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(1/15) #mjfam IMPORTANT! HARD CORE TROLL LIST finally here


Block tes trolls 2 protect ur account frm mass reporting & twitter suspending!

cos many fans r following trolls & many trolls r following fans so let tis reach all fans
(2/15) each & every name i ve written here is examined 3 times atleast to make sure we are not blocking genuine doubters but only trolls, both hard core & the occasional one's!!

I ve not added "@" symbol cos they would know, so you copy this name, add @, and search & block!
(3/15) let me know if ur unable 2 find the names or confused as which one to block, i ll post the screen shots of their profile too!
am still working on tat list, this is 1st list of main trolls, later i ll post the next list! here we go

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. #MJFam we have more people on our side than we think!! 🙏🏼
Shaderoom‘s comments after posting about the Leaving Neverland Emmy win. People know #LeavingNeverlandIsaFraud !!#MJInnocent
it goes on an on!! Everyone is defending Michael. 🙏🏼 This truly made me feel so much better, we will win this fight!! HEAD HIGH #MJFam
and more and more and more..🙏🏼
#MJinnocent #LeavingNeverlandIsaFraud
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I’ve kept my mouth shut about this, but since #LiesOfLeavingNeverland is trending...
LN is a huge fraud, Robson and Safechuck are proven liars, and I’m sorry for the REAL victims of abuse.
Do your research, people. It MATTERS.
Why the mainstream media isn’t exposing the holes in WR and JS’s stories still blows my mind. There’s multiple inconsistencies and flat out lies. It’s always easier to believe why someone is GUILTY instead of INNOCENT.
Why we immediately assume someone’s guilty based off of a HEADLINE is extremely startling and insane. Fact checking MATTERS.
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Thread/ I wanted to vent a little about something I've been running into a lot ever since I jumped into this LN rabbit hole & it's this projection of pedophilic fantasies from MJHaters they put onto MJ. (Video created under Fair Use & no Copyright Infringement intended)
I made this vid to explain what I'm referring to but I will also talk about it. So for my "The Truth About Stephanie Safechuck's Loan" video on YT someone commented asking questions & whatnot, I responded in a civil manner but it eventually
devolved into this person insulting & belittling me. They began bringing in other topics completely unrelated to the video & comparing me to other people they've had discussions with, but this is where my biggest issue came up. After a certain point they called me strange
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# Dear #MJFAM - where do I start with this article? Please can you take the time to contact the DJ's beginning with this white dude (I just knew he was white before seeing him) - DJ
...and educate them around the one sided hit-piece propaganda film 'Leaving Neverland' - It's because of people like this, too lazy to do their research, that others are being prevented from celebrating @michaeljackson at their own weddings or nightclubs in Philadelphia. WTF?!
This is the nonsense we have to deal with. Kindly let me know if you get a response from any of the DJ's. Article here: "Since R. Kelly and Michael Jackson docs, couples and DJs are banning their music at weddings"…
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1/ Time 4 some more #IKnewLeavingNeverlandWasBS videos from urs truly. Trust me, u'll want to see these, no wonder we dont see them anymore, it was like a comedy roadshow. This 1st vid is a look at body language of Wade. Created under Fair Use & no Copyright Infringement intended
2/ This vid examines the nervous, sweating, blinkerific behavior of James which I attribute to him being afraid of saying something off-script or upsetting the one watching him like a hawk anytime he speaks, Wade Robson. Created under Fair Use & no Copyright Infringement intended
3/ This vid looks at how scripted & clueless James comes off as wen it comes to telling his story. Especially noticeable in TV interviews, where he feels the need to repeat almost irrelevant details "On tour, taught him" Created under Fair Use & no Copyright Infringement intended
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1/ #IKnewLeavingNeverlandWasBS when Stephanie Safechuck gave a Razzie worthy performance during LN & only showed actual emotion in her joy-filled stories of spending time w/ Michael Jackson, the man, to her, abused her son for years. Oddly she
2/ doesn't show any actual emotion other than a couple reshot scenes of her speaking of MJ negatively. So some LN defenders have tried to justify WR/JS's stoic, emotionless, (& at the same time) amused/chuckling behavior as ranging from embarrassment to
3/ restrained emotions. Never mind that these are 2 different ppl showing the exact same symptoms of emotionless/stoic/smiling/laughing/totally cool talking about their abuse & MJ. If you want to give me one of these guys, sure I'll take one but not both.
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11/18/1987 #MichaelJackson visits the children’s Hospital in Randwick, Sydney, Australia. #HonorMJ #MJHumanitarian #MJFam
Natasha Lang, mother of the child in the photo with Michael remembers that moment:

“I will never forget that day as long as I live ⬇️
when Michael came to the hospital with an abundance of stuffed animal toys, so generously given, to all the children in the children’s ward. He went around the ward and visited each child personally and quietly spoke words of comfort to them ⬇️
and I will never forget the delight of these children, the medical staff and the parents who visited on that day.

My son now is a grown man and I wish to share this photograph with the whole world because it shows Michael’s selfless and generous nature.⬇️
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THREAD: The mediatic normalization of „Wacko Jacko”

A thread dedicated to how the medias - especially the tabloid press but not only - have contributed to bestialise @MichaelJackson in the public eyes over the decades #MichaelJackson #MJfam #Whoswacko
I dedicate this #Shameonyou thread to @TheSun and all tabloids that have actively contributed to spread the nickname #WackoJacko, among them the @TheNationalEnquirer, @theNewyorkpost @theDailymirror.
1) The roots of #WackoJacko : Jacko = M.O.N.K.E.Y

Let’s begin with the roots of the Jacko name with the story of Jacco Maccacco, the "accrobatic monkey" exhibited during animal fights in the early 19th century ⤵️⤵️⤵️

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Big Al Scanlan worked at Neverland Ranch, 1990-2005, as Director of Maintenance. He was responsible for overseeing the attractions, the theater, rides and trains. He became a close friend of Michael. #MJFam #MJINNOCENT #MJFamLatino #MJInocente
"Neverland gave Mr. Jackson and his guests a chance to relax, to escape the stress everyday. life gives us. Even if he wasn't there, he would want to hear all about the day that the guests had at Neverland. It was important to him that they had great time"
"I had several long conversations with Mr. Jackson about Neverland. Looking into his eyes and hearing his voice, there is no doubt that the charity work done at #Neverland was one of the most important things in his life."
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#StopLeavingNeverlandNOW: what are the tentacles of this octopus? Follow the breadcrumps and discover the net.
#Channel4: set to broadcast the mockumentary in UK. (1)
#Channel4 has a great interest in exploiting #MJ's name again. It had already happened in 2009 and it's likely they hope to repeat the experience. (2)
One of #Channel4's current "heroes" is #StinsonHunter, the alleged "pe*ophile hunter", who lately - together with his minions, had been spreading lies non-stop about #MJ on Twitter. He systematically blocks/reports/harass everyone showing him receipts and evidence. (3)
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#THREAD: the #Epstein case vs the #MichaelJackson case: for those talking about "getting away" with "crimes", let's take a look at how (white) privilege really works. And why nobody talks about Epstein, while #MJ is being subjected to another slanderous mockumentary. (1)
For a good comparison, we'll take a look at the timeline of the #Epstein case versus that of the #MJ case. You'll see the differences in approach, treatment and mediatic consequences by yourself. #JusticeforMJ #ExposeTheLiars (2)…
As per screenshot 1, the parents of #Epstein's alleged victim, a 14-y.o. girl, reported the alleged crime to the police. In 1993, the first allegations against MJ started with an extortion plan and a search for a "highly profitable settlement". (3) More:…
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