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🚨Daily #KroenickFilm Breakdwn🚨

Today’s Thread is on:

Aidan Hutchinson #97 EDGE Sophomore
6’6, 278lbs

• 68 Total Tackles, 34 Solo, 4.5 Sacks, and 2 FF in 2019
• 12 Total, 5 Solo Tackles in 2018
@UMichFootball #NFL #NFLDraft #NFLDraftNews #NFLTwitter
Well start the thread here! Aidan isn’t the fastest pass rusher I’ve ever seen but he is quick! Watch here as he hits the Center with a nasty swim move and gets by him in a flash! Falls down but shows his upside! #KroenickFilm
On this rep Aidan lines up vs the RT. Uses his hands to engage the blocker then hits him with a rip move to the inside. This gets him free and he keeps fighting throughout to get the sack! #KroenickFilm
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🚨Daily #KroenickFilm Thread🚨

Today’s Thread is on:

Jackson Carman LT Junior Clemson
6’5 345lbs

• Quick on his feet
• Strong Hands
• Rises to the Occasion
#NFL #NFLDraft Image
Let’s start the thread with Carman matching up Vs Chase Young. Notice his hips and plant when he matches Young’s move to the inside. It’s an easy transition, Carmans athletic. #KroenickFilm
Perfect pass rep here by Carman vs vs Chase Young. Gets his hands on the inside of the chest while matching Young’s depth. Uses his body as shield between QB and Rusher. #KroenickFilm
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🔥Daily #KroenickFilm Breakdown🔥

Keith Ismael #60 C San Diego State
@Redskins 5th Round #NFLDraft Pick

5.34 40yd
32” Vert
108” Broad
8.14 3cone
4.65 20yd

All conference in 18’ & 19’
Played LG, RG, and Center at SDSU
#KroenickFilm #NFL #HTTR #RedskinsTweetTeam
Ismael shows his form blocking in this rep, firing low out his stance, getting his hands in the chest, and driving the defender. #KroenickFilm
Wanted to show this rep because Ismael does a fantastic job penetrating the defensive line on QB sneaks. The offense nearly gets 5 yards here following Ismael! #KroenickFilm
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Brandon Aiyuk, WR, #49ers
6'1" - 205 lbs
25th overall pick

Aiyuk surprised some people as the 6th WR off the board. An under the radar prospect who has a strong all around game and very explosive after the catch.

#NFLTwitter #NFLDraft #49ersDraft @MyFantasyLeague
[YAC Ability]

Aiyuk is near the top of this class for me when it comes to creating after the catch.

He's so twitchy with his movements and doesn't lose much pace when changing direction. I believe he's faster than his 4.5 40 time suggests (was dealing w/ a core muscle injury).
[YAC Ability]

Between this pick and the last year's Deebo pick, it's clear the 49ers value receivers who excel after the catch.

Even though they do it in different ways, Deebo more physical and Aiyuk more elusive, they produce similar results.
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🔟 pieces of advice to rooks from a former college & pro 🏈 coach. #NFLDraft

A thread ⬇️

(#9 is 🔑)

1. The hand-holding is officially over. Remember in college how the player develop. person, tutor & position coach would make sure you went to psych class? Nah, that's done.✌️
2. Fall in love with the special teams coach. That's the tweet.
3. Keep a list of everybody who starts popping up out of the blue and into your life like a genie. Stay away.
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🚨Video clip THREAD of @AntonioGibson14 vs SMU🚨

@Redskins fans can get an in-depth look at the teams newest 3rd round pick Antonio Gibson here.

6’2 220lbs
•Played WR/RB/Special Teams
•Veteran vision as a ball carrier
•Matchup Nightmare

#NFLDraft #KroenickFilm #HTTR koi
🔥The Redskins just got themselves a matchup nightmare in Antonio Gibson. On this rep he runs an Out n Go, his elite quickness separates him self from the DB. Leaving an easy catch and TD for Memphis. This is what Ron meant defenses have to account for Gibson. #KroenickFilm
On this Rep @Redskins fans can see the “Christian McCaffrey Usage” of Gibson that the Front Office had alluded to. Shows his veteran vision and patience following his blocks and getting as many yards as possible. He really is a Swiss Army knife. #KroenickFilm #NFLDraft
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THREAD: Patriots Kicker Justin Rohrwasser’s social media activity.

Yes, he does have has a “Three Percenter” tattoo.

He also said he did some of his own tattoos with a sewing needle.
In this post from 2016, Justin is displaying his three percenter tattoo along with a “live or die” black polo.
More pics of Justin Rohrwasser’s Three Percenter tattoo.
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@Redskins FANS 🚨

#KroenickFilm breakdown of @gandygolden11! The latest WR addition to the Skins, learn about him him here! #HTTR

Antonio Gandy-Golden #11 6’4
•Caught 79 passes for over 1,300 yds in 2019
•Big Play ability
•Solid Frame and soft Hands
AGG is a big play WR not only because of his frame, he can extend the play with his long strong arms. 😎😝😂🔥🔥🚨 #HTTR @Redskins
I don’t think y’all are ready for what the future holds!
Antonio has a great first step off the LOS, even though he’s 6’4 it’s impressive to see his feet to be as quick as they are. He finishes the play by catching a high ball, showcasing those soft hands. #HTTR #NFLDraft #NFL
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Q: What does a #pandemic offensive line look like?

A: The pandemic offensive line has 5 players: #SocialDistancing, #testing, #Isolation, #contact tracing, and #treatment. The goal is to find the virus, trap it, and prevent it from finding other hosts (people) and harming them.
#Social_Distancing makes it harder for the virus to find the next host, but doesn’t tell us where the virus lives. All alone, social distancing is really the defensive line.
#Testing flags the positive cases. With Covid-19, this is very important as many positive cases are asymptomatic allowing this creepy virus to hide and spread.

#Isolation of positive cases, many of whom you would never find without testing, prevents further spread of the virus.
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Instant Round 2 Grades! Here we go! #NFLDraft2020

Starting with...
33. CIN - Tee Higgins WR9 ... C

My 44th overall player, I think there are better values & better WRs available.

I also would've gone OT here, unless an AJ Green trade is imminent.

Building around Burrow is a good move, though. #Bengals
34. IND - Michael Pittman Jr. WR12 ... D

I'm lower than many on Pittman - 53rd - I just think there are much better prospects at WR. Multiple are still on the board: Laviska 21st, Mims 36th, Edwards 43rd.

Also, not the route I would've gone here with such a valuable pick.
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My 1st Round Grades w/ Analysis in the thread:

Referenced my Big Board for value (linked again below w/ my other #NFLDraft content)
All my #NFLDraft content, including my Top 100 Big Board, in one spot👇
A+ (5 total) = Elite pick - great player & fit + excellent value
A (6) = Great - great player & fit
B (5) = Good - would've done it differently
C (5) = Reach / Left value on the board
D (6) = Come again? ... Why.
F (5) = See gif👇
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The Contested Catch "If It Were Me" Mock #NFLDraft!

I pretend to be all 32 #NFL GMs for 2 Rounds using my Big Board (🔗👇) & rough team needs.

LOTS of trades factored in. Summary of them in the thread below.

(again this is what I'd do- *not predictive*)

Summary of all trades in the Contested Catch "If It Were Me" Mock Draft!
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SPECIAL ANALYSIS: So-called centrist #bennygantz has seemingly done everything in his power to assure #Israel ’s left and center are crippled for years to come and that @netanyahu will continue his decades-long reign unopposed.
By: @RamzyBaroud
In a surprising move, Gantz has entered into precarious political compromises, he would become the Speaker of the Israeli parliament, as a prelude to the formation of a national unity government which will include the ruling Likud party and Blue and White.
#Israel #coronavirus Image
The move proved disastrous, as soon as #gantz declared his intentions to join hands with #Netanyahu, thus throwing him a lifeline, the Blue and White coalition quickly disintegrated.
#Israel #thursdaymorning
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Daily #KroenickFilm Breakdown

Finishing it with you guessed it!!! @youngchase907 (in White)

Vs Indiana

#KroenickFilm #NFL #NFLDraft
CY has a plethora of pass rush moves to choose from but sometimes containment is more important. Here CY goes too far inside leaving the QB to escape the pocket untouched. Hard to find flaws. #KroenickFilm
Here is 2 different angles of @youngchase907 getting a sack against Indiana.
On a stunt play CY is the delayed stunt to the inside. The DT does a great drive block to take the G and T out of the play, opening up a path for CY to get the QB.

@coachdelrio is 😁#KroenickFilm
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🚨The Contested Catch 2020 Big Board is LIVE🚨

My Top-100 #NFL prospects are below! Write-ups for each prospect are in the thread.

>13,000 words on this #NFLDraft Class & I'm sure everyone will agree with me completely...

Position Ranks will be posted too.

-Combine/College data via - fantastic for analyzing athletic profiles
-Multiple references to @PFF who remain critical to good evals🙏
-Adjusted SPARQ metric courtesy of @HaydenWinks from @Rotoworld_FB much obliged!
-@BufBillsStats for feedback!
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2 days till the #NFLDraft so I’m going to do 2 Days of Chase Young’s film for my daily #KroenickFilm Breakdown. Yesterday, I did his game vs Michigan State.

Chase Young (Ohio State 12-0) vs #8 Wisconsin(10-2)

#NFLDraft #ChaseYoung #Film #CY2DC #HTTR Image
Love this rep from @youngchase907, he successfully anchors the LOS by using his length to stand up the blocker THEN fights through another block to help stop the reverse. He’s the complete package folks. That doesn’t mean he’s perfect but he’s EXCELLENT. #KroenickFilm
Nothing really happens here but I wanted to show this video to prove a point. For weeks I’ve been saying Chase Young disrupts GAMEPLANS, not just plays. It’s 3rd and 21 so Wisconsin throws a quick slant? Doing a long step back allows #2 time to get home. #KroenickFilm
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@Redskins Fans you’re not going to want to miss this Daily Film Breakdown on a #NFLDraft Prospect. Today’s is on @youngchase907!!!

Chase Young DE #2 Ohio State
6’5 264lbs

Played at Dematha Catholic
16.5 sacks in 2019
Always striving to be better
Chases burst and speed out of his stance are out of this world. To gain separation Young uses his hands violently and bends the edge to get a clear to the QB. Perfect rep. 🤑#HTTR #KroenickFilm
On this rep Young doesn’t have his initial burst and speed out of his stance but he recovers by using his hands to get free of the blocker. Then uses his freakish speed to get around the edge, Young is late but wow he’s an impressive talent. #KroenickFilm
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Daily #NFLDraft Prospect Gamefilm Breakdown

Lucas Niang Right Tackle #77
6’7 328lbs Image
Lucas needs a little work with his feet, seems like he’s not used to kicking back with his his right foot. Does a good job of controlling his body and getting his hands on the rusher. Giving the QB a clean pocket. #KroenickFilm
Perfect rep from Niang here, has a long/quick kickback giving him the space to welcome the rusher from any direction. Gets his hands inside the rushers chest pads and nullifies the rusher useless. Note Niang doesn’t look balance at all, in control. #KroenickFi
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Daily #KroenickFilm breakdown of a upcoming #NFLDraft prospect.

Mekhi Becton 6’7 369lbs
Junior/ Louisville #73

2017- Started 10 games RT
18- 12 games, 10 at LT, and 2 at RT
19- Started all 11 games at LT

#NFL #NFLDraft2020 #NFLTwitter
Becton uses his body to his advantage, matches his step back with the speed and the rusher. Gets his hands inside of the chest of the defender and keeps his balance to finish the play. Great play to start off with. #KroenickFilm
Becton comes high out of his stance but I wanted to show this rep for multiple reasons. Standing at 6’7” you’d think Becton would struggle athletically. That isn’t the case, he’s got his hand in the dirt and gets out of his stance quickly on a zone run. Athletic. #KroenickFilm
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Daily #KroenickFilm Breakdown

Neville Gallimore R-Senior
6’2 304lbs #90 Defensive Tackle

#NFL #NFLDraft #KroenickFilm Image
The 1 thing that jumps out at you as soon as the film starts is Gallimores Hand Usage. He doesn’t get deep into the backfield but you can see why hand usage works well. #KroenickFilm
The Sooners defense likes to run these “double stunts.” Both tackles drive to a directional outside and that sides edge rusher shifts inside for a lane to the QB. Nevilles a natural athlete that isn’t uncomfortable running around. #KroenickFilm
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Daily #NFLDraft prospect Film Breakfown

Raequan Williams #99
6’4 304lbs

#KroenickFilm #NFL
There’s not much Williams can do against a triple team but you can see he lacks burst out his stance. His 25.5” vertical and 101.1” broad jump help explain this. #KroenickFilm
Williams comes soft out his stance but retaliates with a vicious swipe of his hands. You can see the 2 very different aspects of Williams game in this rep. #KroenickFilm
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Daily #NFLDraft Prospect Film Breakdown

McTelvin Agim
6’3 309lbs


-Hand usuage/Block Shedding
-Anchoring LOS

#KroenickFilm #NFL Image
Agim can line up in multiple spots along the defensive line. In this case he’s lined up over the RG, does an ok job of anchoring the LOS. The guard wants to move Agim away from the LOS, Agim does of good job of staying put and creating a wall at the LOS. #KroenickFilm
Agim harness’s some crucial power in his base, in this play he explodes out of his stance. Nearly walks the C into the QB but then does a spin move. Good thing the QB threw it away... #KroenickFilm
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Daily #NFLDraft Prospect Film Breakdown

Saahdiq Charles OT LSU
6’4 320lbs

•Bear Hug
•Backside runner cutoff

-Top Heavy
-Consistent balance

#KroenickFilm #NFL Image
Charles balance throughout the block seems to an issue. Illustrated here Charles fires at the inside stunt leaving a wide open path to Burrow. Charles is a good pass off blocker, seems to a lapse of judgement more than anything. #KroenickFilm
The video chops here so I’m sorry it’s frustrating me too. Charles backside seal is one of the best in this class, putting himself between rusher/RB. #KroenickFilm
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Bryan Edwards, WR, South Carolina
6'3" - 216 lbs
17.9 BOA
48.4% Dominator Rating

Edwards is one of my favorite receiver prospects in this class. He's a fluid route runner and a monster with the ball in his hands.

#NFLTwitter #NFLDraft @MyFantasyLeague
[Ball Carrier Ability]

This first play vs Alabama is when I fell in love with Bryan Edwards as a prospect.

He's got that dog in him as my guy @DynastyPhilDawg likes to say. His physicality and ability with the ball in his hands makes him stand out in this class for me.
[Ball Carrier Ability]

Edwards' threat after the catch comes from a blend of elusiveness and power.

The clip below shows off good burst and ability to see the field really well, navigating to the end zone almost untouched as he accelerates through the D.
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