126 per person. ...
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The last mistake that EU zionist bitches are forcing #Finland to make, is only to absurdly #provoke its neighbor Russia.
- Russia will #occupy Finland this spring.

Finland #seizes #Russian #art | Apr 6
- 200 paintings from the #Hermitage and #Tretyakov
The economic attack of the #NATO-#CIA regime against #Finland has been going on for yrs, driving the poor into bread lines. The elections has been falsified since 10/2007, when #GoldmanSachs acquired 20.02% of the election result service company (Tieto Co)…
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We have recalled our goal for #Kunar. Thank you to everyone who contributed. I can’t stop here. I have tons of people messaging me from every corner of #Afghanistan asking for help. Plz continue to give to @ASEELApp & send me the order number. #ThankYou…
I am going to start another campaign soon. It would be a general campaign and not a province or region specific fundraiser. If you are interested to partner, plz DM me. Together we achieve more, lets partner #Afghanistan #SaveAfghanistan #AfghanistanCrisis #hunger #Crisis #Afghan
Not recalled
Apologies for the typo
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#SupremeCourt is hearing a plea filed by social activists Anun Dhawan, Ishann Dhawan and Kunjana Singh, seeking subsidised canteens in all states and UTs to ensure food security in the wake of the havoc wreaked by the pandemic #hunger
CJI: We had noted last time that state govt has to take responsibility to put up kitchens etc and until then centre cant do anything. we had asked for a meeting to be convened so that a comprehensive scheme can be drawn up and areas like jharkhand, bihar can be identified
CJI: So far the finances are concerned you can decided what finance state and centre will give and how much foodgrains centre. this is it and i am not going to law or other details. A common scheme has to be evolved.
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#Doyouknow Maternal and Child malnutrition are among the current top risk factors for the global burden of disease and account for about one quarter of global deaths. #WHO #GlobalMalnutrition #FAO #ChildMalnutrition #ph260720
more than 50% of Under-5 deaths are preventable and majority of which are attributed to Malnutrition. Child malnutrition is still the greatest nutrition related health burden at global level. .#Under5Mortality #ChildMalnutrition #ph260720
Apart from being a major cause of Under5 mortality, malnutrition in childhood has far reaching repercussions #WHO #ChildMalnutrition #ph260720
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💡 How the resetting of corporate control of food systems is already well under way 👇🏾


🧵 A thread on #foodsystems & the #UNFSS /1
Few people will dispute that global food systems need transformation, but this #UNFSS is instead an effort by a powerful alliance of multinational corporations, philanthropies, and export-oriented countries to subvert multilateral institutions of food #governance.

Once Guterres appointed a Special Envoy and the structure of the Summit was announced, the drivers behind the Summit became clear.


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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/10/2021…
Complexity Economics: Proceedings of the Santa Fe Institute's 2019 Fall Symposium (Dialogues of the Applied Complexity Network)…

#ComplexityEconomics #SantaFeInstitute #proceedings #book
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(1/6) 931 Millionen Tonnen #Lebensmittel landeten 2019 weltweit laut des neuen UN-Berichts zu #Lebensmittelverschwendung in der #Mülltonne. Damit werden 17 % der global produzierten Lebensmittel nicht konsumiert. Der größte Teil wird durch #privateHaushalte verschwendet (61 %). Image
(2/6) Zugleich leiden Millionen von Menschen täglich #Hunger. Es wird geschätzt, dass 8-10 % der globalen #Treibhausgasemissionen durch #Lebensmittel entstehen, die gar nicht konsumiert werden. Eines der UN-Ziele ist es, die #ProKopfVerschwendung bis 2030 zu halbieren.
(3/6) Die positiven Effekte wären vielfältig sowohl für #Mensch als auch #Umwelt: eine verbesserte #Lebensmittelsicherheit, weniger #Treibhausgasemissionen, Entlastung von #Land, #Wasser und Abfallmanagementsystemen, besserer Schutz der #Biodiversität und monetäre Einsparungen.
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#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity in the age of #globalization, #information & #connectivity has now become an all-encompassing notion. Surely it is not solely a function of the #ArmedForces anymore.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity also includes providing a conducive environment in which aspirations of human #security, national #progress & #development could be realized.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity has now become an all-encompassing notion, wherein besides various elements of national power, #global & #regional environments also play a profound role.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
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What can we learn from the 'global land rush' about the risks of large-scale land-based carbon removal in climate mitigation strategies?

A 🧵to put the numbers - like #Shell's reference to needing a new 700Mha forest - into some context
700Mha sounds a lot, & it is.

From 2000-2016 - during the 'global land rush' - @Land_Matrix documented contracted large-scale land deals covering c. 25Mha

That period tells us a lot about the risks of large-scale reliance on land for carbon removals
It was driven by financial #speculation, #biofuels policies and weak land tenure #rights, & has been associated with widespread dispossession, increasing land #inequality & #hunger

No surprise biofuels crops - palm oil, jatropha, sugar cane - accounted for the biggest land area
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📽️@UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to #Food, @MichaelFakhri, delivers a special video message ahead of our #CFS47 side event tomorrow:

💡 Global Response to #COVID19 #Hunger Crisis: Developing Effective Policy Responses through the @UN_CFS [🧵thread]

"COVID19 has not only been a public health crisis, but it has also generated a hunger crisis. The virus is new, but it has been predictably harshest on marginalised people. In fact, the world was falling behind on realising the right to food even before the current pandemic." /2
"Even with new vaccines, it will be some time before the global #health situation stabilises & it will be at least a decade before the world recovers economically. Meanwhile, Member States and international orgs have not yet come together to tackle the looming hunger crisis." /3
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This hunger index has little or nothing to do with hunger. Read blogs at… to find out why:
2/hung When I last researched it >10 yrs ago, hunger was <2% of popukstion, poverty was 25-30% of pop & "child malnutrition", caused by dirty water & open sewers, was 35-40%. Hunger index mixes such things together to produce a meaningless index which has little to do with hunger
3hung (*population ): Leftist (intellectual elite)member of Planning commission, vetoed my internal talk on #poverty #elimination, forced removal of tables+analysis of #Hunger in Plan chapter, and subsequently forced the #NSSO to remove questions on #hunger from new surveys🙈🙉🙊
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Friday 16 October 2020

"Food is our right: the struggle for equitable food systems"

Register here or follow the link to watch on Facebook
#WorldFoodDay #WFD2020 #AfricanFoodSystems #RightToFood @CovidCoalition @PLAASuwc @FoodSecurity_za…
Here's the programme for today's WorldFoodDay social dialogue on the #RightToFood and equitable #foodsystems with @FIANista @NETRIGHT @EsaffHQ @MasifundiseDT @abahlali_abm @FoodSecurity_za @boamonjane @afs_asa
Today on #WorldFoodDay we will be hearing from leading activists and academics from Africa and beyond about how the #RightToFood requires change in our food systems - something long evident in African agriculture @FutureAgrics @IDS_UK
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We are calling for a $500m national #EdibleGardening fund as a necessary and urgent investment in public and community #health to be co-financed by Federal, State and Territory governments.

We’re in a national emergency, and we must respond accordingly. #urbanagriculture
Dietary-related ill-health and mental illness cost Australia around $200 bn every year.

With COVID-19 and the climate emergency, these costs will rise and more will experience #hunger and #foodinsecurity. In a country as wealthy as #Australia, there is no excuse for this.
The levels of food poverty and dietary-related ill-health amongst #FirstNations communities are a matter of national shame.

Edible gardening has immense power to do good, as our national #PandemicGardening survey showed.

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"In the name of economic growth, we've sacrificed #ecosystems, and we've exhausted the women and men in the economy, by subjecting them to huge pressure from the #globalisation of competition and the deregulation of labour markets." - IPES-Food's Olivier De Schutter @DeSchutterO
"We must think of a different kind of #development: one that does not see economic growth as a precondition for everything else," IPES-Food co-chair @DeSchutterO tells @thinink.
Olivier De Schutter, also @UN Special Rapporteur on extreme #poverty and human rights:

"After some (minor) progress, with absolute numbers of people suffering from #hunger going down from 925 million in the early 1990s to 820 million in 2018, the numbers are going up again."
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/24/2020…
Workers Keeping Americans Fed Are Going Hungry in the Heartland…

#americans #workers #hunger
Bridging of DNA breaks activates PARP2–HPF1 to modify chromatin | Nature…

#nature #dna
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Since some have asked, here’s a THREAD highlighting the #housing/#homelessness coverage that earned @PressNH’s Dennis Joos Memorial Award.

I’ve pubbed 200+ stories since 2017, so this will be a sampling, including ones from the contest period.

@FostersDailyDem @seacoastonline Image
This 15-part, multimedia-heavy series from @smgphoto and I kickstarted our coverage and many things.

(Note: It received 6 local, state, regional and national awards, inc. a @NENPA Publick Occurrences and a 1st place investigative award from @nnaonline.)…
A few weeks later, as dialogue was building, a historic 14-day cold snap hit, endangering countless folks. The Seacoast’s 1st-ever emergency walk-in shelter was opened. @smgphoto and I reported there nearly every day. Here’s the Jan. 2018 day it ended.…
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Special Analysis
"In a world dominated by American exceptionalism and #neocolonialism, #hunger has become a weapon of #war."
by @VanessaBeeley… #Syria #military #CaesarAct #sanctions #COVID19 #Covid_19 #Economic #RegimeChange #Syrian
"I was told of fires mysteriously ignited to the West of Sweida destroying food crops there."
Map showing all the crop-fires raging intermittently across #Syria. Credit | Ibrahim Mohammad Image
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Heute, am 26. Juni, vor 75 Jahren wurde die Charta der Vereinten Nationen verabschiedet. Die #UN wurde gegründet, um den #Frieden zu wahren. „Nie wieder Krieg!“ war der Schwur nach zwei grausamen Weltkriegen. Aus dem ursprünglichen Bund von 51 Gründungsstaaten wurde eine (1/5)
#Weltorganisation mit 193 Mitgliedern. Die internationale Zusammenarbeit zielt auf nachhaltige #Entwicklung und die Verteidigung der #Menschenrechte. Vor allem in Zeiten wie diesen, müssen wir stärker zusammenhalten und auf einander achtgeben. Einzelinteressen sollten (2/5)
dabei in den Hintergrund rücken. Nur gemeinsam schaffen wir es, aus der #Krise herauszukommen und die Welt nachhaltig zu verbessern!
2015 wurde von der UN die „Agenda 2030 für nachhaltige Entwicklung“ verabschiedet. Im Parlamentarischen Beirat für nachhaltige Entwicklung (3/5)
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"Ppl who use food assistance...say they experience stigma, shame and hopelessness...seeking food traumatic, stressful and detrimental to one's health & wellbeing' - @ChristinaPolla8 @DrSueBooth "Food Insecurity & Hunger in Rich Countries' -…
'The Australian government is failing to fulfil its legal and moral obligation to guarantee the #humanright to #adequatefood for at least 1.2 mn people'. In a country that boasts about being #foodsecure & 'feeding 60 mn people', this is an indictment
The human right to adequate food is universal - everyone has it, regardless of who they are or how much money they have - and it is inalienable - it can't be forfeited or surrendered. Poverty is no reason for a person or group not to have access to adequate food at all times
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/18/2020-2

Interpreting Diagnostic Tests for SARS-CoV-2 | JAMA | JAMA Network…
#testing #coronavirus #diagnostics
Tools for Culture Design: Toward a Science of Social Change?…
#tools #culture #design
Why this crisis is a turning point in history…
#TurningPoint #History #crisis
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