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1/ Warum wird #Corona immer wieder unterschätzt?
Wie werden Querdenker Narrative unterstützt?

Hier ein Beispiel von @tagesschau.
Kontext #Bergamo 2020

Headline: „Es lag wohl nicht am Fußballspiel“

Viele denken sich – dann können wir die Stadien wieder voll öffnen. Image
2/ Der Artikel ist unter:…

Eingangs ein Zitat eines Fans:

„Bergamo hat 120.000 Einwohner. 40.000 sind zum Spiel gefahren. Das heißt, ein Drittel der Stadt war auf den Beinen. Es war schon unterwegs ein großes Fest.…“
3/ Die Beschreibung legt nahe das ein Virus hier optimale Chancen hat diverse – ansonsten nicht direkt verbundene – Teile der Bevölkerung zu erreichen.

Wie kommt man dann dennoch zur Aussage der Headline?
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Hi all 👋 today I would like to talk about #CV tips. Did you know you can create your CV in #rstats? There are so many cool 📦 out there!
I personally use {vitae} with a good range of eye-catching templates to choose from, I highly recommend it!
What I like the most about building my CV in R is that I can organize everything in an R-project, I push to GitHub which gives me track changes and I can use the great advantages of #rmarkdown and #latex. Here is the repo of my #vitae CV
I had to modify a bit the .csl file to adapt certain details to my taste, and I included a 🗺️ of my journey which has had some nice feedback, as it serves as a visual presentation card 💃 A preview of my CV made with the vitae R package
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@tohecz @agholdier @overleaf One reason why philosophers should use #TeXLaTeX is for logic, of course (if you’re that kind of philosopher).

& then, all the other reasons #LaTeX is great obviously 😊

I wanted to write a post myself at some point but also remember there were good ones out there already..
@tohecz @agholdier @overleaf Like: #TeXLaTeX for Philosophers (and other Humanitarians)…
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Stuff I wish I had known sooner: "Pinsker's inequality is cancelled," a thread. 🧵

If you want to relate total variation (TV) and Kullback-Leibler divergence (KL), then everyone, from textbooks to Google, will point you to Pinsker's inequality: TV(p,q) ≤ √(½ KL(p||q) )

It's warranted: a great inequality, and tight in the regime where KL→0. Now, the issue is that KL is unbounded, while 0≤TV≤1 always, so the bound becomes vacuous when KL > 2. Oops.


*I'm using it with the natural log, by the way, so no pesky log 2 constants.
This is annoying, because in many situations, you would want to bound a TV close to 1: for instance, in hypothesis testing: "how many samples to distinguish between an ε-biased and a fair coin, with probability 1-δ?"

Well, you'd like to start bounding 1-δ ≤ TV ≤ ?.

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Let me tell you a story about #SelfLoathing, #GayRacism, #SexualRacism, and what #Asians deal with.

This is for everyone, y'all.

You might learn a little something about your own race biases and preferences from this.

Come join us #gaysian #gaysians for a fireside chat.

I was born in Idaho and grew up in Colorado, two places where I could count on one hand the number of Asians (and part-Asians) in my community and my school.

#Asians are used to living in a world where we're invisible. We aren't represented in LGBTQ+ or mainstream media.

We #EastAsians suffer from unique issues: the #ModelMinority myth, perpetual foreignness, sexual stereotypes, and #YellowPeril xenophobia.

When I realized I was gay as a teen, I became suicidally depressed and prayed to God:

"Make me straight or make me white. Pick one."

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Transparent #latex is sexy.

But it's impossible to find a photo of #BIPOC with darker skin tones in transparent #rubber from major vendors.

How can we possibly know how transparent latex will look on us without seeing ourselves in these photos?

#fetish #kink #bdsm #gay

1/3 A screenshot set showing ph...
Photo after photo of white men in transparent #latex, but no Black, Brown, Latinx, or Asian men.

Could you help us #BIPOC customers see how we'd look in your #rubber? @invinciblerubbr @SimonO_Latex @101Latex @Butcherei

And let's see if we can't sweeten the deal a bit.

If you DM me a link to a new product photo featuring #BIPOC in transparent rubber, I'll place an order with you.

I'll also tweet some free advertising for you.

Thank you to @MrSLeather @LibidexLtd @PolymorpheLatex @Mister_B_Ams for showing #BIPOC in gear in their catalogs!

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If you care about #Asia’s #rivers, or interested in its #paleoclimate, I have a data set for you: 813 years of annual discharge (streamflow) at 62 stations on 41 rivers in 16 countries, from 1200 to 2012. This thread explains how we created it, and all the data underlying it.
To estimate discharge hundreds of years ago, we need three things: (1) modern discharge observations, (2) a proxy of past climate, and (3) a model that links those two.
Most of our modern observations came from GSIM, a massive effort by Hong Do, @LukGudmundsson, Michael Leonard, and @sethwestra. Besides, we emailed everyone we knew asking for more data, and our colleagues kindly shared theirs.
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Hi everyone!👋🏼

I’m back after a year away from the #kink #fetish #bdsm community.

I want to share why I haven’t been around, why I’ve decided to return, and how I won’t be taking any shit from racists and white supremacists any longer.

#latex #rubber #gaylatex #gayrubber

As the first @MIRubber of color and the first international titleholder of Asian heritage, I knew my journey would be difficult.

From the very first day of my title year, I received racist hate.

#leather #fetish #leatherfetish #gayleather

After sharing the experiences of racism I’ve had at many events over the years (and I’ve only barely scratched the surface of what I’ve gone through and what I’ve seen), I began calling out events where I had experienced racist abuse and hate to warn other POC.

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Herkese merhaba, sizler için bir flood hazırladım. İçerisinde toplam 102 tane akademik araç, yöntem ve ipuçları içeriyor. Rt yapalım daha çok kişiye ulaşsın.+++
1.Akademik Gelişim Youtube kanalına abone olarak ve @Akademikgelisme hesabını takip ederek bana destek olabilirsiniz. Youtube kanalım:…
2.@VoiceofAcademia hocamızdan: Google Scholar'da yaptığınız bir aramanın sonuçlarını bu yazılımla Excel ve Word formatında çıktı olarak alabilirsiniz Bir kaç dakikada binlerce kaynağı olan bir bibliyografya oluşturabilirsiniz.…
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Here's my #WFH arsenal for research in computational physics:
1. #Python (via @ProjectJupyter notebook)
2. #SublimeText (with plugins for #LaTeX, Markdown, C++)
3. Mac Terminal (for file management, navigation and SSH)
4. #Bash scripts (mostly using rsync, awk, grep)
@ProjectJupyter 5. @mendeley_com (for managing & highlighting refs.)
6. @obsdmd (newly found knowledge base)
7. @Sci_Hub (when I can't find papers on my college lib)
8. @powerpoint (for sharing progress)
9. @firefox (for everything else)

What's yours? #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter
Couple of tools I missed:
10. @inkscape (improving vector plots, creating schematics)
11. @Gimp (image editing)

All these tools are for analyzing and post-processing results from my arsenal of simulation tools (which deserve another thread)
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Herkese merhabalar, @VoiceofAcademia sayfasının tüm tweetlerini derledim ve Akademik çalışma yapanlar için şöyle bir flood oluşturdum. İşte Çalışmalarınızı kolaylaştıracak 23 araç+++
1. Google Scholar'da yaptığınız bir aramanın sonuçlarını bu yazılımla Excel ve Word formatında çıktı olarak alabilirsiniz Bir kaç dakikada binlerce kaynağı olan bir bibliyografya oluşturabilirsiniz.…
2. Word'de klavye kısayolları Şahsen sürekli unuttuğum kısayollar :( Yer imi olarak kaydetmekte fayda var. Akademik yaşam kalitesini arttırmak için Office programlarında uzmanlaşmak lazım.…
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1) @ProjectJupyter Extension of the Day: Spellchecker!

This #nbextension uses a @CodeMirror overlay mode to highlight incorrectly-spelled words in Markdown and Raw cells. The typo.js library does the actual spellchecking, and is included as a dependency.

.@ProjectJupyter Extension of the Day #2: Codefolding!

This extension adds codefolding functionality from @CodeMirror to each code cell in your notebook. The folding status is saved in the cell metadata, so reloading a notebook restores the folded view.

.@ProjectJupyter Extension of the Day #3: ExecuteTime!

This extension displays when the last execution of a code cell occurred and how long it took. The timing information is stored in the cell metadata, restored on notebook load, & can be togged on/off.

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