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Resources to study #Neurology

Adams and Victor’s. By far my favourite textbook.
The book is more clinically oriented, coloured with anecdotes and mental models. Reading it feels like seeing a pt in the ward/OPD

#MedTwitter #neurotwitter
It has elements of philosophy, history and is written eloquently.
Whimsical, yet profound, it’s teachings stay with me. Added bonus, my Guru in Neurology finds mention in the text 🙃 I’d recommend this for #mbbs #md and #dm students
Bradley is the standard #textbook in #neurology. A great book, it’s more like #Harrison. Great for information, latest research and management. Essential for the DM #neurology candidate, but also useful for MD #internalmedicine
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Myoclonus-Dystonia syndrome (MDS) is a very interesting diagnosis to be aware of as it can become quite disabling for patients from a movement disorder and a psychiatric standpoint! 🧵#movementdisorders #MedTwitter #NeuroTwitter #MedStudentTwitter #MedEd
-Onset is typically in childhood with myoclonus alone or in combination with dystonia.

-Most cases are due to inherited SGCE gene mutations

-Symptoms are very alcohol-responsive *which can lead to abuse and addiction*

-Co-morbid anxiety, depression, OCD, etc. are common
- The myoclonus preferentially affects the upper body but spreads to the lower body with action

- Zonisamide has Class I evidence for the treatment of myoclonus in MDS
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Hey #Medtwitter & #Neurotwitter With 2 simple rules you can learn the #basalganglia direct and indirect pathways for the LAST TIME and actually remember them! 🤯Here’s how! 🧵 :
#MedEd #medicalstudent #Neurology #Neurologyresident #Movementdisorders #Neuroscience #Neuroanatomy
Rule 1: The “OG” basal ganglia (striatum and globus pallidi) use GABA ➖as their neurotransmitter. Everything else uses glutamate ➕.

Rule 2: Once you know Rule 1, all you have to do is memorize the order of the structures:

Direct pathway: CS___GiT
Indirect pathway: CS GeS GiT
Both pathways start with
cortex (C)>striatum (S)
and end with globus pallidus internus (Gi)>Thalamus (T).

For the indirect, just add GeS (Globus pallidus externus>STN) in the middle!
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Ei você aí passando pelo feed, já ouviu falar do exame de imagem "tomografia por emissão de pósitrons" ou "PET scan". Não? A @mellziland explicou esses dias 👉 . Mas eu venho contar o que vem acontecendo no 🇧🇷 com o PET Scan nos últimos dias 1/n 🧵
Existem linhas de pesquisa que utilizam o PET scan para visualizar e entender o 🧠 humano. A vantagem é que o PET pode visualizar o cérebro de maneira não invasiva, ou seja, o PET abre uma "janela" em tempo real para enxergarmos dentro do cérebro. Muito bacana, não? 2/n
Mais bacana ainda é o que a nova geração de cientistas 🇧🇷 tem feito na área nos últimos meses. Primeiro, eu e o @IgorCamargoF publicamos um artigo na @TrendsNeuro propondo o PET para entender os efeitos cerebrais da COVID-19. 3/n
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Functional Gait disorders ("FGD" for the purpose of this #twittorial) are common and disabling, usually accompanied by other symptoms. FGD are challenging for the non #MovDis physician and it can difficult to determine #inconsistencies and #incongruencies during examination.
A good approach is to identify #clinicalSigns to differentiate a #functional vs #organic cause

#Inconsistency is the variability in gait disorder severity over time.
#incongruency involves a combination of symptoms and sins not seen in organic disorders.
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THE PROMISED NEUROLOGY FELLOWSHIP THREAD: I’ve taken it upon myself to hype up neurology despite being under the tutelage of medicine for the next year. Neurology gets left behind when students resolve never to live in a world where ‘dysdiadochokinesia’ is used unironically.
Disclaimer: This thread is NOT comprehensive. Neurologists practice in vast spectrums that cannot be conveyed here. This is simply meant to inform prospective applicants about the options within the field of neurology, and hopefully, to entice them to explore something(s) new.
1/ #movementdisorders (MD)- starting out this thread with a backslap to naysayers who still make the tired claim that “there’s no instant gratification in neurology.” WRONG!
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