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[1/8] 📚 Introducing #Quarto: A Versatile, New and Exciting Publishing Tool! 🌟
Quarto is a powerful, open-source, and user-friendly publishing framework that streamlines the process of creating beautiful books, documents, and websites. Let’s explore it now!
#RStats #DataScience Image
[2/8] 🤓 Language Agnostic: Quarto works seamlessly with multiple languages, including #Markdown, #LaTeX, #RMarkdown, and #Jupyter notebooks. So, whether you're a researcher or a creative writer, Quarto has you covered! 🌍
#DataScience #RStats
[3/8] 🔁 Format Flexibility: With Quarto, you can convert your content into various formats, such as PDF, HTML, EPUB, and even slide presentations. It makes sharing your work with diverse audiences a breeze! 🌬️
#RStats #DataScience
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Leopards are free. That is good. However EU has more weapons in its disposal. Trade with Russia is one of them. Let us have a look at trade data from Eurostat to see what effect Russia's war on Ukraine had on EU trade. A thread 1/
Although the export to Russia fell by 47% after the start of the war (compared to similar period in 2021), businesses "have adapted" and exports to Russia's neighbours: Kazakhstan, Belorus, Uzbekistan and others rose by 48%. 2/ Image
In 2021 from March to Novemeber, EU exports to Russia were 68 billion euro. It fell to 36 billion euro after the start of the war. Export to Russia's neighbours rose by 6 billion euro. Each additional euro exported to Russia does not contribute to victory for Ukraine. 3/ Image
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💥14 herramientas secretas impulsadas por #RStats para ahorrar tiempo y esfuerzo en tus proyectos de datos (¡No te lo pierdas!):👀
1️⃣ ¡Edita tus datos de forma interactiva (y guarda el código)! 👀
📦 'editData' es un complemento de RStudio para editar un data.frame o un tibble de forma interactiva

#DataScience #DataVisualization #dataviz #stats #analytics #RStats #Analytics
2️⃣ ¡Crea gráficos #ggplot de forma interactiva!🚀
📦esquisse es otro de mis addins favoritos de #rstudio
✅ exporta el gráfico o recupera el código para reproducir el gráfico
#DataScience #DataVisualization #dataviz #stats #analytics #RStats #Analytics
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I taught two 8-wk courses this fall @JohnsHopkinsSPH and wanted to share the resources (built in #quarto!) in case others starting in #Rstats #DataScience find it useful

🤩 Intro to R…

💃 More adv R #Git #CommandLine #SQL #APIs…
I want to say THANK YOU to all the individuals who wrote such great blog posts or vignettes about #rstats pkgs, the @thecarpentries for developing 🤩 material on #CommandLine and #Git, and @rdpeng who help develop much of the content from 1st class!

You are the true heros.
Also, I want to thank @lmwebr @BoyiGuo for each teaching a week in the 2nd class! I am very appreciative and both of you are wonderful educators.
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Day 6: Our @quarto_pub parameterised celebration of #RLadies working with the #NHS

I was keen to do something to celebrate the folks who use #rstats behind the scenes in the #NHS - building something with R to do so felt fitting!

Plus, I learnt more #quarto in the process!
@quarto_pub First step for me in doing something like this: Figma. It's a really useful tool for playing around with a layout before you try to implement it in code.

Here's the basic layout I built to figure out where everything should go. Image
@quarto_pub Next, fonts. For this one, I was looking for something that says "I know what I'm doing but I'm also approachable" as that was the vibe I got from folks at the @NHSrCommunity a few weeks ago.

I went with Nunito Sans, and found a "slab" font with a similar shape: Zilla Slab.
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"Graphic Design with #ggplot2" 👨‍💼👩‍💻🧑‍💻

Do you want to recap the 2-day workshop at #rstudioconf? Or do you feel sad you've missed it?

🔥 All course material incl. latest updates can be found on the workshop webpage—9 sessions, 760 slides, 314 ggplots!

👉… A screenshot of the rstudio::conf(2022) workshop "GraphA screenshot of the title slide of that workshop.The motivational example illustrating the capability of ggpl
@rstudio The session pages contain not only the slides but
🔵 hands-on #rstats codes
🔵 recap notes
🔵 exercises incl.
🔵 prepared scripts, either as #quarto or #rmarkdown
🔵 step-by-step solutions

➕ all source codes on GitHub: A screenshot of a session page, showing the recap notes and A screenshot of the script to answer exercise 1 of the firstThe title slide of the solution slide deck for exercise 1 inThe raw code for one of the exercises.
Some exemplary #dataviz from the workshop, 💯 done in #rstats thanks to #ggplot2 A colorful boxplot with overlaid juitterstrips. Three differOne of the exercise graphics using sina plots and errorbars,A bar plot showing reported bike counts as sums per season aThe "Speed of Language" visualization using normal
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I am rebuilding my #rstats blog from the bottom up with #quarto. This will let me use quarto's cool new tricks like tabs and easy columns.

I've already spent hours using quarto's great docs to build a custom blog. If you want to do the same, let me show you what I did. ImageImage
Today, I will show you the first of many steps to your own quarto blog. First, create a new quarto blog project via RStudio.

Make sure to create a git repo as well. This lets you revert changes when you break your blog. You can follow along my repo at…
You can render your blog with `Render Website` from RStudio's `Build` tab.

The first easy changes happen in the `_quarto.yml` file.

1⃣ Set `theme: default`
2⃣ Name your blog via `title`
3⃣ Link your GitHub profile etc.

This will change the navbar at the top of your blog. ImageImage
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