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1 #medicaltwitter #TBI #Gaslighting #coverups #medicaltrauma #medicalptsd I know why the back of my neck was scraped out. It just gets worse. At a checkup I asked what happened to the hump on the back of my neck. The surgeon said she scraped it out. That she did! That is where ImageImageImageImage
2 my CSF pooled up! I know why my head hurt after surgery like it was hit! She shunted me, but through the back of my head! So I already had my skull messed with before I hit it on a shelf! And my husband massaging my neck hard not only ruined stuff BUT he disconnected
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1 @DeptVetAffairs @GovRonDeSantis #AgentOrange #medicalerrors @AmerMedicalAssn My dad was exposed to AO in V. My brother was born w multiple birth defects inc lip/palate. My parents took good care of me and my teeth. My everything. I have now also been disfigured. By the
2 American medical system. Another slap in the face! Not one doctor has explained to my father why he is watching my head and neck coming apart or how bad my brain injuries are. Not one Dr has told ME. It’s devastating for my entire fam as they don’t know how bad it is. #cpp
The Florida dept of health did nothing, suggested nothing said I was lying and to get a doctor to tell them. No doctor will tell the truth. UF was also going to cover. The medical mafia needs to be dismantled and replaced. It’s embarrassing.
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#cpp #ChronicPain #medicalgaslighting #malpractice #healthinsurancefraud @GovRonDeSantis @RepMattGaetz @DEAHQ Been labeled by stupid algorithms and that is how they hide my malpractice! How many are they hiding? How many others are out there suffering from surgeon mutilation?
And then the doctors lie more to higherups. NEVER been in an accident! I had NO IDEA what she broke and pieced together! In 2017 two of my doctors could have helped me get help! Instead I was blackballed from proper care and legal help too. Our medical system is a disgrace!
My lymph tissues…😞 Image
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I’m physically ill rn. I’ve been gaslit and not allowed proper pain meds they acted like I was a druggie. surgeon beyond ruined me and nobody will help. These r from years ago before I even hit the to of my head. Can someone pls remind me all the tags? #cpp ImageImage
This is beyond criminal y’all.
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"Patient has been aggressive with providers in pain clinic, verbally demanding of specific treatment, specifically oxycodone, and resistant to multidisciplinary treatment program as indicated and recommended"⬆️never occured, I am confused, is ⬇️a trap? @DanLairdMD @BenjaminKrause
@DanLairdMD @BenjaminKrause Original⬇️, everything is FALSE, I was getting weekly PT, dry needling, just had RFAs, ALL through her, the OGC denial🤷‍♂️, she literally added her addendum to my electronic refill request which was submitted a few days before I ran out as was the case for 2 years, never was there!
@DanLairdMD @BenjaminKrause Here is the amendment the OGC is denying, it is just like ones other MDs involved have approved. It is only her and her supervisior who are still denying it, so what does the OGC denial mean? I just dont trust them, they had a cat 1 BPRF on me for years while lying about it.
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#willwritesandcodes #100DaysofCode #Day31

Uninstalled and reinstalled @ProgrammingHero again, did the exam for #Cpp course, and it still crashed at the end.


It could be my phone. I'll have to try installing it on another device. Still a bummer screenshot of the error message as programming hero app cras
Also resinstalled the very different app, @Prghub, which has much shorter courses and as a result felt deceptive about how much you were learning. I haven't uses it in over a year for sure. They have a bunch of new courses. I'll try some-I don't know if I'll keep at it w this app
#willwritesandcodes #100DaysofWriting #Day23-#Day27, need to keep track of how much I write and where. I kind of write a lot, but not always towards the goals I want to write toward. So I'm writing this tweet to stand in for missing those days' record while noting that I do write
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#willwritesandcodes #100DaysOfCode #Day30

Today was a great family day-

also studied some

Looked over my #Cpp cards

2 Docker lessons
4 #CSS lessons (next #Sass)
pseudocode for binary search algorithm

closely read #Knuth's flowchart for #ArtofComputerProgramming
@wildlearnerapp's #React course has taught me more so far than at least one other online course, if not two others.
My strategy is #repeatedexposure - the more I get aquainted with a lot of the concepts, the easier I find it to engage in coding itself, its concepts, syntax, & logic --- especially since I have such a hard time getting to sit down to actually code, given my job and family life.
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#willwritesandcodes #100DaysofCode #Day29 (actual)

This is a throwback to my first javascript *script,* useBash.

I just love #bash

Anyways, today... Image
Today I haven't done nearly enough; but I went over my #JavaScript Interview Question flashcards (& the 1st #Cpp one)

I also discovered @wildlearnerapp !! which is very schnazzy looking & has good quizzing so far (but where is the C++ course?)

I *love* discovering new resources
Also, #Perl? watched a couple videos on Perl.

My learning journey is vast, immersive, and cyclical. If I don't finish something right away, or if I start something new, I almost always cycle back to the old ones. I feel I have learned a lot this way, for better or worse.
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#willwritesandcodes #100DaysofCode #Day19

Today I did several @enkidevs workouts on #CSS and #interviewprep, finally actually finished the #HowToProgram video on Python Modules, typing up a #python program from the video which I hope to record an audio code walkthrough for.
Hoping to get more done today still. Overall, I've been pretty productive, due in part to using the #forestapp for #focus.
I've heard a number of people talk about how important it is to get used to reading other people's code, actually understanding it, and talking about it, so if I start doing these walkthroughs it will be to practice those skills.
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I'm sorry to my wonderful *PATIENT* followers. I've been working on art (@NightcafeStudio)in order to earn credits. So I'm forced publish my work on SM to earn extra credits. So I will immediately delete the spam, so sorry everyone. This is what I'm currently trying to work on😓
I keep entering their contests, but I constantly fail. No one really likes my artwork or even votes on the contests,I'm used to that. It just feels like on here, you all are ready to give me a chance and you don't hate my work. Thank you for understanding. This is my therapy🖤
Thank you for letting me grow as an advocate/artist. Love you #cpp community,so thankful for you beautiful selfless people who care with all ur hearts.Lost both parents to 2016 @CDCgov GL. #CPP community stepped up to help take care of me when I was inconsolable and unstable.
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#CPP Doesn't look promising for chronic pain patients. SCOTUS basically shined a spotlight on the government scam known as the overdose 'epidemic.' SCOTUS ruled 9-0 to vacate the conviction of 2 doctors prosecuted in one of the DEA's typical scam prosecutions. In great news...
...for 30-50 million Americans living with chronic pain, they sent it back to the lower court and instructed the government that the burden of proof is on the prosecution (even for DEA scams) and that they must prove the doctors knowingly prescribed a dose, too high for that...
...patient and INTENDED to cause harm. Nine justices concurred with the ruling on the prosecutions' burden. Six concurred on the standard of evidence required. Breyer wrote for the majority. Why haven't we seen more about this. That THIS court, the one that generally rules...
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Personally, I find the entire outline of their Orthopedic program concerning from a patient's perspective.

In addition to the "72 hr Pain Free" follow up. It minimizes the potential for patients to experience post-op pain.

Unrealistic expectations shouldn't be advertised🤦‍♀️ Image
Make no mistake, I'm in suggesting this act was justified.

There is no, and can be no justification for striking out at medical professionals when a patient's expectations for treatment are not met.
There has been a lot of discussion regarding the Pain Patient's having unrealistic expectations for Pain Management.

For patients to have reasonable expectations, there must be clear honest discussion of the potential risks / benefits or any procedure including
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“Misinterpretation of the “Overdose Crisis” continues to fuel misunderstanding of the role of prescription opioids”

Written with @GhanaboyPharmd @JeffreyFudin @headdock

#TwitteRx #MedTwitter

A brief 🧵to highlight the FACTS:…
This editorial looks to address ongoing #false narratives regarding opioid prescribing and its current role in the #overdosecrisis

In it, we use several excerpts from a recently published news release by PROP, given the distorted reality it represents…

We challenge the view that continued reductions in prescription opioids will be the “key to ending this [overdose] epidemic”…

As if cutting prescriptions in half throughout the US the past decade has resulted in reduced overdose deaths 🧐🧐🧐 Image
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Poppy Seed "Tea", a 🧵for the #CPP and anyone in acute #pain as well as anyone experiencing other conditions treatable with opioids.

WARNING: PST has killed people via respiratory failure. This is neither chamomile nor cannabis and should not be taken lightly or recklessly.
Don't use this alone if at all possible. It may be a folk remedy, but it can be as deadly as heroin or fentanyl. The dose makes the poison. Have naloxone on hand. Have a phone nearby. Know CPR. If this sounds a bit excessive, it's because my intent is not to encourage self-harm.
It's to encourage self-healing in a world where people are denied effective pain relief and forced to suffer everything from tooth extractions to bone metastases in the name of the drug war.

PST is not a true tea or tisane, but a method of extracting morphine and codeine.
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The war against opioid Rxs and pain patients is all about $$$. Nothing can compete with opioid rxs to safely or more effectively treat severe pain short or long term for 40 plus years.

A WWII vet had been on #OpioidRxs for his severe pain for 40+ years. Within months of being
Within months of being force tapered off of #OpioidRxs he died.

The #DEA’S efforts to make #OpioidRxs disappear shift all of that money to alternate treatments which are mostly ineffective or to #Cartels who sell their version of pain meds on the street.
The #WarOnOpioidRxs has nothing to do with saving lives. As the supply of safe pharmaceutical pain meds dries up OD’s skyrocket because the #Cartel’s pain meds are laced with illegal fentanyl.

But those not yet killed by the #Cartels will desperately spend their healthcare
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How’s #HFPP affecting the care of patients w/#pain? Was there public input when this partnership was formed w/#CMS #payers, #LE? We start with info links & near the end of the thread, an example of one payer’s efforts to fulfill their part.
#cpp #opioids…
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Um absolutely adore this thread! I must read for #NEISvoid #CPP #RareDisease. My kids experienced much of what is mentioned in thread. 1st they have a rare disease, 2nd had a rare medical procedure to try to address symptoms, it caused complications. My kids now have T3 1/
the ‘care’ they receive has often been #traumatic as they don’t fit nicely into a box 📦. It’s because of their experiences (& my husbands) that I advocate. As young adults they still have to interact w the #healthcare industry but they are distrustful ( & rightly so). So many 2/
Physicians do not understand #medicaltrauma & their roles in it. I know it’s hard to be a #physician today, I know it’s hard to be in #healthcare but to dismiss, shame & blame a #patient is harmful not only psychologically but physically. 3/
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So let's punish Medicaid patients for paying cash for their #PainMedicine prescribed by their DOCTOR because it's against the rules. If Medicaid won't pay for it & the patient isn't allowed to, who PAYS? The person in PAIN by their PAIN going UNTREATED? How does this HELP anyone?
This is literally asking for this person to end up with #CHRONICPAIN as well as the loss of income from being unable to WORK. Does Medicaid pay for PT, massage, yoga, etc...? Hell NO! These stupid rules ensure said patient stays in poverty which also increases OD risk...
How you ask? Because they are in pain from either a painful disease, a surgery, or an injury. Not treating the pain slows down & inhibits healing. Healing occurs the sooner one can get up & moving around. It's essential for blood flow, & oxygenation which are necessary for
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#ChronicPain is the most prevalent health issue for Americans, yet, there is a lack of acknowledgment of the impact of pain on individuals QoL as well as access to quality options available. The last several years we have seen a proliferation of 1/
psychological strategies be touted as solutions for both #chronicpain & #acutepain. This has been fostered by the #CDC guidelines as well as various independent groups. As an individual who works in the area of mental health I am alarmed at the amount of #gaslighting that 2/
to those with #chronicpain & the belief by many physicians & professionals that psychological strategies will alleviate #chronicpain as a stand-alone strategy. I DO believe that psychological strategies CAN be of benefit addressing pain, but, how #pain is being #pathologized 3/
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As someone who opposes Islamophobia, why should I vote strategically for a party that drafted a dog-whistle bill around it or that voted for it, over the NDP who didn't?

#Islamophobia #Elxn44 #cdnpoli
As someone who supports labour organizing, why would I vote strategically for a party who doesn't want to strengthen labour laws to support workers during strikes and lockouts, when the NDP does?

#canlab #strike #Elxn44
As someone who wants trade deals that are good for Canada and Canadian workers and don't contain harmful ISDs and respect our sovereignty, why would I vote strategically for any party who undermines that? #trade #cdnecon #Elxn2021
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An Anti-Opioid Panic Left New York State Prisoners in Needless, Agonizing Pain. #cpp@life_is_art___⁩ ⁦…
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An interesting summary of an interview with Yukihiro Matsumoto, the creator of #Ruby programming language about ‘What’s a Perfect Programming Language ‘

🧵 A Thread for 🧵

#CodeNewbies #100DaysOfCode
(Yukihiro Matsumoto):

Language designers want to design the perfect language. They want to be able to say, "My language is perfect. It can do everything."

But it's just plain impossible to design a perfect language, Why ?
Because, there are two ways to look at a language.

One way is by looking at what can be done with that language.

The other is by looking at how we feel using that language—how we feel while programming.
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1)Thanks, but no thanks. @RepJohnCurtis @RepOHalleran @RepMcKinley

Patients have ALWAYS had the option to decline taking Opioids.

This is NOT Empowering Patients.

If you want to Empower Patients focus on a Patients Bill of Rights.
2)Where the focus is based on Individual Patient Needs, not Population Health.

Each Patient should be entitled to an Individualized Treatment plan with all effective treatment options available based on their health history.
3)The treatment plan should be a Joint Decision Making Process between the Patient & their Doctor.

No one else's health issues should a factor in the decision making process.

Policymakers & All of the alphabet soup agencies need to remove themselves from the Dr/Pt Relationship!
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C++ Standard Library Algorithms
Quick Visual Reference
Part 1/32 - Sorted Range Operations
#cpp #cplusplus #algorithms #programming #cheatsheet
C++ Standard Library Algorithms
Quick Visual Reference
Part 2/32 - C++20 Sorted Range Operations
#cpp #cplusplus #algorithms #programming #cheatsheet
C++ Standard Library Algorithms
Quick Visual Reference
Part 3/32 - Binary Search
#cpp #cplusplus #algorithms #programming #cheatsheet
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