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Reflecting on 2 years Bootstrapping.

In July 2018 I quit my job and tried to build a profitable SAAS with @kevinsahin.

And we failed, hard: $600 MRR after 1 year.

We tried again and had a bit more luck: $75k ARR within 12m.

Here's what I wish I knew when I began, a thread:
1. This thing takes time

Bootstrapping a SAAS is long, very long.

Of course, you'll hear about fast growth but real overnight successes are very rare.

Most of the time, when you look behind you'll find:
- years of building an audience
- several failed attempts
- consistency
Example 1: look at the @convertkit growth chart, one of the most successful #openstartup projects of all-time.

Monthly revenue stalled between $1k and $3k during the first 18 months.

They are now at $1.9m MRR!
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1/ "Hardcore Year" (

MRR in July:
▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ $9,109 of $8,333 goal (109%)

@hostifi_net $8,463
@ghostifi_net $361
@locklinnetworks $125
@captifi_net $147
@patreon $13

I reached my goal for the year! 🥂🍾

Details in thread 👇
2/ 💵 $11,825 profit

Gross rev was $15,985 - expenses of $4,160

Expenses this month
@Vultr $2,452
@Stripe $644
FB Group Ad $250
Assistant $232
Affiliates $135
@GoogleAds $120
@DigitalOcean $114
@getRewardful $59
@Intercom $49
@Postmarkapp $16
@Termius $10
Other $59

3/ ☁️@hostifi_net

July 2019 #openstartup update

💵Gross $15,631
💰MRR $8,463 (+19%)
📈Uniques 5,587
😀Paid subscribers 390
🖥️Servers 448
👤Free plan users 1,986
📧Mailing list 1,571

@ubnt devices total 18,612

🎉Updated 336 #UniFi servers from v.5.10.24 to .25
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1/ "Hardcore Year" (

MRR in June:
▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░ $7,709 of $8,333 goal (92%)

@hostifi_net $7,124
@ghostifi_net $304
@locklinnetworks $125
@captifi_net $147
@patreon $9

184 days left to reach $8,333 MRR

Details in thread 👇
2/ 💵 $7,607 profit

Gross rev was $10,580 - expenses of $2,973

Expenses this month:
@Vultr $2,106
@Stripe $431
@GoogleAds $120
@DigitalOcean $114
@getRewardful $79
@Intercom $49
@ScreenConnect $24
@QuickBooks $20
@WIP $20
@postmarkapp $10

cc: @startupcosts @ChartMogul
3/ ☁️ @hostifi_net

June 2019 #openstartup update
💵Gross $10,102
💰MRR $7,124 (+13%)
📈Uniques 2,604
😀Paid subscribers 322
🖥️Servers 378
👤Free plan users 1,197
📧Mailing list 1,571

@ubnt devices total 14.8k

🎉Updated 276 #UniFi servers v.23 to v.24
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1/ "Hardcore Year" (

MRR in May:
▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░ $6,835 of $8,333 goal (82%)

@hostifi_net $6,293
@ghostifi_net $266
@locklinnetworks $125
@captifi_net $147
@patreon $4

214 days left to reach $8,333 MRR

Details in thread 👇
2/ 💵 $5,992.64 profit

Gross rev was $8,532 - expenses of $2,539.36

Here is a look at those expenses this month:
@Vultr $1,831.82
@Stripe $374.54
@GoogleAds $120
@DigitalOcean $100
@Intercom $49
@ScreenConnect $24
@QuickBooks $20
@WIP $20

cc: @startupcosts @ChartMogul
3/ ☁️ @hostifi_net

May 2019 #openstartup update
💵Gross $8,010
💰MRR $6,293 (+18%)
📈Uniques 4,259
😀Paid subscribers 285
🖥️Servers 338
👤Free plan users 1k
📧Mailing list 1,521

@ubnt devices total 13.6k

🎉Updated 247 #UniFi servers v.21 to v.23
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April was 🔥. Another month, another #openstartup report.

As of April 22, I officially make more money on the side then at my job. 🤯

More info:

Things to focus on for April: Funnel tracking. More content. More features. Courses.
I did some content marketing efforts this month (my organic clicks were starting to dip).

I wrote two articles:


The second one surprised me 👇
I wrote and published it just 5 days ago. I was targeting a *very easy* [0 ahrefs difficulty level] 480 searches/month keyword → "poshmark 30 minute method".

I've attached some screenshots of what happened.

Essentially, it ranked in the top 10 that SAME DAY. #3 today.
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Feb 2019 #openstartup report:

Revenue: $3,740
Visitors: 42K
Mailing List: 4K

A reflection on (1) the business & (2) nomad life.


Search traffic continues to rise.

There are now many days where the site gets 1k+ visitors from Google Search.
I tested a slide-out email subscribe CTA - I thought I would NEVER do this.

My email opt-in rate has always been pretty low. The results were phenomenal.

I implemented Feb 19, you can see the massive spike below.

Shoutout @Klaviyo for allowing me to do this so easily.
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1/ My #openstartup and life update...

December 2018:

💵 Revenue: $3,595
📈 Uniques: 34,537
✉️ Mailing List: 3,488

Lots of fun stuff happened this month.

A thread 👇
2/ This month started out in Thailand! I flew out to Bangkok and traveled with my mom and sister for two weeks.

Although I enjoyed traveling, it is hard to not work for that long... towards the end I started getting antsy - squeezing in a few hours of work every couple days...
3/ I got to Chiang Mai mid month (where I am now) and still struggled a bit to adjust. Wasn't sure what to expect... What's the life of a digital nomad like?

Turns out they just work a lot 😂

Was also lucky to find a few @wip'ers in CM - so that's been nice to have some friends
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Awesome! @Wakefy_app's functionality has just been copied! Not by minor players, but by Spotify and Google themselves! This can only mean I might be onto something with Wakefy!
Just for Android devices, though. Hard to make that work on iOS as far as I know (without forcing users to leave their screen on the whole night). Plus, Wakefy was born with a different use case in mind. But still that's a copy – and only 4 months after Wakefy's launch.

If your product's main functionality is another successful product's lacking feature, chances are they'll just copy your whole product.


Don't base your products entirely off another successful product.
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