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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2779...
#Q drops a graphic of the 3 zero delta #QProofs with seconds shown & notes they matter. Three proofs on the same day is really driving it home & on the 17th no less [ ! ]
2) #QAnon post No. 2780...
#Q posts an #Anon's #CNN #Tweet on #McCabe's reactionary response 2being called on his statements about the secret meet on the 25th amendment op.
#Deflection or #DiversionaryTacts.
Dead cat bounce is a stock market term.
#ThePlan won't be stopped!
3) #QAnon post No. 2781...
Link to posted image from @Courtiah22 #Tweet.
"Impressive, most impressive." Q

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Symbolism will be their downfall!

Nothing will stop whats coming!
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1) New day #QDrop... #Qanon post No. 2745... @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#Q links to #FoxNews & says "Buckle up!". It's looking good for a D5 info drop on the others that met secretly to plot against #POTUS with the use of a 25th Amendment scam.…
2) Stepping back 4 an interesting footnote re: #QAnon post No. 2744...
When the verse numbers are totaled, they equal 55:17. If you've been watching #QDrops or any time you know the significance of 5 x5 & the number 17😉
3) #QAnon post No. 2746...
#LisaPage was removed from the #SC on 15th July 2017. July 21, 2017, The #Mooch was appointed #WHCommunicationsDirector. He began work on 25th July 2017 & was fired on the 31st. It's clear [5:5] that #Scaramucchi was a hired (& disposable) gun. Most all
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Thread 2.16.2019!!
Isaiah 61:3 He gives beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness!
Listen to: Death Was Arrested!
#DeathWasArrested #DarkToLight #DeathToLife #Redeemed #AmazingGrace @realDonaldTrump
President Trump and General
Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
#QAnon #TwitterBanners @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
Shooting Side by Side!! Anon notable!!
#QAnon #FF #Shootings #SeeSomethingSaySomething @realDonaldTrump
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DOJ warns Trump National Emergency will be blocked in courts!! Anon notable!!
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
Graphic on next few weeks should be exciting!! Anon notable!!
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
Anon answers Q’s question!
Q - How is that possible?
Anon - POTUS would HAVE to be in on it!!
Anons and Patriots know President Trump is part of the Q Team!! ❤️
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
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Anons knew last March?
Do you believe in coincidences?
At what point is it mathematically impossible?

Credit to Anons who deciphered Red/Green Castle.
Why must we communicate this way?
Think NAT SEC laws.

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1) @RealDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2706...
#Q dropped 3 images & text aimed at personnel engaged in an overseas [surveillance?] operation. These images are from Shanghai time which is 13 hrs ahead of EST. At this time "Track 7B-DS' (7 B=targets? Deep State?)
2) The first drop was missing #Q's tripcode which set off #Anons. This 2nd drop has it added , confirming the first drop & is the reply. The clock shows. a time which is 4min prior to the drops. This is clearly #China. Seems we must have permission to be doing this op.
3) The agenda, if nothing else was to let the targets know there are being watched. If this is a continuum of the recent LA OP, there may have been another takedown. Active tracking ensues on 3 targets. These aren't #Anon image sets, so much as data sets released for one of #Q's
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#QAlert 2/14/19 This will be my Thread for Thursday, February 14, 2019. Target(s) known. Night crawl active.

Happy Valentine’s Day Q!

Let’s Go!!

@realDonaldTrump #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnited
#QAlert 2/14/19 2706

Sequence complete.
Target(s) known.
Track 7B-DS
@realDonaldTrump #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnited
#QAlert 2/14/19 Q2707

Night crawl active
@realDonaldTrump #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnited
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For 2 long years, Trump has been under the microscope, every inch of his life scrutinized and vetted, while the nation hung in the balance wondering if he was really a crook, or if we've all been unwilling victims in the largest consolidated public scam in history. Now we see. 🇺🇸
We sat through the whole charade while the full weight of our legal and law-enforcement apparatus went to work searching for crimes of the now totally exonerated DJT - all so the public would have no choice but to accept the same rigor being turned back around on [THEM]! #PAIN
So don't ever let anyone tell you Trump was merely 'selected' for this role in #TheStorm. He lifted his skirt for the entire nation at great personal and financial expense, and deserves a whole new medal that hasn't already been tarnished by the monsters who once ruled the earth.
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18 myths & misconceptions of Post-Exertional Malaise #PEM in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome #MECFS

#PEM (aka PENE, "flare" or “crash”) is seriously debilitating symptom caused by exercise

#SickNotWeak #SickNotTired #pwME #chronicillness #medtwitter #MedEd
1. #PEM is just tiredness


#pwME experience <pathological> fatigue after #exercise which can be long-lasting and includes debilitating fatigue, flu-like symptoms, cognitive impairment, #sleep disturbance

@PNASNews #MECFS #MyalgicE #MedEd #medtwitter…
2. #PEM is not a real


“there exists no medical condition.. where exertion.. causes #immune/ inflammatory-related symptoms like sore throat, tender lymph nodes, or flu-like feelings, yet 60%.. of.. [#pwME].. reported these symptoms”

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1/This care partner's tale in 9 tweets.
Son 35 yrs. Undetected spondylolysthesis and other musculoskeletal issues uncovered at 13 yrs due primarily to onset of pain during a period of rapid growth.
2/ First emergency spine fusion at 15 yrs after 2 yrs of medical profession denying that kids have pain. Teens are an invisible health care population.
Columbine happened in this period.
Every teenage boy in America had a target on their forehead.
Pain became 'kid wants drugs"
3/ Fusion failed. #FailedBackSurgerySyndrome
Blame the kid for failure to heal. Medical message: Shift the blame. Teach the kid that cure is his fault.
Teenage cutting, self-harm distracts from daily pain.
Back into surgical revision2 @ 16.
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#Faith happens only when the #duality has fallen; it is not a #belief against #doubt.

When belief and doubts both have disappeared, then something happens which is faith, which is #trust.
When desiring disappears there is trust!

#Trust means moving with #life without any #expectations, #desires, demands of your own. Not #asking, not #complaining. Whatsoever happens, #accepting it with deepest #gratitude and #awareness.
Simply seeing the #reality, that the #opposite is implied everywhere, #trust happens.

It is not in any #helplessness that you #accept. It is simply the nature of #life that the opposite is implied.

Looking at the #fact, #truth, deep inside you, gives you trust..
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Remarkable @bmj_latest @BMJCaseReports report documenting the extreme lengths a bedbound patient went through to get a diagnosis of #POTS, #MCAS, #SIBO and #tachycardia

read her story here

#MedEd #MedTwitter @MayoClinic…
2. After suffering for 16 years, seeing 19 docs with repeated misdiagnosis:

Her cardiologist couldnt diagnose #POTS

Her gastroenterologist couldnt diagnose #SIBO

Her immunologist couldnt diagnose #MCAS

Her neurologist referred her to a #psychiatrist!…
3. Patient: the "neurologist was out of ideas and suggested I get a psych evaluation, which I declined"

the patient <referred herself> to @MayoClinic

#SickNotWeak #chronicillness #chronicpain #MedEd #medtwitter…
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Extraction, sale and use of human byproducts is fundamentally unAmerican. It leaves us vulnerable to exploitation by organized criminals and today we see the result in the industrialized harvesting of babies, melanin from Haitians, adrenachrome from kids and Lord knows what else.
It eventually grew to beat oil, guns, sex trafficking and opioids as [their] leading source of revenue. The Clinton Foundation would act as global operations HQ, with [PP] a core node in the supply chain. The world is being run by a whole new level of sick organized criminals.
But then came the great Miracle of 2016. Vast apparatus, technology, infrastructure, money and power used to exploit and impoverish us have been reclaimed and will be wielded with the fury of a billion patriots to end them ALL - this time PERMANENTLY. #Pain is coming.
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Nov. 24, D5.... 2017 Q
Weiner Laptop
#Qanon #WWG1WGA
Stage Set
With ZeoHedge reporting disgraced FBI 🤡 threatening to turn on Hillary and release the Weiner Laptop. Could this be what holds it all together? Who knows where the bodies are buried? Find the Spiders and Build the Web. The MAP is the key. News Unlocks MAP.
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Today President @realDonaldTrump waited
until the last second to shut down Pelosi's flight.

This should be a lesson that @POTUS is precise
and strategic for maximum effect

#Patience #PAIN #DarkToLight

such a sad day 🤣🤣

#NoFlightNancy #MAGA
Adam Schiff refusing to get off the bus
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Sending support and strength to anyone in #pain or fighting #depression/#anxiety.

It's a hard place to be in.

Do whatever you can to create safe, comforting non-toxic space around you.

Have faith in your own ability to survive. 💜🌿

(Flowers via The Wife.)
Reach out if you know you are in trouble.

Someone will be there to catch you before you fall. ❤
I don't mean to sound glib about reaching out. But my experience is that doing so--finding someplace to land and someone to listen to you will help you survive what you're facing. A support group if you are estranged from your family as many are. ❤️
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NowC@mesTHEP@in—-23 THREAD


@realDonaldTrump & @USMC TWEETS today, 6 min. is 360 sec. or 1 year or 1 cycle like 24.


23% NowC@mesTHEP@in—-23
@Melanch10844904 @12BravoGran @Melis_Strategic #Qanon #PAIN
They thought it was coming yesterday AKA National Emergency. BORDER CRISIS...But @realDonaldTrump played them & did not.

DJT & Q said WATCH. DJT tweet today ‘Just watch!’. Q said watch what happens [-30]. Of course things mean MANY things but Im seeing COMMS.

#Qanon #MAGA 5:5
This morning @realDonaldTrump asks us to remember “The insurance policy”. Wiener laptop had 1.. BUT Q just recently said The 'MUELLER' insurance policy has expired. Mueller quoted as well as “insurance policy.

#Qanon #MAGA @USMC
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1. It's all so much #PoliticalTheatre, the optics & political jockeying are being done while the stage continues to be set for the coming #SwampDrain/#Pain.
The money for a #BorderWall is & has been available. The #SchumerShutdown is a #TalkingPoint creation to replace the......
2. ......dying #MuellerProbe/#RussiaCollusion narrative. The compromised #ObstructionistLeft will continue their high school-ish blathering as long as their #DS overlords, thru #CorporateMedia, continue to present them engaged in their juvenile #Resist, #AntiTrump antics. ......
3. ......More images of completed & or bolstered regions of the southern #BorderWall showing how much already exists would aid in the clarification of the realities, as they are, for the many that live by the #Propagandist's #NewsCycle swill.
#MockingbirdMedia #BuildTheWall
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So, Britney Spears just canceled a 2yr residency in Vegas, which must have cost her a fortune to get out of the contract, simply to focus on "family" after her dad's life threatening illness. A lot of "dads" age 66-76 dying lately. Lots of celebrities canceling performances...
Nevermind the show was called "Britney: Domination" an homage to the domination games #Hivites play with our actual lives. The Spears family is cult, Britney is one of (((THEM))) & they are all in #PAIN. The excuse is cover - she's too stiff & hurting to perform. She can't dance
Get ready to see a lot more stuff like this. Celebrities canceling shows, parents of famous people dying, especially older men. Children dying from weird illnesses, etc. It's CANNIBALISM hiding in plain sight like it has for 6000+ years. #theGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #QAnon @POTUS
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