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... sometimes solving one problem begets another. #Igbo culture most laudably seems to be pushed by those in diaspora, as seen on the social media. However, 90% of what is shown is mainly #masquerading and #dances. Very beautiful. Moreover, there is need to emphasis other aspects
Like marriage, farming, food, poetry, arts & crafts, industry, commerce, architecture etc. There has been a great awakening; most nostalgia and sometimes, a relapse because one can't compete with global trends. Idolatry is on the increase pitched unto 'say' Omenala, our #culture.
African Traditional #Religion (ATR) especially as practiced by ndi Igbo was just a tip of the iceberg about their culture. It was the culture of a typical Igbo person not to go hungry, as such manliness, was measured by the number of yam tubers one had in his barn and other #farm
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Ok, here's my rant. For years I've been asking the #scicomm pros: what do we do if we see the next Andrew Wakefield coming? What is your guidance on that? I have never seen an answer. They focus downstream on "hesitant" parents. Which is also needed. But it's not enough.
Parents are hesitant because they hear bogus claims from crap peddlers. These are amplified by networks of both opportunistic practitioners of various stripes (with detox potions, antineoplastons, movies to sell, for example), as well as just true-beleevers of claims--zealots.
And sometimes it's coming just from pranksters and fakenews peddlers. Some of it may actually be coming from malicious actors and crafted misinformation campaigns in, say, Russia.… Or #organic industry funded malcontents like USRTK.
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This is a MUST! Ive been making my own remedies my whole life.

1 Vinger for warts.
2 Garlic for ANYTHING, cloves in oven & spread on toast. Taste great & STRONG.
3 I take a shot of fire cider every morning.
4 Hemp oul OFTEN omegas
5 Virgin Coconut oil
6. Himalayan Salt


She’s been giving away days of old recipes for centuries. I HIGHLY recommend. Ive been following her since the 90s


#Organic #Health
White Vinegar for wart. Apple cider vinegar for you. World is FILLED with all we need to be well body & mind.
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I made a video for everyone 'What if money didn't exist?' But youtube claims I violated their policy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #FollowTheMoney
Hidden in plain site, coded in children's media, how the Grinches of the world steal Paradise on Earth from you
Free Will #BeBest… YOU get to choose YOU, who wills you to BE?
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#Turkey #Organic #Farming #FarmersMarkets #Produce: Our On-Location Shooting For My Coming Series Continues. Here are a few photos from our Farmers Market Coverage ... I Have A Dream Crew (Those Arms Held Cameras & Filmed All Day!)!!!!
#Turkey- For The Season One Of My Coming Series We Will have 12 Episodes ... The Show Title Is Still A “Secret”- Politics-Philosophy-Culture-Travel-Food ... Combined To Bring Us Together: Doing Just The Opposite Of What #DeepState Does (Divide & Conquer vs Love & Unite)!!
#Turkey I will cover Anti-GMO Activism, Organic Farming, Healthcare, Community Of Minorities, Music, Expats Life, Economy, Cooking (My Favorite: FOOD!), Ecological Communities & Tourism, Natural Wonders... Oh Yeah- Informative, Fast-Paced, Fun ... Thought-Provoking Material!!
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Ok - the latest #SchillingHousehold update;

It's not the first - and certainly won't be the last ... This is a hashtag you definitely want to follow.

The lovely @DelSchilling found her raisin that was lost.

Later, a high-pitched scream filled my ear.

I will now explain.
For about a day & a half, Del told me she was distressed.
She was eating #organic raisins, then said she was worried because she lost one.

She searched everywhere. not wanting a sticky raisin to mess up the couch where she watches TV.

Yes, I was enlisted to help in the search.
I had no luck. Del kept talking about her worries. She even woke me up late at night to tell me she didn't see it STILL.

She was perplexed & had no idea.

"Where could he be?" she asked. "Was he sad? alone? worried?"

I told her not to worry. She found it.

It was in her bra.
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Calculations are based on $2,497 / 412 lbs. = $6.06, this average will run from $6.50 to $6.75 per pound for #organic pasture grazed, grass-fed beef. This is about the price of one pound of ground grass-fed beef at a #farmersmarket or at #WholeFoodsMarket. 1 pound is 0.453592kg
...apologies for the heart attacks based on earlier tweets with the extra zero. [I gave myself one too] This is the dressed weight price - or carcass of the cow alone.
"Dressed weight refers to the weight of an animal after being partially butchered, removing all the internal organs and oftentimes the head as well as inedible portions of the tail and legs." The Beef Site. November 22, 2006.
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Yes! Buzzin'
EU agrees total ban on bee-harming pesticides… #neonicotinoids #neonics #Pesticides #pollinators
EU member states support near-total neonicotinoids ban… #neonicotinoids #neonics #Pesticides #pollinators #bees

A beacon of hope for bees
Exciting indeed!
We just need to see a change in our chemical sodden farming practices to accompany this news
#neonicotinoids #neonics #Pesticides #pollinators #bees #permaculture #agroforestry #organic #agriculture #health

Time for change
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