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According to guiltiers #WadeRobson & #JamesSafechuck are not asking for money in their lawsuits against Michael Jackson Estate (companies)
At the end of #WadeRobson & #JamesSafechuck complaints they very clearly state they want compensatory and punitive damages AND in the status update Finaldi wants to do financial discovery 🙄
#ButItsNotAboutTheMoney ImageImageImageImage
They haven't specified a specific amount yet but they will once they discover how much money the estate has, then they'll try to get as much money as possible!

They want millions, there is absolutely no question/doubt about that!

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#MJFam #MJInnocent #TrollFails #LeavingNeverland #LiesOfLeavingNeverland
Let us address how certain uneducated guiltiers/trolls/haters love to claim that Joy Robson stuck to her story regarding her "family" going to the Grand Canyon in order to not perjure herself. ⤵️
Joy Robson does NOT qualify by law to be charged with perjury, reason being Joy was not a material witness, if she was, then she would have been subpoenaed by the prosecution to insure that she testified ⤵️
Material witnesses are incredibly important to prosecuting the accused & by law they can legally detain that person to ensure they testify to try & ensure a conviction.

Many witnesses lie on the witness stand, it was given the nickname of “testilying” ⤵️
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#LeavingNeverland #LiesOfLeavingNeverLand
#WadeRobson claims in his lawsuit that Michael abused him in his condo during their first trip in 1990. Wade claims he was alone there while his sister & mother slept in a hotel across the street
Pg 8 point 19…
However his mother Joy, testified in her 2016 deposition (pgs 61, 62, 63)… that she & her daughter Chantal also slept in that condo, on the floor in sleeping bags, while Wade & Michael slept in the room.
So Jackson not only took the risk to sexually abuse a boy without any grooming but he supposedly did it right under his mothers & sisters nose. This of course is contradicted by another one of Robsons allegations in his lawsuit:
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In #JamesSafechuck original complaint he clearly says that the alleged abuse went from 1988 (age 10) to 1992 (age 14)

Page 10 point 32…

#liesofleavingneverland #LeavingNeverland Image
In #JamesSafechuck 2nd amended complaint he clearly states that the alleged abuse took place from 1988 thru to 1992.
If he was mistaken with the abuse end date, why didn't he amend it here?…

#LiesOfLeavingNeverland #LeavingNeverland Image
Here #JamesSafechuck verbally confirms that the alleged abuse took place from the age of 10 (1988) to the age of 14 (1992)
Why the hell do guiltiers insist that James's alleged abuse continued past the age of 14?
#HaterFails #FactsDontLiePeopleDo
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#WadeRobson told inside edition
"Everytime we were together it happened" "There was no night that went by that I was with him that he didn't sexually abuse me"

In his 4th amended complaint he claims the abuse started on the second night they were on the ranch, during the weekend before his family left.

#LeavingNeverland… Image
In his book he claims the abused started only when his family left the ranch during the first trip in Feb 1990
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Lets take a peep at the available email exchange between #WadeRobson & his mother #JoyRobson regarding being left alone at Neverland for a week while his family went on a RV trip to the Grand Canyon
#LeavingNeverland #LiesOfLeavingNeverland
Look at the timeline of these emails, first she says I have multiple versions then Wade asks her about the trip. Image
There are 21 minutes between those 2 emails. How can we know whether or not there were other emails between them during that time? Wade was caught hiding emails from the estate bigtime. #DetailsMissingFromLeavingNeverland
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#Hilo 🧵A 11 años de la muerte de #MichaelJackson, su legado musical se ha visto eclipsado por las revelaciones en torno a los abusos cometidos contra menores de edad. Recordamos su carrera musical, sus escándalos y las terribles historias ocurridas en su Rancho Neverland.👇 Image
🎶🎙️La vida musical de #MichaelJackson se inicia en la década de los sesenta como parte del grupo familiar de los 'Jackson Five' que era dirigido con mano dura por el padre de la familia. Para el recuerdo, 10 discos plagados de 'soul', 'funk' y vertiginosas coreografías. Image
💽 El inicio de los setenta, marcó la independencia de Michael Jackson y la "consagración" vendría en 1982 con el disco 'Thriller' y del cual se tienen contabilizadas ventas por 65 millones de copias. Image
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#MichaelJackson built an earlier version of his (in)famous train station in 1992.

These two photos are not before and after; they are two different buildings - Station 1 and Station 2.

Here's the proof. (1/6)

#MJGuilty ImageImage

These photos are from 25 August 93.

Random floral clock, stairs to nowhere. An empty space where the station should be. Rails hidden under tons of gravel. A wall of soil where the retaining wall used to be.

Station 1 was demolished (likely in July 93).

(2/6) ImageImage

The hedges grew bigger over time. Hedges in the Station 1 construction picture are smaller than the hedges in Aug 93 photo (no station). The floral clock pattern matches the Aug 93 photo.

Station 2 (bottom two photos) had a different floral clock design.

(3/6) Image
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When the public has a case of full blown disassociation. The constitution has been obliterated. Smith Mundt act of 2012, patriot act, NDAA BUT IF YOU SUE THEM IN THE CORRUPT COURT IT WILL ALL BE OK. LAWYERS ARE MAKING A KILLING I LOST 40000$ ON ONE
Open letter to lawyer Barry K Rothman and Associates who took my money and then left me to be hunted #metoo — Steemit… hello
#LeavingNeverland #metoo I didn't fight for my life or others for it to be eclipsed #Epstein #Wexner #FLYNN #Trump
and The last time I tried to get a lawyer and had tons of new evidence of targeting?… REIMS... #receipts "
@adamlevine and whoever said nooooooo... like your lawyers OR whoever ~
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100 razones por las que #LeavingNeverland es un fraude y Michael Jackson fue la verdadera víctima. Abro Hilo:
1- James afirmó ser abusado en la habitación de arriba de la estación de tren desde 1988 a 1992. Pero la estación comenzó a construirse en 1994 y estuvo apta para usarse recién al año siguiente.
2- En 2016 la madre de Wade Robson afirmó bajo juramento que su 'familia entera', incluida Wade, se habían ido de viaje al Gran Cañón, desacreditando una parte importante de la historia.
Wade nunca quedó a solas con Michael, por lo tanto, no pudo haber sucedido "el primer abuso".
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@AdrianLorio Here's my perspective: I'm not anti- or pro-Estate, I'm only a fan of MJ. My beef with them is -in my opinion- their utter failure to effectively defend MJ in the court of public opinion against the false allegations. I feel they should have commissioned a documentary in 2009-10
@AdrianLorio but I guess they felt there was no financial incentive to do that, since MJ was making so much money for the Estate with sales of his music, image, likeness, video games, Cirque Du Soleil shows, Pepsi sponsorships, etc. When Wade went public with is lies in 2013, I felt the
@AdrianLorio Estate should create a website specifically for updating the fans and general public with updates on the ongoing litigation, but because the litigation went virtually uncovered in the media, it didn't affect MJ's image in the eyes of the general public, so I brushed it aside.
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/THREAD/ I'll say goodbye to 2019 with the Top 10 Lies included in the biggest scam of the year: #LeavingNeverland. A phony documentary against a dead man (the dead can't sue) created for money and to deflect the attention from the actual, powerful predators in Hollywood.
Number 10:
@markgeragos' manipulated footage. Dan Reed deliberately uses footage from another court case to give a misleading impression that Michael Jackson lawyers threatened and intimidated abuse victims from coming forward.
Number 9: the movie implies that Robson/Safechuck were replaced by the younger Brett Barnes and Macaulay Culkin. Even putting aside the fact that Culkin is OLDER than Robson, the two alleged "victims" have always stated that MJ is innocent. Dan Reed decided not to interview them.
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Both the NAMBLA-site and the disguised pedophilia-site " MJfacts com" contain misleading data /pictures about Michael Jackson and that info should be deleted, the real names behind them detected and the connection with #LeavingNeverland documented. @tajjackson3 @MJonlineteam
Those sites have followed #LeavingNeverland actors Wade & James from the start and have explained their relationship to Michael Jackson in a pedophilic way (child-adult-love-sex-relationship) since Wade started to accuse MJ 2012. Exactly the same way as in #LeavingNeverland.
The disgusting "MJfacts com" -site is dangerous, because they don't directly mention that that site has a pedophilia-favoring mindset and behind that site are real pedophiles. #LeavingNeverland
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1. My take on #LeavingNeverland - Was #MichaelJackson a sexual predator?

2. They say "High trees catch the most wind" - Real stars will always attract attention, also of the negative kind (from envy to death threats).

They also say "where there's smoke, there's fire".

Both apply to Michael, but the second saying more so!

3. Michael was a great artist and a great performer, but by 1986/1987 he started to grow more freakish: Bleatching his skin (not just Vitiligo), rhinoplasties until his nose almost disappeared, fake marriage to Lisa Marie Presley (1993), when the first abuse-case started!
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I guess, more than anything, here's what bothers me about people's comments about #LeavingNeverland, Robson and Safechuck: they lived it. You weren't there. You can make judgments ALL you want, but it means NOTHING. It's not your life.
As any childhood sexual abuse (#CSA) survivor will tell you, we're used to not being believed. We're used to people dismissing and minimizing us. We build up our defenses because, in truth, our healing only depends on us, not anyone else's validation.
Y'all think what you say is important, what with your studying of this file and that report. So continue telling these young men or other survivors you don't believe them.

We'll continue to heal without your approval, input, and commentary, thanks.
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Okay, here is one of the passages where Reed talks about @IAmBrettBarnes on French TV. I'll make sure to translate the other passage asap! #LeavingNeverland
This is what true journalism looks like. Facts don't lie, people do @tajjackson3 🙏
And here's the second part, @IAmBrettBarnes!
#LeavingNerverland #MJInnocent
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Helpful info on grooming from @CHILD_USA:

1. Child sex abusers “groom” their child victims. Child sex abusers are patient and cunning, and often the “nice guys” you want your kids to spend time with. Often generous, fun activities, cash, candy,

jewelry, special clothing, trips, adopting endearing nicknames, telling the children he/she “loves” them and their families, and other special treatment. Telling children that sex abuse is how they show “love” to each other. Using showers, alcohol #SexAbuseChat
and pornography to lower defenses. Telling children that God means for them to be together. Having mock wedding ceremonies complete with clothing and rings. #SexAbuseChat
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I watched #LeavingNeverland. Sad to see people don’t believe the featured accusers. That being said, can we all agree grown adults shouldn’t be sleeping in the same bed as children that aren’t theirs? I stopped supporting Jackson when he admitted to that in 2003. It wasn’t hard.
I muted Michael Jackson after noticing how his tendencies echo grooming and after he admitted to sleeping in the same bed as kids that aren’t his— way before #LeavingNeverland.

Maybe it’s time we reflect on behavior that shouldn’t of been publicly condoned in the first place.
If you’re defending Michael Jackson, you’re going to get blocked. For me, this isn’t about debating over whether or not #LeavingNeverland is factual, it’s about staying consistent with condemning inappropriate behavior from adults that could’ve potentially put children in danger.
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Point of #LeavingNeverland is not, as some think, whom you believe; nor guilt or innocence. The point is how hundreds of parents, promoters, friends, entourage, domestic or tour staff failed to raise any alarm about a 30yo man who habitually took strangers’ children to his bed.
This fact is NOT in dispute. I mean I know it was thirty years ago, but how the hell does this happen? Ever.
In myths about magic and vampire folklore, there is always an enchantment or special power for influencing mortals, putting them in a trance so they become obedient. And it’s usually called a “glamour spell”. I can’t get that thought out of my head, watching #LeavingNeverland.
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as a child sex abuse survivor, I know feeling of being horrified anyone would find out uncle was making me do "things" with him. If my dad had asked me I would have defended my uncle coz my mum told me dad would kill her brother and he'd go to jail (i told her) #LeavingNeverland
So as a kid when I was diagnosed as "nervous" and started pulling out bits of my hair and hiding it, dad found all the hair clumps under my bed and asked me to tell him what was wrong. I stayed silent. I was scared of what would happen #LeavingNeverland
I developed classic self esteem issues and my mum loved her brother (both are dead now btw) I defended my uncle and lied about what he was doing when a doctor diagnosed a urine infection when i was 9 and i lied #leavingnetherland
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Journalists expressing outrage over child sex abuse in Hollywoood after watching #LeavingNeverland need to start doing their own work on this important issue

We have plenty of leads and our DM is open
Same journalists won’t write anything to expose convicted child rapists like Shane Sparks & Joel Iwataki who STILL work in Hollywood around minors ON CURRENT PROJECTS TODAY
Same journalists who won’t confront @sagaftra over why it won’t revoke union membership for convicted child molesters
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it's interesting to look at the current twitter feeds of all the pro-Michael Jackson twitter accounts that went after me whenever I was exposing his connections to transnational organized crime over the last two years.
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Alright, sitting down to watch this. I'll let you know what I think.

Whew, a lot to say so far, but the part where he gives the kid the jacket from the "Thriller" video. Holy shit.
If you're a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, this is probably going to be triggering. Really no other way to describe it. It's real, and it's painful.
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