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Here is why #DianeDimond is lying⤵️

#DianeDimond has always claimed that Michael Jackson paid $15,331,250 to Jordan plus a $2million signing bonus, $1.5million for June, $1.5million for Evan & between $3 & $5million ⤵️
for Larry Feldman, depending on what version you go with!

Diane also confirmed via her source that no payments were made prior to the settlement being signed, therefor all the payments Michael Jackson made (Evan, June, Jordan & Larry) were all listed in the settlement.
The settlement itself also states that no money was to change hands prior to Michael completing a confession of judgment document & delivering a copy to Feldman (section 3.e)
The Chandlers entrusted Feldman to keep their only copy.
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#MJFam #MJInnocent #TrollFails #LeavingNeverland #LiesOfLeavingNeverland
Let us address how certain uneducated guiltiers/trolls/haters love to claim that Joy Robson stuck to her story regarding her "family" going to the Grand Canyon in order to not perjure herself. ⤵️
Joy Robson does NOT qualify by law to be charged with perjury, reason being Joy was not a material witness, if she was, then she would have been subpoenaed by the prosecution to insure that she testified ⤵️
Material witnesses are incredibly important to prosecuting the accused & by law they can legally detain that person to ensure they testify to try & ensure a conviction.

Many witnesses lie on the witness stand, it was given the nickname of “testilying” ⤵️
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#MJFam #MJInnocent
How can anyone deny that #EvanChandler didnt have a plan for extortion in 1993, or even at minimum a plan to blackmail #MichaelJackson

We all know what Evan wanted $20m dollars
Guilters say these conversations were about the custody battle with ex-wife June
Here we have #EvanChandler talking about Michael's tour being cancelled before Jordan allegedly confessing to his alleged abuse.

Something else that proves no way where these conversations about the custody battle
#MJInnocent #ChandlerCase #FalseAllegations #Extortion
Here is #EvanChandler saying he has found a nasty SOB attorney who wants to get "this" out in public as fast & as big as he can.

Now why would Evan be saying he wanted his custody battle out in public? #MJInnocent
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Guiltiers believe that #EvanChandler & #LarryFeldman wanted to be doubly sure that Jordan was telling the truth & thats why they sent him to Gardner THEN Katz. The truth is Gardner was the best in the business regarding false allergations of CSA ⤵️
so there would have been no need for a 2nd opinion on his work.
The real & most logical reason for Katz is that Gardner didnt give the Chandlers the conclusion that they were hoping for. It is not known what Gardner acutally concluded from the interview but it doesnt take much
to work out why it wasnt leaked with the rest of the interview in Feb 03 along with JC's declaration.

In total Jordy saw THREE "professionals" regarding his alleged abuse

Abrams, who later went on to say he didnt spend enough time to the boy to know if he was coached or not.
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To celebrate MJ, you must understand him. To understand him, you must study him.

#MJFam to celebrate MJ's birthday I'm re-sharing my podcast documentary, The Genesis of Thriller, and all the sources I referred to when making it.

In case you missed it:…
The Genesis of Thriller was inspired by Trevor Nelson’s 'Thriller: Michael Jackson’s Masterpiece'. I recommend this if you're interested in going beyond MJ's creative process, diving into the politics of Thriller and its commercial/cultural impact.

#JCsMusicology by @Cameron_John was also a huge inspiration. John has produced three incredible episodes in which he dissects the creative process of MJ and his team during the Off The Wall, Dangerous and HIStory eras!…
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Lets take a peep at the available email exchange between #WadeRobson & his mother #JoyRobson regarding being left alone at Neverland for a week while his family went on a RV trip to the Grand Canyon
#LeavingNeverland #LiesOfLeavingNeverland
Look at the timeline of these emails, first she says I have multiple versions then Wade asks her about the trip. Image
There are 21 minutes between those 2 emails. How can we know whether or not there were other emails between them during that time? Wade was caught hiding emails from the estate bigtime. #DetailsMissingFromLeavingNeverland
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We have been led to believe the video footage made by #InsideEdition regarding the main train station at #Neverland was from MLK Jr. Day, January 17 1994 ⤵️
however the footage of the station in that clip isn't actually from 1994 it's been taken from a news report by KYW-TV CBS3 that was filmed in 1997

Let's look at this guilters video first

Here is a clearer version of that video
Then look at this footage from KYW-TV CBS3 from 1997
you will see its the exact same footage in both clips

This footage was done live in a chopper with Chopper Bob Tur who now goes by the name of Zoey Tur. You can see its the exact same footage
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Things you NEED to know, a thread...

I urge you to read this, it is quite long due to many documentations and references in order to understand.

The thing is, the more you research into Michael Jackson, the MORE INNOCENT he becomes⬇️
MJ has a huge fandom, #mjfam they are RELIGIOUSLY defensive of MJ, and I never understood why...
UNTIL I researched into what they were saying, and I was HEARTBROKEN that I was brainwashed into thinking these contradictions about Michael Jackson were true⬇️
I was never a huge fan of MJ, but after researching about the allegations, I played his music LOUDER and MORE than EVER! It may be confusing to you, but I'll explain why...
MJ's fandom gets called "crazy" and "FANATIC," when most of us WEREN'T fans until we uncovered the TRUTHS⬇️
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Trolls love to use these people as proof there was a match, lets look at what each one said ⤵️

#FactsDontLieTrollsDo #MJInnocent
Santa Barbara District Attorney
A mark on the right side of defendants penis at about the same relative location as the dark blemish located my Jordan Chandler…
Dr. Richard Strick was present in the room when the strip search was carried out, please note Dr. Strick never confirmed the match, he was TOLD there was a match.

Strick speaks of the genitals being oddly coloured with light skin/dark skin. No mention of a mark, anywhere!
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Again. Since my timeline is again full of completely useless focus on known haters by MJ fans. Please #MJfam, if y'all are bored, try to put your energy into something more productive. Arguing with hard core haters is not that, IMO. Or at least stop tagging me in these. Thanks.
Y'all are giving haters the attention they are craving. If you're bored there's so much more to talk about re. MJ than going around in circles with haters. HIStory25, for example. He's so much more than those damn allegations!
Don't get me wrong. Advocacy for his innocence is important and I'll keep doing it. But arguing with known hard core haters as a hobby? Such waste of time. Talk to those who are open minded. Trying to convince these unhinged people of anything doesn't interest me.
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Guiltiers/trolls love to drool that there was a match with the penis description in 1993.

So let's take a look at what various people said about "the match"

We'll start with what the Chandlers themselves said.

"Numerous distinctive markings & discolouration"

All That Glitters
Page 210
Jordan told Debra Linden that Michael had one splotch on his penis "which is a light colour similar to the colour of his face"

I also obtained confirmation from TSG that this article was written off the back of them reading the actual Linden affidavit…
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Another Big reference for MJ I couldn’t put in my film for the “Can You Feel It” Video was the Sci-Fi movies of the 70s : “2001”, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” When the love message comes from Outer Space ! #MJFam @ReasonBound @Meeea @tajjackson3 @TheMJCast
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#MJFam You’ll hear guilters try to claim that James Safechuck’s allegations are supported by the interviews La Toya was forced to give in 1993. I thought I would address this argument, as it doesn’t make a lick of sense.
La Toya’s claim was that Katharine Jackson showed her supposed “hush money” checks that Michael was paying to silence boys he had abused. She said she saw those checks in 1984.
I’m another interview with Gerlando Rivera in February 1994, she says that the checks were written to a boy whose father was a garbage collector. Guilters have concluded that that boy was James Safechuck, since his father owned a waste collection company.
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MEGA-THREAD 100 reasons why I believe Leaving Neverland is a fraud and #michaeljackson was the real victim #MJInnocent #MJFAM :

1 Train Station didn’t exist until 94 yet James claimed to be abused there from 88-92. Plus MJ lived in NYC in 94 and only returned to NL in 95.
2 Grand Canyon - Wade was there with his family. He was not left at NL.
3 MJs niece, Brandy, dated Wade during and after the time he claimed to be abused. MJ got them together. But didn’t he want Wade to stay away from women?
4 Subpoena Wade never got. He was more than happy to testify on MJs behalf.
5 Juliens Auctions selling Wades MJs collection which he wanted kept quiet. Burning items in LN was just a stunt.
6 $100m lawsuit but it’s not about money.
7 Wade and James Past testimony.
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Decided to do a thread on how I came to realise Michael Jackson is innocent and how I became a fan. Until this year I was not a fan, but did like a few of his songs, and for many years was on the fence about allegations
Whilst I use to believe he may have been guilty I would never has gone as far to call him a pedo, as I believe there must be concrete evidence in order to label someone as such. I was also always skeptic of Wade and James, due to them changing their story after his death
And the fact they were suing his Estate for so much. I was not sure however about the previous allegations.
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Instruções pra sua cidade participar do #ThrillTheWorld em outubro de 2020! #KeepMichaeling #MJImmortal #MJFam #MuteMyAss Já pensou que lindo o Brasil inteiro homenageando Michael Jackson no Halloween do ano que vem? A seguir 👇🏼
O que é Thrill The World? É a tentativa anual de bater o recorde mundial de -maior dança simultânea em diferentes localidades- com a música Thriller. Existem três tipos de recorde: Guinnes World Records, World Records Academy e World Records Public. O recorde é de What a Feeling.
Acontece no sábado que antecede o Halloween 🎃 isso dá 24 de outubro de 2020. Há muito tempo ainda pra treinar e organizar. Em 2019 45 cidades participaram pelo mundo. Salvador - BA é a única do Brasil que participa regularmente. Vamos colocar sua cidade nesse mapa? 🕴🏻❤️🇧🇷
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Some people seem to be unaware, ignorant to, or unable to accept the fact that #MichaelJackson was a black man who suffered from a skin disease called vitiligo that destroyed the pigmentation of his skin. I made a video for #MJFam to share to help educate those uninformed or rude
For those who act like MJ should have let it be & not even it out w/ makeup, can you imagine how much worse his treatment by the media would have been if he did? Today, those who suffer from vitiligo are praised for being brave but do u rly think MJ would have the same treatment?
Michael also suffered 2nd degree burns to his scalp from his Pepsi commercial shoot, which caused him to bald & forced him to wear wigs for the rest of his life. Put yourself in his shoes & act like what you would have done. A performer with lupus, vitiligo, burned scalp... 🤷‍♂️
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(1/15) #mjfam IMPORTANT! HARD CORE TROLL LIST finally here


Block tes trolls 2 protect ur account frm mass reporting & twitter suspending!

cos many fans r following trolls & many trolls r following fans so let tis reach all fans
(2/15) each & every name i ve written here is examined 3 times atleast to make sure we are not blocking genuine doubters but only trolls, both hard core & the occasional one's!!

I ve not added "@" symbol cos they would know, so you copy this name, add @, and search & block!
(3/15) let me know if ur unable 2 find the names or confused as which one to block, i ll post the screen shots of their profile too!
am still working on tat list, this is 1st list of main trolls, later i ll post the next list! here we go

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Thread/ I wanted to vent a little about something I've been running into a lot ever since I jumped into this LN rabbit hole & it's this projection of pedophilic fantasies from MJHaters they put onto MJ. (Video created under Fair Use & no Copyright Infringement intended)
I made this vid to explain what I'm referring to but I will also talk about it. So for my "The Truth About Stephanie Safechuck's Loan" video on YT someone commented asking questions & whatnot, I responded in a civil manner but it eventually
devolved into this person insulting & belittling me. They began bringing in other topics completely unrelated to the video & comparing me to other people they've had discussions with, but this is where my biggest issue came up. After a certain point they called me strange
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# Dear #MJFAM - where do I start with this article? Please can you take the time to contact the DJ's beginning with this white dude (I just knew he was white before seeing him) - DJ
...and educate them around the one sided hit-piece propaganda film 'Leaving Neverland' - It's because of people like this, too lazy to do their research, that others are being prevented from celebrating @michaeljackson at their own weddings or nightclubs in Philadelphia. WTF?!
This is the nonsense we have to deal with. Kindly let me know if you get a response from any of the DJ's. Article here: "Since R. Kelly and Michael Jackson docs, couples and DJs are banning their music at weddings"…
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1/ Time 4 some more #IKnewLeavingNeverlandWasBS videos from urs truly. Trust me, u'll want to see these, no wonder we dont see them anymore, it was like a comedy roadshow. This 1st vid is a look at body language of Wade. Created under Fair Use & no Copyright Infringement intended
2/ This vid examines the nervous, sweating, blinkerific behavior of James which I attribute to him being afraid of saying something off-script or upsetting the one watching him like a hawk anytime he speaks, Wade Robson. Created under Fair Use & no Copyright Infringement intended
3/ This vid looks at how scripted & clueless James comes off as wen it comes to telling his story. Especially noticeable in TV interviews, where he feels the need to repeat almost irrelevant details "On tour, taught him" Created under Fair Use & no Copyright Infringement intended
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1/ #IKnewLeavingNeverlandWasBS when Stephanie Safechuck gave a Razzie worthy performance during LN & only showed actual emotion in her joy-filled stories of spending time w/ Michael Jackson, the man, to her, abused her son for years. Oddly she
2/ doesn't show any actual emotion other than a couple reshot scenes of her speaking of MJ negatively. So some LN defenders have tried to justify WR/JS's stoic, emotionless, (& at the same time) amused/chuckling behavior as ranging from embarrassment to
3/ restrained emotions. Never mind that these are 2 different ppl showing the exact same symptoms of emotionless/stoic/smiling/laughing/totally cool talking about their abuse & MJ. If you want to give me one of these guys, sure I'll take one but not both.
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11/18/1987 #MichaelJackson visits the children’s Hospital in Randwick, Sydney, Australia. #HonorMJ #MJHumanitarian #MJFam
Natasha Lang, mother of the child in the photo with Michael remembers that moment:

“I will never forget that day as long as I live ⬇️
when Michael came to the hospital with an abundance of stuffed animal toys, so generously given, to all the children in the children’s ward. He went around the ward and visited each child personally and quietly spoke words of comfort to them ⬇️
and I will never forget the delight of these children, the medical staff and the parents who visited on that day.

My son now is a grown man and I wish to share this photograph with the whole world because it shows Michael’s selfless and generous nature.⬇️
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