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Taking forward PM Sh @narendramodi Ji’s vision for the development of North East Region & to energize the Socio-Economic Progress of NER, I am very happy to announce that the capacity of Digboi Refinery of @IndianOilcl will be augmented from 0.65 to 1.0 MMTPA. @himantabiswa
This was a long pending demand of the people & govt of Assam. Had also discussed it at length with Assam CM Sh @himantabiswa Ji during my visit to Guwahati in Feb 2022 for the North East Zonal Conference for #PMGatiShakti addressed by PM Modi Ji.
This decision aims to utilize the additional NE Crude to be produced by upstream oil companies in the region & will enable India’s historic first refinery at Digboi to maximize its LPG, Petrol, Diesel & Paraffin Wax production in a significant fillip to the local economy.
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Union Finance Minister Smt. @nsitharaman and @WorldBank Group President Mr. @DavidMalpassWBG met at Washington D.C., today. (1/6)
The two discussed India’s continued #recovery from #COVID19, impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict, Single Borrower Limit & exploring the possibility of Guarantees from other G-7 nations, India’s #G20Presidency and @WorldBank leadership in India. (2/6)
Finance Minister Smt. @nsitharaman stated that India’s pandemic response has focused on the twin goals of saving lives and livelihoods. India has been successfully running world’s 2nd largest #vaccination programme, administering more than 1.85 billion doses of #vaccines. (3/6)
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📡थेट प्रसारण 4:30 वाजेपासून📡

पंतप्रधान @narendramodi यांच्या हस्ते ठाणे आणि दिवा दरम्यान दोन अतिरिक्त रेल्वे मार्गांचे लोकार्पण

दोन रेल्वे मार्गांच्या निर्मितीसाठी सुमारे ₹620 कोटी खर्च


रेल्वे पायाभूत सुविधांच्या प्रगतीमुळे वाढणार मुंबई लोकलची गती

ठाणे-दिवा दरम्यान 6 प्लॅटफार्म, 8 एफओबी, 1.4 किमी लांब रेल्वे उड्डाणपूल, 3 मोठे पूल, 21 लहान पूल आणि 170 मी. लांब बोगदा निर्माण करण्यात आला आहे. यामुळे उपनगरीय रेल्वे वाहतूकीला वेग येईल.

पंतप्रधान नरेंद्र मोदी यांच्या नेतृत्वाखाली रेल्वेसह सर्व पायाभूत क्षेत्रांचा विकास जोमाने होत आहे.

पूर्णपणे स्वदेशी संकल्पनेतून निर्मित 'वंदे भारत' रेल्वेला चांगला प्रतिसाद मिळत आहे. लवकरच आम्ही वंदे भारत जगाला निर्यात करु- रेल्वेमंत्री @AshwiniVaishnaw

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केंद्रीय मंत्री @sarbanandsonwal यांच्या आभासी उपस्थितीत बेलापूर जेट्टीचे उद्घाटन व वॉटर टॅक्सी सेवेचा ध्वजांकन कार्यक्रम

⏲️ आज दुपारी 12 वाजता

बेलापूर इथे होणाऱ्या या कार्यक्रमाला मुख्यमंत्री उद्धव ठाकरे उपस्थित असतील

थेट पहा 🎥
ही जलमार्ग टॅक्सी सेवा, नेरुळ, बेलापूर, एलिफंटा बेटे आणि @JNPort इत्यादी ठिकाणांना जोडणार आहे

#WaterTaxi मुळे पहिल्यांदाच मुंबई आणि नवी मुंबई ही दोन शहरे जलद आणि विश्वासार्ह अशा वाहतूक सेवेने जोडली जाणार आहेत

थेट पहा
बेलापूर जेट्टी प्रकल्पाची सुरुवात जानेवारी 2019मध्ये झाली आणि सप्टेंबर 2021पर्यंत प्रकल्प पूर्ण झाला

#Sagarmala कार्यक्रमाअंतर्गत राबवण्यात आलेल्या या प्रकल्पासाठी ₹ 8.37 कोटी खर्च करण्यात आले

यात केंद्र आणि महाराष्ट्र सरकारचा समान वाटा आहे

आज बेलापूर जेट्टीचे उदघाटन होत आहे
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LIVE UPDATES of Union Budget 2022

Watch live here:

#Budget2022 #UnionBudget
LIVE UPDATES of Union Budget 2022

Watch live here:

#Budget2022 #UnionBudget2022 #PMGatiShakti
LIVE UPDATES of Union Budget 2022

Watch live here:

#Budget2022 #UnionBudget2022 #DigitalBanking
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The big event begins! Track all the latest on #Budget2022 right here with @ETNOWlive
@FinMinIndia @nsitharaman says this budget plans to steer India over the next 25 years #Budget2022
@FinMinIndia @nsitharaman kicks off talking about #disinvestment. Completion of #AirIndia, Neelachal Ispat and #LICIPO #Budget2022
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केंद्रीय अर्थमंंत्री @nsitharaman संसदेत #Budget2022 सादर करण्यासाठी सज्ज झाल्या आहेत

थेट पहा

📡थेट पहा📡

केंद्रीय वित्त मंत्री @nsitharaman 2022-23 या वर्षासाठीचा केंद्रीय अर्थसंकल्प संसदेत सादर करत आहेत


📺 Image
ज्यांना #COVID19 चे आरोग्यविषयक आणि आर्थिक दुष्परिणाम सोसावे लागले त्यांच्याविषयी संवेदना व्यक्त करून केंद्रीय अर्थमंत्री @nsitharaman यांच्याकडून #Budget2022 सादर करण्यास सुरुवात

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.@nsitharaman, Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs presents the Union Budget 2022-23 in Parliament House. #AatmanirbharBharatKaBudget
India's economic growth is estimated to be 9.2% in the upcoming financial year: FM @nsitharaman #AatmanirbharBharatKaBudget
We are marking Azadi ka #AmritMahotsav, our focus is on:
1. Complementing micro & macro economy
2. Promoting digital economy
3. Private & public investments
: FM @nsitharaman #AatmaNirbharBharatKaBudget
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Finance Minister @nsitharaman is presenting the Union Budget 2022-23 in Parliament

#AatmanirbharBharatKaBudget #Budget2022

Watch here📺…
Union Finance Minister @nsitharaman rises to present #Budget2022 in Parliament

Watch 📡LIVE📡:

Stay tuned for updates

FM @nsitharaman begins presentation of #Budget2022 by expressing empathy with those who had to bear adverse health and economic affects of #COVID19 #Pandemic

Overall sharp rebound and recovery of the economy is reflective of 🇮🇳India's strong resilience

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From connecting the nation through the common dream of an Aatmanirbhar Bharat to joining the country with a single thread of government reforms, here's to celebrating our #EkBharatShreshthaBharat. #NationalUnityDay
The government is ensuring food security for all and transforming the lives of migrant workers across the country with the One Nation, One Ration Card. #NationalUnityDay
GST has fulfilled India’s aspirations of One Nation, One Tax by giving a big thrust to economic growth and opening new avenues for small businesses. #NationalUnityDay
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India has always been a marginal player in the New & renewable energy sector prior to 2014 and today we are in the top 5 leading world players: PM @narendramodi

#PMGatiShakti Image
@narendramodi Today, the metro has been expanded up to 700 km and work is going on on one thousand km new metro route: PM

@narendramodi In next 4-5 years, we will be building more than 200 airports, helipads & water airdromes: PM @narendramodi

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With the government’s approach and collective power, many unfinished projects from 2014 are being completed: PM @narendramodi

#PMGatiShakti Image
@narendramodi PM GatiShakti is a process that will not only bring together different stakeholders, but also connect different modes of transportation; It is the expansion of holistic governance: PM @narendramodi

@narendramodi Logistics costs are 13% that of India's GDP.Due to this figure,the cost of products exported to other countries shoots up, causing a major financial setback for Indian manufacturers. PM GatiShakti will fill such gaps to improve exports with improved connectivity: PM @narendramodi
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The people of India, the industry of India, the business world of India, the manufacturers of India, the farmers of India are at the centre of this great campaign: PM @narendramodi

#PMGatiShakti Image
@narendramodi With PM GatiShakti, we have to focus on macro planning & micro implementation for optimum utilization of our resources: PM @narendramodi
@narendramodi Just like we cannot undertake a task without adequate skilled manpower, we cannot grow if our infrastructure is not simultaneously growing with a collaborative effort: PM @narendramodi

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We are constantly thriving to change the definition of quality delivered by the government of India, and fast-tracking this development to build a sense of comfort & trust among my fellow Indians: PM @narendramodi

#PMGatiShakti Image
@narendramodi Our mantra is 'Will for progress, work for progress, wealth for progress, plan for progress & preference for progress': PM @narendramodi

@narendramodi We have not only developed a work culture of completing the projects within the stipulated time frame but today efforts are being made to complete the projects ahead of time: PM @narendramodi

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As we celebrate Ashtami today, India is heading towards strengthening 'Desh ki shakti': PM @narendramodi Image
@narendramodi 'PM GatiShakti' is a national master plan that will provide 'Gati Shakti' to India and lay a foundation of Aatmanirbharta for the next 25 years: PM @narendramodi
@narendramodi Integrated connectivity will be accessible for movement of people, goods, services with 'PM GatiShakti': PM @narendramodi

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