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WATCH: #BNNIndia Reports.

More than 900 troops from the Indian Army took part in the exercise.

This included Special Forces, Artillery, and Armoured Vehicles. IAF planes like Jaguar fighters and C-130s also took part in the exercise.
According to the information provided by Indian Navy, the Tri-Services amphibious exercise AMPHEX 2023, which happens every two years, is over.
Several amphibious ships from the Indian Navy took part, including INS Jalashwa, the Large Platform Dock, Landing Ships and Landing Crafts, Marine Commandos, helicopters, and planes. #India #Defence
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WATCH: #BNNCanada Reports.

Anita Anand @AnitaAnandMP, the Canadian Defense Minister, announced on Thursday that #Canada will send four #Leopard2 battle tanks to #Ukraine after #Germany this week allowed other nations to re-export the German-built tank.

Anand said, "These heavily armoured and highly protective vehicles provide soldiers with a tactical advantage on the battlefield thanks to their excellent mobility, their firepower and their survivability."
She added, "These tanks will allow Ukraine to liberate even more of its territory and defend its people from Russia's brutal invasion. These four tanks are combat-ready and will be deployed over the coming weeks."
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JUST IN: #BNNSomalia Reports.

Officials said Thursday that #US special forces killed a senior figure in the "#IslamicState" (IS) group, Bilal al-Sudani, in remote northern #Somalia.

#Defence Image
According to US Secretary of Defense @SecDef Lloyd Austin, IS regional leader in #Somalia, Bilal al-Sudani, was a "key facilitator" for the group's global network.
According to a statement from Austin, "This action leaves the United States and its partners safer and more secure, and it reflects our steadfast commitment to protecting Americans from the threat of terrorism at home and abroad."
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JUST IN: #BNNThailand Reports.

Three people were killed in a shootout between government forces and separatist rebels in #Thailand's troubled deep south on Saturday, according to police.

#Thailand #Defence
Since 2004, a low-level conflict has raged in the country's southernmost provinces, killing over 7,000 people as rebels in the Muslim-majority region fight for greater autonomy from the state.
According to police, Thai police and soldiers trekked up a mountain in Narathiwat province on Friday, where they encountered an armed separatist group that began shooting.
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JUST IN: #BNNUkraine Reports.

Ukraine will have the largest military aid package ever by Finland. However, what will be included in it has not been disclosed yet due to security reasons.

#Ukraine #Finland #Defence
"Finland will supply Ukraine with another package of military equipment to Ukraine. The President of the Republic decided on this on January 19, 2023, at the proposal of the government.
This will be the 12th package of military equipment for Ukraine. According to estimates, the replacement of military equipment included in this delivery will cost Finland more than €400 million," the Finnish Defense Ministry said in a statement.
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JUST IN: #BNNUkraine Reports.

Law enforcement officers found a cache of explosives and weapons near an unfinished building in Melitopol, the region's law enforcement agencies told.

#Ukraine #Russia #Defence #Melitopol Image
The law enforcement agencies noted that on the territory near the unfinished building, under the concrete structures of floor slabs and fundamental blocks, the police, together with the OMON explosives experts, found three briquettes of a plastic substance; a 400 g TNT block.
An RPV-16 grenade launcher; an unidentified grenade launcher, presumably made in Ukraine; without fuses, six RGD-5 grenades, one RGN grenade, 5 VOG-25; one AK-74 assault rifle and the flag of Ukraine.
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#Thread #Defense #2022Recap

The year 2022 has witnessed path-breaking reforms in India’s defence sector as giant strides were made to transform the military into a youthful, modern and ‘Aatmanirbhar’ force as envisioned by @narendramodi.
1.India’s first indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant was commissioned in September this year. Build with 76% indigenous content,the commissioning showcased the country’s growing prowess of indigenous manufacturing and a major milestone in the path towards ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’
2.LCH ‘Prachand’

The Light Combat Helicopter(LCH) ‘Prachand’ is designed and developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and was inducted into the Indian Air Force in Jodhpur in October 2022.
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Cymat Technologies Ltd

Financial report 👇🏽
1/ Catch up

“Cymat Technologies is an innovative materials technology company”

#smallcaps #canadiancompany
2/ Financials

Their sales for the quarter were approximately $1.1M

in comparison to $0.9M for the comparable quarter of the last fiscal year.

Read the full report here:…
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#PTCIndustries Ltd a manufacturer of highquality engineering metal components for various critical & super-critical applications, has signed an MOU with #Defence PSU Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited (#MIDHANI), a manufacturer of Nickel & Cobalt Base Super alloys, Titanium alloys, *
Special steels for sectors like Space, Aerospace, Defence, Nuclear & Oil & Gas for a technical collaboration between both companies.

The MOU between PTC Industries and Midhani will utilise the technological capabilities of both companies for :
1. Manufacturing of Titanium alloy pipes and tubes using indigenous raw materials processed through the recently acquired EBCHR / PAM / VAR technology by PTC Industries in collaboration with Midhani for defence and naval applications.
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BIG: African nations now rely on India for their military weapons

-An EXIM bank report has revealed that #India has emerged as a significant nation in meeting the defence needs of African countries in maritime and air security.

Details 👇


@InsightGL @LevinaNeythiri
Over the years, India has become an important exporter of defense and military products to these countries. These include Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, which bought the maximum defense products from India during 2017 to 2021.
During 2017-21, Mauritius accounted for 6.6%, Mozambique 5% and Seychelles 2.3% of the total arms exports from the country.
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1/3 Armenian DefMin Suren Papikyan received delegation headed by Guillaume Ollagnier,Director for European, North American and Multilateral Affairs at the Ministry for the #ArmedForces, France.
Ambassador of #France to🇦🇲, Anne Louyot (@AnneLouyot)also participated in the meeting. ImageImage
2/3 The implementation of the agreements reached during the working visit of the Minister of #Defence of the Republic of #Armenia to #France and the opportunities for the development of the Armenian-French #cooperation in the field of defence were discussed. Image
3/3 Previously, the delegation held working discussions with the 1st Deputy Minister of Defence, General Staff of the #Armenian #ArmedForces, Maj General Edward Asryan and the Head of Defence Policy and International Cooperation Department of the Defence Ministry, Levon Ayvazyan. ImageImage
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@guardian @thetimes
Shame on you for your treacherous support for #naziukraine as a proxy for expansionist,colonialist #Nato /US.
Shame on you Conservatives for the dirty bomb.
"Fake news:
#Ukraine is not preparing a 'dirty bomb' provocation. This is completely absurd. Mykhaylo Podolyak, advisor to the Ukrainian presidential office, stated this. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba also denied these claims."
(....)… Screenshot of screenshots of various announcements about the2/ "The fact: Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoygu ha3/ "Earlier, RIA Novosti cited a source as saying that
"The fact:
Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoygu has warned his counterparts from Turkey, France, Britain and the US about a planned provocation by Kyiv. Information about the ministers' phone calls was posted on foreign defence ministries' websites."
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🌎🪖The #NATOSummit in Madrid marked a titanic shift in NATO’s climate-security agenda. My latest @theELN commentary will bring you up to speed on all #climate-related decisions that were agreed in Madrid.⬇️

🧵Check out the thread for highlights (1/x)…
📽️The #NATO Public Forum (the official side event of the #NATOSummit) kicked off with NATO’s first High-Level Dialogue on #Climate and #Security. This cross-sectoral dialogue is set to take place annually. (2/x)

Rewatch it here ⬇️:
@NATO released its 1st #Climate Change & #Security Impact Assessment, which calls for a "fundamental transformation of NATO's approach to #defence and #security" & adaptation of Allied equipment, training, facilities, ops, technology & partnerships. (3/x)…
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Yesterday, we held the first "Defence and Statecraft Forum" & we were honoured to welcome a number of great guests. For those that couldn't make it, we are going to write a thread on the main points (in no particular order)🧵 /1

@Brussels_School #Defence #Statecraft
Supporters of #Ukraine are not doing enough to think about the plan for and repercussions of the country's eventual accession to the #EU and #NATO. One implication is that political and military support will have to be drastically enhanced. /2
Western countries have been providing weapons and support to #Ukraine, albeit more can certainly been done. However, as Ukraine presses #Russia there is a need to send Main Battle Tanks and Armoured Fighting Vehicles, as well as to ramp up deliveries of munitions.

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Today I am going to talk about an old & dear friend, one of the first Indian startup entrepreneurs(electronics hardware), an amazing patriot, who was badly treated by GOI, 12-13 years ago. I met him again after 13 years & heard the amazing story, which I had missed. 1/n ….2/n
2/n This friend’s company, designed & implemented for the IAF in many airfields, (1) the national real time digital, communication system, for the IAF, which is now used to communicate between every defence airport and every air headquarters. (2) ….3/n
3/n (2) A cellular air control system for the air force, the best in the world at that time, to replace the legacy system of the kind, which is still used in most civilian airports in India. What happened next, is a disgrace to the country….4/n
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Explainer of my recent @GLOBSEC paper (link at end) on #NATO policy on #innovation and #AI, what should come next, and how that could also help #Ukraine.

Background bit: I explain the concept of General-Purpose Technology (GPT). AI is a GPT.
This changes the policy mix.
For any new technology, one could reason that high defence spending and a robust defence industry could internalise: hire lots of new talent and done.
Why, then, do we pursue new forms of partnerships?
Aim is to tap into a broader pool of innovative talent that is...
...decentralised and dispersed across a wide range of civilian organisations. That's the GPT effect: a narrow new technology, e.g. better radar, would be much more internalised in a small number of "traditional" defence organisations.
Not so for AI.
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NEW: For @CSCR_pk, I profile Air Marshal Ravi Gopal Krishana Kapoor, the 13th Commander-in-Chief of India's Strategic Forces Command.
#India #military #defence #nuclear #leadership #profile…
Noteworthy extracts:-

"Ravindra’s appointment was a rather hushed affair in the mainstream media, with a timid announcement and brief mention in a Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) newsletter from earlier this year".
"As Air Commodore, Ravi was the AOC of 9 Wing, Halwara, Punjab... It has served as a frontline base for offensive operations against Pak, including the Kargil War. Ravi’s tenure saw the resurrection of 220 Squadron (Desert Tigers) with the induction of Su-30MKI aircraft."
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If PM @narendramodi ji wants to become Vishwa Guru, he should (1) Elect Arif Mohammad Khan as President, (2) Set up a professional #Information #defence #organisation in GOI, (3) Educate every BJP (RSS,Sangh Parivar) leader/member about #Pakistan’s(+China’s) #IW & how to fight it
2/vg @HappymonJacob generally has a balanced view on India’s foreign policy (Caveat: one doesn’t agree with everything he’s written)
3/vg (4) Make India fact sheet(all available #hard #data, not speculation), comparing (a) Constitution/Govt facilities available to minority viz majority, (b) Time series, giving evolution of situation of minorities (eg share in pop) over 75 yrs.(c) Do same for a free democracy
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On #defence and #security policy choices in the #IndoPacific :
I recently produced research assessing how 12 nations are aligning, looking at defence spending, arms imports, military exercises, intel sharing, and force presence agreements.

Who balances against #China?
Looking at trends in the values of stocks of imported #armaments, #Vietnam and #Indonesia seem clearly to be balancing against #China, whereas #Malaysia drops off strongly, suggesting #bandwagoning. Singapore stable.
A statistical analysis on trends in stocks of imported armaments shows most countries with a break (a change) around the year 2014 - this is consistent with threat perceptions towards #China going up around 2012.
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We're live at our debate on the implications of the #FrenchElections on the EU! Join us as we discuss #Macron's win with Christine Roger, Olivier Rozenberg, @O_Omnes, @CCeriseG, and @GDelbosCorfield

Join us on #livestream!➡️

As always we will be highlighting the best bits here on Twitter, but be sure to go follow the event live on @YouTube 👉

.@CCeriseG is welcoming our audience, and introducing our prestigious panellists: Christine Roger (@EUCouncil), Olivier Rozenberg (@SciencesPo_CEE), @GDelbosCorfield (@GreensEFA), and @O_Omnes (@MouvEuropeen_Fr). In addition to moderating, @CCeriseG will give her thoughts

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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion with @carlbildt, @MalikAshok, Ming-Shih Shen, @DCTwining, @LisaCurtisDC, @LynnKuok

Stay tuned for updates!

Join us using this link:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue
.@LynnKuok: The #US has put working towards a common cause with its closest allies at the centre of advancing its national interest. The strength of the US as well as its partners matter.

.@carlbildt: If you look at the handling of the #Russia crisis, we are flying together. We are closer than in the past, covering all aspects of #security. There is a significant strengthening of #NATO and #transatlantic aspects of security.

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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion with @TimSCahill1, Admiral R Hari Kumar, @CDF_Aust, General Koji Yamazaki, @INDOPACOM, Air Marshal Luc De Rancourt, and @Lisa_Singh.

Stay tuned for updates!

Join us using this link:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue
.@TimSCahill1: There is a wide range of threats that we are facing today, such as the continuing struggle of #terrorism, emerging asymmetric capabilities, & #military & #economic competition. The domains in which our adversaries operate now are very broad.

.@TimSCahill1: While we have been occupied with #COVID19, our adversaries have grown stronger & expanded their capabilities. There is a need to develop an ability to counter our adversaries’ #hypersonics.

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Beware Information war by certain sections of the foreign media, including the Hong Kong based media. Sadly there are Indian media, intellectuals and experts, who get easily carried away by such mis-information, instead of expressing scepticism, while reporting it!
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51/bbr #StartUps will drive the growth of modern high quality jobs in #India. Union and State Govts must ensure complete de-bureaucratisation of the business environment (eg Labor & land rules) to ensure that this happens at an accelerated pace!
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